tagGay MaleTantra Love Ch. 01

Tantra Love Ch. 01


Had an interesting get-together arranged by a dear friend recently that still gets me hard to recall.

I have a friend who is a Tantra teacher. Sandy teaches both the meditative side of Tantra and well as the sexual side. I love both. She is very sexy, with an incredible body, and gets into such a heightened sexual arousal when she works with me, that I can cum 2 or 3 times over as many hours. Most of her clients are women and she loves to turn a woman on and teach her how to really enjoy her body, the stimulation that another person can give, (in this case another woman), and make them cum and cum and cum! Sandy loves to make love to women!

She has another client/friend who wanted to try something new and different, that would awaken the senses and give intense pleasure. Sandy agreed to set something up and asked for my help. She knows that I am very relaxed and open to all things sexual and sensual. I agreed to help. She decided that what would be interesting for a start would be to have her client check into a suite at the Biltmore in Santa Barbara, which is a place I love, get settled in, shower and get warm and then, about 9:00 PM, unlock the door, light about a dozen candles, strip completely nude, put on a very tight sleep mask that blocked out all the light and wait for me to come and do the rest. She had done exactly this with a couple of different women and they absolutely loved it!!

My job was to quietly enter, lock the door, undress completely, and then spend a long time just being close, gently whispering how wonderful her client looked, how sexy they were, how aroused they made me, describe each beautiful element of the body, how much I wanted to provide excitement and pleasure. I could do whatever I wanted as long as it moved achingly slowly. They were mine all night. I would gently begin to stroke with a feather touch of my fingers; the back; the tummy, the ankles, the calves, the inside of the thighs, the hips, the shoulders, the arms, the breastbone, the lowest part of the tummy just above the hair; the cheeks and neck.

I was to whisper softly into the ear something sexy and descriptive about each area I was touching and gently kiss the ear lobe, the neck, the throat as I went. I was totally hard by the time she finished describing it all and we fucked passionately for a hour. The date was set and I was going to love it!!

On the appointed night, I drove to S.B. and had a light snack before heading to the Biltmore. At 8:45 I was parked and walking to the bungalow. I was a bit early so I strolled the grounds a bit to relax myself. I was already a bit hard just thinking about what lay ahead. Right at 9:05 I slowly, quietly opened the door. The room was almost dark, but the candles were creating just enough light. I stepped into the bathroom quickly and stripped completely. My cock was fully erect by now. This was going to be as exciting for me as her.

I walked out of the bathroom without making a sound and into the main room. What stood before me was a vision. Not the vision I had expected, but a vision nonetheless. StSandyng back to me, tall and proud, completely nude with the sleep mask tightly in place was a complete ..... stud of a man!!! I stood there dumbly for a moment and took in the sight. He was about 6'-0" tall short dark hair, very fit and trim without being too beefy, gorgeous body, tight butt, great legs and a pair of broad sexy shoulders. His head was cocked listening, apparently knowing that I was there, but he waited without a sound.

I stepped around the front openly admiring this Adonis and was shocked, not to find that he was completely erect, but to find that his cock was huge. It was a masterwork of penile glory! 8-9 inches, thick, straight, circumcised, smooth with a fine network of veins over the hard shaft and a perfect cockhead; like I've never seen before. His body was exquisite, but his cock was perfect!!

As I moved around him I replayed Sandy's entire description in my mind. Had she told me that her client was a guy? Did I assume dumbly that it would be? Had she totally set me up, or did I walk right into this? I admitted that his body turned me on. I wondered if her "client" was equally unaware of the gender nature of this evening. Was he expecting a girl?

Being taller than him I moved my head in close and gently exhaled through my nostrils into his ear. Could he hear that I was a guy? I was completely at a loss for what I should say first. How to break the ice that he was nude and hard and ready, in front of a guy? I was nude and hard and ready. What the hell I thought, this one's on Sandy if he freaks.

In my quietest, deepest, sexiest voice I whispered into his right ear,

"God, you are gorgeous!" He jerked at the sound of my voice, but said nothing. His whole body stiffened, as if weighing what the hell was going on, but he said nothing.

"Were you expecting a woman?" I asked him quietly.

"Yes." He replied softly. "I guess I was." He didn't move.

"I guess I was too." I whispered into his other ear. "We'll have to take this up with Sandy tomorrow." Still he didn't move. "I think we both have been had, but I neglected to actually ask her." He simply nodded.

I continued to move a slow circle around him, examining every inch of him. His cock was possibly even harder now.

"You still seem pretty excited to be here though." I whispered into his right ear now, my face an inch from his. He nodded slowly again. "I am too". He began to tremble a bit. "I am looking at every part of your body and it turns me on." I blew my warm breath onto his neck and shoulder. I moved to do the same to his left shoulder. "I'm looking at your cock now." I whispered into his left ear, actually touching my lips softly to it for the briefest moment. "Your cock is magnificent. It thrills me. Mine is achingly hard from looking at yours. It makes me want to touch you, to tease you, to pleasure you." He let out a quiet moan.

"Don't move." I told him as I backed up a bit and got down on my knees. "You just stand there with your hands at your sides for now." I was face to face with his cock now. God it was amazing! Such an elegant piece of hard cock meat. It was pumping and throbbing. I could count the beats of his heart by the pulsing of this gorgeous penis. I blew warm air all over it, both sides, and his balls. Over his tummy and down his thighs. His moaning got a bit louder.

"Mmmmmm yeah? That feels good?" He moaned that it did. I blew warm air all around the perfect head of his cock, mentally measuring the size, imagining how it would fell in my mouth. I knew that I was going to suck it this night; suck it a lot!!! My breath was caressing and pleasing just the head, which made it jump and bounce.

"I love your sexy cock!" I whispered into his ear again, after I stood back up. "Mmmmm, being so close to it made me want to kiss it." He moaned again. "Yeah! Kiss it a lot!!" He was visibly shaking now. "Ooooh , you look so excited right now!"

"I am!" he said quietly, "Very!"

"Yeah? Me too. Who would have guessed that being here together, just us two, would be such a turn on." I was behind him now, but still whispering into his right ear. My cock is nice too. So fucking hard right now as well. It isn't the size of yours; yours is huge baby, but mine is big as well."

His butt was really cute, even for a guy, I had to admit to myself.

"I'm looking at your butt now. It's really nice. I like the shape of it." I gently kissed his right earlobe. He jumped, but not away. Mmmm I moaned as I did it again. He moaned this time. "Yeah? Does that feel good? You like that?" I kissed it again. He moaned that it did. "Don't move." I told him again. I got down on my knees again, face to face with the sexiest male ass I've ever seen. I blew warm air onto his butt cheeks and they clenched in response. I blew air onto his hips, the backs of his thighs and up over his butt again. He moaned passionately the whole time.

"You have such a cute butt." I told him. "Really sexy, nice and round." I leaned in and kissed the top of his right cheek, right on the dimple there. He didn't move. Using just my lips I gently kissed my way to the right, to his hip, down a bit then over the swell of his butt cheek, across to the valley between them over the left cheek up to the hip and over to the left dimple.

"What a gorgeous ass." I whispered into his ear, after stSandyng back up. I kissed his ear again and then again. "Oh, you make my cock so hard!" I sucked his earlobe gently. He made no motion to move away. He was in a trance. "I want to kiss your body everywhere."

I moved around to kiss and suck on the other ear. He just moaned at the contact. The fingertips of both hands found their way to his hips and began stroking a small circle on his hips barely touching the skin but definitely there.

"Oh yeah!" he whispered to me.

"Yeah? That feel good?" He nodded. I moved to kiss the back of his neck and begn a wider circle with my fingers that included the crease above each thigh at the side of his stomach all the way around to include his butt now. His moaning increased. "Mmmm you feel so good." I whispered, as I moved to kiss the other side of his neck.

My fingertips were now stroking down completely over his butt onto the backs of his thighs, gently, softly around to the front and then up the front of his thighs, moving closer nad closer to his balls with every stroke.

"God, I want to stroke your cock!" I hissed into his ear and then kissed his jaw. "Your cock has me so fucking turned on right now! I wan to stroke it and squeeze it, kiss it and suck it so deep into my throat!"

"Oohhhh!" he moaned loudly. "Oh yeah!"

"Mmmm! I bet you are going to love that! You are going to love the way I go down on you. The way that I am going to suck that gorgeous big hard cock. Wrap my soft warm wet lips around that big dick and let you push it in deep."

"Oohhhhhh!" came another load groan from him.

"Tell me your name, baby." I whispered.

"Mark!" came his immediate, urgent reply.

"Well Mark, you and I are going to have quite an evening." I moved forward a bit until my cock came into contact with his butt. He moaned loudly again. I was holding his hips gently but firmly as I gently sawed my cock between his legs a bit and over the sexy curve of his butt cheeks.

He was still moaning as I broke all contact and moved away a little. We were both breathing heavily as I moved in a circle around him.

"Slowly now, slowly." I told him, as well as convincing myself to slow down. "We have all night and I think we will both have a lot of fun. I want us both to cum again and again, all night long!!" He stood trembling. "Would you like that?'

Yes." He quietly admitted. "I would like that very much."

I combed my fingers through his hair, around his ears, down his neck and over his shoulders and down his arms. Softly, softly. I kissed the corner of his mouth.

"Have you ever been with a man?" I whispered into his right ear.

"No." Came his quiet reply. I kissed the corner of his mouth on the left side.

"But you've fantasized about it?" I whispered into his left ear.

"Yes." He replied just as quickly.

"Mmmmm." I kissed his ear at the top, the side, the lobe. "Then you are going to LOVE how beautifully I suck on that big," kiss, "hard," kiss, "long," kiss, "thick cock!" My finger tips began to toy with both his nipples. "Mmmm suck you until you flood my mouth with that sweet cream! Bob my mouth up and down on you until you ejaculate so deep in my throat! I'm looking at your cock right now and it makes my mouth water!"

I got down on my knees again in front of him. My fingertips were trailing a winding path down his tummy and the fronts of his thighs. He was moving a bit trying to catch a touch of my fingers on his cock. They passed it by and moved down his thighs.

"Stand with your legs apart." I told him. He moved them open. I began at the tops of his feet and stroked a lazy path all around his feet, calves, and thighs up to the join with his abdomen. "My mouth is inches from your big penis." I whispered. Looking up I noticed his head lolling forward, as if trying to see me there. "I love your cock, Mark! It's the most beautiful penis I've ever seen. You are so big! So fucking big! I can't wait to feel you so heavy on my tongue! So thick and full in my mouth! Oh Mark, I want to suck you all night, drink gallons of your hot cum!

My hands were now caressing a soft circle all the way around his thighs, up and down the inside, almost to his balls but not quite. His thighs were tense and quaking. They moved around the back and then up to his butt and grabbed both cheeks and gently squeezed.

"Mmmmm wonderful bottom you have." I leaned forward and kissed his right hip. "Such a sexy ass." I moved way out avoiding his straining cock and kissed the other hip. My hold on his buttocks keeping his from turning into me and making contact with his cock, which was bobbing and weaving all around, I've never seen a cock this profoundly, achingly hard before.

I sat back on my heels again, noting with interest that my cock was every bit as hard as his. It was aching too. My fingertips took a long slow course back around to his knees, up the outside of his thighs, back down the front and then slowly, really slowly, up the inside. Mark's balls were tight, but big and full and nicely trimmed. His entire cock looked like it had been manicured like a rich man's lawn. 'Perfect', I thought, just perfect!

"Oh baby. These balls look like they're so full of rich, creamy cum. You are endowed like a Greek god." They hung together tightly packed, the size of small plums. His scrotum was gently raising and lowering, kneading them together, getting them ready to produce an enormous load of cum when called for. I wanted that cum. I was drooling for that cum. I sat there amazed at how turned on I was.

My fingers finally reached his balls and gently stroked over them, all ten fingers at once.

"OOHHHHH!" he exclaimed at the contact. "Ohhh yesssss!"

"Yeah? That feel good baby? You like that soft touch?"

"Oh, God! That feels so good!!" I teased and tickled.

"I can tell." I had been watching as a gentle stream of pre-cum had appeared at the tip of his fat cockhead and began gently running down the underside. His cock was stSandyng up a bit from 90 degrees which gave it enough slope to keep his moisture from dripping off. "Mmmmm your gorgeous cock is starting to drip with excitement! Ooooh you're getting so wet, baby!

With my right hand I made a tight ring around the base of his scrotum, right up against his body and gently tightened. The fingers of my other hand continued to softly caress the sensitive skin.

"Oh Mark, you look too delicious! Your amazing cock looks too tempting. I don't think I can wait anymore, I have to taste you soon."

Ohh Please!" he moaned loudly.

"Please? Please what? What do you want lover?"

"Ohhhh suck me? Please suck me!"

"It will be my pleasure."

I got up onto my knees again and began blowing air over his cock head again. Holding his balls tightly, tickling his balls and the insides of his thighs I told him,

"I can't wait any more, Mark. I have to suck that gorgeous cock! I need you in my mouth! I have to have that juicy cum. Let me drink you. When you are ready, don't hold back, not for a second, just shoot it into me. Flood my mouth baby! Just give me your sweet cum!"

He was totally shaking now.

"Are you ready, baby?' I asked, knowing full well the answer. He was nodding furiously. "Ready for my hot sexy mouth?" More nodding. "Ready for my tight deep throat?"

"Oh God!!!" He moaned really loudly.

"Alright Mark. Here I go." He froze, waiting those last few seconds.

I pulled his balls tightly, but gently, aiming his cock straight for my mouth. I realized that I was drooling like a dog in heat and, opening wide, slid my lips over the tight head. My tongue was a blur as it worked feverishly back and forth on the underside. My lips continued their descent, drawing him deeper. Instantly my mouth was coated with his sweet and salty, creamy taste. I moved at a steady pace, amazed at the thickness and hardness of him. I had ¾ of his gorgeous hard meat in my mouth, when he lurched forward, dropping his head down over me. His hands came around and found my head pulling me forward. He then threw his head back, came up on his toes and exploded in my mouth!!

As he threw his head back, his body arched shoving his cock deep into me! The head lodged thickly into my throat, between my tonsils and I began to gag, just as his cock unleashed an amazing gush of scalding cum! He held my head in place and then lurched forward again, holding my head in a death grip, another enormous flood of cum. A huge glob went down my throat as my body was reacting to the gagging and I coughed. With his cock so full in my mouth, his cum went out my nose.

I was practically squeezing his balls, as he growled loudly and shoved against me again. His thick, hard shaft turned the corner at my throat and went down, pushing his perfect cockhead into my throat. My nose was pressed firmly into his sexy abs and his balls and my hands were tight against my chin and I swallowed and then again and again. I could feel the warm thick cream flooding into me. I remember thinking, 'well tease someone too much and this is what you get'.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Suck that cock!" He was hissed through clenched teeth. "Suck that cock! Swallow my cum! I love it! You are so awesome!!" He was holding my head tightly and fucking my throat with short quick stabs. "Oh baby, Suck it! Yeah Sweetie, suck it!! Yeah, take it! Take it! Take it! Take it!" His words matching his thrusts. I was drowning in his sweet sperm, but loving it!

Finally his hands flew to his head as he threw his head back again. As his hips came forward, I was thrown off his cock, which was yanked out of my mouth, allowing the first gulp of fresh air. He staggered as if to fall, but my hands left his big ball sack and grabbed his hips, steadying him. He was reeling. I guided him backwards to the bed, which he sat down heavily on and then fell back onto. His big cock waved around and then flopped heavily onto his tummy. I crawled over and, stSandyng it upright again, stuffed it back in my mouth. His hands found my head again and he began thrusting again.

"Oh my god, yeah! Suck it! You are incredible! Suck that big cock! Yeah suck it baby!"

"Oh yeah!" I gasped as I bobbed up and down. "I love your cock!" Slurp, slurp. "I love that big fucking cock!" Slurp, slurp. "You taste so good!" Slurp, slurp. "Your cum tastes so fucking good!" Slurp, slurp. "I love sucking you!" Slurp, slurp. "I love sucking you!" Slurp, slurp. "I love sucking you!" I was in a cocksucking frenzy!

"Stop! Stop!" He finally said, pushing me back a bit, panting. "Can't ..." pant pant, "take anymore." Pant pant. He was laying back on the bed as I crawled up onto him and was looking him in the face. He still wore the mask and couldn't see a thing. I leaned down and gently kissed his mouth. He grabbed me and tongue fucked my mouth for almost a full minute.

"Jesus!!" He said finally pulling apart. "You're incredible!!" I just kneeled over him watching for a bit.

"No," I admitted, "I think you are." Our breathing slowed and then we agreed to rest a bit before continuing. I made him keep the mask on for the next part ...

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