tagFetishTanya's Pregnancy Treatment Ch. 02

Tanya's Pregnancy Treatment Ch. 02


Tanya was grateful to Nurse Eva for getting her labor started with a good, strong and effective medical orgasm. Just as promised, a few minutes after having the hardest, most shatteringly fantastic cum she could ever remember in her life, her labor pains started. It was excruciatingly painful, but at least her baby was being born. That's all that counted. She had been extremely embarrassed to receive this medical treatment from Eva, but it had done the job. It was a necessary and proper decision on the part of Dr. Franstein, who had ordered the cum for his patient.

Tanya greatly respected Dr. Franstein, as well as Nurse Eva. Eva unfortunately was off duty when Tanya's labor began in earnest. What had she said before leaving? Oh yes. Something about a post- birth cum? And that Dr. Franstein would administer it personally? Oh my god, she thought. My pussy is being torn apart by this huge baby, and now I'll have to endure yet more shameful humiliation, laying spread eagle, my legs wide apart, my vagina torn and bleeding. But Eva said a post birth orgasm would have many health benefits and needed to be done.

Tanya put implicit trust in her excellent nurse and doctor. They must be right about all this. Although she had never heard of any of her friends being given medical orgasms before or after birth, that didn't mean it wasn't a legitimate treatment, did it?

Tanya's association with Dr. Franstein had gone back a long time. Her mother had brought her to see him when she was just 16. She'd been having bad periods and needed a check up. As a virgin, a first time gynecological exam was very traumatic.

But Dr. Franstein had been so gentle, so caring, almost like a lover, looking inside, probing her small tight vaginal opening. She did remember a slight little brush with her clit even on that first exam, just as she'd noticed during her later, adult exams. Again - her imagination? Or just an innocent slip of the hand?

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Tanya decided it must be difficult for a doctor to avoid the clit. It was fairly nearby. She'd gotten a slight tingle, naughty but nice. No harm done.

During her exam at age 16, Eva had been in the room, as the law dictated a nurse must always be present to prevent any hanky panky from the doctor. Eva had stroked her hair sympathetically and ordered her to relax her bottom so doctor could do his work.

It was strange, but Eva could be stern at times. Not a bad stern, but a good, controlled stern. Probably that was necessary in her line of work. So many scared, nervous women, their vaginas open and vulnerable on the exam table. She had acted in that same stern, rather cold way when administering the medical cum.

Just before Eva departed for the day, Tanya asked for her dear husband, Rob, to be with her in the delivery room. He was, after all, her birth coach. Eva had promised Rob could be there after her cum. She had PROMISED. So where was he?

"Tanya, dear, I have some bad news for you. I know you wanted Rob here, but Doctor and I discussed this, and we think it's best that he not be here for the birth."

What? No Rob? That can't be!

"Oh god, Eva, please bring my husband in. I need him so. We've worked together, on breathing and all the techniques that will help me get through this. Please Please Please I need Rob. You said he would be permitted back in the room with me after I had my orgasm. PLEASE!"

"Sorry, dear, we've reconsidered this and don't think a husband needs to witness the post birth cum of his wife on the delivery table. It wouldn't help your relationship later on. Rob might feel jealous or upset seeing you cum for Doctor. That's the way many men react to this medical procedure.

They don't understand that it's being done strictly for your health. When Rob sees what Dr. Franstein will do to you after your baby is out, he's going to be angry and might even think you are slutty. Medically, psychologically, it would harm your marriage. Trust us. Dr. Franstein has ordered these types of after-birth cums many times, and he knows how to handle it best. DO NOT ARGUE WITH US. We are the experts, the specialists in this, remember?"

Tanya felt extremely upset and disappointed. Eva's tone of voice was getting a little out of hand. A little arrogant. That wasn't very nice or very professional of her to keep Rob out. This was her first child, the most special time of her life, and look what had happened! No husband in the room with her, and all these strange experiences.

But what could she do? Just like the pre- birth orgasm, she had no choice. She could hardly jump down off the delivery table and try to find her husband in the hospital corridors. Where WAS he? What was he thinking? Maybe he thought she was mad at him and didn't love him anymore.

The more she considered it, however, she realized that nurse and doctor were absolutely right. He shouldn't be present to view the post- birth cum. Her pussy would be a mess - she'd be trying to orgasm for Dr. Franstein, which would be embarrassing and difficult, just as it had been with Eva. No. They were right. No Rob.

Finally, after much screaming, crying, pushing and begging until she thought she'd split wide open, Tanya gave birth to a beautiful child. She managed all this without any pain medication, completely natural. Dr. Franstein had been fantastic - what a man! She felt almost guilty that she didn't even miss Rob's presence. How could that be?

In fact, she was somewhat glad that he didn't have to see her bearing down, pushing, straining, screaming, her once pretty pink pussy being torn asunder by the baby's huge head. That was enough to ruin their sex life forever!

Her baby had been whisked away to another area, and now it was time for her cum.

"Okay, Tanya, dear, you did great. Great job having your baby! But as Eva told you, we're not finished. I now need to orgasm you for medical purposes. I don't do this procedure on all my patients, but I think your body would really benefit from this. Tanya? Are you paying attention, hun? Listen to me!"

Tanya's mind and body were in a daze. She had just given birth, her mind floating in another realm. Where was her baby? Where was Rob? She almost felt like passing out, but her nerves were standing at attention, and all she could do was stare straight ahead like a zombie.

She heard herself speak. "Dr... Franstein... ugh... I'm so tired... my vagina is so torn... I hurt so bad..."

"Yes Tanya, I know. It hurts. The cum will help the pain. That's another reason to do this. It's like a natural anesthetic. Orgasms increase the endorphins in the body. Do you know what endorphins are? They are natural painkillers. An orgasm is a natural painkiller, too. That's why people feel relaxed and happy after a cum, and often fall asleep. So, let's get started with this."

Her legs were still up in the birthing stirrups, wide apart, which gave the doctor a perfect view of her genitals and full access. Suddenly, out of nowhere, who should walk in but Eva! She had said she'd be off duty, but here she was.

"Tanya, dear, I heard you had your baby! I just had to stop in and take a look. Congratulations! I am off duty, but you are a special case. Doctor and I are both so proud of you. We will both help with your orgasm. Just relax and let us take care of everything."

So, Eva had returned. Tanya was somewhat disturbed by this turn of events. Had she lied about being off duty? Why was she back? It began to look as though the nurse and the doctor were teamed up in some way. But, no, they were good people, professionals.

Trust was everything between doctor and patient, wasn't it?

Eva began a slow, warm massage of Tanya's abdomen The belly that had just pushed out 9 lbs. of baby. It felt good, comforting and sensuous. Her hands then caressed Tanya's sensitive breasts - breasts that would soon be feeding a new life.

"Oh God, Eva, that feels so good. Please don't stop. I need your touch."

She couldn't believe that she had just begged Eva to continue the breast massage, but her body was no longer her own. Eva and Dr. Franstein were now in complete and utter control.

"Okay, hun, I'm going to give you a cum now. Take some deep, cleansing breaths. This orgasm may hurt, your uterus just gave birth, and your pussy is sore and bleeding. You'll need to focus on the pleasure and block out the pain. Just focus right there on your clitty and nowhere else. If you don't, we'll be here all day and I have a busy schedule this afternoon. I don't want to hurt you, but you need to accept this treatment like a big girl and no tears or whining."

Tanya felt more and more nervous about what was being asked of her. She felt as if she were being sexually abused or toyed with. God! She suddenly wanted to scream, to call for help. But there was no one around No one to hear. She had to grit her teeth and get this orgasm over and done with so she could be with her baby, be with her wonderful husband Rob, and go home to start a new life with her new little family.

"Yes, Yes... okay, doctor... I'll cum... oh please help me! I need to think about something dirty... help me. I need to put my mind on something horny and bad."

"Okay dear, what's the horniest fantasy you've ever had? What gets your clit twitching?"

Tanya thought for a moment and then confessed, blushing a deep red. Her voice trembling, she said, "I'm ashamed to admit it, but the thought of a woman licking my pussy. That gets me hot. Rob doesn't know it, but when I have really strong cums, I often think about that."

Eva suddenly tensed up, obviously aroused.

"Tayna, you should have told Dr. Franstein about this earlier. Didn't he always tell you, as his patient, that honesty is the best policy? Only through honesty can he treat you properly and give you the best medical advice. Would it help for you to look at my pussy while he rubs your clitoris? Let me pull up my nurse's uniform for you to see."

With that, Eva hiked up her white uniform and pulled down her sensible matching white cotton panties. Her legs were still encased in white nursing stockings, held up by a white garter belt. She stood ramrod straight, her back professional and stern. She very carefully opened her pussy lips and stood there for Tanya to observe.

"Does that help dear? Just look at my pussy while Dr. Franstein massages your clitoris. I'll even play with myself a little so you can get hot. I don't mind, this is part of my job."

Tanya's mind spun in a million directions. Her pussy hurt horribly, stretched and bleeding from birth. Even though her clit was a little distance away from her vaginal opening, it still hurt for her to be touched and massaged by the doctor.

"ARghghgh, it hurts, doctor, oh help it hurts!"

"SHUT UP, Tanya, everyone in the hospital will hear. Eva, would you please get some of that medical tape and tape her mouth shut.

We don't need this noisey disturbance in the room."

At this point, Tanya, shocked beyond belief, knew that this treatment, this doctor and nurse, were evil people. Taping her mouth and preventing her from making any noise was the final proof. She wanted to escape, but how? It was too late.

Stupidly, naively, she had gone along with everything Eva and the doctor wanted to do. She thought it had been proper to receive a pre-birth orgasm. It HAD gotten her labor started, but at what cost? Now she was trapped in a sexual nightmare. If only it were over.

"Eva, hold her down! Hold her legs down!"

"Tanya, be quiet, you. Do you hear me? Eva is going to hold your legs down and keep them together. You are going to be required to be absolutely still and cum right down deep in your clit. No movement, no sounds. That way, it'll go extra deep into your uterus and pelvis. Understand? I want full concentration and focus from you. No movement, no sound. One sound out of you and I'll insert a powerful vibrator in your vagina and turn it up full speed. You don't want that in your condition."

The tape over Tanya's mouth prevented any sound from escaping. Meanwhile, a flood of unbelievably humiliating, raging feelings swept over her as Dr. Franstein skillfully and artfully massaged her engorged clit with his smooth gloved finger.

Ahhhh, the way it slid over the head of her clit, like silk. Her muffled sounds of agony mixed with pleasure managed to escape through the tape, making her sexual noises all the more erotic and animalistic.

"Ugh, argh, ahhhhhhhhhh, huhhhhhhh."

As much as she wanted to look away, look anywhere but there, she continued to stare wide-eyed at Eva's pussy, which was now practically in her face. She knew that viewing another woman's pussy up close would help her cum; it had always been one of her secret fantasies, one she was determined Rob would never know about. Here on this cold, sterile, delivery table, it was all coming true.

The doctor's sinister yet electrifying massage went on and on, tremors of fire building up all along her spine, the insides of her thighs, and places deep inside she didn't think a cum could reach.

Suddenly, all the wild sensations went over the brink and she exploded with white lights going off in her head. A SUPER CUM of Super Nova proportions happened, beyond anything Tanya had ever experienced with Rob, or even during her hottest solo masturbation sessions.


Her gutteral scream could be heard even beneath the medical tape over her mouth.

"Good girl! Deep down inside now, feel your uterus pulsing? Push down, let it happen. This is one of the best post- birth cums I've seen in 30 years of practice. You really needed this, hun. You'll recover so much faster from the delivery and feel so much better tomorrow, guaranteed. Your vagina is going to heal well because of this treatment. You wait and see."

But Tanya was in another world, in orbit. She barely heard what the doctor was saying. Eva pulled up her panties and carefully smoothed her somewhat wrinkled uniform. She then gave Dr. Franstein a passionate kiss and rubbed his crotch.

Doctor and nurse. Horrible perverts working right under the nose of the hospital administration. How had they gotten away with their awful, disgusting deeds all these years? How many women had been given orgasms, before or after having their precious babies? Had they kept quiet or worse, been KEPT quiet?

She watched helplessly as Eva and Dr. Franstein laughed and groped each other. They were obviously making arrangements to meet somewhere and fuck. This is how they got their kicks. Orgasming helpless, vulnerable, young pregnant women.

Eva slowly peeled back the medical tape and gently cleaned Tanya's swollen and sexually tormented pussy.

"Tanya, you know this treatment helped you, don't lie. You liked the way it felt, it helped you and you liked seeing my pussy too. DON'T YOU LIE GIRL. Doctor and I won't stand for liars. If you hated it so much, why didn't you leave? There's the door. You could have gotten up at any time.

But having your clit massaged by experts was too tempting, too nice to run away. We've seen it a million times. All the girls lie there and take it, they have gigantic cums, bigger and harder than anything their husband could give them, and then whine that we 'made' them do it. BULLSHIT!

The doctor is a good man who sincerely wants his patients to feel good after their babies are born. So, you remember that if you are thinking about running to the higher ups at the hospital. Even if you do, they won't listen to you anyway. We're very well connected to all the big people in the medical profession."

After hearing this speech, Tanya knew it was hopeless. All she wanted to do was get out of there, hold her baby, see Rob. She had to admit, the cums felt good. What did that make her? A pregnant slut? A pervert just as low, just as bad as Eva and Dr. Franstein?

Her bottom still tingled with the amazing afterglow of the best orgasms of her life. Maybe Eva and the Doctor weren't such bad people after all.

"Doctor? Uh... when should I make my follow-up appointment?"

Franstein laughed. "Next Thursday at 1 p.m. dear.

Eva and I will be waiting."

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Got turned off when things got violent

Was enjoying it until the whole tape over the mouth and it started to get abusive. Like...chill. I have a huge doctor kink but this was overly violent halfway through. It turned into a horror movie honestly...realmore...

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