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Tara On My Mind


Last August, I was asked by a family friend to check in on her daughter after several attempts were made to reach the her. Since the girls' parents were out of town, I agreed to drive to their lake front home and find out if everything was okay. Tara is an extremely bright girl that had recently graduated high school and had stayed home alone many times before. She was always responsible so I was really hoping nothing bad had happened.

I pulled up to the front of the home and everything appeared to be okay. I waited for two or three minutes after ringing the doorbell then walked around the side of the house and could see Tara down on the dock drying herself off. I almost did not recognize her in her black string bikini. I hadn't seen her in a swimsuit before and it was a nice surprise. Her bubble butt looked great considering her otherwise petite, willowy frame. I yelled down to her and she quickly ran up the many stairs and greeted me at the door.

Her platinum blonde bob bounced as her face lit up

"Hi, Carl!" she exclaimed. "What brings you here?"

"Hey, Tara. Your ma couldn't reach you so she sent me to check in."

Kara gripped the towel at her chest to prevent it from falling from her body.

"Oh! The computer is probably on-line still. I haven't used it since morning and that probably explains the busy signal. Sorry you had to drive all the way out here," she said.

"That's all right, Tara. It's a good alternative to bad news," I smiled.

"Come on in!" she said as she skipped down the hall. "I'm going to go shower. Help yourself to the kitchen."

I walked in to the house and grabbed a pop from the refrigerator. Their home is enormous so I walked around making sure the doors were locked. There was no alarm on the house and I wanted her to be safe. I proceeded to the living room and stared through the window at the lake and then sat down on the sofa.

I picked up a magazine and rested my feet on the ottoman.

After fifteen minutes I thought about leaving and finished my drink.

"Guess what?!" yelled Tara as she bounded through the hall.

Startled, I tilted my head back to see her looking down on me from behind. I could see her face upside down as she prompted me to guess what she had to say.

"What's that?"

"Guess!" she said.

"What, Tara? Tell me the news!" I said with resignation.

"I had an orgasm from the hot tub last night!"

"What?! Tara, I don't want to hear about that!" I said in mock disgust.

Then she went into detail about the jet bubbles. I put my palms to my ears as her voice grew louder.

Before I knew it she jumped over the couch and straddled my lap. Her hands pried the hands from my ears momentarily as she playfully continued with the details. She wouldn't let up and so I let her pull my hands to her side and endured her little story.

Tara was wearing a little sarong or sun skirt and more than once did I catch a glimpse of the white panties she was wearing. She was sitting directly over my crotch and would bounce occasionally for emphasis as she talked.

I couldn't tell if her top was a bikini or a heavily padded bra but it gave what little she had some definite cleavage.

My face became hot as I realized I was becoming aroused. I wondered if Tara could sense the growing knot in my slacks but I didn't want to find out.

"I'm out of here, kid," I said as I motioned for her to get off.

"No," she said tersely.

She was a little over five feet tall and weighed less than a hundred pounds but I wasn't about to throw her off.

She sat staring at me and I was forced to look in her baby blue eyes.

Her pupils were always dilated it seemed. There was a thin ring of blue around the black expanse of her pupils that gave her a perpetual look of excitement. But this time I had to look away. The smell of citrus perfume and her perfect, wrinkle-free skin was too much. I was extremely aroused and didn't know what to do other than walk out the door immediately.

Her knees were nearly under my armpits as her legs disappeared up the light fabric of her skirt.

"Well?" she said.

I looked up at her with raised eyebrows.

Just then, she flexed her legs slightly that raised her skirt for an instant.

Knowing I missed that brief peek, she reprised the move when she knew I was looking.

"You're killing me, Tara."

"Uh, huh?" was her reply.

"If I can tell you the color of your underwear, will you let me up?" I asked with a half-smile.

Tara smiled and immediately replied, "If you're right, I'll let you up. If you are wrong, you owe me ten dollars!"

"And then you'll let me up? Deal!" I said. "I believe your panties are white, correct?"

"Wrong! Guess again. Double or nothing," she said.

Knowing she was being dishonest I sighed heavily.

"How about this," I said. "I'll give you twenty dollars if I am wrong. But If I'm right, and I will prove it, you owe me twenty dollars, deal?"

"If you're right, you get to keep the panties instead!" she offered.

"No, you'll receive twenty spankings instead!" I countered.

"Deal," she said with widened eyes.

"Are the panties you're wearing white?" I asked again.

"No!" she replied.

She placed her hands on my chest and pushed herself up as she quickly sprung from my lap.

In an instant we were chasing each other around the house. She was screaming and laughing as she slid along the hardwood floors. I almost had her near the kitchen island but she made a run for the bathroom. She nearly had the door locked when I forced it open and cornered her.

I had her in a bear hug from behind and lugged her toward the living room and to the back of the couch. Tara was laughing hysterically as I playfully admonished her with my lips to her ear. The shampoo smell of her soft hair was getting me hard as my cock grew down the leg of my slacks. She willingly bent over the big, stuffed couch.

I lifted her skirt enough to lightly pat the panties covering her round butt.

"White! I'm right. I'm out of here!" I said.

I turned away acting nonchalant but my heart was pounding with lust. I had to leave the house that moment.

"That's ONE!" Tara yelled.

I turned around to see her still bent over gathering the skirt under her belly.

"I was only kidding, Tara."

"Don't you know how to count?" she asked.

"One is more than enough," I said.

"I think you're just a big chicken," she said in desperation.

I walked back into the room and approached her cute butt. The white satin was stretched over her rump except for a fold that was riding a little on one cheek. I felt the subtle shinier lines that formed leaf patterns and the familiar seam. I paused before sliding my little finger under the fabric and pulling it smooth. Tara let out a little moan. Her voice had a way of alternating between woman and child.

"No, Tara, I don't know how to count," I said sarcastically.

"I'll count for you. Please."

She was barely finished with her sentence when I brought down my open palm on her right cheek which jiggled slightly before quickly bouncing back.

"Ow! Two!" she volunteered.

She had made her desire perfectly clear.

I proceeded to slap her butt while resting my hand on it between blows. After ten or more, my other hand began to hold the small of her back as she squirmed. She would say 'umph!' before each number.

I reached twenty and stopped. She turned to look as I smoothed her panties and slowly pulled the skirt back down.

Tara's eyes were half closed as her lips worded 'thank you'.

"Now I'm the one who needs spanking," I said shamefully.

"You're a naughty boy!" she said.

"That's just it: I'm not a boy," I reminded her.

"I know!" Tara replied approvingly.

I sauntered to the door.

"See you later," I said.

As I was about to open my car door, Tara rapped on the entryway window. She was twirling the panties around her index finger. Her expression was almost somber as our game came to an end.

I gave no response as I got in to my car.

When I turned to look again she was gone.

I sat there contemplating my next move. Should I give in to my lower instincts and go back inside or should I do what is in my nature and leave.

I was disappointed it had gone this far knowing I would have fucked her if she had asked. Perhaps she was asking. I was supposed to be the adult.

I still had a raging hard-on but turned the ignition and drove away.

When I returned home I made a beeline to my bathroom and dropped my pants. There was no loss of erotic novelty from the images of the last hour. I was so close to peeling those panties down her thighs and driving my shaft between her legs. Her tiny waist and her curving hips were perfect handles to the ride of my life. I knew exactly how her screams would've sounded if I repeatedly pumped in and out of her. I wanted her more than anything.

But this is how it must end - the product of my lust hitting the water of my toilet bowl.

The girl went from being precocious to being promiscuous in very little time and I chose not to be alone with her again. I was nearly five years her senior and about to begin law school studies. I couldn't let an affair stifle my plans.

I called her parents and told them she was fine. I didn't tell them how fine.

I usually tell my girlfriend everything about my day but on that particular night I said nothing.

Then the phone rang and I answered.

"Hi! Guess where I'm at?" Tara asked.

"In chlorinated water?" I whispered.


"That must be nice," I said sardonically.

There was a brief pause.

"Can you come over, Carl?"

"No. I've got to go," I said quietly.

"Okay. Bye, " she replied in a sad tone.

My girlfriend didn't seem to notice the brief exchange and didn't ask, thank god. She did, however, notice my renewed interest in daytime sex.

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