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Tan and Workout


Amy walked into the tanning salon at 7:45 pm, 15 minutes before closing time. She hadn't made an appointment, so she was unsure whether or not she'd be able to tan. Either way, hopefully she'd be able to see Drake, the sexy twenty something who ran the salon.

She was pleased to see that Drake was, in fact, behind the counter as usual. She took a minute to gaze at his tanned face, with his chiseled features and beautiful white smile. She let her eyes travel slowly over his broad shoulders and open shirt collar, which exposed part of his muscled, hairy chest. She suppressed the urge to unbutton his shirt and see a little bit more of his tanned torso, and flashed him a bright smile.

"Good evening, Drake," she said.

"What's going on, sexy," he drawled. "You walked in just in time. I didn't have any more appointments for tonight, so I was about to close up shop a little early." As he said this, he switched off the glowing neon sign that informed customers the salon was open.

"Did you want to do the stand up today, or one of the beds?" he asked her, never once taking his eyes off of hers, a deliberate action which made her slightly wet. It drove her nuts, that this man turned her on so much; that he could make her moist with just one look.

"Do you mind if I use one of the beds?" she queried, knowing that a session in the 20-minute bed would take her past closing time.

"If I minded, hon, I wouldn't have given you the option." He clicked the mouse and entered her choice in the computer. "You're all set for twenty. Just call if you need anything."

Wondering if there was a double meaning in those words, she grabbed her tanning accelerator and headed past him to one of the many small rooms that contained the 20 minute tanning beds. She applied her accelerator and lay down in the tanning unit. After 20 minutes of warmth and relaxation, she stretched and got up. When she reached for the towel that was usually put into the rooms, she found that it was missing, and she didn't have anything to wipe off the excess sweat before she dressed.

"Drake," she called and poked just her head out the door. Seconds later he was there to assist her.

"Did you need help with anything?" There was no mistaking the mischievous gleam in his eyes. She could feel the blush heating her body. Unable to look away from his eyes, she took a step backward, forgetting that the door was slightly open and she was undressed. Drake seemed to take that as an invitation. His eyes were no longer on hers, now they were roaming slowly over her tanned, naked body. She sensed his gaze first on her slender shoulders, then on her delicate collarbone, then her small, pert breasts. Nervously, she rubbed her foot back and forth on the carpeted floor, which drew his attention down to the light blue nail polish on her toes. Then, once again, she could almost feel the searing heat of his eyes as they traveled up her long, tanned legs and stopped at her freshly shaven pussy.

After what seemed like an eternity, Drake' eyes finally met Amy's and when she saw the raw hunger in them, she forgot all thoughts of the towel. He took another step forward and she felt the room heat up even more. He reached his hand out, his eyes staring straight into hers, and let her hair down. Then he pulled her head towards his and brushed his lips against hers. His kiss began surprisingly gently, but soon became as hot as her flesh when his tongue found hers and he began to suck on it, drawing her deeper into the moment. Before she knew it, his fingers released her hair and began drawing a sensual line down her back. She reached out, blind with desire, and one of her hands stroked his neck while the other slipped between his hip and his waistband.

"Do you have any idea how good your ass looks in those jeans?" she asked him, hesitantly pulling her lips away from his. "Or how hot I get from just looking at you?"

Drake stood back a moment to look at her. "I've got a feeling that neither I, nor anyone else contributes to your hotness," he told her. "I think that "hot" is how nature made you."

Amy smiled. "I'm very flattered, but that's not what I meant," she said. She took his hand and moved it. "I meant you make me hot here." She placed his hand between her legs. She could feel him tense a little as his fingers touched her smooth outer lips, and then slipped between them to find her inner wetness. She looked him straight in the eye and told him, "Drake, I want you naked. Now." She took one hand from his neck and slid it under his waistband to join the other one. Soon Drake was stepping out of his jeans and she was helping him with his shirt. Then she tried to keep her tongue in her mouth as she took in the magnificent view before her.

Drake obviously worked out, but some of his physique must have been a gift from God, because that's what he looked like. His sculpted body reminded her of Slater Museum's statues of Greek Gods, except for his raging erection standing out like a signal flag, warning Amy she was playing with fire, and one time with hot Drake just might not be enough to satisfy her hunger for his body.

Amy knew that it was too late for second thoughts, so she gave in to her desire. She placed her palms flat against his beautifully muscled chest and pushed him back against the wall. She went up on tiptoe to whisper in his ear.

"Do you know how wet I get every time I walk in here and talk to you?" she asked him, before she traced her tongue around the edge of his ear. Her small, soft breasts pressed into his hard chest as she kissed his neck, taking care not to leave any visible marks his girlfriend might see. She kissed her way down to his left nipple, and licked it slowly, in little circles. Then she lavished the same attention on his other nipple. She was so turned on that she didn't realize she was sliding her steaming pussy up and down along his thigh, subconsciously trying to reach her own orgasm.

When both his nipples were hard, she began a trail of kisses that led down his washboard abs, and stopped at his navel, which she licked for just a minute before her tongue went even lower.

Drake wound his fingers in her hair and pulled her head toward his aching cock, waiting in anticipation for what he knew was coming next. He sighed as his dick was suddenly surrounded by Amy's soft mouth. She took as much of it as she could, grasping the base of his thick cock with her right hand, making slow stroking motions while she deep throated it. Her left hand played with his balls. He started to protest when she lifted her head off his penis, but thought better of it when she cupped his heavy sac in her hands and licked underneath it. He moaned as she ran her tongue underneath his balls, then gently sucked them into her mouth. Meanwhile, her hand was still caressing his shaft and he was lost in the heavenly sensations that the combined force of her hand and mouth were giving him. She ran her tongue up his balls and up the underside of his cock, before quickly taking his swollen head into her hot mouth again. He lifted her head up and stared into her eyes.

"If you keep doing that, you're not going to give me a chance to show you how good it can be," he warned her. Amy shivered as she saw the ravenous look in his eyes. He looked like he was about to eat her alive!

"My turn," he said as he picked her up and placed her, surprisingly gently, on the tanning bed, which was still warm from her recent use. Amy had never been shy, but the predatory way he was looking at her made her dizzy and unsure. Without taking his dark gaze off of her eyes, he put his hands on her knees, and pulled them apart. He took a minute to appreciate the spread before him, and Amy shivered as she felt his hot breath on her smooth, shaven skin. He inserted one finger into her satiny pussy, but to her surprise, he immediately removed it. She watched, fascinated, as he tasted her on his finger, savoring the sweetness of her juices, and never breaking eye contact with her.

Amy almost came right there when she saw the raw wildness in his eyes, as he tasted her wetness on his finger. She closed her eyes and felt his fingers on her pussy lips, spreading her open, exposing her completely. Then she felt his silken tongue stroke her, from just above her asshole to her clit. He gave her clit a few tentative licks, and then he stiffened his tongue and thrust it in her feverish pussy, which, by now, was dripping wet for him.

His tongue moved back up to suck on her clit, while his finger entered her once more. Her hips bucked involuntarily as he brought her to the edge of orgasm. Then, he surprised her by slipping his moistened finger into her ass, while his mouth sucked hungrily on her clit, and she felt the pulsating waves of an orgasm rip through her body.

As soon as he heard her cry out, Drake moved up her body to kiss her, and she sighed as she licked her own come off his lips.

"Delicious, isn't it?" he asked her.

"Foreplay? It's always delicious," she replied.

"The foreplay, too, but I was talking about your sweet, creamy pussy." Drake grinned a wolfish smile as he kissed the tip of her nose. "I think you're ready for me now," he told her.

Amy's pussy was more than ready; she was sopping wet from the combination of his saliva and her orgasm. She was glad, too, because Drake's cock was so thick that she was going to need all the lubrication she could get.

She felt the blunt tip of his cock tease her pussy. She reached down and opened her outer lips, and he suddenly, in one quick thrust, he'd buried himself inside her. Drake waited a minute, so she could adjust to his size, and then began making small, sensuous movements with his hips, moving inside her just enough to push her closer to the edge. When he felt her getting close to orgasm, he started moving faster and thrusting deeper, pulling himself all the way out and then piercing her quickly, over and over. She started lifting her hips to meet him, and she felt another orgasm pour through her body. She looked back at him.

"Hold on just one second," she said, and pulled herself off his swollen cock. Then she got up, helped him up, and closed the cover of the tanning bed. She pulled him behind her, and bent forward over the top of the unit so he could take her from behind.

"Doggystyle is my favorite," she told him. More than willing to oblige, Drake grabbed her hips and pushed his large cock into her once more. Her pleasure came much faster in this position. He pulled her hips back to meet his as her cries got louder and louder. When he was about to come, he pulled out and, reading his mind, she turned with lightning speed and placed her mouth over his cock. She waited until he stopped coming, and then swallowed the whole mouthful at once. He moaned as the hot liquid slipped down her throat, and her sucking mouth felt like it had drained every last drop. Then he leaned up against the tanning bed, exhausted.

"Next time we'll have to try this somewhere more comfortable," he told her. She giggled.

"I'm surprised the tanning bed didn't collapse," she said.

"My legs almost did," he told her.

"It's a good thing you work out," she joked. "Maybe you should skip your usual exercise tomorrow for a workout like the one we just had."

Drake couldn't agree more.

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