Taming Tami Ch. 02


"Oh, fuck!" Tami started humping against him immediately, bucking her ass off the sofa, trying to shove her tight, creaming pussy completely onto his satisfying prick. "Fuck my pussy! Fuck my cunt with your big fat prick!"

Jonathan sprawled over the top of her, sinking his pounding cock deep into her buttery fuck-hole, watching Tami humping back at him like a horny whore, moaning and whimpering as his huge prick fed her hungry cunt. He steadily fucked her, drilling his cock deeper and deeper into her drooling little fuck-slit, burying his cock to the balls in her cunt.

Jesus, he thought, if this is how she gets when she's drunk, it's no wonder she doesn't drink.

"Fuck me!" She hissed, her eyes glazed with lust. "Oh...yes...fuck me!"

She threw her long legs around his back, scissoring her ankles together. Her tight ass humping up off the sofa in a steady, grinding rhythm, pushing her tight-sucking pussy onto his probing cock. Jonathan pounded into her hard, moaning as he slammed his rock-hard prick into the clinging tightness of her creamy, horny, up-turned cunt.

Tami moaned in sheer ecstasy as Jonathan fucked his big cock into her hard and fast, pounding her ass deep into the sofa cushions with every powerful thrust of his gorgeous prick.

"Harder! Fuck me harder!" Tami felt a familiar itch beginning to take shape deep in her tight little pussy as her fuck tunnel began contracting around the hammering, thick shaft of his cock. The pleasure flowing from her womb was incredibly intense.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! I'm gonna cum!" she squealed, her voice shaking with complete desire. "Fuck me, fuck my pussy! Yes, yes, yes! Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! Don't stop, please don't stop! Almost there...fuck my cunt! Oh...ohh...oohhh...Ooooohhhhh...yessss... yesssssss!"

When she came, the spasms raked through her naked body, making every nerve ending explode as her hot, pulsing pussy spew its pearly colored fuck-oils around Jonathan's pounding cock shaft. He kept thrusting hard into her cunt, riding out her orgasm.

Jesus, that was incredible, Tami thought. He must think that I'm a really horny little slut!

She moaned and whimpered, humping against him, loving the feel of his deeply-imbedded cock. There was no longer any question of her ever not having sex with Jonathan again. She would let him fuck her whenever and wherever he wanted. She no longer cared that a man other than her husband was screwing her.

Jonathan pulled out of her. "Turn over."

Tami flipped over and got up on her hands and knees and looked back at him, wiggling her upraised ass. He stepped up behind her and lined his cock up with her dripping wet pussy. He placed his big hands on her hips and leaned forward so his cock-head lightly brushed the lips of her inviting cunt.

Tami moaned from the contact. "Fuck me!" She said, her voice a soft whisper.

Jonathan moaned as he pushed forward, his cock sliding into her very creamy cunt. Tami moaned with pleasure as her needy pussy was once again stuffed full of his cock. He took it slowly at first, his iron-hard cock sliding easily in and out of Tami's cunt, his pelvis slapping against her ass with each thrust. He reached down beneath her, cupping and squeezing one of her perky tits, his fingers seizing it by the nipple and pinching it lightly. He noted that the skin around her breasts was particularly silky to his touch.

He leaned heavily into his thrusts, pushing the full nine-inch length of his cock into her juicy pussy. His big cock being pulled in by the pouting, sucking lips of her horny twat. He kept a hand underneath Tami, cupping her firm tits as they rhythmically bounced in time with his cock as it fucked in and out of her cunt.

Tami began pushing back, humping her ass to meet his solid pumping rhythm. "Fuck me, fuck me, oh God, fuck me!" she chanted as her pussy sucked deliciously around his probing prick. She absolutely loved the pleasure she felt every time he rammed forward, filling her pussy with his long, hard cock.

The thought sent her over the edge, a glow seemed to shoot through her whole body. She stared coming, a spasm flowing through her pussy making it contract and suck wetly around his jack hammering prick.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop!" Tami chanted. "Oooohh! Fuck me, fuck me! Oh, oh, oh! I'm coming! Oh...ooh...oooohh...yesss...yessssss!"

The delicious cum pounded through her quivering cunt spreading through her as her gushing pussy sucked and clenched around his pleasure giving cock.

Jonathan began to increase his pace, thrusting deeply into her vaginal sheath as he pounded her pink little pussy. Tami moaned with obvious pleasure, still high on her own orgasm. Harder and harder, he fucked her tight, slippery pussy, panting into her shoulder as he drilled her throbbing cunt with long, powerful strokes that made her tits shake and quiver with every thrust. His long cock reached the innermost depths of her pussy, probing all the way up to the opening of her womb. Tami pushed back, humping mindlessly beneath him, fast and hard, tossing her head from side to side as the pleasure of another mind-blowing orgasm built to new heights deep in her cunt.

"Oh yeah!" grunted Jonathan, his breath grew ragged as her pussy milked him, gripping his enormous cock while he pounded her, he knew he would not last much longer. Her cunt was massaging his cock with each thrust.

Tami sensed from his more frantic moaning that he was close. "Don't cum in me," she gasped, her voice a mixture of lust and fear.

"Where do you want me to cum?" He asked her, not slowing down for an instant.

"I don't care, anywhere!" she moaned. "Just don't cum inside my pussy."

Jonathan was very close to coming so he pulled out of her still clutching pussy. "Roll over!" he breathed as he took hold of his trembling erection, stroking it rapidly in his hand.

Tami spun over onto her back, lying on the couch as Jonathan squatted over her, his swollen cock pointing at her mouth, his intentions were plain to see. His hand was a blur on his cock, rapidly stroking it, the tip hovering directly in front of Tami's mouth.

"Open your mouth," he said, thrusting his cock gently against her full lips. He felt them give way, gradually parting as he pushed the head of his cock inside her mouth. Jonathan let out a low moan as his cock slide across her warm tongue and into her wet mouth.

Tami's mind was spinning as she accepted her co-workers hard cock in her mouth. Although she'd slept with a handful of men besides her husband before being married, this was the first time she'd ever taken a cock fresh from her pussy into her mouth and was definitely the first time she was ever going to let one cum inside her mouth.

"Oh yeah Tami, that's it," Jonathan groaned as he held her head with both hands and started to slowly saw the end of his cock in and out of her mouth. "Suck it!" he gasped, savoring the feel of her warm mouth enveloping the head of his cock.

She could taste her own juices. She thought she'd be repulsed by the taste of pussy, but it was turning her on for some reason.

Suddenly Jonathan bellowed and his cock jerked in her mouth as he came. The swollen head erupted and he shot a load against the back of her throat. The thought of swallowing sperm had always disgusted her. Before she could pull his cock from her mouth there was another spasm and another wad shot against the back of her throat. He came again as the head of his cock remained in her mouth. The amount caught her off guard, filling her mouth completely. Her cheeks bulged out, forcing her to swallow the sperm so it wouldn't pour out over her lips, down her chin, and onto her chest. She clamped her mouth around the swollen knob, swallowing each load and finding she liked having his hot seed sliding down her throat. She had expected the taste to be horribly revolting, but it was not that bad, a little salty but not unpleasant in the least.

Finally he was finished coming, but Tami still found her hand was stroking forwards on the shaft as if milking it for more. She fell backwards, surprised but wildly aroused by what had just happened, yet feeling the guilt begin to creep back into her consciousness.

What to do next...

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