tagInterracial LoveTame the Untamable Ch. 03

Tame the Untamable Ch. 03


*So, I hoped you guys liked the last update, apparently 54 of you readers read it before it was approved. Hope it meets your standards. Rate it, Favorite it. Ta ta for now.

Chyna Marie*

A year later...

"I hope your family likes me, babe." Jack Spencer said to Loral as he brought his luggage into her bedroom of her new home in Tennessee. Loral found herself smiling as she looked out at her yard, watching her Alaskan Husky puppies run around the pool chasing birds and butterflies. She sighed. This was her home, finally.

Thankfully, Scott helped her keep it under wraps, especially with the whole Cade thing. Brody bet her hundred bucks Cade would know of her presence the moment she stepped foot on Tennessee soil, but it has been exactly two weeks and five hours since and she hasn't heard a peep out of him. She didn't want to worry about that right now. She had her man, her home, and her puppies to worry about.

Cade McKay was the past, this was the future.

She closed her eyes as she felt Jack's arms wrapped around her waist as he squeezed gently. She leaned into his body, her head resting against his shoulder, loving the feel of him actually being there after two whole weeks of absence.

"I missed you Hun," she breathed as his teeth gripped her earlobe. She shivered. Man, how she got lucky with this one. Jack Spencer, Ivy League lawyer who came from money, but was very down to earth. He was the full package and then some. 6'3, tan, with a body to die for and downstairs was something that could make a girl drool. He was everything, but deep down, he was nothing compared to Cade.

God. She didn't want to be thinking of him now. Not when Jack's hand was sliding up her thigh as the other slid underneath her shirt. She let out a breathy moan as the head sliding up her thigh, pushing up her skirt, cupped her wet mound through her panties.

"I waited two weeks to have you and it seems, by the wetness of your panties, you've wanted it too." Loral licked her lips as the anticipation about what was to come sent a delicious tingle straight to her clit. "You're so wet for me, babe. I see you have missed me."

His fingers burrowed through the elastic of her panties, but Loral was getting to impatience. She abruptly moved away from him and walked towards the bed, teasing him as she slowly took of her panties, letting them fall with each step.

She got onto all fours, letting him get a great view of her glistening lips. She heard him growl and his feet moving against the wooden floor. She gasped as she felt his cool tongue flatten against her pussy, slowly making its way up from her clit to the rim of her nether hole. God, she hated how that felt so good. That was a no go place and he knew that, but after pressuring her for almost eight months, she found herself almost liking the idea of having anal sex, but for some reason, she found herself not trusting Jack with that certain area.

She moaned as Jack took her clit into her mouth, sucking it for dear life. She looked down to find herself basically sitting on his face. He was laid on his back, hands holding her skirt up on her waist, and his mouth sucking the life out of her swollen clit. She was going insane with pleasure, her orgasm on the brinks.

"Jack," she screamed as he licked up and down her slit, moving his tongue inside and out of her dripping core. One thing she loved about Jack was that he was great at oral sex, but the one thing she hated and thought was a bit weird, was that he never like receiving the same from her. She's been second guessing her oral skills every since, but Jack had assured her that it's not her; it's him who doesn't find it comfortable for a woman's mouth to be down there.

She's never met a man like him before, but she guessed she could cope with it, since she was enjoying the ecstasy he was giving her. She bit her lip as she rode his face. He hummed his approval; the vibrations from that small gesture sent her over the edge.

"Oh God Jack." She shouted as she felt her juices flow out of her and into a mouth that greedily licked it up.

"I love eating this pussy, your pussy Carol." She heard him muttered. Loral froze. Did he just say-no he didn't. He wouldn't say another woman's name. No, she has to be mistaken, she has to be. Though as she felt the final licks, she swore she kept hearing him mutter that name.

"Jack?" She asked as she got off his face. He sat up, using his sleeve to wipe the remaining cream from his face. He looked at her confused, a little too confused. Loral ran a hand through her hair as she took a deep breath.

"Yeah babe?"

"Who's Carol?" She asked looking him straight into his eyes. His eyebrows shot up as his mouth created a perfect 'o'.

"I have no idea who you're talking about," he rushed out, looking everywhere besides her. Loral rolled her eyes. Oh shit, she thought as she stood up and walked over to Jack's luggage. She picked it up, walked to her bedroom door and through it downstairs. She turned around, crossing her arms against her chest and glared at the man she had been dating for eight months.

"Get the hell out, Jack." She said through gritted teeth. Jack looked shock out of his mine that she suddenly decided playtime was over. Loral blood was boiling. This lying, cheating son of a bitch thought she would just forget about him saying another woman's name in bed. Well, Ivy League my ass, she thought as she went straight to her closet to grab her shotgun.

Before she knew what she was doing, she had grabbed her phone out of her pocket and had dialed Brody's number.

"Well, isn't this the little darlin' who told me not to call her until her boyfriend left town. What can I do for you, sugar?"

"You better get your ass over here before I go to jail for murder." Loral spat out as she reached into her old softball bag. She pulled out the shotgun Kyle had given her as a birthday present once she turned eighteen. He told her she could use on Cade when he was becoming too much to handle.

"What you talkin' bout?" He said, the seriousness in his tone causing her to grin.

"I'm talking about killing this sick son of a bitch who thought he could cheat on me and call me by some other woman's name. You better get over her before I make his brains a part of my wall." She said, yelling the last part, hoping Jack would get the warning and leave, but of course not. As she left her closet, shot gun in hand, phone held to the ear with the other, she found him lounging on her bed as if he belonged there. Oh how he made a mistake.

"Cade and I are about five minutes away." Loral looked at the phone in shock.

"How can you guys be five minutes away, when I live almost an hour away from the ranch?" She heard Brody clear his throat.

"Cade wanted to see your new house and-"

"Fuck!" She shouted, "I owe you hundred dollars you jack ass." He laughed.

"You sure do." Loral rolled her eyes before looking at Jack, who for some reason had a smug smirk on his face. Loral was livid.

"Jack, you need to leave now. You are no longer welcomed in my home or in my bed. Now get the fuck out before I shoot your balls off." She threatened, taking the safety off. Jack didn't even flinch. He just watched her as if she were the prime entertainment.

"Brody you better get your country ass over here before I kill this mother fucker." With that she hung up and threw her phone on the dresser. She pointed the gun at Jack as she slowly walked toward him.

"Put the gun down so we can talk about this," Jack advised, holding up his hands in surrender. Loral shook her head. There was nothing to talk about. Nothing. He was cheating on her and that was it. What else can he say?

"We have nothing to talk about Jack. Now get out!" Jack sighed as he put his hands down.

"I guess you don't realize how you're a hypocrite in this situation," he muttered as he stood up.

"Hypocrite?" She snapped as she put the gun down. "I have never called you by any other name and you know that Jack."

"Do I now?" He yelled, snatching the gun out of her hand and tossing on the bed beside them. He gripped her arm, jerking her closer to him. "Every night I have slept in your bed or you have slept in mine, you call out for this Cade guy. You even do it when you're coming down from an orgasm before you pass out." Loral's eyes widened as her mouth slightly dropped. She looked up at him in utter disbelief.

"You're lying!" She whispered, trying to tug her arm away from him, but his grip became tighter. She whimpered at the pain. "Jack you're hurting me."

"You will not call me a lair again," He demanded smacking her across the face. Loral's head snapped back, her hand against her throbbing cheek. She gasped. He just hit her. Oh my God, Jack Spencer just hit her. "I have been with your black ass for eight months and that's not going to change, do you hear me?" When Loral didn't respond, he slapped the other side of her face, which caused her to fall over in grip. Jack threw her to the floor in disgust.

"I've invested too much into this relationship and I will not let my family down by letting you run out of my life."

"What are you talking about?" she coughed out before she placed her throbbing face into her hands. Tears poured down her swelling face and all she could think about was when Cade and Brody would get here. It had to be more than five minutes, it just had to be. Loral knew she was that weak, she could have fought back, but with him slowly tracing her gun, she thought differently.

"You're a Hunt, Loral. Your family is worth a lot in the political and ranching world. Did you think I started dating you because of your looks? Ha! I've never dated blacks. I find them distasteful and a waste of space, but not you. You're the special one that got me to change my mind." Loral felt sick to her stomach. He was using her. All of this time, he was using her. Eight months of her life down the drain.

"You make me sick!" Loral spat brokenly as she stood up on shaking legs. "You will never be a part of my family or get any of my money." He chuckled.

"Are you so sure about that?" Loral crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes.

"I'm positive. Do you think my sister's, brother, brother-in-law and friends, will allow this between us to continue?" He shrugged.

"Not anyone's choice, but mine. You're carrying my baby anyway, so I'm going to be a part of its life." Loral let out a laugh, but quickly regretting it as she winced at the pain.

"I'm not pregnant, you idiot." At this she watched him roll his eyes.

"Really? You've missed your period this month and you were throwing up everywhere before you left two weeks ago." Loral groaned remembering how much of a mess she was last month. Finals week was hell on her and her body. She was so stressed that she missed her period and everything she ate went right back up. She could see why he thought she was pregnant, but she was on birth control and made sure he used a condom every time. Plus, she got a pregnancy test last week to make sure. She defiantly wasn't pregnant by this repulsive man.

"I'm not pregnant, Jack. I took a test last week and have the results in my purse if you want them and even if I was I wouldn't allow you to come anywhere near it, but who cares now. There's nothing you can blackmail me with or my family. Now, please, before Cade and Brody see my face, leave before there's bloodshed. I just got my floors done and really don't want to have your blood staining it." She said a little too cocky as she heard car doors slamming outside.

The sound caught Jack of guard long enough for Loral to dive for the gun. In a matter of seconds she had it cocked and ready to go, pointing directly at Jack's face.

"Now you have two choices. One, get your head blow off and trust me I won't go to jail for it because look at my face. Two, you can run out of here with your tail tucked between your legs like a cowards and keep that pretty face of yours. You have five seconds."

"Actually he has none," She heard Cade say at her doorway. She didn't bother turning to see him since he stormed up right in front of her, blocking her view of Jack. She felt Brody's hands on her and she gladly gave him the weapon, letting her head fall back against her soft comforter.

She closed her eyes enjoying the silk against her bruising face. She felt a pair of hands, either Brody's or Cade's, sweep over cheeks delicately, almost as if they were too scared to touch.

"You put your hands on her you mother fucker!" She heard Brody shout before the sound of something smacking against something forced her to sit up. She gasped at the sight. Brody was on top of Jack, pounding not to lightly into his face. The poor man was about to go unconscious.

Loral got up from the bed and ran towards Brody, only to be scoop up and tossed back onto the bed. Cade towered over her, hands on his hips, and rage burning in those blue eyes. His lips were in a tight line. Oh Lord.

"You goin' defend em', darling?"His southern accent was deep, dark and husky. This man was beyond the point of rage. Loral ignored him and looked towards Brody who was still pounding into Jack.

"Brody stop it!" She screamed. "Stop before you kill him."

"He put his hands on you, baby girl."He grunted. Loral looked at Cade, tears flooding her eyes.

"Make Brody stop before he does something he'll regret. Please Cade." She pleaded desperately. She watched as Cade took a deep breath before he turned around to pull his brother off of the now unconscious man.

Cade lifted Jack's lifeless body over his shoulder and pushed Brody towards the door. Before Cade left he turned to glare into Loral's eyes.

"You best be here when I get back or there goin' be hell to pay, ya hear?" He growled through his teeth, his hands clenched into fist. All Loral could do was nod as the tears finally began to pour.

Cade turned back around, not letting himself see her cry, and headed downstairs. He found the front door open and quickly went out, watching as his brother paced back and forth, shaking the obvious pain from his bloody knuckles.

Cade threw Jack into the bed of his brother's trunk and went back into Loral house for the suitcase. He heard Loral's quiet sobs upstairs in her room. His heart was breaking hearing those sounds. After a year, she still had this effect on him. He had a whole plan thought of when she came back home, but he wasn't expecting her to come back home with a guy. Some part of him knew she would, but he couldn't believe it.

She did it to prove something to him, but why? To show she's moved on? Cade smirked as he walked over to his brother. There was no way she moved on, especially by the look in her eye once she saw him. She still had feelings for him and that, he would work with. As long as she still had feelings for him, he would do anything to get her back and permanently into his bed.

"Cade, I know she's not blood, but that bastard put her hands on my sister. That dirty sick son of bitch! God, he's so damn lucky you pulled me off of him or he'll be 6 feet under." Cade watched his brother pace back and forth, his fist clenching and releasing with each step. Cade couldn't help the feeling of pride in his brother for protecting one of theirs and the Hunt family was theirs to protect.

The girls in the family figured that out once Loral turned eighteen and they all sat down at one their annual barbeque. Cade found himself laughing as he remember Brody going up to the sisters and telling them that they would be McKay wives someday, so they better learn how to cook just the way they liked it. He remembered the girls tackling him to the ground, even Kyle got in a few licks, but that day decided their fate. They were theirs and they would be protected. Kyle on the other hand, well he already had dibs on his sister, but she simply had rolled her eyes at that and walked away. The stubborn McKays and the stubborn Hunts.

"Are you even listening to me Cade? That man in their attacked your women, my future sister in law." Brody roared. Cade sighed, clamping a hand on Brody's shoulder, stopping him in his tracks.

"Yes I am listening to you, Brody. He attacked my woman and he will be dealt with, but as for you, I want to say thank you." Brody's eyes widen a little. Cade chuckled.

"Yes I know, shocking as it may seem. You protected what was mine and I thank you for that. Now let's get out of here before the fella in the back wakes up." All Brody could do was nod, the shock still written all over his face as he made his way to the passenger side.

Before Cade got in, he looked up and saw Loral looking out of the hallway window. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was no longer a kiddo in his eyes, but a woman, his woman and he would do anything to protect what was his.


*Just want to make a quick shout out to this one particular user of this site who literally comments on all of my writing. Hello NightPleasure...lol. I know this chapter may be short readers, but I'm writing more...I have to work on Mine!Ch.03 you know Ta ta for now.

Chyna Marie*

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