tagLoving WivesTammy's Adventure Ch. 01

Tammy's Adventure Ch. 01


Tammy was worried. She had totally forgotten about her annual check up this morning. So now sitting in the waiting room she was worried. It wasn't the check up that worried her just the circumstances.

Her husband Stephen had left for a two-week business trip this morning and last night as a prelude to their last evening together Tammy had given in to one of her husband's many fantasies. While they were taking a bath together, kissing, touching, and becoming very aroused she consented to allowing Stephen to shave the hair from between her legs.

She had to admit that it was very exciting for the both of them. When Stephen had finished, and she was completely smooth he couldn't keep his mouth and tongue away. Her first orgasm was from that wonderful tongue, and then another from his beautiful cock.

It had truly been a night to remember. Even that morning she slowly began to wake with the feeling of Stephen curled up behind her, his hard cock rubbing back and forth between the cheeks of her ass. He gently slid into her from behind and began to stroke in and out of her going deeper with each thrust until he was finally buried deep within her.

She played the role of the sleeping wife as long as she could until Stephen quickened the pace of his thrusting. She was becoming very aroused, as his cock seemed to get harder and go deeper and deeper. Tammy was waiting for him to pull her up to her hands and knees, then move into one of their favorite positions. Doggie style.

They both had different reasons for enjoying this position. Stephen loved to fantasize that while taking her from behind, a mystery cock was sliding in and out of his beautiful wife's mouth.

Once when they were confessing intimacies, he had told her of this fantasy. Tammy's reason for the enjoyment was because as Stephen would push in and out he would often reach around and play with her clit which always brought her to a tremendous climax, many times with Stephen cumming at the same time.

This morning was different. Just as Tammy was starting to reach that point where she was dying for Stephen to begin playing with her clit, she felt him suddenly swell up inside her. With a deep hard push she felt the first jet of his cum as his lips moaned in pleasure against the soft skin of her neck.

Stephen pulled her hips back hard against his shooting cock. Over and over his cock exploded, filling her to overflowing. It happened so fast that Tammy never had a chance to hit her peak.

As Stephen was coming down from his high, catching his breath, Tammy ran her fingers down between her legs to give herself her release. She was so excited that she knew it wouldn't take much for her to get off.

When she touched herself she was very surprised, having forgotten that she no longer had any hair down there. Her pussy felt so smooth and soft it excited her even more. She pushed her fingers through the silky lips and touched heaven. Her clit was so sensitive she almost came from that first touch.

Suddenly Stephen jumped out of bed cussing up a storm. The clock said 7:45 and his plane was scheduled to leave at 8:45. With all the excitement of last night, he had forgotten to set the alarm. Luckily he had already packed so all he had to do was shower and dress.

Tammy was off work today so she thought she would just drive Stephen to the airport and then come home to a nice bath and finish where she had left off. As Stephen jumped into the shower, Tammy got up out of bed. There was a large wet spot on the sheet where his cum had run out of her pussy. In her aroused state, the feel of Stephen's cum mixed with her own juices

running down the inside of her legs made her feel so nasty.

Instead of cleaning up with a wash cloth, Tammy ran her hands up the inside of her legs, across her smooth pussy lips, up her stomach, and over her hardened nipples, rubbing the sex cream into her skin. The smell of sex was a powerful aphrodisiac to her, and she would be wearing that scent all the way to the airport and back.

Stephen was coming out of the shower when he saw Tammy bent over the sink

brushing her teeth. He couldn't help running his hand up the back of her leg, through the smooth pouting lips of her pussy and around her beautiful heart shaped ass. She looked so sexy and he told her so.

Tammy loved it when Stephen talked to her like that. She had grown up always being told how sweet and cute she was, but there was a nasty side that only Stephen knew about, and only Stephen could ignite, or so she thought.

Tammy turned around at Stephen's touch. He had grabbed a towel to dry off starting with his back as Tammy looked down to see that even after cumming just 10 minutes ago he was starting to get aroused.

Feeling nasty Tammy pulled the toothbrush from her mouth, spit into the sink and then went down on her knees in front of Stephen's hardening cock. With the white foam of the toothpaste still surrounding her luscious lips, Tammy slipped her mouth over the head and began to swirl her tongue over the sensitive underside of her husband's cock.

When Stephen looked down at the sight below, his cock felt like it expanded another inch from his excitement. With the white foam surrounding Tammy's sucking lips, it looked as if she had just swallowed a load of cum, which fell right in with Stephen's fantasy of his cute innocent wife sucking the cock of some stranger.

Just as Stephen put his hand behind her head, Tammy slipped off his cock stood up and ran out of the bathroom telling him he was going to miss his plane. She was right so Stephen finished drying and quickly dressed.

Tammy wanted to keep herself in an aroused state, so instead of her usual panties and bra, she went without. She slipped one of her cute summer dresses over her head and she was ready to go.

It was only a 15-minute drive to the small airport so they were just going to make it. When they arrived at the airport Tammy stayed in the driver's seat as Stephen jumped out and handed his suitcase to the Skycap. He ran around to the driver's side to kiss Tammy goodbye, and when he leaned down, the site gave him an instant hardon.

Tammy had pulled her dress up and spread her legs so that he could see her smooth shaven pussy. She pulled him in close and told him that this is what would be waiting for him when he got home. With that she kissed him goodbye, put the car in gear and left him standing in the street trying to cover his hardon with his briefcase.

What was worse was that she didn't even know that she had just fulfilled another fantasy of his. He had always had these fantasies of her flashing her body to strangers. Again she knew of his fantasies, but she always said that what she had was for his eyes only.

Little did she know that the big black Skycap who was standing at the curb could see all of what Tammy had to show, through the passenger window. The big man just smiled as Stephen walked by.

Stephen wouldn't get any relief until later that night, alone in his hotel room, lying naked on his back, he would shoot his cum so hard that it would hit the wall above his head then cover him head to belly button. And what would cause this great eruption was the vision of fucking his sweet, cute, innocent wife from behind while she had her lips wrapped around the huge black cock of the Skycap from the airport.

As Tammy pulled away from the airport curb she looked in her rearview mirror and had to smile at watching her husband trying to cover his obvious arousal with his brief case.

Suddenly Tammy felt her whole body flush with the heat of embarrassment because she now also saw the Skycap standing at the curb watching her leave, and she realized that he had also seen her the show she had put on for her husband. The knowledge that a stranger had watched her showing off her bare pussy to her husband suddenly turned from embarrassment into passion.

She had never dreamed that she would become so aroused from showing her body to a stranger. Her thoughts began to take her places she had never been before. She began to wonder if the black Skycap had gotten aroused at the sight of her smooth white pussy. Her thoughts then turned to his black cock.

She had always heard that a black man's cock was big, but she had never seen one. So now here she was imagining the big Skycap pulling down his zipper, reaching into his pants and pulling out this huge black cock for her to play with.

As she was driving along with these thoughts, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter between the legs. She saw the light ahead turn red and as she came to a stop she couldn't help putting her hand between her legs as she continued dreaming about a huge black cock.

She opened her legs as far as she could while she pushed two fingers deep into her pussy, all the while imagining her fingers were the black cock of the Skycap. Suddenly from behind her, a horn sounded and when Tammy looked up she saw that the light had turned green. She also saw that next to her a teenage boy in a pickup truck must have been watching everything that she did because as she drove away from the light he remained, watching her go, in wonder at what he had just witnessed.

Again the heat of embarrassment and then arousal over took Tammy's body. She couldn't believe how sexy and nasty she felt. Why did Stephen have to leave her now, now when she needed his cock so badly. Up ahead Tammy saw something that gave her a wonderfully nasty idea. The Adult Bookstore.

Stephen had always wanted her to get a toy to use during their love making, but she had always told him that he had everything she ever wanted or needed. But now with Stephen gone for two whole weeks and her so desperate, Tammy figured what better time then now.

She drove by slowly to see if there were very many cars in the parking lot. There was only one, which she figured must belong to whoever was running the store. With butterflies in her stomach and an aching between her legs, Tammy turned around and pulled into the parking lot.

It took a couple of minutes for her to work up the courage to actually get out of the car and go into the shop. Once inside Tammy was rather surprised, because it wasn't the dirty sleazy place that she had always imagined. It was very neat and organized with arousal as the main objective.

The young clerk looked up from a book he was reading and Tammy could see the surprise in his face at seeing a woman in the store this morning. He quickly asked her if there was something that he could help her with, and just by the way he spoke and moved, Tammy felt that the man was gay.

This somehow made it much easier for Tammy to explain that she was interested in looking at toys or vibrators. The clerk quickly came around the counter and took Tammy over to a display

window where there must have been at least twenty or thirty different kinds of vibrators or dildoes as the clerk so nicely put it.

He left her to look over the possibilities and said he would be happy to answer any questions that she had. Each item had a small description of what it could do, along with the price. Some just vibrated, some twirled, and some could actually move in and out. There was even one described as a doggie cock.

Tammy was amazed at the variety of different sized toys, but it didn't take long for her to spot the one she wanted. It was a very real looking 10 inch black cock. As soon as she saw the large cock she thought about the Skycap and again the heat began to burn between her legs.

She went to the clerk and told him which one she wanted, and he immediately gave her his smile of agreement and approval. As the clerk was ringing up her purchase, Tammy happened to look over and see a sign that said video booths and below was a display of all the movies that were being shown.

What caught her eye in particular was a video showing a large black man with a white woman. Tammy had never seen an x-rated video before, and this subject seemed to really get her interest. As she paid for her item she asked the clerk about renting videos and the types and quality of the videos. He gladly gave her all the information she needed, even explaining which video companies were better and what they offered.

He then told her about the video booths where she could see the newest videos in the privacy of her own booth. Tammy was interested in actually seeing if these videos were something that

would be to her liking so she asked the clerk how much they cost. He explained that she could put $1.00 or $5.00 or even $10.00 bills into the slot and then choose from twenty movies by pushing the buttons on the wall.

With her senses so aroused Tammy could hardly wait for her change so that she could go to the back and view her first porno. As she started to walk away the clerk called her back and told her that she had to leave her purchase with him and that she could pick it up on her way out. She immediately turned beet red of embarrassment. She thought the clerk was thinking that she was going to use her new toy in one of the video booths, but he quickly explained that it was store policy so that people wouldn't try to slip another item into their bag and not pay for it. She left her bag at the counter and quickly walked to the video booths.

There was a long hall with doors on each side. The clerk had explained about the light above each door and how when it was on it meant that the booth was occupied. But being that there was no one else in the store all the booths were available. The hallway turned a corner and there were more booths on one side. Tammy decided to take one of these because they were further away from the clerk in front.

She went inside and closed and locked the door. She had to wait a minute for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She felt a chair by her leg so she sat down. One of the first things that hit her senses was the smell of this place. It was the smell of sex, the same scent that she had rubbed all over her body this morning. Any other time she probably would have been repulsed, but today it was exciting.

She could now see the blank screen and the slot where you put your money. She had two dollar bills in her hand from her change so she pushed one into the slot. The screen lit up and there in front of her was a man sucking the cock of another man. The feelings that were coming over her were so strange. Watching the scene in front of her was exciting her even more. One man sucking another man's cock didn't really interest her but just seeing a cock other than her husband's was a turn on.

She pushed the button to change videos and another homosexual scene came on. This time it was three men. This was another of her husband's fantasies, only with her in the middle. Again her state of arousal made her wonder what it might be like to have two men make love to her.

She pushed the button and another gay video came on, and Tammy began to wonder if this was some kind of gay bookstore. She changed the video again and this time the scene was a man fucking a woman. It was raw nasty sex as the woman was moaning for the man to fuck her harder.

Suddenly the man groaned that he was cumming and pulled his cock from the woman's pussy and began shooting his cum up her body. The first shot hit her across her open mouth up her cheek and into her hair. Then again he sprayed her mouth, chin and tits, then he finished on her tits and belly until there was nothing left.

The woman quickly took the man's dripping cock into her mouth to suck up any remaining cum. When she had sucked him clean she pulled away, licked the cum from her lips and purred how much she loved his cream. Tammy had sucked on Stephen's cock many, many times. It was part of their love making, and she had truly come to enjoy the act because she loved how it excited him so. There were also times when it made her feel so nasty to be putting her mouth on her husband's cock.

One of the best times was just recently when they were driving on vacation. It was late at night and Stephen was getting sleepy. Feeling a bit randy herself, Tammy knew just the thing to wake her husband up. She leaned over and slid her hand between his legs to squeeze his cock. Stephen looked over and smiled at her hoping he was in for a treat.

Tammy remembered feeling the excitement stir between her legs as she slowly opened the buttons on his Levi's. By the time she popped the last button Stephen was hard as a rock poking out of the top of his boxers.

Tammy couldn't wait to get her mouth on Stephen's cock. Something about being out in public, even if it was the middle of the night and in their car where no one could really see, made Tammy feel so slutty. She was already getting wet between her legs.

As soon as she slipped her mouth over Stephen's cock he moaned his pleasure. She began to work her tongue under the sensitive part while she took him as deep into her mouth as she could. It wasn't until he started to pull his cock from between her lips saying that he was going to cum soon, that Tammy knew what she wanted.

She'd always heard about the nasty girls who would suck a man till he came, the jokes about swallowing cum, and at this moment that's what she wanted. Sweet innocent little Tammy wanted to be the slut who would swallow her husband's cum.

With lust in her voice, Tammy moaned for Stephen to cum in her mouth. To prove she was serious, she sucked Stephen's cock back into the depths of her mouth, tasting the pre-cum that was starting to leak from his excitement. As she started to move her tongue and mouth up and down Stephen's shaft, she could feel him begin to push his hips up, trying to drive his cock even deeper into her throat.

Tammy quickened her pace wanting to taste her husband's seed. It didn't take long before she felt Stephen's cock suddenly swell in her mouth, then he arched his hips and groaned as the first shot of his cum splashed into the back of her throat. Tammy had no choice but to swallow quickly, just in time for the next blast.

Stephen was groaning as if he were in deep pain, but with each blast of his cum, Tammy knew he was moaning in pleasure. As his spurting began to slow, Tammy could actually let the cum run over her tongue so that she could taste his seed. Tammy didn't really care for the taste, though she didn't think it was that bad, but what excited her was the feel of his cum as she ran her tongue around the head of his cock.

Tammy reached down between her own legs and began playing with her clit. It only took a few quick strokes before she began to orgasm all the while playing with Stephen's cock and cum in her mouth. To date it had been the sluttiest sex she had ever had.

Tammy pushed the button again and this time was watching one white man and one black getting their cocks licked by one white woman. This was the video which had caught her interest in the video display. Suddenly the screen went black and Tammy realized that the time had run out. She quickly fumbled to put her other dollar into the slot when she dropped the bill

and all her change onto the floor.

Frustrated, she reached down to the floor to feel around for her dollar. Suddenly her fingers ran through a puddle of slime and as soon as she touched it she knew what it was. Tammy quickly pulled her fingers away to feel them now slippery with a stranger's cum. Again had this been any other time she would have freaked at having some stranger's cum on her fingers, but today it just added to her nastiness.

She wiped the cum on the hem of her dress, then tried again to find her dollar bill. When she couldn't find the bill, she reached into her purse and pulled out a $5.00 bill, and slid it into the slot. As soon as the screen lit up Tammy heard the door of the booth next to her open and close.

Someone was in the booth and Tammy started to panic. She didn't really want anyone to see her in this bookstore, let alone these video booths. She wasn't sure if she should stay or rush out now before anyone else came into the store.

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