tagFetishTammy's Panties Ch. 3

Tammy's Panties Ch. 3


I sat on Tammy's couch completely mortified. Not only had Tammy invited a friend to our little panty game, but it was my girlfriend Maria of all people! How could Tammy do this to me? I thought we had a good thing going, and that it would stay between the two of us. My emotions were ranging from embarrassment to absolute rage! Mostly I just wanted to cry like the little sissy I was dressed up like.

"Tammy how could you do this to me? I thought you weren't going to tell Mike and Maria!"

"Well at least I didn't tell mike," she said with a wicked laugh.

"Relax Pete," Maria said, "I've known all along that you were a little panty freak. I was the one that told Tammy about your panty fetish in the first place."

"What?" I said astonished.

"Come on Pete. How could I not know? You've left evidence everywhere for me to discover. I've found cum stains on just about every pair of my panties. Especially the ones you found the sexiest. I actually caught you masturbating with my panties before, but I didn't have the nerve to bust you out when I did catch you."

"How long have you known?"

"Since about two months after we started going out."

"Why didn't you say something before?" I asked.

"Well to be honest with you, I found it disgusting at first and I thought about leaving you, but after thinking about it for a while I found out how sexy it made me feel."

"I even found you secret stash of other women's panties at the house."

"You've been a very busy panty boy haven't you?"

I didn't know what to say. The secret I've tried to hide for so long was now out in the open. At least with Tammy and Maria anyway. It made me wonder how many more people knew about my little secret. I was somewhat relieved, but what was to become of my relationship with Maria. Obviously it would never be the same after today.

"I'm so embarrassed," I said.

"Don't be Pete. I think you look quite sexy in those little blue panties. I can tell how excited you are about wearing them. Look how hard you little cock is! I bet you are about to come in them right now. Aren't you sissy boy?"

I was speechless. That was the first time I heard those words come out of Maria's mouth. I guess I should be getting used to that label by now, but hearing my girlfriend say them gave a whole new meaning to the word humiliation. It was also the first time I had heard her comment about the size of my dick. Up until now I thought she had been quite happy with my size.

"Maria I thought you had always been happy with the size of my dick. We've always had great sex together and you always seemed satisfied."

Maria started laughing at me. "I've seen bigger dicks on small boys! If it weren't for the fact that you can make me cum with your tongue, and you willingness to do whatever I ask you to in bed, I would have left you a long time ago!"

I was devastated. Here is my girlfriend telling me how small she thought my dick was and how inadequate it was for her. It was bad enough when Tammy said it, but now Maria. What was I going to do now?

The only chance at revenge I had was to tell Mike about my experiences with Tammy. I could ruin their marriage along with my friendship, but I had to do something!

"I've had about all that I can stand. Tammy I have no choice to tell Mike about you letting me have oral sex with you. I'm sure it will damage our friendship, but I think in time it will recover since we have been friends for so long. I'm not so sure about your marriage though."

"I don't think that would be such a good idea," Tammy snickered. "I want you to know that I have video of you wearing that outfit of yours. How do you think the people in this town would react to seeing you in women's panties?"

"You're bluffing," I sneered.

"Do you want to see the tape? I have it in my room. There is a hidden camera on the dresser."

I shot back," well then it will also show me humping you and your panties as well!"

"That's where you're wrong," she said. "I didn't start the video until after you put on the panties and I left the room. People will just think you snuck in there and tried on my lingerie when we weren't home."

"Besides Pete," Maria piped in, "there is no reason for you to get hostile about the situation. Tammy and I have discussed you fetish and we both think it is very sexy, and something we could all have a little fun with."

"Fun for whom?" I asked. "You two aren't the ones in an embarrassing situation like I am! You guys aren't the ones who would be laughed out of town if everyone knew!"

"Pete we don't want to ruin you. We just want to have some fun," said Tammy.

"Yeah Pete," added Maria.

They both approached me on the couch. I wanted to move away from them because I was so mad. My dick was still raging hard; however, and Tammy and Maria started rubbing my legs and stroking my dick through the satiny material. My anger started to fade as my dick slowly started to take over. The feeling I was getting by these two beautiful women stoking my aching dick made me temporarily forget about my predicament. It wasn't long before I was cumming in Tammy's panties. I shot my sticky load all in the front of my little blue panties. Maria and Tammy both started to smile.

"See. That wasn't so bad after all was it Pete?" asked Tammy.

"Yeah Pete, just relax and we can all have a wonderful experience with this fetish of yours," said Maria.

"Well what do you ladies have in mind from here?" I asked now recovering from my orgasm.

"Well first of all we're going to get you cleaned up and then we have some more options to discuss with you. Maria and I have had a lot of time to think about how we want this game to play out."

They told me to stand up and Maria removed my now soiled panties. Tammy got down on her knees and started licking my balls and then moved on to my dick. Maria also got down and helped lap up the rest of my spunk. All the licking and stimulation made my dick tingle and rise again. I may have a small dick, which these two have now made painfully clear, but I do have a quick recovery time. Both women noticed my rising dick, and they did actually praise, and complement my quick recovery. They proceeded to alternate in sucking my dick to another mind-blowing orgasm. I shot my load all over their faces and made a sticky mess in their hair, and all over their faces.

"Well it looks like we are all a mess now," said Tammy laughingly. "Why don't we move to the bathroom and all share a shower?"

Sounded like a hell of an idea to me! Maria and I followed Tammy to the bathroom. The girls started slinking out of their clothes, and Tammy started running the water. I had also removed the rest of my womanly garments, and joined them in the shower. Tammy started off the fun by lathering up Maria with soapy water. She paid special attention to all of Maria's most intimate parts. Maria's nipples were projecting like two rockets. I traced Tammy's hands down to Maria's soapy cunt. Tammy was caressing Maria's pussy, and Maria started to moan and whimper. Before I knew what was going on the girls were lip locked in a deep sexy kiss. Maria's hands were now exploring every inch of Tammy's body as well. If I had been the object of ridicule a few minutes ago, I was now watching the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Here was my girlfriend and my best friend's wife making out right in front of me. How long had this been going on? Why hadn't I been invited to this party sooner? I had all but forgotten the embarrassing situations these two hot and horny women had put me through, and was vigorously stroking my dick again. Maria and Tammy noticed me jacking off in the corner of the shower and started to laugh.

"I bet you thought you would never see this scene did you Pete?" asked Maria.

"That's right Pete. Maria has told me all the fantasies you've shared with her. Watching two women make out was one of them, if I'm not mistaken. Marrying Mike was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Not only do I have a wonderful, adoring husband, but I also got to meet the two of you. I think we are all going to have a lot of fun with your fantasies, and mine before this game is all over with," she said with excitement in her voice.

I wondered what other fantasies of mine were going to be played out by these two sexy ladies. I blew another load all over the shower just thinking about all the things I had confessed to Maria, and when I might get to see those fantasies played out. I only wished I had told her more! Who says fantasies don't come true?

To be continued...

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