tagBDSMTaming the Pastor

Taming the Pastor


Diane Peters and Madelyn Street met in the parking lot of Hope Baptist Church, just outside of Atlanta. By anyone's standards they were MILF's, and they got considerable attention pretty much everywhere they went.

Both women were in their mid-30's, and they had maintained their looks very well. They worked out nearly daily and had the bodies to show for it. Toned legs, tight abs and just the right amount of tanning from either lying by the pool or in the tanning beds, depending on the season, gave them perfect bodies.

Each had married well, to professionals roughly ten years their senior, and while an outsider might observe their families and think that the husband ran the household and these ladies were simply trophy wives, the truth was far more complicated. Each lady possessed a keen sense of her own sexuality and could usually fairly easily use this to get her way on each and everything inside the home. They teased and taunted, both playfully as well as a bit over the top, and weren't above denying sex for the slightest transgressions. These actions kept their husbands in a near constant state of arousal, and the ladies had trained them well so that they knew that their only chance at satisfying sex would come after pleasing them in some way.

The men weren't really aware of the fact that each of them was in the same situation. It wasn't because this was a secret; it was just that men don't usually talk about stuff like that with one another. Truth be told, it would not have been hard for them to figure it out, but neither put much thought to it. They each stayed busy at work and attempting to totally please their wives, while the wives enjoyed the spoils of the husbands' upper income salaries.

The ladies had met at church several years before and become fast friends. The church, like many in the South, was as much a social club as house of worship, and the politics of a Southern church would fluster trained political analysts. One needed allies, and Diane & Madelyn had each other's backs completely. As at home, they used their looks and sexuality, but in a much understated way. Nothing would be worse in that world than to be labeled a slut or a tramp, so they were never seen in anything less than completely appropriate. As Southern women do, though, they knew how to make themselves completely appropriate and drop dead gorgeous at the same time. Whether the ladies were in evening gowns at the Christmas program or carefree sundresses at a summer picnic, they knew that looking sexy yet acting naïve about it would be nearly irresistible to the guys yet unthreatening to the other women.

Today's meeting, though, was to be a game changer. Each had gone a bit overboard on Christmas spending and had forgotten to pay for their children (each had one teenage child) to go on the Spring Break trip that the church was sponsoring to the beach in Florida. Months earlier, they had told their husbands that it had been paid, but they had used the money for something else. They couldn't remember what; the money had probably gone to some club dues or spa treatments or something. It didn't really matter; the point was they had to get the kids on that trip. The kids already thought they were going and, besides, the ladies had plans that weekend and didn't need the kids around either.

A Southern Baptist church can be a bit like a feudal state with the pastor as overlord, so here Madelyn & Diane arrived, in the church parking lot, in front of the pastor's office, at 4:00 in the afternoon on Friday, February 14th.

They entered the office and were greeted by Regina, the church secretary, who informed them that the pastor was on the phone and that she thought he was about to go home for the day. She thought he was going to be taking his wife out for dinner that night, as it was Valentine's Day. As Madelyn and Diane had been up at the church often in various committee meetings and such, Regina thought nothing of it when Diane just smiled and nodded, and replied that they would just peek their heads in and say "hi."

They quietly walked down the hallway and entered the pastor's office.

Pastor Thomas glanced up and saw them enter. He was, in fact, on the phone and began to say into the phone, "Sir, I'll need to call you back, some... "But before he could finish, he noticed Diane shaking her head and motioning for him to keep talking.

The ladies moved over to a small sofa sort of caddy-cornered from his desk. Next to the sofa was a coatrack, so the girls removed their knee-length coats and hung them on the rack. They stood next to each other and the rack looking at Pastor Thomas for just a little longer than necessary. In reality, they just wanted him to notice what they looked like. He, of course, knew them well, but hadn't seen them like this. Diane, with her blonde hair pulled up, was in a short white dress, white stockings or hose and white heels. Madelyn looked just the opposite. A tight, brown bun, black dress, black stockings & black heels. They were ridiculously beautiful and dressed to kill, much more so than would ever be needed at church in normal circumstances, and when the girls noticed that the pastor had taken this in, through a slightly quicker blink than normal in his eyes, they took their spot on the sofa and acted as though this was something that they did every day.

Not surprisingly, the pastor ended his phone call and said, "Hello ladies, can I help you with something?"

Diane answered, "Yes, Pastor, we need to talk to you about the teen spring break trip," she smiled.

Recognizing this as an easy topic, he relaxed a bit, and said, "Oh, ok, sure. I have a few minutes."

"Well," Madelyn answered, "We know today's the deadline to pay for our kids, and we don't have the money to do so." She sheepishly grinned and bowed her head down a bit like she was embarrassed and bit on her lower lip slightly, all while maintaining direct eye contact.

Pastor Thomas swallowed hard, as this was quite a site to him, but he didn't realize that it was meant to be, so he maintained professionalism as best he could.

"Oh, Mrs. Street," he began.

"Madelyn," she firmly answered.

"What?" he answered quickly, knowing that, as pastor, he always maintained professionalism.

Madelyn giggled and answered, "Or Maddie, if you prefer; we've been friends long enough for that, haven't we? This is after all, just a friendly visit."

"Well certainly, of course," Pastor Thomas mumbled, really more to himself than to the ladies, as though he was convincing himself. "Maddie, it is,"

Her grin was gone and her expression changed to serious, "You know, Thomas, I think I really prefer Madelyn after all."

Stammered a bit, he responded, "Yes, of course, Madelyn," and nodded his head in agreement.

Madelyn's soothing smile came back instantly, as she knew that two things had just occurred. One, he hadn't objected when she dropped the "pastor" while addressing him, and two, he was taking orders from her with no objection.

As the pastor noticed her smile, the girls could sense his relaxing.

He looked a bit frazzled when he realized that he hadn't responded to the question that had started all of this.

He spoke, "Mrs., uh, Madelyn," he corrected himself, "That's not an issue. I can easily extend the deadline for you; I know you're good for it." He smiled as he finished.

This time Diane answered, she had a touch of a little girl voice that she could use, and it came out now. "But, sir, that's not the whole problem. We kind of, you know, had the money, but used it for other things."

Her blue eyes never left his, and she had such big beautiful eyes that he couldn't look away. He noticed a tear and thought she might cry. He desperately didn't want that. In reality, she was never going to cry, but she could make her eyes appear that way by not blinking for just a bit longer than usual. She suspected that she could play the helpless card and get this guy's protective instinct to kick in.

"What happened?" he asked, maybe thinking he could help.

"We can show you," Madelyn answered while standing. "I brought some of my check stubs to show you what happened." She bent over and pulled a file out of a case that she had carried in with her.

With this comment the pastor remembered the time and said, "You know, ladies, I will help you, but I have to go right now. It's Valentine's Day, and I need to pick up my wife."

Halfway acknowledging his response, Diane also stood, giving the illusion that they would be leaving.

"We know it's Valentine's Day; we have plans too. You don't think we look like this every day, do you, sir?" Diane said while turning slightly to give him a great view of her body.

"You two look very nice tonight," he agreed.

"This will be quick," Madelyn said, "We'll just show you one or two things, Tommy."

Before waiting for a response, she took the step or two to his desk and placed the file in front of him. He leaned back in his chair, allowing room for her, glanced down to look at the file. The girls moved around the desk on either side of him, really without his having given much thought to it, as Madelyn was opening the file at the time, and he was looking at the entries.

"See, Tommy," she continued, "Our hubbies gave us the money right before Christmas, and we spent it."

"On what?" he asked.

"Oh, Christmas gifts, I guess," she answered, giggling again.

"That would be a lot of gifts, girls," he said.

Now, from his right side, Diane spoke, "We just can't tell our husbands we spent that money, sir, we were hoping you could just cover for us, just between us, out of your discretionary church funds."

"I can't do that!" he exclaimed.

He suddenly realized that he was basically surrounded by the beautiful girls, so he looked for relief, away from the girls and back to the file in front of him on the desk. Looking for a way out, he spoke, "You couldn't have spent it all on gifts; what did you buy?"

"We spent it on gifts, sir," Diane answered, "And..." she let her voice drag a little and moved back slightly away from the desk.

"And what?" he asked, as his body unknowingly moved with hers and settled in the back of his chair with his arms on the chairs' armrests.

She looked down and paused, as though she was going to answer, but then quickly grabbed his wrist. Simultaneously, Madelyn grabbed his other wrist and before he comprehended what had happened, his wrists had both been zip tied to his chair. "What on earth!" he exclaimed.

"Gotcha," Madelyn teased.

Pastor Thomas was tugging at his wrist but couldn't release them from the chair. "Let me up at once," he stated.

Madelyn just looked at him with a bemused look of pity.

"Let me up," he repeated, "I've got to get going. I'm meeting my wife."

"Oh, sir," Diane joined the conversation, "You'll be a little late for that I'm afraid. Lucky for you you've probably built up a lot of good will during your many years of marriage, so she probably won't stay angry too long."

Madelyn asked, "How many years have you been married, Tommy?"

"Thirty," he answered, "But, really, I don't have time..."

Before he could finish, he received a quick slap across his face from Madelyn. Certainly not hard enough to do any real damage, but it did sting, and it got his complete attention. He stared at her in a bit of a state of shock.

"That's enough back talk; next time your punishment will be worse, Madelyn said, "Your role from this point on is to answer our questions and do what we say. Do you understand?"

"But, I just..." he began again, only to feel another slap from Madelyn.

Diane leaned up to Tommy's other side and reached her soft hands up to his face. She began lightly, soothingly stroking his sore face.

"Sir," she began in her little girl voice, "You're going to do what we say, and you can either do it nicely with me or Madelyn can be and make you; it's up to you."

Confused at what had happened over the past minute or so, he just sat there looking at her. Diane wasn't even really sure that he had heard her.

Madelyn spoke again, "So, Tommy, thirty years, wow, has it been a good marriage?"

"Better answer her, sweetie," Diane whispered in his ear.

"Yes, it has, of course," he quickly said.

"Good boy," Diane whispered again.

"How old are you, Tommy?" Diane continued.

"52," he answered immediately. No prompting necessary.

"Do you and your wife still have sex?" She asked.

Tommy didn't answer, and Madelyn raised her hand as though to give another slap.

As Tommy flinched, Diane took him completely in her arms as a mother would comforting her son and spoke to Madelyn, "Wait, let's see if he'll answer me if I'm nicer."

Madelyn acknowledged her and backed off as Diane gently pulled his face to hers, stroking his hair with her delicate fingers.

"Tommy, baby," she said, "Do you and your wife still have sex? You can tell me, baby."

He nodded, ashamed at what was happening and this topic.

"Good, good boy," she encouraged him, smiling, and, of course, maintaining eye contact. "How often?"

He looked at her, his eyes practically pleading for this line of questioning to stop.

She raised her eyebrow as if to say, "You asked for it."

"No, no," he said, "Please don't hurt me."

"Oh, Tommy," she assured him, "I will never hurt you."

With that she fully embraced him and began gently kissing his neck. She sensed his shivers, but she knew that with his wrists bound and her with a firm grip of him, he wasn't able to pull away. She gave one last suck, and then Tommy felt a tug on his white, button-down collar.

"That was my punishment for not answering, Tommy, that was better; don't you agree?" Diane asked.

"Well, yes, but what exactly do you mean punishment?" he asked, confused.

"Oh, nothing bad, I just left a huge pink lipstick mark on your collar, Tommy," she gave a guilty grin.

"No!" he exclaimed, "I told you I have to go meet my wife."

The slap came from Madelyn, on his other side as he was looking at Diane.

She turned his chair so that he faced her and raised her voice, "Do not yell at her, Tommy; she was trying to help you."

""You will just need to stop and pick up a shirt to change into on the way home. Start doing what we ask, and you won't have any more of this, oh, unpleasantness, we'll call it." Madelyn said.

"Now, for the third time, how often do you have sex?" she glared, practically daring him not to answer.

"About once a month, I guess," he answered, "Not that often, but I don't really track it."

Madelyn grinned and eased up beside him. "Tommy, that's not enough, is it?

"What?" he responded.

"You can't be satisfied, can you?" she teased, "I know that I, and Diane are practically insatiable."

"You masturbate, don't you, Tommy?" she asked. "I know you must," she added.

"Yes, some," he agreed.

"Where?" she probed. "I'll bet right here in this office. Am I right?"

"Yes, sometimes," he agreed.

Madelyn rested her chest across his left arm and began stroking his leg with her hand.

"What do you think about when you masturbate?" she asked.

"Oh, different things," he said.

"Do you ever think about me?" she asked decisively, "Don't you dare lie to me."

"Yes," he answered and turned away ashamed.

"What about me?" Diane added.

"Yes," he agreed again.

"You're so sweet," Diane said, and she kissed his cheek gently.

"We're going to give you something to think about while you do that," Madelyn said.

While Diane snuggled into him, still stroking his thigh and breathing into his ear, Madelyn stood and slowly pulled the zipper straight down her dress. As it opened, it revealed a black bustier, panties and garter belt and black thigh high stockings. The dress fell to the floor and Madelyn moved over and took a position in Tommy's lap while Diane stood up.

Diane's white dress buttoned up the front, and she began slowly, gently unhooking button after button from the top down, revealing practically the same silk lingerie, only in white. When she was done, she reached up to her hair and let it fall out of the bun as the dress slipped off of her body.

The ladies had him exactly where they wanted him, but they found themselves shocked because at that very moment, the door to the office opened and Regina, the secretary walked in.

Diane glanced at Madelyn, and with horror they both realized that they had forgotten to lock the door.

Tommy, exclaimed, "Regina," as he grasped at a potential lifeline to get him out of this situation.

After what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few seconds, Regina said, "Oh my God," and she looked as if she was about to run back out of the office. Diane leaped up and was about to give chase.

Madelyn realized the futility of that, knowing that Diane, in lingerie, couldn't be chasing the secretary through the church, and Diane let out a high pitched whistle.

As the sudden chaos subsided, she noted that Regina had stopped in the doorway, and Diane had stopped just in front of the desk, leaving her and the pastor alone, and hidden from the others' views from the chest down.

Madelyn spoke calmly, "Regina, you've stumbled into something, why not have a seat, right there by the door, while we talk this out?"

She noticed that Regina's eyes had cut to Diane, so she added, "Diane, dear, you have a seat right there."

Diane sat and crossed her legs as Regina watched.

Madelyn continued her coaxing, "Have a seat and hear us out if you would like, then feel free to go do what you feel you should."

Regina began to sit, and Pastor Thomas had realized that he was still stuck.

"Regina,"He began to speak to her.

Madelyn could kick herself, she thought, she'd forgotten about him. She quickly recovered. She allowed her hand to move from his thigh to his cock and began stroking it through his pants, giving it nice full squeezes every third or so stroke.

Diane could pretty much tell what was going on; she at least deduced that they didn't want Regina to hear what was going on from the pastor, so she spoke up.

"Regina, this isn't what it looks like," she said.

Regina scoffed and looked obviously at Diane's lingerie.

"Well, maybe it is," Diane agreed with Regina's gesture.

"But, I would ask that you listen to the whole story before doing anything or telling anyone." Diane clarified.

Though Pastor Tom was greatly enjoying his cock being teased, he realized that Regina couldn't see that he was restrained and would likely think that he was a willing participant in this.

"Regina," he said again.

Knowing that she couldn't slap him again to bring him in line, she decided to speak over him.

First she tightened her grip on his dick which shut him up, then she spoke aloud, "Pastor, let Diane and her talk; they'll work something out."

She now quietly unzipped his pants and eased her hand in and through his boxers to get a direct hold and start her magic.

She put her lips to his ear and gave a lick with her tongue before whispering, "Tommy, your fantasies are about to come true. Don't do anything to mess that up; you know you don't want to do that."

Diane was speaking to Regina as this was going on. "You know his wife, she's very sweet, but she's just not that into sex anymore, and Pastor Thomas really needs it often."

Regina looked doubtfully at the pastor.

Madelyn had begun lubing Tommy's shaft with precum, and she sped up her strokes while saying, "Tommy, tell her that's right."

He hadn't been listening, and didn't really know what he was agreeing to, but to please Madelyn he answered, "Yes, that' right."

Knowing that had just bought them some time, she lowered the speed of her hand on his cock so that he wouldn't cum.

Diane continued, "We know that this is wrong, but it keeps him happy; he keeps the church running, growing and doing great things, and, it even keeps his wife happy, because she doesn't want to this at her stage of life. Please don't destroy all of this by saying anything; he's just a man after all."

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