Jack moved in front of her and Kate jumped in the chair, eyes wide.

He dropped to his knees, settled down between her legs, and forced her thighs open all the way the restraints allowed.

The ties in her ankles already kept her legs open, but he pushed them even more, strong fingers digging in her flesh, surely leaving a mark, his hands sliding slowly and surely to her hips.

She yanked at the ties in her ankles, her black heels clashing against the chair loudly, all in vain.

Kate swallowed behind the gag, "This is not right," she thought. Then again, nothing was right anymore.

She gasped when he buried his head between her legs with no warning, and started nuzzling his face against her panties, inhaling deeply, eyes still fixed on her. He yanked at the delicate strips of her lace garter belt, almost ripping off her stockings. Almost.

She struggled in the chair with no result, her red hair tangling over heavy breasts. Her hands were tied behind her back to the chair, same as her ankles, her hips being hold with unmerciful strength.

He was going to do whatever he pleased with her, and there was nothing she could do.

Her legs trembled when he started sucking over her panties, dampening a spot of fabric over her cunt with his tongue. He buried the flimsy fabric into her with his mouth, rubbing and pushing it inside roughly.

A rush of blood surged to her face, and she was painfully aware of her body responding to the hands and tongue, nipples hardening under her flimsy top, her tights trembling uncontrollably, and Jack's head bobbing up and down, sucking and licking her over her panties.

When he bit lightly over the fabric, her mind raced wild with scenarios of what was going to happen. Tough it was difficult with her current posture, she didn't rule out him untying her and fucking her in all fours to the ground.

She knew how eager he was, could almost smell it. And, although she couldn't see it now, she knew he was hard, he had to be, cock showing dark and heavy between his thighs, same as before, when he had undressed in front of her, slowly and deliberate.

When he had tossed his shirt over his head, hair mussed, she thought he looked so young like that, almost innocent. Then he had dropped everything else and stood there, his body lean a pale.

Now he was kneeling in front of her, completely naked and she knew he was hard, just reeking with arousal, no doubt about that.

And even though she was technically fully dressed, Kate had never felt as exposed in her life. Her top was already soaked with sweat, and her hardened nipples were showing through blatantly, her heavy breasts rising with her halting breath. Pooling on the soft folds of her waist her tiny skirt was riled up, showing the fragile ties of her garter belt which barely hold her stockings, her black shoes still perfectly tied to her feet, the sharp heels digging into the floor.

Her legs were opened wide, available for him to do as he pleased, just a thin layer of fabric separating them.

As if reading her mind, he murmured against her skin, "This is getting in the way, isn't it?" and yanked at the delicate panties, ripping the fabric as it was nothing, and tossing them across the room.

Kate startled with the yank and found herself completely exposed now, his mouth so close to her naked cunt that she could feel his warm breath against her. The entrance covered with hair was lazily opening between her spread thighs, the rosy folds peeking, shiny and wet, her clit kept under the delicate hood of reddened skin.

Jack observed fascinated for a few seconds and licked his lips.


His hands moved with dexterity, using the thumbs to keep the folds open and gaining better access. Kate whimpered in surprise when he pushed his mouth past her folds without warning, licking long wet stripes into her.

His tongue worked the top without ceremony, purpose clear into forcing her clit to come out from its sensitive folding. The tip responded immediately, and Kate couldn't help a muffled cry when it hardened under his tongue.

She fumbled in the chair, her breasts bouncing with the effort, thick drops of sweat travelling between them, the fabric of her top rubbing against her swollen nipples. Her hips were already thrusting helplessly, losing control, the sensation too much, too intense.

He slurped noisily between her tights and the sound sent a shock of pure want through her. She felt the overwhelming need of grabbing his hair and fuck his face against her cunt, desire washing her through and making her yank at her ties with all of her strength.

Her clit grew red and swollen and his thick lips rested heavily around it, now out, defenseless. He looked at her, clearly pleased with himself, not losing a second in resuming to lick and suck with abandon.

She was so wet, so incredibly wet that she could almost feel her cunt dripping and melting into his mouth.

Then his lips left her body for a moment, leaving a trail of spit hanging between them, and Jack made sure of keeping his eyes on her while bringing a hand to his mouth and licking his fingers slowly, smothering them in saliva.

He pressed a wet thumb against her clit, now exposed and vulnerable, and rubbed hard. While the thumb was working steadily he leaned and spat directly on the clit to ease the friction, and then again, the sound pure filth.

The harsh rubbing of her clit was exquisite and unbearable, and when he spat loudly one more time against her, Kate knew she wasn't going to last.

She was painfully aware of the flesh of her cunt pulsating and throbbing with the pressure and pictured vividly Jack's cock hard and full of blood beating together with her.

He changed to mouth again, establishing a brutal pace with his tongue, sucking hard, circling his clit with his heavy lips, pulling and letting go, forcing moans from her and being every bit as rough as she had imagined.

She leaned forward and stared at his head bobbing against her, muscles of his back tensing with every thrust, arms clinging mercilessly to her hips, trapping her between his head and the hard surface of the chair.

Color had risen to his face and ears, giving him a false appearance of innocence. Sweat was forming in his temples and the dark hair stuck damp to his neck. The stubble on his cheeks was rubbing against the sensitive skin of her thighs with each thrust, hands grabbing forcefully and tearing the fragile material of her stockings apart.

Their eyes met.

He was staring at her, something animal and wild there, his head moving unfaltering over her sex. Kate felt completely transparent, incapable of not whimpering with every lick, with every expert darting of his tongue which was bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

She went back for a moment to the first time someone did this to her. He'd been strong enough to hold her down. Just like this.

He'd held her down and made her scream.

With that thought an unmistakable heat flowed to her center, the friction intolerable, the roughness making it even better. He was devouring her with everything he had, his tongue rubbing over and over, mouth leeched steely to her cunt, thick drops of saliva running from his jaw and neck to the floor.

Her whole body tensed, the pressure growing to inhuman levels.


Jack must knew she was close, he must knew because, at that moment, not stopping sucking for a second, he slid one hand swiftly to her entrance and with no warning, forced four fingers all the way inside of her at once, thrusting viciously.

And that was it. She came screaming, blind release washing her over, the pleasure dissolving her insides. She convulsed against his mouth, Jack's hand still fucking her violently, her walls pulsating hard against his strong fingers.

Waves of pleasure overcame her and her hips arched violently, trying desperately to bury him even deeper inside. She wanted him to devour her, to bite her and break her apart. Had her hands being free, she would pulled at his hair hard enough to tear. The sensation blinded her, she wanted to bite him, hold him down, devour his cock, his face, his lips. Suck him and fuck him and kiss him, everything at once.

She yelled incoherently, and pleaded and sobbed, clenching hard around his strong fingers the aftershocks of her orgasm.


She collapsed on the chair, panting, her body drained.

Jack rose and looked at her intently. His eyes were full of lust and some emotion she couldn't identify.

Reaching behind her, he gently untied her gag, now damp with saliva. She couldn't help but to lean in, just had to, because she could smell everything on him. Sex and come and sweat. It was intoxicating.

His fingers rested lightly on her hair, and he stared into her eyes, searching for something. Waiting.

Kate stared back. He had taken everything. He had her screaming so hard that her throat was sore.

"Get off me." she said.

He blinked.

"Kate I-, " Jack started.

"I said," she interrupted, "Get off me. Now."

He looked uneasy for a second, even leaned back a little. And for an insane moment, Kate almost felt sorry for him.

But it was gone. He recovered immediately, grin on his face. He loomed over her again, hands cradling her face.

"When I'm done, honey." he said.


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