tagErotic CouplingsTara's Descent

Tara's Descent


Mark's Perspective...

The day had been a little longer than I had hoped for. The air conditioner had broken at the design shop, and the current plans we had been given were calling for more work than we was originally anticipated. As the Technical Director at one of the budding theaters in downtown Los Angeles, it was my job to let the guys know what we were in for.

I know Los Angeles isn't exactly the place that comes to mind when you think "Theater", but several wealthy patrons would like to change that, and if they want to pay me more to create outrageous sets rather than being a carpenter for a studio, then I'm not going to argue.

My name is Mark, and at 29 years old, 6'1" and about 200lbs I fit the bill as a classic carpenter with a bit of scruff to top it off. Most of the guys I work with fall into the same category, but as one of the younger guys here, and being in an authority position, I have to put aside the age difference and bridge the gap between friend and boss.

Although it had been a trying day, I knew what was waiting for me when I got home; Tara, my girlfriend. We have been dating for about a year and a half and things are amazing. We met at a beer tasting. She was drinking a local microbrew wheat ale, and I was trying to find the strongest stout to give me the courage to talk to her. Eventually I did talk to her, and things blossomed from there. We moved in together a few months ago, and it was always a pleasure to come home to Tara.

I walked in the door and there she was. Her long chestnut brown hair, with hints of gold and deep red, was tied above her head as the sweat poured off her body. The practically see-through pink sports bra clung to her perfectly perky C cups as she moved to the woman's voice. The tight white shorts hugged her ass, and for a moment I begged God, that if I should die soon, to let me come back as a pair of her shorts.

She held the two small purple weights high above her head, squeezing her tits into the perfect cleavage. Watching her work out always pushed mind right to sex, probably because of her body's sensual movements and of course, the small groans and moans she made.

I dropped my bag on the floor and snuck into the kitchen. Grabbing two beers, I opened them as quietly as possible. Turning around, she was standing in the doorway, breathing like she had just got done riding me, and giving me a look like she was going to.

"One of those for me?" She grabbed one of the bottles, clinked it against mine and took the tip of the neck in her mouth and began to chug.

Just like when I had met her, my words weren't coming to me. Every breath she took pushed her tits out, showing off her erect nipples. I was smitten, and she knew it. Tara was 24 years old, 5'8" and oozed sex. Her swaying hips made men stop when she walked by. Her two long legs were like two stems of a fine wine glass swirling with each step.

"How was your day?" She gave me a quick salty kiss and leaned up against the tile counter.

"Good...I mean, well we the show is going to be more complicated than I thought, so I had to break the news to guys." I took a long sip. "How was yours?"

"Fine, nothing too crazy. I just got home a few hours ago, so I decided to work out real quick before tonight." Tara worked at a high school, teaching English. I am pretty sure that none of those boys were able to concentrate when she spoke.

"Tonight? What's going on tonight?" I felt like I missed something.

"We're going out to dinner with Betty and Sam at that new Italian place on the promenade." She kissed me. "I'm going to go jump in the shower." She turned the corner and out of sight. I had completely forgotten about this double date. Betty was one her friends, who taught with her at the school and Sam was her boyfriend who was more of an ass than anything else. Great, my day had just gone from aggravating to annoying.

"You coming?" Her sultry voice called out just as the sound of rush water filled the apartment. Ok, maybe there will be one good thing today.

I walked into the bathroom; the steam had already begun to fog up the glass shower door. My clothes were off, and I took one last swig before opening the shower door. She was perfect.

Her tits stood at attention, beckoning my own member to rise up and join them. She let her hair fall out of the tight bun she had put it in and let the water soak it to her back and she ran her hands through her beautiful chocolate colored mane. She had shaven her pussy hair down to next to nothing. There was just a small patch on top. The small patch of chestnut hair looked like tiny chocolate strands, begging me to taste them.

The water felt good against my skin. The day was slowly slipping off as Tara turned around and handed me a bottle of a vanilla scented liquid soap and turned away from me, offering her back to me. I worked up and good lather and began my job. Her skin was perfectly soft. Since the spring time sun had come out, she had the beginning of a good tan. The way our apartment is situated, the private roof-top balcony gave her the opportunity to sunbath naked. God I love California.

My hands worked her neck slowly as she let out a soft sigh and leaned her head from side to side. I soaped up my hands and worked down, letting them reach around the front and fondle her breast for a bit longer than just a simple washing would require. She had always said how good the rough callouses on my hands felt against her delicate skin. I made sure to take full advantage of that bit of information.

I dropped my hands down to her lower back, making sure to knead her muscles all the way down. She placed her hands against the shower wall in front of her to support her against my pressure, causing her ass to lift up like an offering to a God. My hands worked her ass and hips, making her wiggle slightly. Taking a little bit of soapy bubbles in my right hand, I let it slip between her ass cheeks and brush the soft lips of her warm pussy. A muffled moan escaped her mouth.

Tara turned over her shoulder and made eye contact with me. He pouting lips parted and let out a loud breath, and she smiled. I felt her hand join mine on her pussy as her other hand grabbed my rock-hard cock and begin stroking. Pulling my hand away from her pussy, I guided my cock into her.

"Oh, God..." Her hushed voice was almost drowned out by the rushing water. Her hips backed into me as I thrust half way in. I wanted to tease her a bit, but from the way her body was moving, I would be in for a fight.

"Oh, Mark..." There was just something about her saying my name that drove me nuts. She pushed against me, and I pulled back. "Oh please...Mark...Please." She turned over her shoulder and wiggled her ass a little causing my cock to slip out of her wet pussy.

"Just fuck me... fuck me hard... please..." I had never really talked dirty to any woman I dated, but when I started dating Tara that all changed. One night she woke me up with a blow job in the middle of the night. In between licks she told me about a dream she was just having, and then she begged me to fuck her mouth. I practically came when I heard her ask. So, when she begged I obliged.

With one deep thrust of my 8" cock, her body pressed against the steamy tile, letting out a loud giggle of appreciation for my aggression. I grunted as she pressed back against me.

"Harder Mark... I want you to fuck me harder!" There was no more consideration for our elderly neighbors next door. I pulled her hips towards me and held on for dear life. I braced myself with my foot by stepping back a rammed back into her. The sounds of her rubbing her clit and my cock pounding her filled the air.

Our bodies slammed together, moving in unison. I wrapped my hand around her waist and let it find its way to her tits. With every gyration of our bodies, I caressed her breasts and let my fingers gently pinch her nipples. I was trying to hold on, but with her lips hugging my cock I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold on.

Her hand was feverously working her clit as she let sounds to pleasure escape her lips adding to the sound other water beating down on us and our bodies enjoying each other.

"I'm cumming...I'm cumming... Harder... Harder baby... Fuck me harder..." As my balls slapped against her pussy, I could feel the tingling building. I was past the point of no return and she knew it. "Oh baby, fill me up...Cum in me... Cum for me Mark..." Her body tensed and I could feel her muscles tightening around my cock, squeezing it, coaxing it to cum with her.

I erupted. Wave after wave of cum filled Tara. She turned back towards me and bit her bottom lip. "I love that..." She bucked against me softly a few times, seemingly to make sure her pussy got all that it could from me, and then she pulled me out. I took in a deep breath and she took my cock her hand and bent down.

"This...this is a great cock..." She took the limping dick her mouth all the way down to my balls and sucked off the rest of the cum.

"See you in the bedroom." She smacked my ass and walked out of the shower.

That night I wore a pair of jeans that Tara said made my ass look good, and a light blue dress shirt. Being a carpenter doesn't give me the chance to dress up that much, so I try and dress the way Tara would want to see me. She however, takes full advantage not having to be a teacher when dressing up for a night out. Her red tube-top was sitting prominently on her two braless breasts. The white ruffled skirt she wore sat several inches above the knee as it hugged her hips and ass like it was designed to sway with each step.

The restaurant was only a few streets away from our place, so we walked down. The click clack of her heels against the pavement only accentuated Tara's sultry walk. On our three block walk, she must have given at least six guys whiplash and caused several fights between them and their girlfriends.

We got to the restaurant where Betty and Sam had already picked a table on the patio. I wasn't too worried about being outside, since there was nice heat lamp for Tara to sit under, and the spring nights in Los Angeles rarely dip below sixty degrees. The thing I was worried about what Tara's erect nipples causing Sam to have a breakdown. Sam had always more than appreciated Tara's skimpy clothing and made no attempt at being discreet about his stares. The day had been a long one; I was just hoping the night would be long for the right reasons.

Tara's Perspective...

The crisp spring air still had a hint of warmth from the sun as we walked down to the Italian restaurant to meet Betty and Sam. My muscles were still shaking a little from my work out and holding myself up against the wall when Mark was pounding into me. Mark and I have been dating for over a year and he still knew how to make me feel wanted like we were a new couple. I could tell Mark was walking with a bit of a bounce in his step from our quick session. He had always been able to make me cum quickly, which I was eternally grateful for. Unfortunately while he was satisfied, my libido was just warming up. While Mark's sex drive may be a thunderous eruption, mine was more of a steam engine; once it gets going, it's hard to stop.

I felt a sudden shiver as the breeze blew my skirt up in the back and sending tiny tingles over my lace-cover pussy. I quickly motioned to catch it, and noticed I had made a forty something year old man smile. The tiny white thong did little to hide anything. I purposely forgot to wear a wrap tonight to cover up my top with, because there was just something about the feeling of being wanted. I loved the attention that my tits got me, and what better way to do that than show them off without a bra?

Betty and I are teachers at a local high school. While I teach English to juniors and seniors, Betty deals with music for most of the high school. She's only about 5'2", but she's got a great body. Her short, curly red hair makes her look like the perfect petite Irish girls and her slim figure is topped off with tits that are about the size of mine, maybe a little bigger, but being so small they look disproportionately large.

She and Sam had been together for a few months now and we have gone on outings, double dates and trip together. Every time we got together I was guaranteed to catch Sam sneaking a quick peak at me. I'm not sure if he even tried to hide it sometimes. Being a woman who likes the attention, I didn't exactly do anything to hinder his glances, and tonight I was in a mood to let his gazes linger.

We got to the place and they had found us a table outside with a heat lamp right above us. Sam was wearing a black suit with a matching black shirt with no tie, which complemented his dark complexion. Sam was the definition of tall, dark and handsome. His Mediterranean olive skin was consistently a perfect Italian shade of tan. His black hair was slicked back and made him look like a young mobster on the rise. I think he worked in finance for his father's company or something. I wasn't the cheating type, but I could definitely appreciate a good looking man.

"Hey guys!" Betty stood up and gave me a hug. She looked cute tonight, nothing too impressive, but if I had her body, I would have worn something a little more revealing to show off what I had.

Mark shook Sam's hand and then we changed partners. I could feel the tension in Sam's hug. He was roughly the same size as Mark, but there was an elegance and certain charm that made part of me melt every time we touched.

"Hey Sam." I smiled and let him take me in his arms. Whatever cologne he was wearing was almost intoxicating.

"You look great Tara." Sam stepped back and scanned my body as quickly as he could. I'm sure his eyes lingered on my tits a little too long, which made me feel like his stare was penetrating my clothes.

"So, should we start off with a cocktail and then some wine?" Betty quickly took Sam's hand and pulled him to his seat.

"Sure, whatever you guys want." Mark said as he pulled out my chair and guided me into my seat.

We ordered our food and made some light conversation. Mark's hand dropped to my knee and gave me a squeeze which sent a pulse directly to the tip of my clit. My knees had always been ticklish and when I'm this horny, it just adds to my problem. His hand rested on my bare skin, and pulled the hem of my skirt just a little bit past my mid-thigh. His finger slowly caressed the inside of my thigh making me squirm a little as my pussy let out the smallest amount of wetness, hoping to be touched.

I think Sam noticed my face getting flushed, and gave me am inquisitive look. Looking over at Mark's shoulder, he read where his hand must be, and just smiled. We met eyes for a split second and he knew what was going on. Betty was talking about something a parent had told her today and being pretty animated with her hands. My mind was a million miles away, being fucked senseless in Mark's shower when Sam knocked his fork onto the ground. Before he picked it up, he looked at me and cocked one of his eyes brows. Something inside me turned. I knew what he was doing, and for whatever reason it turned me on. Maybe it was the fact that he was my best friend's boyfriend, or maybe it was the constant attention he gave me, but his look made me want to push the envelope.

I let my thighs part a little more than a should have, giving Sam a clear view of the white lace panties covering my pussy. I let my right hand drop and find the hem of my skirt. As quickly and nonchalantly as I could, I pulled up my skirt giving him an unobstructed view of what he wanted most.

Something inside me felt deliciously dirty as he leaned down to pick up his fork. I slowly parted my legs and dropped my hand into my lap. Mark's attention had turned to Betty's story and a few of the breadsticks. I knew Sam could see right up my skirt. I was literally beginning to soak my panties. Being wanted was almost a high for me, and Sam was giving it to me.

"You alright down there sweetheart?" Sam slammed his head into the table as out moment was shattered by Betty's voice.

"Yeah... yeah... I'm fine babe..." He sat up rubbing his head. "I...uh... I just dropped my fork, but I found it." He smiled and shifted his eyes towards me. I just smiled and put a finely wrapped bite of spaghetti in my mouth as slowly as I could get away with.

The dinner went on, and for some reason I just couldn't quell the urges inside of me. If Mark doesn't fuck me again tonight, I might just take matter into my own hands. Dessert came and Mark and I were splitting the Tiramisu, and something devious popped into my mind. If I was going to do this, I was going to need a little help. I wanted till Mark and Betty were engaged in conversation.

Deliberately, I dipped my finger into the whipped cream that sat messily on top of the decadent dessert. Making sure Mark and Betty were talking, I plunged my finger deep between my lips and raised my eyes catching them with Sam's.

"Mmmm... Damn this is good. I'm so glad I got to taste this tonight." I was treading a very thin line between pushing the envelope and getting in trouble.

"Yeah, this is pretty good." Mark turned to me just as I broke off my stare with Sam. "What do you think about the Trojans this year?" Mark asked Betty as they had both graduated from USC.

"I'll be right back, babe." I kissed Mark and excused myself to the bathroom. I could feel Sam's stare as I made sure to throw an extra sway in my walk. As I walked to the bathroom, I couldn't help but notice the bartender behind the bar. He had a sort of forlorn puppy look to him. I stopped.

"Can I have two fingers of bourbon please?" I made sure to hit the word "fingers" with a nice hint of breathiness.

"Uh, yes... yes absolutely." He stumbled as he put down the glass he was washing. He poured me well over the amount I had asked for.

"Thank you so much." I winked at him and through the shot back, put down a ten and walked to the bathroom.

I locked the bathroom door behind me and took a deep breath. I wasn't cheating on Mark. I was convincing myself more than encouraging myself. There was no way I was going to do anything with Sam, but I wanted to make sure he remembered tonight.

I walked back to the table into a conversation that was about a mixture of sports and politics. When I say down, I made sure I scooted my chair as close to the table as possible. Sam was getting hot and bothered about a bill that before the senate dealing with the government's role in drugs in sports. While I love sports, football mostly, I wasn't interested in anything they had to say.

"You want anything else babe?" Mark turned towards me. There were so many things I wanted. I wanted things that were bad for me, good for me and everything in between.

"No, I'm good." I smiled and drank the rest of the wine in my glass.

"Well, then let me grab this." Mark reached for the bill.

"No, I insist." Sam grabbed at the black leather booklet. I cocked my head slightly and caught Sam's gaze, and smiled. He let the bill go.

"We'll get you next time." Sam's words were directed as much at the bill as they were me.

"Thank you Sam, I look forward to it." I let my hand rest on the table near the spoon he had used to stir his espresso. Betty leaned back to get her purse, Mark pulled out his wallet and I flicked Sam's spoon off the table. His dark brown eyes lifted towards mine and made me wet all over again.

"Oops." An evil grin stretched across his face before his beautiful black hair dipped below the table, and out of view. I knew that Betty was busy fumbling in her purse and next would be getting her sweater on. Mark was futzing with his wallet trying to find the right credit card, and put the correct tip amount in. This was my chance.

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