tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTanning and Teasing Ch. 01

Tanning and Teasing Ch. 01



All character are consenting legal adults over the age of 18.


"Are we there yet?"

"Really Karen," Mark sighed, "I told you, it's about another five minutes, I swear."

Karen laughed at her husband. "Come on, I was just giving you a hard time. You should really relax a little babe. That's why we're going out here, remember? Well, and some sun for me too."

"Yeah sure I guess. It's gonna be hard to disconnect from work mentally though. And this damn phone doesn't connect to my email way out here in the boonies."

They rode in silence the next few minutes until he saw the turn-off for their 'secret' spot at the lake. It had been about five or six years since they had been there, but they found the spot as if it hadn't been any time at all.

The view was decent, the sunshine was great, and the privacy was awesome. The lake was a popular destination, but their spot was on the far side, away from the nice beaches and convenience store, so almost no one went there. They had only seen others within yelling distance two or three other times. Plus going on a Tuesday morning almost guaranteed them total privacy.

"See that hon? There is no one around for miles, I'm gonna be able to get some awesome sun today. Can you get my bag from the trunk while I walk down there?"

"Sure, let me get all the heavy stuff," Mark teased, "see ya down there in a couple. "

Karen was gone by the time he got to the trunk, and he laughed a little at her excitement, she was like a little kid sometimes. 'She hasn't acted like this in months,' he murmured to himself, 'maybe this can start something else that hasn't happened in months. Some sex would be nice, and we haven't done it outdoors in like seven years.'

Making sure he had everything, Mark walked off, thumbing the alarm as he left. As he thought of that, he reflected on his sex life. More accurately, his lack of one. In the past few years, they averaged one tumble in the sheets every month or two. Every once in a while she got a wild hair up her butt and she was insatiable, needing his dick every couple of days. Karen had a wild side, but like many married couples it just disappeared a year after they said 'I do'. Every once in a great while it would come back, but there was no predicting or requesting it, but if it started to show, sometimes it could be encouraged.

A minute later, he got to the clearing and stopped in his tracks - Karen was nowhere to be seen! His mental pity party was instantly forgotten. In a flash, Mark dropped the bag and looked around, starting to worry. She usually wasn't one for practical jokes, so she probably wasn't hiding.

He went towards the water and saw her dress and bikini in a pile by a large rock, then heard some quiet splashing. His heart rate went back to normal as he let out a big sigh of relief. Climbing up on the waist-high rock, Mark could see Karen come into sight about a dozen yards out, totally nude, floating gracefully on her back.

"Holy shit," he said just loud enough for her to hear, "that's a damn fine sight!"

Karen burst up suddenly, looking around in a panic. She saw her husband staring at her, a huge grin on his face.

"Did you say something Mark?"

"Ya, only that I found some hot babe skinny dipping out here, and I was getting a chubby staring at her tits!"

"Mark! Watch your mouth!" she yelled back, but with a smile on her face.

Karen swam back to shore and walked out, standing naked in the ankle deep water. Turning slowly in a circle, she paused, dripping in the sunlight.

"So you really like this flabby old lady body?"

"You aren't old or flabby, so hush. And yes I like it, and I wish I could see it more often."

"You can see it whenever you want, you just have to be at the right place at the right time," she replied, an edge coming into her voice.

Mark's annoyance flared up, and he almost gave her a snide reply about her lack of libido, but caught himself just in time. Her wild side may be emerging, and the LAST thing he wanted to do was ruin his chance of getting laid. This could be an epic trip if all the stars were aligned just right. That included him watching his tongue.

Swallowing his attitude, he smiled widely. "Well I'm going to have to be watching a lot more then. This could get fun. Am I gonna get lucky enough to see more right now?"

"Is that what you want? For me to lay out dressed just like this to get some sun without tanlines?"

"Damn right you should! And if you pretend not to notice, you won't see me hiding in the bushes jerking off while I spy on you."

Karen's mouth dropped open in surprise, but she quickly composed herself (except for the bright red blush covering her whole face).

"Really now Mark, I'm out here for a tan, not for your silly voyeur fantasies."

He thought he deserved an award for how well he held back his annoyance. Karen usually got snippy when he brought up sex, but he was willing to endure her comments if he could help encourage her wild side to come out today.

"Come on babe, I'm just giving you a hard time, and you know it. We both know it turns you on to sunbathe nude. We also know that I like the view."

Karen shook her head in resignation instead of continuing that conversation. Ignoring her husband's attempt to get her thinking dirty, she walked over to the bag he had brought down and squatted next to it, digging through the contents. When she pulled out the the basket of various bottles of tanning oils and lotions and put them behind her, Mark thought it almost looked like she was trying to hide.

"Come over here you pervert, help me find the towel. Then you can help oil my back."

Mark walked over, still thinking positive, and knelt down beside his wife by the bag. She took everything out and looked at him in confusion.

"Did you leave the towel in the car? I'm not seeing it in here."

"Nope, I just picked up the bag from the trunk and walked over. Are you sure you packed it?"

"Well ya, I took it from the closet, put it on the couch when I packed the bag, then..... Dammit! It's still on the couch. What am I going to do now? I can't lay out in the sand!"

"You can lie down on that rock, it's clean."

"I don't know about that, it's awfully exposed. Like being on a stage or something."

"But there's no one here to look at the stage, just go up to the rock."

"Umm, OK, I will."

He took her hand and led the way to the rock. She paused before trying to climb up, looking for the easiest route.

Mark pointed to where he had climbed up. "This is the best way up, there's only a few feet to go. Everywhere else is about six feet up, and 10 feet from the side facing the water."

She sighed in resignation and held her hand out for his help. Taking her hand, he helped balance her as she took the high step, then grabbed her naked ass cheek to give her a boost.

Karen squealed as he pushed, then she giggled. "Well if I didn't want attention, making noise is a bad way to do that."

Mark hopped up on the rock after her and put down the basket of oils and lotions next to her.

"Be right back," he said, "gotta get the other stuff from the bag."

By the time he got back with the water bottles and snacks, Karen had picked out the tanning oil she wanted and had started coating one arm. In a moment of inspiration, Mark took the bottle from her.

"Stand up," he ordered, "you just let me take care of this."

"Huh? What do you mean babe?"

"It's simple. You stand there with you feet and hands spread, and I will put the oil on for you."

"Umm, OK I guess," she replied hesitantly as she looked around.

Looking around himself, he saw they were still all alone. Again he commanded "Come on, get up, there isn't anyone around."

"Yes sir," she answered right away, standing straight up, her feet shoulder-width apart, her arms fully extended to the sides, her palms facing forward.

Mark started rubbing the oil into the tops of her feet and her ankles when he realized something. He had not meant it to sound like an order, but it did, but that wasn't the fun part. The fun part is that she seemed to have picked up on it and started a game he didn't know they were playing.

The next thing he realized is that with his head behind her and just below her ass, a quick glance showed that he could easily see her pussy. Even more interesting was that her pussy was very wet, and it could only be related to her outdoor nudity. The glistening of her juices was not a new spot just starting to get wet, she was soaked! He laughed in his head, he was right, he knew it turned her on.

With an even pace, he oiled up her legs, then took his time working on her ass. With the sides of his fingers, he got the patch of skin all around her aroused sex. From her breathing, she was clearly getting even more turned on by his soft touch. He moved to her back, then stomach, before slowing down to focus on her breasts.

Karen's eyes stayed closed the whole time, focusing on her husband's hands across her entire body. Even the oiling of her arms was sensuous right now. Of course, being naked in front of the world (it seemed) on this pedestal of a rock was also really driving her crazy.

Breaking the spell of her erotic trance, Mark spoke from her side as he groped her breast and ass cheek.

"These right here baby, is what I'll be staring at from the bushes. The oil on my hands should make my cock nice and slippery when I'm stroking off in spy mode."

Karen laughed, pushing him away. "Just go, pervert. You're blocking my sunlight."

She glanced at the sun and turned to her right a little to get the best angle of the morning rays, then sat down. Leaning back on her hands, she pulled her feet up halfway, spreading her bent knees and feet wide.

"So is this the best angle for you, Mr. Peeping Tom?" Karen asked as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She felt the flutter of excitement knowing her husband was getting turned on just by watching her.

"Damn right it is, sexy lady. You know you want me to watch too. What if someone else comes by? Maybe I'll make them watch you too. And not let you know. Or maybe if you did know they were watching it would turn you on even more."

Her breath caught in her throat. It was obvious that just thought was getting her hot, but Mark knew a denial was coming soon. He didn't have to wait long for her to prove him right.

She snapped her head down to stare at him with her mouth open, but from her quick gasp and the way her knees darted towards each other, it belied her look of shock. He had caused that look with his hands and tongue enough times to know that reaction well.

"Really Mark?" she said in exasperation, "Why would you think that? And where do you get these crazy ideas anyway?"

"Come on babe, I was just being silly and you know it. Now just sit there and catch some sun while I go get our chairs and the cooler from the car."

"Ok, don't take too long. I'll be right here."

With one last long look at his wife, he thought back to her 'flabby' comment and shook his head. Yes, being a mother had changed her, as had gravity, but she still had a nice body, and he was certain that if by some crazy miracle someone actually did come by, they would stop to enjoy the same view she was giving him right now.

Mark realized he was stalling, so he tore his eyes away and headed back to the car. He was gone less than five minutes, but on his way back, he could swear that he heard sounds of someone walking around and a distant voice. With the way Karen had been acting this morning, he wouldn't put it past her to actually do a practical joke and hide from him. Ten minutes ago he knew she wouldn't, but now he wasn't so sure. She was acting a bit froggy and he wasn't sure what to expect!

Trying to play along, he put down the cooler and the camping chairs in the middle of the trail and snuck into the treeline. Stalking like a hunter, he moved silently towards the water and the big rock Karen was supposed to be sunning herself on. Coming to the clearing, he saw that she was still on the rock and he got confused.

'Where in the world did those noises come from then?' he thought, staring around suspiciously. If there was someone else out here, they were being awfully sneaky as well, but he was patient enough to wait them out.

About 30 seconds later his patience was rewarded. From the other side of the clearing, behind Karen, were three people walking towards them. It looked like they were college kids, and there were two guys and one girl. They were talking quietly but making a bit of noise walking through the low brush. They seemed harmless enough and Mark came up with a delightfully evil plan. If the girl wasn't there, he probably wouldn't have done it, her presence made them less threatening.

Since Karen thought he was back at the car, he felt safe that she wouldn't get mad if he wasn't there to warn her of these visitors. He dodged back behind a tree then hid in the brush out of sight to wait for them to get closer.

Karen's body jumped a bit, but she forced her head back and closed her eyes again. She had heard the noise in the brush, but remembered what Mark said he was going to do. With a smile, she called out "Babe, are you spying on me again? Better hope no one sees what you're doing!"

Silence answered her, just as she expected. Still smiling, she crossed her legs and squeezed them to put a little pressure on her clit, getting more into the spirit of things. Then she heard the sound of footsteps in the loose rocks by where their gear was. Suddenly she got worried. It sounded like more than one pair of feet!

In shock, Karen whipped her head around to see who was there, ready to yell at Mark for scaring her. The sight of three co-eds only ten yards away was NOT what she was expecting! She screamed in fright, and spun over, laying on her stomach to hide her nudity.

The three held up their hands and backed up a step, and Karen noticed that they were standing near her dress and bikini, but she wasn't about to go get them now.

The girl of the group spoke up "Hey lady, we aren't going to hurt you or anything, we were just enjoying the view. Sorry if we scared you, we are just going to leave now, OK?"

"Ok. Yes. Good." was all Karen could stammer out.

Now that her fright had passed and she realized she wasn't in danger, she took a second to look at their faces. The two guys were good looking; young, but still old enough to be attractive to her. They were smiling widely, and she seemed to sense their enjoyment but not the creepy hunger some guys had when they were undressing her with their eyes. These guys didn't even have to do that, she was already undressed, and they had already seen a lot before she freaked out.

Feeling the eyes on her nude body, out in the open, with no clothing within her reach, was quickly taking on a new feel. Karen's heart was no longer racing in fear, there was a hint of passion coursing through her veins now, and she could almost hear the guys willing her to turn over. But she couldn't. She actually thought about it, she just couldn't bring herself to do it.

The girl turned around and pulled on one arm of each of the guys, dragging them reluctantly away, but she stopped as she saw Mark standing in the trees watching her. The girl felt a tension in the air, as she somehow just knew he was with the woman they had scared.

Mark watched the whole thing happen, and at first he was laughing on the inside at his wife's fright, but then he started to get upset. He felt anger building up inside of him as these two young guys were enjoying the sight of his naked wife, and he almost ran out at them to chase the group away. But then his hormones kicked in.

The thoughts came at him rapid-fire, and he got an evil grin from his inspiration. He thought of how Karen reacted to his comment of her being watched, and while he never thought it would happen, it really was. Right now! He was sure that she would be getting turned on! If she wasn't now, maybe she would after he was by her side for protection and to help orchestrate things. Before the kids got away, he made up his mind, he had to do this.

He walked out of the brush to find the girl leading her friends away, and she stopped with a look of fear in her eyes. The guys turned around partially so they could see both Mark and Karen, and Mark could see their attitudes change into one of defense.

Holding up his hands, Mark quietly said "Hold up a second guys, where are you off to in such a rush?"

The girl answered "We came out here to swim and get away from everyone. This is kind of our secret spot at the lake, and we didn't think anyone would be here. Since you were here first, we will leave so your lady-friend there doesn't think we're creeping on her."

Low enough for Karen to not hear, Mark smiled and said "Feel free to stay if you want. I'll get something for my wife to wear, and we can all hang out. Well, unless we're too old for you or something."

While he was talking, Mark glanced over at Karen. She was still laying face-down, her arms covering the sides of her breasts. She was watching intently but had a confused look on her face, wondering why her husband was talking to the intruders and not covering her up or chasing them off.

The girl smiled, her body visibly relaxing. "Ya, sure, that's cool. Y'all ain't that old though. And your wife, she doesn't have to put on anything if she doesn't want to. Everyone here liked the view."

"Well that won't happen, she is kinda modest. But ya, feel free to stay, I'll be right back and we can get properly introduced and stuff."

Mark walked to where their gear was, and the three turned to watch them both. Mark picked up Karen's dress and brought it to her, and before he got there she asked "Why are they still here Mark, and what the hell is going on?"

"Here's what's going on babe, I saw how they looked at you as I was coming out of the trees. More importantly, I saw how YOU looked, and I can tell this is turning you on like crazy right now."

"No, it's not, I'm embarrassed. Give me my suit and my dress so I can cover up. And you need to stop being an ass."

Karen turned her attention to the audience of three and called out "Do you mind? Can I get some privacy for a second so I can get dressed?"

The girl nodded and turned her friends around. Once their backs were facing her, she reached out for her thin yellow sundress that Mark was holding.

He pulled back his hand and whispered to her. "I want to see you again, so turn over and sit up, then I'll give it to you. They can't see you, just do this for me, ok babe?"

Her eyes narrowed in suspicion, but she remembered about the little game she had started. It was true, they couldn't see her, and she would only be exposed for a few seconds. As she pushed herself up with her arms she felt the breeze making her already hard nipples tingle. As she turned to sit, she could feel cool breeze on her moist pussy lips for a quarter second before they made contact with the warm rock. It was all so deliciously erotic, but she forced that thought from her mind. She tried to will herself to think rationally and get covered up quickly.

Mark walked close and handed her the dress, whispering "Thanks for the view, that's fuckin hot babe!"

She slipped it over her head, then yanked it down hard in her rush to cover up. The top button caught on her hair clip but she didn't realize it until she had yanked too hard. The clip pulled her head to the side and snapped, taking a pinch of her hair with it, but it didn't let go of the button. They both heard a quiet tear as the thread gave way and the button flew up, arcing in slow motion down to the rock, where it bounced once, then rolled over the edge into the water.

"Oh shit," whispered Karen, "now I'll need my bikini Mark, please get that too."

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