tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTanya's Troubles

Tanya's Troubles


The Hospital Alarm room where I work is isolated and run by one person per shift. Tanya, the woman on the shift before me, is a stunning half-Black / half-Italian woman of 27, with rich caramel skin and long straight hair that hangs to her ass. She is 5'6, 110 pounds of voluptuous tits and ass, and always wears tank tops and cut- offs to work because the room is so hot.

When I came in last night, she was crying quietly at her terminal.

"What's wrong?" I said, as I deftly moved behind her to look over her shoulder at the alarm screen (and into her ample cleavage).

"I missed sending out an alarm dispatch. They told me if I made one more mistake they'd fire me!" she sobbed.

"There, there." I reassured her, as I began to slowly rub her shoulders.

"I can erase the mistake," I whispered in her ear, "but you need to help ME with a problem I'm having."

Her head snapped around, eyes flaring, and she was 6 inches from my very erect cock, covered only by my gym shorts.

"Jesus." she whispered through ragged breaths,her wet eyes showing fear and reluctance.

"Pull it out. Lick it and taste it." I hissed.

"I-I can't do that.Are you crazy?"

The whole time I was rubbing the shorts material on her cheek and in her hair, causing my pre-cum to seep through and begin to wet her skin.

"My-My husband is picking me up in 30 minutes." she whispered, but now she was placing little licks around the edges of the lump with her tongue, trying to buy time and keep it out of her mouth.

I took advantage of her confusion and began pinching her nipples through her tank top. The effect was immediate. She swooned, grabbing my legs and rubbing her hair against the lump in my shorts.

"Please don't make me be unfaithful." she said in a little girl voice. I pushed up her shirt and bra and roughly squeezed her now exposed tits.

"No!" she sobbed, but now I was slowly pushing the lump around the edges of her mouth.

"Open Up!" I hissed through ragged breaths, and I pulled my aching cock out of the fabric and pushed it deep in her mouth.

"Mmmphgg." her eyes widened with wetted tears, and spit and pre-cum dripped onto her tank top.

"You're going to do this every night for me when I come in from now on. I'll keep your mistake log in my account for safekeeping."

"Please don't make me messy for my husband," she gasped when I let her up for air, "he's picking me up any minute."

"Then you'd better swallow it all, bitch. I haven't cum in a week."

She slapped feebly at my hands as I held her silky hair in my hands and pumped violently into her mouth.

I began to taunt her. "I see his headlights through the blinds. You'd better not kiss him when you get in the car."

Tania's eyes widened in panic, and the tears began to roll down her cheeks again.

I pulled it roughly out of her mouth and began stroking my aching cock two inches from her face.

"Where do you want it? Down your throat or all over your pretty face?"

She panted for air, and grabbed my cock to aim the eruption.

"In my mouth. Don't make me messy. Don't leave cum for him to find."

"Fuck it." I grunted, and regained control of my raging prick. I began to shoot thick ropes of sperm all through her hair and into her eyes. I made sure to spray her clothes with cum as well.

"No!" she sobbed, and got up from the chair and bent over the desk, cum dripping down on the key board from her hair and nose.

As she sobbed uncontrollably, I became aroused again and unsnapped her shorts and pulled them down.

"I've got to go!" she cried, stamping her feet and trying to turn around, but I pinned her to the desk and plunged my hot cock into her now sopping wet pussy.

"Oh, God!" Tanya whimpered, as I drove my cock deep in her damp pussy, my balls audibly slapping against her caramel ass.

I pulled on her now cum-soaked hair as I worked toward another massive climax. She was emitting little mewls as I clutched her hair with one hand and grasped her extended nipples with the other.

"Do I own you?" I demanded, as I lifted her legs to remove the balled up shorts and sodden panties at her feet.

"Please don't tell anyone." she gasped in a far-off voice. I pulled her tank top and bra over her head, as my earlier cum residue flew off the material. She was now totally naked except for her sandles.

She began to hump back of her own accord now, and when I told her her husband was waiting outside she wailed with a back-arching orgasm.

I slipped out of her pussy, and when I went to plunge in again my cum slicked cock went into her fat ass with a loud plop.

"Ugh," she swooned,"please stop."

"Please stop what, whore?"

"You're in my ass--you're too big back there."

I pulled my cock out and turned her around. Her matted hair clung to her face and a sheen of sweat covered her brown body. The entire room smelled like a whorehouse, and her husband was waiting in the car twenty feet outside the door.

"Where do you want it?" I gasped, but it was too late. My cum erupted all over her face and tits, as she moaned and spluttered before me.

I began to scoop it up with my cock and feed her the cum that had been boiling to erupt in her dirty ass one minute before.

"Ass-eating whore." I whispered, and she began to shudder with another climax as she swallowed my seed with a grimace.

When I pulled out of her mouth, she fell to her hands and knees, panting with her tongue out, cum still dripping from her hair, face, and tits.

I took out my camera and took pictures, as she meekly tried to wipe up with her soaked tank top.

"I'm keeping your panties and bra." I said. "Don't bother wearing them to work again."

She was quite a sight as she stood up. Her sodden tank top was transparent with cum and sweat, and her distended swollen nipples stood out. There was a trail of cum still rolling down from her tits to her belly, and she didn't even button the top of her shorts.

"See you tomorrow." I sneered.

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