tagBDSMTaming Jet Ch. 01

Taming Jet Ch. 01


"A woman can't be raped."

I slowly lowered my glass and stared at Jet after her pronouncement. Her name was... is... Janet, but she likes Jet for some reason I'll never understand. That and her latest pronouncement were just two of the things that had come out of her brain that I didn't get.

"Well, we can't." Jet shrugged.

"You're serious." I shook my head and lifted my glass to take another drink. I was far, far too sober for wherever this conversation was going.

"Damn right, I'm serious." Jet enunciated carefully.

"You're drunk is what you are." I laughed. "Women get raped all the time. It's sad, but true."

"No, victims get raped. Women don't have to be victims unless they choose to."

"Oh, I know I'm going to regret this, but shower your wisdom on me, oh munificent one. What fucked up idea is going through your head now?"

"It isn't fucked up, it's true." Jet's drink sloshed over the rim of her glass. "First, they need to maintain situational awareness. Don't be in places where it might happen. Second, fight. Don't kick him in the balls. Tear those fuckers off. And last... and last... uhm..."

I had winced and crossed my legs on number two but burst out laughing when she couldn't remember three. For over a year, we had been coming here when we got off work on our third day. It was a great way to unwind after three days on at the facility where we worked. I don't know what she did after, since we didn't see each other again until we reported for duty after three off. But, the two hours we sat here drinking and bullshitting were the highpoint of mine.

"Jesus, Jet! No wonder you haven't had a date in three months." I laughed. " 'Rip 'em off.' God! I have to admit though, you kinda have a point. Sort of. I thought you were going to say some shit like 'Do your Kegel's'."

"Yeah!" Jet snapped her fingers. "Last, do those Kegel's. And I haven't had a date because I'm more than any man can handle."

"Now, that I can drink to." I lifted my almost empty glass to her. She stuck out her tongue at me but tapped her glass noisily against mine and we both drank deeply.

"So, you know I'm right, right?" She went on after draining her glass.

"Can we change the subject, please? You know I don't like topics like this."

"God, Mary and Jesus." Jet snickered. "How the hell a pussy like you can be the most hard ass control officer ever, I will never know. You don't like anything that smacks of violence."

"I thought you knew me better than that." I was starting to get a headache. "I have no issue with violence. I just don't like people who use it to take from other people."

"Oh, yeah?" Jet jeered. "So, how come you never come to the rink with me or a football game."

"Seriously?" I sat back and stared at my partner and friend, the woman I thought knew me better than anyone. "I guess I never told you. I had a chance to play ball."

"No fucking way! You?" Jet gasped. "I mean, I know you're strong. I've backed you through enough take downs. But, damn. That's like a whole nother level of bad ass."

"Not really," I shrugged. "It was what it was and is what it is."

"I think you're yanking my chain." Jet scoffed. "So, why didn't you?"

"Too much bullshit," I shrugged again. "It wasn't what I thought it would be. So, I kicked around back alleys for awhile. Underground cages matches. But that wasn't what I thought it would be either. The money was good, don't get me wrong. But, it started getting to be businessy too."

Jet stared at me with her mouth open for several seconds, then snapped it shut. "You are so full of shit."

"If you say so." I laughed and motioned the waitress for another round.

"Oh, whatever." Jet thanked the waitress and looked back at me. "So, you know I'm right, right?"

Fuck! The one thing that I didn't really enjoy about Jet was the way she just wouldn't let something go. She worked it like a junkyard dog with a bone until she got to the meat. And she wasn't going to let this one go.

"No, actually. I don't." I sighed, more at myself for getting sucked in than at her. "First, rape isn't about sex at all. It's about power and domination. Second, everyone lets their guard down sometime. It happens. Third, hitting, kicking, or even yanking on a guys balls is just going to piss him off if he has any kind of pain tolerance. And last, I don't care how many Kegel's you do, if there is a hole, it can be force filled. That's not even counting date rape, drugging, and other manipulation tools. Now, seriously, let's change the subject."

"Bullshit." Jet snapped her fingers and pointed at me. "For example, you couldn't rape me if you tried."

"What the fuck, Jet?" Getting pissed, I started reaching for my wallet. If she wasn't gonna let this go, I needed to go. Before our friendship was ruined. "I would never do that, least of all to you."

"Because you couldn't." Jet beamed at me. "Because I'm right."

"God, Jet. Just... be careful who you say shit like that to. Okay? Someone would take you up on your challenge and I don't want to think about something like that happening to you."

"It couldn't." She sneered. "Tell you what. You try it. Try to take me and I'll try to stop you. I'll bet you a thousand dollars you couldn't."

My heart filled my ears with thundering drums as my hand froze laying down the money and I stared at her with an open mouth.

Jet was beautiful. No two ways about that one. But, she had a workout fetish. She had muscles most guys would envy. But, she wasn't an imitation man. She was a woman, through and through. With a woman's curves. I'd be lying if I tried to say I hadn't had my fantasies about her.

And, though I try to stay on the side of the angels, there is something in me that yearns towards the darkness. Ok, that may have been too poetic, so I'll spell it out. I may have a rape fetish. It's buried deep, under layers of honor, duty, and empathy. But someone once said "a conscience is just a little voice whispering 'someone might see'." They may have a point, since in the quiet lonely dark places of my mind, while my fist is around my cock, I can't help but picture taking some beauty's virtue without her consent. But, I would never, ever act on it. I could never force someone against their will.

But, I read somewhere that a large percentage of women have fantasies... not about actually being raped, but of roleplaying it. Maybe Jet was one. Maybe she was interested in me.

And maybe I needed to get the fuck out of there before I said the wrong thing because I misunderstood her and fucked up.

"Hellllooo." Jet waved at me and I snapped out of it. "So, is it a bet?"

"Hell no." I answered. "I'm not going to rape you and if I did, where the hell would you get a thousand dollars."

"If it came up, which it wouldn't because I wouldn't lose, I have it." Jet waved away my objection. "And it wouldn't be rape, if it did happen, which it wouldn't. It would just be a bet."

Jesus, she couldn't mean...

I stared at her for several long fulminating seconds. Then shook my head and grinned at her.

"If you want some of this, Jet, just ask." I cupped my crotch playfully. "But, I'm not going to force you."

"In your dreams!" Jet hooted. "It's a bet. Nothing else."

I didn't say anything else, but turned and walked away. I'd never done that to her before. But, then, she'd never pushed me to this edge between pissed off and horny before either.

"Hey!" I heard her call behind me, but I just kept going.

I would apologize to her for walking out on her when we got back to work. I knew I would. But for now, I had to get out of there. I didn't know why she was being such a bitch. Maybe once she sobered up, she'd back off about it.

I glimpsed her at the door as I started my bike and roared out of the parking lot. Since there was nothing more to say right now, I didn't stop, but rode on.

At home, I was just closing the garage door after putting my bike away. Tires screamed and I spun and jumped backwards into the garage door.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Jet!" I bellowed. "What the fuck?"

"What the fuck is right?" Jet slammed her door and stormed towards me. "Why the fuck did you walk away from me when I was talking to you?"

"Because you were drunk and you were being a cu-..." I chopped myself off as I spotted two young girls walking towards the bus stop, They were staring. I smiled and wave. "Let's finish this inside where the children aren't hearing us." I gritted out through my teeth. The two girls walked on the edge of the sidewalk as they passed my house and kept looking over their shoulders.

"Fuck you! I'm not-"

"Inside or get gone." I hissed and turned to open the door.

Jet grabbed my shoulder. I expect she was going to turn me around to face her. But, I was so not in the mood to be touched, much less man handled. Er, woman handled.

I spun under her hand, slapped her solar plexus on the way past, grabbed the back of her neck and pinned her face against the wall. A quick glance around showed that the girls were past the line of sight from my porch. No one could see us. I continued unlocking the door.

Jet was good, I'll give her that. Even with the breath knocked out of her and pinned face first against the wall, she managed to get a couple of good shots in with her elbow to my eye. It wasn't the hardest I'd been hit, but it was a damn good second or third. But, if you control the head and neck, you control the body.

And I controlled it long enough to get the door opened, then used her head and neck as leverage to throw her inside. She hit the floor and slid.

I glanced around, but no one had seen our little domestic dispute. Not enough to take note. I entered and started to shut the door. Jet was on her feet. I slammed into the door, crushed between her powerful body and the heavy wooden door causing it to slam. I was surprised it didn't splinter. Neither of us would ever be called "petite".

We both grunted with the impact. I rode the shock wave back into her just enough to get some room. My left arm smashed her to the side. She broke a table under her impact and a mirror fell off the wall and shattered.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I shouted.

"Me?" Jet froze in her counter attack and blinked. "What the fuck is wrong with you? First you walk off while we were talking. Then you ride like a god damn demon all the way back here. Then you hit me and throw me around like I'm a fucking inmate needing restraint."

"Client." I said, starting to smile.


"We call them 'clients' now, not inmates."

"Asshole." Jet started to grin too.

I don't know which of us was first, but we started snickering. Then we were laughing. Somehow we ended up sitting across the entryway from each other, sitting against the wall, laughing 'til tears were streaming down our faces.

"I've never been here before," Jet finally said once we calmed down.


"I just realized," Jet shrugged, looking around. "We've been partners at work for over a year and I've never seen your place. It's nice."

"Well, it was until some drunk bitch started breaking my furniture."

"Hey! Fuck you!" Jet laughed. "You threw me into it. You broke it. Not me."

"Only because you were being a drunk bitch."

"Only because you were being an asshole."

"I'm always an asshole." I laughed. "But, you've never been a cunt about it before."





"Hey, I've never taken money for it in my life!"

And all was right with us again as we laughed at, and with, each other. What came out of my mouth next, I can only blame on the odd combination of the drinks, being angrier with her than I have been at anyone in a long long time, the relief of the anger being gone, and being more aroused than I have ever been.

"So much for first and second," I said.

"Huh?" Jet's brow wrinkled as she looked across the entryway at me.

"You said that women should first, keep their guard up and never be in a compromising postion." I ticked the point on my fingers. "And second fight back. I kicked your ass."

Jet's mouth and eyes had widened at the first point. They thinned with the second. "This wasn't what I meant, and you know it!"

"You're here." I shrugged. "No one knows where you are. No one saw you get thrown in. You lost your situational awareness and got yourself in a position where it could happen."

"B-because I know you." Jet said. "I followed you. You didn't take me off the street or something."

"Jet. Jet. Jet." I shook my head and sighed. "How can you have worked with them so long and not know how their minds work? Most, not all but most, rape victims know their rapists. Sure, there are some that are taken off the street. But, more often, they know their attacker and they lure them off alone somehow."

I watched as a flush crawled up Jet's throat. Her breathing was coming heavier. Her eyes went to my legs between her and the door, my left knee pressing against it.

"I should go." She stood up abruptly.

"Sure." I rose to my own feet and balanced with my hand against the door. "Just one thing. Admit you were wrong."


"Admit you were wrong and I'll open the door and let you go."

A muscle in her jaw twitched. She tilted her head to one side and glared at me.

"You don't have to 'let' me anything, fucker." She said. "I'm leaving."

"Nope." I grinned. "Not until you admit you were wrong."

Now, if she had said anything else next, the game would have been over. I would have let her out. She could have said, "Please let me out." Or even, "Let me out, asshole." But, she didn't.

"Fuck you," Jet spat. "You aren't man enough to keep me here."

And she reached for me to pull me out of the way. Have you ever wrestled with a friend of the opposite sex? A little grab titty, a little grinding your crotch on her ass?

Well, what followed wasn't that.

Oh, it started that way. She grabbed at me, I pushed her hands away. She reached for the doorknob and yanked on it. I slammed the door shut.

I think when she threw the elbow that broke my nose is about where most people would draw the line and say it had left fun and become a fight. What those people don't understand is that we were both good, very good. We could have broken bones easily. Arguably, we could have killed each other bare handed. We didn't. We weren't trying to. Though it was the first time we had ever done it, for us this was about the equivalent of a pillow fight.

"You're gonna have to do better than that little girl." I spat on the floor after the blow that loosened that tooth and broke my nose while she was getting up from the far end of the hall, her eyes glittering.

"Fuck you." She hissed.

And she did try. She tried hard. In the end, though, while she was strong and fast and very, very good, I was just a little stronger, faster and better.

"Now, what did I say about kneeing a guy in the balls?" I asked as I pressed her body to the floor, beneath mine.

"Fuck you," Jet moaned, holding her own crotch.

"Come on now," I chuckled. "I didn't get you near as hard as you got me. Now, what did I say about kneeing a guy in the nuts?"

"You said it would just piss him off if he could take pain," Jet gasped. "Christ this hurts. And I know I got you good. How did you take that and have me pinned?"

"It's just pain," I said. "It will stop one way or another. Either you get better or you die. Are you all right?"

"Fuck you."

"So, you were wrong about two out of three."

If she would have admitted it, it would have ended there. I swear, I would have stopped. She was my friend. She was my partner. I was closer to her than I've ever been to anyone. If she had said or done anything else, I would have stopped. We could have had a couple of beers and put ice on our wounds. We could have joked and talked and then she could have left. We could have seen each other back at work after three days off. We could have worked together for three days and then had our ritual drinks at our bar and shot the shit before our next three days off. If she had said anything else.

"You still couldn't put your cock in me." Jet said.

I couldn't have right then, no. I was blocking out the worst of it. But that shot to the gonads really too a lot of the wind out of my sails. I was hiding it and functioning. But from functioning to fucking was a lot further than my cock and balls were willing to go right then.

"Take off your clothes," I stood up. She shook her head. "Take off your clothes." She shook her head again.

"I said I'd keep you out." She finally said. "If I keep my clothes on, you can't get in."

Well, shit. So far, we'd rough housed a bit. Nothing that couldn't be explained away. Nothing that couldn't be laughed off over a couple of beers. But, now I had to ask myself, just how far was I willing to take the joke. And yes, it was all still a joke. Until she said what she said next.

"Two out of three, fine." She groaned, pushinng herself up on one arm. "But, you owe me a grand unless you can get your cock in me."

Jesus! She couldn't mean...

I've heard that old saw about how something inside a person just snapped. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times. I never believed it until then. It felt like an overtuned guitar string giving away inside me. I swear, I could hear that "twang" as I stood over her there in my entryway.

I grabbed my best friend, my partner, by the hair and pulled her to her feet. If anyone had seen us, I'm sure it would have looked ludicrous since I only came up to her chin. But, there we were, my arm in the air over both our heads, my hand clutching her hair, she was standing on tiptoe, one hand on her crotch and the other on her head.

"What did you say, whore?" I growled.

Jet spat in my face. I stood for a moment with spittle running down my left cheek. We were going to do this. We were actually going to do this. I was going to fuck Jet. It would be mock rape. At least I think it was only mock. But, my cock in her pussy. This may not have been how I imagined it at night, jacking my cock in my bed alone. But, I would take it. Oh, yes. I would take it. I would take her.

I was no virgin. There had been women. There had been fucking. But, it had been vanilla. No frills except for what they brought. So, I wasn't really set up for this kind of scene. But, one of the things we laughed about pretty often was my propensity to accidentally carry zip cuffs home in my pocket and forget to take them back when we went back in.

Those would do. Yes, indeed. Those zip ties would do just fine with a little creative ingenuity.

I think the only reason I got away with it was because she was still stunned from our little tussle. Or maybe I was too quick. Or maybe she really did want to get fucked and knew that me throwing her over my shoulder and moving out of the entryway was moving out of the entryway and towards where the fucking would happen. Either way, I was able to get her over a shoulder and walk into my den.

I don't know what she was expecting, but from the way she struggled, being zip cuffed to my coffee table wasn't it.

"You mother fucking cock sucker," Jet yelled as she struggled against the cuffs while I sat back on the couch and caught my breath.

Our uniforms never made much sense to me. Why khakis and white dress shirts, instead of more durable denim and some thicker material for the shirts, I couldn't fathom. But, it did make for a nice view as I sat there between where her feet were cuffed wide apart to each leg.

Jet's delicious ass flexed and shifted beneath the thin material.as it molded to the contours of her. I could see her thickly musled quads bunch and stretch as she tried to kick her strong legs against the bonds. The play of muscle in her back as her arms worked against where they were cuffed to the other two posts, was mesmerizing. I don't know how long I sat there watching, but it was long enough that she stopped fighting.

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