tagRomanceTanned All Over

Tanned All Over


Penny and I have been in rut for some time. We tried to stimulate, spice up and entice our lovemaking. Nothing seem to bring back the old spark until we both got ‘tanned all over’.

We were watching some television, when an old singer we grew up listening to, Frankie Avalon, was introducing his easy-to-use tanning lotion and cream. We decided to try it, and ordered the kit. It arrived a few weeks later it. Initially it was to be mine alone; I soon convinced my honey that I’d apply it onto her if she’d apply it onto me.

It started that innocently, but from it electricity was re-introduced, and we had a weekend a few could top. Penny first had me get naked. She said not to worry, for she won’t tan my pecker. She began on my feet, and headed north, when I noticed that my dick was rising to the occasion. My sweetie kissed him and playfully applied a little lotion to its middle. I’m probably the only male with a slightly tanned pecker. Playfully Penny continued to apply the lotion to most of my body. I kept saying I’ll get you next. She then took me in her mouth, and told me that the lotion seemed to sweeten the taste. “Nothing like a little seasoning” she said as now she really had me interested.

Penny then hit the showers and I soon got my chance. Completely nude, I had her join me in the kitchen for it’s the best-lit room in the apartment. I too began on her feet, and as I was heading north her beaver was smiling at me. I kissed it; it felt very hot and moist. I stuck a part of my tongue into it and teased the clit a little. Penny shuddered and grabbed me, as not to lose her balance. I then continued applying the lotion, kissing her snatch every chance I got. By the time I got to her boobs, my dick was harder than I’ve seen in quite awhile. I carefully applied the lotion to each tit, spending a long time spreading it around each nipple, and under the tit. To keep up my interest my baby was stroking my pecked. I finished applying the lotion, admired my work, kissed and sucked on each tit. They did taste sweater than usual. We retired to our bedroom.

I felt her wetter than usual, and I entered her from the rear as she welcomed my assault. I grabbed and squeezed the freshly tanned tits in each hand. They seemed to harden to my touch. Penny’s nipples felt like stiff erasers ready to burst. I pumped and she bucked for what seemed like a short while. She then grabbed my balls and gently squeezed them and uttered “oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boooooy”... as I emptied my love load into her canal.

What a great deal, it improved our love life, and got us both ‘tan all over’.

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