tagFetishTara Likes Panties Ch. 02

Tara Likes Panties Ch. 02


(Thank you to everyone who sent feedback and encouragement on my first-ever story "Tara Likes Panties - Part 1". The story is true, with some small embellishments, and the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. This is Part 2. I'm not sure how many parts there will be, but I will end it with "The End" after the final part. Thank you, Tara)


After my excursion across the hall I backed off for a few days. I REALLY didn't want to get caught stealing other girls' panties. But the "cloak-and-dagger" sneakiness along with the pure erotica really was turning me on. I decided that my next "victims" would be Lisa and Julie next door. Both girls were lovely and I couldn't wait to sniff their panties!

Julie was about my size, 5' 2" and petite. She had dirty blonde shoulder length hair that she wore either loose and wavy or in a pony tail. Her body was too curvy to be a gymnast with nicely shaped hips and perky breasts, and her bottom was very cute. She had a sexy walk that made both guys and girls turn their heads when she walked by.

Lisa was tall, abut 5'10" and exotic. She was a first-generation American, her parents having emigrated from Korea. Lisa was quite beautiful with her long black hair, small breasts and hips and lovely smile. The first time I saw her she took my breath away.

Vicki, Lisa, Julie and I had become great friends in the few weeks that we'd been in the dorm. Sharing a single bathroom will do that I suppose. We often just walked in to their room through the bathroom, and they came into ours. I guess there was an unwritten rule that if the bathroom door was open then it was an invitation to visit. I was becoming less and less shy, really opening up now that I had true friends to talk to and socialize with.

That first Fall at school I had very early classes and was therefore finished early in the day. Usually I took a swim or worked out in the gym before heading to the library to study or back to the dorm. Vicky, Julie and Lisa all had classes that started later in the day and were usually not back to the dorm until dinner time. That left me some time to figure out how to get in to the room next door for my next covert masturbatory adventure.

One evening after dinner the four of us were in Lisa and Julie's room listening to music and gossiping. I was sitting on Lisa's desk and saw to my delight that her room key was there on the top shelf. When no one was looking I slipped it into my pocket. I was so nervous! My heart was beating fast and I couldn't concentrate on the conversation. Vicki looked at me and said, "Are you OK? You don't look so good."

"Oh, I'm fine" I replied, "just thinking about a test coming up next week."

I calmed down and pretty soon Vicki and I went back next door to get ready for bed. A little while later Lisa poked her head in the room and asked "Hey, have either of you seen my room key?" We both said no and that we'd keep an eye out for it.

We performed a cursory look around the room, but of course didn't find it. Vicki went to the bathroom to change into her pajamas and to tell Lisa that we didn't find it. While she was gone I snuck into Vicki's laundry basket and took a pair of her panties and hid them under my pillow, then changed into my pajamas and got into bed.

Later, listening to Vicki's breathing to make sure she was asleep, I pulled the panties out and brought them to my face. They felt so sexy against my skin. As I inhaled the lovely scent, a familiar tingle crept all over my body and my hand squirmed into my pajama bottoms. I turned over so that the panties were on the pillow and my bottom was up. With my face rubbing the panties I could feel my own pussy getting wetter and wetter. I slipped a finger inside. I love the feeling of barely putting a finger inside, almost teasing myself while the base of my hand rubs against my clit. The panties smelled so nice and I was so wet I came fairly quickly. I barely had time to put the panties inside my pillow case under my pillow before falling asleep.

The next day seemed to drag on and on. I wanted so badly for classes to be over so I could get back to the dorm! Finally my last class ended and I practically ran back home. I glanced around to make sure no one was looking and used Lisa's key to get into their dorm room. My heart was beating fast, I was sweating, I was so nervous! I went to Julie's closet and found her laundry bag. A smile came to me as I found several pairs of soiled panties. I sniffed each one carefully, finding the most pungent and slipping it into my pocket. Next I moved over to Lisa's closet. Her laundry was in a drawer and she also had several dirty pairs. Perhaps not surprisingly, each of Lisa's had a faint perfume smell as she did like to use perfume every day. Through the perfume, however, was a lovely scent that sent a quiver of excitement up my spine. I took the nicest pair and slipped it in my pocket next to Julie's. I unlocked the bathroom door so I could return the panties easily when I was done, put Lisa's key on the floor of her closet under one of her shoes so she'd find it eventually, slipped out to the hall and into my dorm room.

I immediately started stripping off my clothes as I danced over to my bed. I tossed both pair of panties onto my pillow, pulled down the covers and, naked, sat cross legged on the bed staring at the panties on my pillow. Julie's were green and white striped "Boy Shorts" style panties, while Lisa's were more the classic everyday panties, lavender with black trim. I took one in each hand and and brought them to my breasts. As I rubbed them I watched my nipples harden under the soft caress. Slowly I brought first one, then the other to my face, slowly drawing them over my neck and mouth and finally to my nose where I inhaled deeply of their lovely odor. My pussy was dripping, and I swear I was getting High. I was light-headed, euphoric. I could feel everything all at once; the air against my skin, the material of each pair of panties against my face and breasts, the conflicting odor of each - so different yet so alike, my pussy rubbing against the sheet on my bed getting wetter and wetter. Suddenly I fell back onto the bed, cumming so hard I thought I was dying. Tears were in my eyes, I was twitching and moaning and I hadn't even touched myself! I lay there with my friend's panties covering my face and I smiled through my tears.

The next thing I knew, I heard whispers. Thinking I was dreaming, I listened.

"Is she OK?"

"Why is she naked?"

"Are those my panties?"

"No, they must be hers"

"Wait, those look like mine!"

I opened my eyes and my heart sank. I sat up quickly, pulling the covers to me trying to hide my naked body. Standing beside my bed were my three friends with looks on their faces ranging from quizzical to anger.

Lisa said "What are you doing with my underwear?"

"She's been jerking off! You've been using our panties to jerk off haven't you!?" said Julie.

I just sat there, stunned. Tears welled up slowly in my eyes.

Vicki looked hurt and curious at the same time. Trying to look anywhere but at me, she saw the lump in my pillow. She reached over and pulled her own pair of underwear out of my pillow case.

"You little Bitch!" yelled Julie, "You've been stealing from all of us!"

"No!" I cried, "Not stealing, just... borrowing...I guess, and nothing else, just these!"

Julie was now pacing around the room while Vicki just stood there stunned trying not to look at me. Lisa continued to stare alternatingly at me an at the three pair of panties on the bed. "What, exactly have you been doing Tara?" she said.

"Just, um, they just, they feel good against my skin" I lied.

Julie turned and looked at me, "I bet she's been sniffing them. Why else would she have stolen dirty panties and not new or clean ones? She likes how pussy smells! It gets her off! I say she deserves a good spanking!"

"What?" said Vicki, "No, no way, Tara's not like that! Spanking? What?" Vicki was more confused than ever.

"I, um, look guys," I said, "I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I swear"

"No, wait a minute" said Lisa, "Were you sniffing them and masturbating? I need to know".

I looked at the faces of my friends, from one to another. I couldn't lie. I took a deep breath, looked down at the floor and and said meekly, "Yes, yes I was. It started out just as a curiosity. I saw Vicki's panties on the bed and I just wanted to know what they smelled like. Then one thing led to another and I started touching myself while I held them to my face. I'm so sorry!" I looked up. Vicki looked over at Julie and said, "Yeah, OK. Give her a spanking!"

My mouth dropped open as Vicki and Lisa each grabbed an arm and lifted me off the bed. Julie sat down and with a shit-eating grin said "Lie across my lap, Bitch!"

I didn't know what to do! Now I was scared. Were they just playing? Would they really hurt me? Then Lisa said, "Wait a minute, I have an idea!" and she ran through the bathroom to her room, emerging a minute later with hair clips and ribbons.

"Let's make her look more like the bad little girl that she is!"

Vicki and Julie smiled. They sat me on a stool and tears started falling again as I just sat there naked while I let Lisa put my hair in pigtails. Vicki got a short blue pleated skirt out of my closet and Julie found a white button-down blouse, some knee-high white socks and a pair of plain white cotton panties. Lisa finished my hair and Julie threw the clothes at me, saying "Put these on".

Sniffing back the tears, I dressed myself while my friends looked on.

"There, now she looks just like a Bad little girl" said Lisa

"Tell us how naughty you've been Tara" said Vicki

As I looked up I realized that all three of them were actually enjoying my humiliation. Wondering how far they'd go I decided to play along. "Oh, I've been very naughty" I said in a higher than normal voice. Putting a finger to my lower lip and twisting my feet under me I went on, "I took some stinky panties and smelled 'em while I touched myself, and it made me all tingly and wet!"

The looks on their faces were priceless!

Julie said, "and what do we do with bad little girls Tara?"

Playing with one of my pigtails I replied, "bad girls get spanked!" and smiled seductively at each of them.

Vicki and Lisa pulled me closer and draped me across Julie's lap. I didn't resist. Deep down I knew I deserved whatever they were going to do to me.

With Julie sitting on my bed and me across her lap, Vicki and Lisa sat on Vicki's bed watching to see what Julie would do next.

Lifting my skirt so my cotton-covered ass was exposed, Julie said, "You know, Tara, My babysitter spanked me when I was bad, once. Ever since then, I've always wanted to give a bad little girl a spanking, it's one of my fantasies!" Lisa and Vicki looked at each other and giggled. I squirmed on Julie's lap and cried unconvincingly, "please don't hurt me Julie! I'll do anything you say!" Julie smiled and brought her hand down on my left cheek giving it a light spank. "Ow!" I cried. Then she started spanking each ass cheek alternating between left and right, getting a little harder each time. After just a few minutes she stopped and I said, "Are you finished? Can I go now?"

"Oh sweetie," she said, "We're just getting started!"

I felt her hand start to rub my cheeks through the cotton material. She started pulling up on the panties so that they started bunching up in the crack between my cheeks. Now my ass was exposed. There was no protection now between her hand and my ass. SMACK! Her hand came down on my cheek. I jumped, saying "Hey! Ow!" it really hurt his time! She held me down with her left hand and arm on my back and SMACK! SMACK! really started spanking me. I could feel my cheeks getting red and warm and tears started to fall again. She spanked me over and over again and then suddenly stopped. Her hands started lightly caressing my cheeks and she said, "Did that hurt little girl?" I looked over at Vicki and Lisa. Lisa was mesmerized, fascinated, her head was cocked to one side as she watched the game that was going on in the next bed. Vicki had her hand down her own pants. She looked in my eyes and smiled as she played with her pussy not two feet away from me.

Julie started pulling on my panties so they were rubbing on my pussy while with her other hand she rubbed my red ass cheeks. I was starting to get really horny now. The sight in front of me and the frigging I was getting from behind were driving me crazy. "Oh, you like that, do you?" she said, and put her hand between my legs. Lightly at first, then harder, Julie stated to play with my pussy through the cotton material. I started moaning and bucking back to meet her hand. Vicki was really playing with herself now and Lisa had started touching her own breasts. All of a sudden Julie lifted me up and tore off my panties. She rolled me over on my back and stuffed them in my face and said, "Sniff these! You like that? Let me see you play with your cunt! Do it! Play with it while you sniff your own juices!" I grabbed the panties from her and inhaled while my other hand went to my pussy. I started playing with myself and watched as all three girls watched me. I was getting close to cumming when Vicki said "Stop!, I have an idea!"

I stopped. I was so close! But I couldn't wait to hear what Vicki had in mind!

"Tara, since you like the smell of our panties so much, I have a challenge for you. We're going to blindfold you. Then, using only your nose, you're going to sniff each of our panties and you have to tell us who is who. If you are right on all three, then we'll let you cum tonight. If not, well, we'll have to come up with a new punishment for you."

Inside I thought "piece of cake!" I was so used to sniffing her panties, I could find Vicki's sweet pussy from across the room, and Lisa, well, she had that hint of perfume on hers, and Julie's was a very strong feminine smell. It wouldn't be much of a challenge, but it sure would be fun!

I forced a worried look on my face and said "OK, I'l try..."

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Very erotic! Wondered if 'getting caught' was true or not!

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