tagInterracial LoveTame the Untamable Ch. 04

Tame the Untamable Ch. 04


*Sorry for the wait everyone. College has started and everything is hectic lol. Thank you to thelovely1glo for editing my story. Took your advice everyone and got one! She is amazing and I'm internally grateful! Hope you guys love it, Rate it, Favorite it. Ta ta for now.

Chyna Marie*


"Are you even listening to me Cade? That man in there attacked your woman, My future sister in law!" Brody roared. Cade sighed, clamping a hand on Brody's shoulder, stopping him in his tracks.

"Yes, I am listening to you, Brody. He attacked my woman and he will be dealt with; but as for you, I want to say thank you." Brody's eyes widened a little. Cade chuckled.

"Yes, I know, shocking as it may seem. You protected what is mine and I thank you for that. Now let's get out of here before the fella in the back wakes up." All Brody could do was nod, the shock still written all over his face as he made his way to the passengers side.

Before Cade got in, he looked up and saw Loral looking out of the hallway window. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was no longer a kiddo in his eyes, but a woman, His woman and he would do anything to protect what was his.


Loral sighed looking down into her beer, feeling a single tear escape. She quickly sniffed, wiping away the evidence of her hurt. God what a fucking day, she thought to herself, running a hand through her hair. She broke up with her boyfriend of eight months; her best friend beat the living crud out of him, and the love of her life help dispose of the body. To top it all off, everyone and their mother is calling her phone, hoping to see if she's all right and also to see how they could get their fist on Jack.

Some distant thought in her head wondered if the jerk was doing okay or even if he was alive. Brody wouldn't have thought about killing him, just simply roughing him up to the point that he would belong in a hospital. Cade though, the look in his eyes before he left indicated that Jack Spencer may not be returning home to Boston. Shoot, the McKay's had enough land to hide the bodies of this whole county.

"Well, if it isn't little Miss Loral. The sister who doesn't even bother telling her family she's back home and let alone, tell us that her boyfriend's beating her up." Kyle Hunt's voice sounded through the bar, nosily and rudely. Loral rolled her eyes as everyone in her Step Dad's bar gasped.

"Now is that why you came into my bar with a swollen face darling?" Hank said as he pulled the beer away from Loral, forcing her to acknowledge what was happening. She looked up at Hank, tears filling her eyes, not bothering to deny it. Hank reached underneath the bar and pulled out a shot gun, cocking it with a murderous gleam in his grey eyes. The man's pale face turned red in an instant.

"Kyle where is he? I'm goin' kill that son of a bitch. Putting his hands on my daughter? He must not know who he's dealin' with." At the sound of declaration in her Step-Dad's voice, the tears came pouring out. She couldn't help it.

"Hank I-" she began as she sniffed.

"That's Dad to you Missy. You let that man hit you? Does your mamma know?" Loral wiped her eyes as she shook her head. Hank seemed satisfied by that answer. Hank knew if her mother found out, she'd feel as if it were all her fault, knowing that Loral's real father use to beat the living crap out Loral's mother for the hell of it.

"Good. That woman has enough to worry about. Now Kyle tell me where this man is!" He demanded coming from behind the bar. Loral couldn't look at Kyle. Somehow she felt as if he had every intention of getting everyone riled up just for the hell of it and for revenge for not telling him she was back.

"Cade has him now. He wouldn't tell me where he was taking him, but he told me we won't have to worry about him ever again." Loral gasped placing a hand over her heart, feeling the pang of guilt spike through her. She was responsible for Jack Spencer's death (if Cade decided to kill him).

"I have to go." Loral spoke softly gathering her purse.

"And where do you have to get going to?" Kyle said moving into Loral's way. Loral looked down at her feet as she tried maneuvering around him, but Kyle would not move. She sniffed as she finally looked into Kyle's grey eyes.

"I'm going home." She whispered. Kyle shook his head, his blond hair falling over his eyes. She looked towards Hank for some form of help, but of course didn't receive an ounce of sympathy.

"You're not going home Loral. You're coming to stay with me until Cade can get everything sorted out." Kyle demanded. Loral was taken aback. There was no way in hell she would stay with Kyle knowing his front door was a revolver for easy women.

"Kyle I'm not staying with you. Besides, there is nothing for Cade to sort out! I'm a grown woman and if I want to go home to my own place, I will. There's nothing any of you can do that will stop me. Got it?" She snapped looking between Hank and Kyle. Hank growled while Kyle's eyes turned dark.

"Baby Girl, listen to your brother." Hank advised. God, no one was listening to her! No one ever listened to the baby of the family, she thought as she shoved Kyle out of the way with her shoulder. She winced, knowing a bruise would form from the impact of hitting Kyle's massive arms.

"Loral listen to Dad." Kyle warned as he followed her out of the door. Loral shook her head as she went straight for her car. She just wanted to get drunk, to feel the numbness for just one night. One night she wanted to feel nothing, but nothing ever went according to plan-especially where she was concerned. She had too much family, too many nosy friends and a brute of a man who has laid an invisible claim on her.

"Stop following me Kyle! I'm going home! To my home and if you don't like it, then you guys can kiss my ass!" She shouted as she got into her car, making sure she locked it so Kyle couldn't get in.

She sped off, leaving Kyle with his mouth hanging open. God her family was too much sometimes. Moving to Boston didn't change anything. They were still overbearing, over protective and overwhelming. Maybe she should move somewhere out of the country. Somewhere so out of reach Cade couldn't even find her.

She tilted her head at the thought as she turned down her street. Though maybe leaving again would only cause her troubles to become worse. She had to stop running and face everything head on, even Cade.


After Loral got out of the shower, she found herself wandering downstairs in search of something strong. The puppies were in their room fast asleep, the house was quiet and there was no one there, but her.

As she reached for the Vodka bottle, a familiar smell of cologne cascaded around her, filling her nose and her entire body with its' sexual essence so that its scent sent tingles straight to her pussy. She smirked as she brought the bottle down. She had no doubt Cade was standing in the archway of the kitchen, she would bet her life on it, but instead of acknowledging him she grabbed a glass from the dish rack. She went over to the fridge and got some ice. She grabbed the bottle and turned around locking her eyes to the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes she's ever seen.

This was the man she dreamed about for months, a man she thought she was over until he showed up at her house with his brother. He looked tired, but content an emotion Loral could handle.

"Why am I not surprised to see you here, Cade?" Loral asked after finding her voice. She poured herself a glass and grinned at the disapproval swimming in Cade's eyes.

"I had a key made." He said softly.

"Oh?" Loral said, eyebrows rising in confusion as she took a sip. Cade's lips formed into a crooked smile as he took her spare key she hid in the planter outside her front door, out of his pocket and tossed it on the island counter in front of her. Loral gasped.

"You sneaky bastard, if I had wanted you to have a key I would have personally given you one!"

"Like my brother?" He growled. Loral shrugged.

"Yes, like your brother. I trust him completely. You, not so much." Cade flinched at the confidence in her voice. After all this time, she still didn't trust him, but could he really blame her? Brody was and still is her best friend from grade school, while he was just the love of her life that constantly battled with the wrong and right thing to do with her.

"I love you, Loral." He whispered as he moved closer towards her. Loral backed away from him and began laughing at the same time. The sound caused Cade to stop.

"You don't love me. How could you possibly love me or anyone else for that matter? You hold every woman to Dana's standards you ass!" She shouted before taking a big gulp, allowing the burn of the alcohol to start the effect of numbness that she was seeking of her mind, body-finally she began to think.

Cade silently cursed himself as he remembered their conversation they had before she moved away. He hadn't meant to say that. He just wanted to make...shit, he didn't know why he wanted that.

"Nothing to say Cade?" When he didn't respond and just kept looking at her she rolled her eyes, finished her first glass of vodka and turned to get another.

"Trying to make yourself drunk, Lo?" She heard him say as she closed the bottle. She turned around taking another big gulp before she shrugged.

"What does it matter to you, Grandpa? This is my home and I can do whatever I please. If I want to get fucking drunk, I will get fucking drunk. You got that, darlin'?" she mocked. She downed her glass and before she could turn around for another, Cade had her arms pinned to her sides causing the glass in her hand to drop, shattering against the tile floor.

"I'm not going to watch you drink yourself dry, Loral." He hissed through gritted teeth, his grip tightening with each word. Loral didn't want to give him the satisfaction of showing any kind of emotion that would lead him to any conclusion.

"Then leave. This is my house, Cade. Remember that the next time you decide to pay me an unwanted visit." She said bitterly. Cade had had enough. When did Loral have so much hatred towards him? The playful banter they use to have was harmless, but this, this was something else. Cade didn't know how or why their relationship got this way, but he vowed to himself he would find a way to fix it.

"Loral, baby, please..."

"Please what?" she snapped trying to shrug off his grip. Cade wasn't having it. He wasn't going to let her go, no matter what. Tonight she would know that her place was with him and no one else. He might even have to tie her down, but he'd left his rope in the truck.

"Please just listen to me!" He shouted. Loral eyes widened.

"You're not fucking talking to me, Cade. What is there to listen to? Let go of me and get out of my house." She watched as Cade breathed in roughly, trying to regain some semblance of control. Fuck that, Loral thought. Cade always wanted to be in control, control of her life, her family's and his family. Enough was enough.

Loral did something she swore she would never do after she literally, made Scott and Kyle cry after they stole one of her favorite Barbie dolls. Loral leaned in, catching Cade off guard and before he could form a sentence the pain shot through his entire body, forcing him to let her go.

Cade grabbed his crotch as he hunched over, breathing in and out. Loral ran pass him and up the stairs, slamming the door behind her.

Loral found herself breathing hard as she ran straight for her bathroom. At least this has a lock, she thought as she hid in the walk in closet. God, she couldn't believe she had actually done that. Wait, actually she could believe she had done that. Cade needed to understand that she wasn't that love stricken puppy that used to follow him around and bend to his will. She was a changed woman now and he had better recognize that, or a knee to the balls won't be all he would receive.

"Loral if you do not get your ass out here right this second it will be grass, do ya understand me?" Cade's voice came booming into the silence, with his fist pounding on the door with such force, that it caused the hinges to rattle. She could hear her puppies barking at the intrusion of their sleep, but they were behind a closed door and couldn't come to mommy's rescue.

"Cade just leave and go home!" Loral yelled, which only seemed to fuel his anger.

"Not before I tan your hide for what you did to me down there. Now open this fucking door or you'll punishment is going to be worse!" Loral rolled her eyes.

"I can call the cops you know?"

"Yeah, which will have your brother paying us a visit, wouldn' you like that? Having Kyle on my side and not yours?" He taunted. Damn it! He was right. Kyle was on duty and she knew that jerk wouldn't take her side to save her life.

"That's ten!"

"Ten what?" she found herself asking anxiously. She stood up and slowly walked towards the door, knowing the pounding on the door wouldn't let up until she opened it.

"Ten swats on that ass of yours. The longer you keep me out here, the more it's going to be and Loral, darlin', I ain't leavin until that ass of yours is red." Shit. With the stern conviction in his voice, she knew she would not be able to get out of this. If she screamed no one would hear her, her neighbors were a good ten minutes away from her, because she had so much land. Damn it, why couldn't Cade just leave when she had first asked him to?

Loral took a deep breath and unlocked the door. Before her hand could turn the knob, the door swung open and she found herself thrown over Cade's shoulder, heading towards her bed. She kicked and pounded against his back with her fists, but nothing worked. Cade was a man on a mission and he wasn't leaving until she was punished.

Loral grunted as Cade tossed her onto the bed without remorse. Trying one last attempt to get free, she scrambled towards the end of the bed. Cade's hand quickly gripped Loral's slender ankle and pulled her back onto the bed, and flipping her onto her stomach.

Loral's cries for him to stop were muffled by the comforter. Either way Cade wasn't hearing any of it. He watched as she squirmed, thinking she had some way of escape. He couldn't stop his grinning, even after he pulled his old t-shirt that he allowed her to keep, up towards her chest then completed removing it, leaving him with the sight of her hot pink thong that barely covered anything.

As he placed just the tip of his finger along the tip of her thong covered slit, he felt her moisture. So, little Loral was wet, he thought as he hoisted her body up until she was on all fours. He smacked her pussy with his open palm as a warning for her to stay still. She let out a groan at the pleasure/pain, but he found it surprising that she obeyed. She probably had something up her sleeve, which wasn't unusual for someone like Loral.

"You get ten! You will count them out for me or more will be added on. Understand?" He snarled adding a slap to her dripping pussy for good measure. Loral gasped, but slowly nodded her head before it fell to the comforter.

Cade smoothed his hands over her ass, rubbing it slowly, trying to make her feel comfortable, while loving his ability to tease the hell out of her.

"I love your ass, Loral." Smack.

"One." She grunted as the stinging pleasure coursed through her body. Cade was going to torture her, she could feel it. Well, if he was going to torture her, then she could do the same to him.

"I love how you're dripping wet for me." Smack.

"Two." Loral slowly brought her hands towards her hips, slowly hooking her hands into the thin band of her thong only to pull it down at such a slow and sensual pace that would kill a man. She smirked as she heard his sharp intake of breath. Two can play this game, she thought bringing a hand between her thighs, letting her fingers spread open her slick and swollen pussy lips, while allowing Cade more than an eyeful of what was his,( yet he acted as if he did not want to admit it, until she came home with another man).

"Loral..." he warned as he landed another smack.


"Are. You. Really. Trying. To. Win. This." Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

"Four, five, six, seven, eight." Smack, smack!

"You forgot to count the last two." Before Loral could find words to retort, she felt the blinding pain of Cade's hand slapping her bare lips. The sensation was something she had never felt before. It was painful, but yet sinful, only something she would allow Cade to do to her over and over again.

"Oh, you like that now?" He asked slapping her again.

"Oh God!" Loral moaned, which caused Cade to chuckle.

"God's not here right now darlin'. It's only the man you'll spend the rest of your life with." Loral scoffed. She cried out as another slap came, though this one was harder and rougher than the ones before.

"You don't believe me, Loral? Huh?" He shouted flipping her over onto her back. Cade ripped off her thong and dove between her legs. With his mouth going straight to her clit, with such a hungry and vicious suctioning of it, as if his life depended on the accumulation of honey that only she could provide for his life sustenance.

Loral's hips bucked off of the bed. God, Cade knew just what to do to get her off. Her hands dug into his hair as she began grinding his face against her pussy as if her life depended on the level and amount of explosive orgasms that only he could bring her to. The added stimulation of vibrations from Cade's laughter sent her over the edge as his tongue flattened out, as it began licking its way up and down her pussy and back up to her sensitive clit.

"I'm cum, I'm cumm-cumming Cade!" She screamed out as pleasure took over her entire body and thought processes, with such an explosion that sent her hurtling blindly into a pleasurable abyss.

Cade watched as Loral began to come back to the present, her face was glowing and a sense of male pride flowed though him, knowing he gave his woman a kind of pleasure that almost made her pass out. Cade undressed in a hurry, not wanting her to fall asleep before the finale.

"Loral, darlin', that wasn't even the best part." He whispered in her ear as he situated himself between her legs. Loral watched him through sedated slits with a small smile placed upon her lips. Cade couldn't help himself, and grinned at the thought of being the one to cause that peaceful look. She would be his; there was no doubt in his mind, body or soul.

"You're mine Loral." He stated before thrusting into her, causing their moans to mingle. Loral arched her back as she held tight to his shoulders, her legs wrapping his waist as he plunged in and out of her with such a level of intensity that it scared the two of them.

"Say it Loral." In. Out. In. Out.

"Say it Loral!" The demand in his voice caused her to look up into his blue eyes, which grew darker with each thrust. It felt too good. It was something she had craved late at night sometimes. It was painful leaving Cade after he had given her the greatest pleasure she had ever known-EVER!

"Say, Oh- Cade! Say what?" she moaned before taking his lips in a bruising kiss. Cade tore his lips away, grabbing her left leg to put over his shoulder. Loral groaned as she felt the deepness of his thrusts. She felt so full.

"Say you're mine, Loral. Say it!" He demanded pounding into her harder. Cade wasn't going to stop until he heard the words from her lips. He wanted to hear them! He needed to hear them!

"I'm yours!" She whispered as she closed her eyes. Cade pinched one of her nipples; the sharp pain caused her eyes to spring open.

"Look at me and say it." Their eyes locked and in that instant, Loral knew he had won. This was a battle she secretly knew and wanted him to win. They had always belonged to one another, but this, this moment was what they had both been waiting for.

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