tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTaste of True Friendship Ch. 12

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 12


The next time Julie came over to “study”, she had an entirely different attitude. Julie told Tanya that she had told her old boyfriend to get lost. Enough of his crap was enough. Julie had decided to take care of herself and let whom ever was attracted to her prove that they could reciprocate in satisfying her as well as she could satisfy them.

That didn’t stop Julie from having another “session” with Tanya, though. It was pretty much a repeat of their first encounter except this time there was no reluctance on Julie’s part and far more enthusiasm. This time, Julie got entirely naked before she began masturbating. She brought herself to orgasm quickly and then did it again.

Tanya, for her part, was happy that Julie had found an outlet and was pleased that she could help her with it. It didn’t hurt that Tanya also enjoyed seeing Julie naked. She had a shapely body, on the slender side, with smallish breasts but she had a nicely shaped fanny and- -as has been noted- -an exquisite pussy. And, Tanya was a more involved in helping Julie this time, massaging her breasts, teasing her nipples, caressing her tummy, and kissing her lips as Julie plied her pussy with her fingers. Tanya even repeated the finger licking finale. Julie was ecstatic about that.

After Julie had come down from her orgasm, still lying naked on the couch. She looked at Tanya and asked, “What about you, Tanya?”

“What about me What?” Tanya answered her question with a question.

“I mean….Do you still have….?” Julie was hesitant

“Yes, Julie. I still have a penis, if that’s what you’re asking.” Tanya said this matter of factly so there wouldn’t be misunderstanding.

“And….does it…..?” Again, Julie was being shy.

“Yes, Julie. I can still get an erection….no problem there.” Tanya was a little lighter with this comment.

“And….can you….?” Julie’s curiosity was almost palpable.

“Yes, Julie. I can use it, play with it, enjoy it, and have an orgasm.” Tanya was trying to be humorous now. “Yes, all of those things.”

“Can I……?” Julie looked almost hungry now.

Tanya reached over and took Julie’s hand and guided it down to her lap. “See for you self, my dear.”

Julie slid her hand inside of Tanya’s loose fitting sweat pants and reached around until she found Tanya’s penis. Julie had a look of surprise on her face as Tanya’s cock began to get hard the moment she touched it. She gave a little giggle and began to stroke it underneath Tanya’s pants. It got larger and harder- -naturally.

Julie got up on her knees on the couch and motioned for Tanya to do the same. Once in position, she pulled Tanya’s sweats down over her hips to reveal a rock hard phallus. Julie’s face turned bright red when she saw it and she actually licked her lips as she gazed at it. She gently traced its contours with her fingers and stopped at the head to give it a little squeeze. Tanya gave a little shudder of pleasure.

Abruptly, Julie yanked Tanya’s sweats the rest of the way down to her knees, stood up, went behind Tanya, and finished tugging her sweat pants off of her legs. Tanya was kneeling on the couch, naked from the waist down, with her cock at attention obviously needing some servicing. Julie was more than happy to comply.

Julie got down on her knees by the couch, grabbed Tanya’s hips, and rotated them so that they were square to her with Tanya’s penis at the level of Julie’s face. Julie pulled Tanya toward her and at the same time opened her mouth to take Tanya’s cock into it. It was an odd angle but Julie managed to get most of Tanya’s stiff member into her mouth and, by bending her head forward, actually start to swallow it. She pulled Tanya’s hips toward her and then pushed them away which essentially caused Tanya to fuck Julie’s mouth. Each time Julie repeated this she took Tanya’s cock deeper until she had it entirely inside her mouth with the tip all of the way to the back of her throat. Her saliva coated Tanya’s prick making it slippery and easy to slide in and out. She was breathing through her nose as she worked the penis in and out, across her tongue, and down her throat. She gagged a little at the extreme insertion, the point at which the tip was all of the way into her throat and her nose was against Tanya’s abdomen. She controlled her gagging by swallowing and backing off somewhat. But then she forced the cock in again, and again, and again.

Tanya was enjoying the sensation of her cock in Julie’s mouth but delighted in Julie’s enthusiasm even more. She could tell that Julie was experienced at deepthroating as she bent to her task with vigor. “How in the world could any guy not love this?” Tanya thought. “Those poor, stupid, insensitive schmucks who would let her do this to them and not love her back! That was a crime!”

Tanya allowed Julie to enjoy her throat fucking for a few minutes and then Tanya allowed herself to come. As soon as Julie sensed that Tanya was going to shoot, she pressed her face forward as far as she could and held it there letting Tanya’s semen spurt directly down her throat, Julie uttered a moan as this occurred. It wasn’t a moan of pain but of pure pleasure as if she were partaking of a mouthful of delicious nectar. It resonated up through Tanya’s cock into her abdomen and heightened her orgasm. Once Tanya’s cock stopped spasming, Julie withdrew it from her throat and mouth, using her tongue and lips to make sure that none of the residual semen oozed out. Once Tanya’s penis was clear of her mouth, Julie licked her lips as if to savor the last of Tanya’s flavor.

“Was that good for you?” Julie asked, still on her knees looking up at Tanya’s face. “Oh, I hope it was good for you.”

“Yes, my sweet. It was good….very good.” Tanya said convincingly. Her orgasm was so-so but her delight at seeing Julie enjoy herself giving head like that was what made it an exceptional experience. “I loved it that you were so passionate.”

“Tanya, you have been so wonderful to me. It has been such a new experience.” Julie’s face was angelic. “I just hope I was able to give you back a little of what you have given me

“Yes, Julie. You did indeed” Tanya said softly. “You did, indeed.”

^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^

A few days Julie showed up again to “study“- -this time with a friend.

Julie introduced Tanya to her friend, Irene- -her “best friend” Irene, actually. Tanya invited Irene to sit down on the couch and, once she was comfortably ensconced, Tanya beckoned Julie to follow her into the kitchen area.

“What’s with Irene?” Tanya whispered. “How much does she know about our playtime?

Julie answered, also in a whisper, “I just told her that I had learned to experience sublime sexual pleasure and I wanted to show her how it was done.”

That was such a blunt statement Tanya wasn’t sure if Julie was being serious or being facetious. Tanya had a brief moment of panic.

“Are you serious? C’mon what have you told her?” Tanya was mockingly firm, assuming Julie was being cute.

“Nooo-uh! I wouldn’t do that!” Julie stuck her tongue out at Tanya. “I just told her that you were great to study with and that we had a good time ’learning’ together.”

“Whew! You had me going there.” Tanya exhaled in relief. “But what HAVE you told her about ME? I mean….who does she think I am? You know what I mean.”

“Oh, about that? Well, she thinks you’re a girl, if that helps.” Julie smiled at Tanya. “And I don’t think she has a clue from anyone else about your ’transition’. She just thinks you and I are friends.”

“That’s good. But tell me, what’s the point of bringing her along?” Tanya was relieved but curious too.

“Irene confided in me that she was having some ’issues’ with her boyfriend just like I had. I thought that perhaps we could work our way around to giving her a little ’therapy’, if you know what I mean.” There was a gleam in Julie’s eye as she emphasized the word, “Therapy”.

“Hmmmm….But can Irene be discreet?” Tanya’s whispered with some emphasis of her own. “I don’t want to let things get out of control here.”

“I’m sure she can, Tanya.” Julie looked very positive. “We’ve been friends for quite awhile and I’ve confided things to her that haven’t gone anywhere else. I’m sure, once she gets clued in, that she can be tight-lipped about this too.”

“O.K. sweetie. I’ll trust you on this.” Tanya said squeezing Julie’s arm. “But let’s take it slowly. I don’t want to shock the poor girl.”

Julie nodded, gave Tanya a quick kiss on the cheek, and used the arm that Tanya was squeezing to lead her back into the living room.

Tanya sat down on the couch on Julie’s right so that Julie was in the middle with Irene to Julie‘s left. The two girls had each brought their portfolios with some of their recent sketches and Tanya had her portfolio beside the couch. They began comparing drawings and discussing their merits: perspective, proportion, verisimilitude and such like. These were pen and ink sketches which displayed “fashion anatomy” and basic concepts for clothing design. Irene’s figures were very stiff looking, Julie’s were only a little more life like, but Tanya’s looked strikingly animated. Irene’s and Julie’s garments were conservative and only innovative in some of the details: placement of zippers and buttons, fabric patterns, and shading. Tanya’s ideas were bold and vibrant, even in black and white. Tanya drew flamboyant outfits, big sleeves, broad expanses of fabric draped over sexy looking bodies, plunging necklines revealing edges of breasts, cocked heads, thrusting hips, crook’d elbows and wrists. Irene and Julie were both awestruck at Tanya’s technique.

“Tanya, your work is absolutely marvelous!” Irene was almost breathless. “How in the world do you do that?” Reflecting Irene’s amazement, Julie was shaking her head in admiration.

“I just ’imagine’ and then draw. I don’t know how else to describe it.” Tanya’s answer was humbly put. She wasn’t trying to out-do anyone, just to be truthful.

“But your models? Are they all imaginary? Just ’concepts’?” Julie chimed in.

“Well yes and no.” Tanya began to expound. “First many of my images are from real people. Then I idealize them, emphasize their attractive characteristics, and add some wishful thinking into the mix. I will draw them naked and then draw them clothed. I think that helps me conceptualize the draping better. And then I add the details.”

“Could you show us?” Irene asked eagerly. “I know I, for one, would love to see you create something.” Julie was nodding in the background.

“Well, O.K. but I’m going to need your help, both of you.” Tanya was formulating a plan.

“First, and I hope this is o.k. with you two- -I mean it’s just us girls here- -I need you both to take your clothes off.” Tanya sounded instructive and clinical. “That way I can show you how I capture the essential body on paper.”

Irene looked at Julie as if to ask the question, “Is this alright?”

Tanya saw the light go on behind Julie’s eyes: She got it. Julie nodded enthusiastically back to Irene and said, “Sure, let’s do it! It’ll be fun. And, you know it IS just us GIRLS!”

Tanya observed the two girls peel off their clothes. Julie, as usual, was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt (no bra) but Irene had on a long “earthmother” dress but with bra and panties underneath. Julie did well not wearing a bra as her breasts were small and firm but Irene had larger breasts that really required a bra for support. Once Irene had slipped her dress over her head, she undid her bra and her breasts literally tumbled out. Irene was only about 5’2” or 5’3” but she had D Cups, if not larger. Her nipples were also large.
As she raised her hands to her breasts in modesty, her fingers barely concealed her nipples. She had a bit of a rounded tummy, full hips and thighs, stout but not unattractive legs. Tanya couldn’t help but notice that Irene’s pubic hair had been shaved clean and that her “slot” was neat and compact. Tanya was well familiar with Julie’s slender body and her luxurious honey-blonde bush. Of the two, Julie had the body more like a fashion model; Irene was more Rubenesque, though not quite as chubby as all that.

“O.K., girls. Do a pose for me- -together.” Tanya was crisp and directive. “Don’t think about it. Just be spontaneous.”

Julie and Irene looked at each other for a moment and then hesitatingly reached out with their arms and maneuvered into a pose. They were at three-quarters angles to each other, hips and thighs touching, with one arm around each other’s shoulders and the other arm holding hands in front of them. None of this concealed their breasts, which were almost touching, nor their pubic areas. It was a perfect pose.

I took Tanya literally two minutes to sketch the two. Her concentration was bullet-proof. Her speed and detail were remarkable. Tanya finished with a flourish.

She showed the final product to the girls. A sexier drawing they had never seen. Tanya had been able to capture their personalities, add some playfulness, and do more than hint at sensuality. The angle of their bodies to each other dripped desire, their arms on each other’s shoulders screamed “come to me”, and their hands seemed to caress each other. Tanya accentuated Irene’s breasts drawing smooth nipples and highlighted Julie’s breasts with taut, erect ones. She balanced Irene’s shaved pubis with Julie’s lush one.

But the real attraction was the look that Irene and Julie had for each other. With only a few strokes of her pen, Tanya placed expressions of desire on the faces of his two models. One could almost see them on the edge of a passionate embrace, the nipples of their breasts poised to touch, their hands about to be entwined around each other’s waists. More striking, though, was the subtle impression that the two were about to kiss. It was indeed remarkable.

Julie and Irene stood there stark naked admiring the drawing of themselves. They were still partially posed holding hands, arms around each other’s shoulders. Tanya could see both of them draw in a breath and hold it for an instant and exhale sighing in together.

“OOOOH! How wonderful!” Irene said. “How beautifully sexy is that?”

“Oh, my YES! That is the BEST!” Julie chimed in. “Just the BEST!”

Julie took the lead and drew Irene toward her, circling her waist with her arm, and pressing her breasts against Irene’s ample chest. Then Julie moved, cocked her head, and pressed her lips against Irene’s giving her a full, long kiss. Irene seemed to resist only an instant and then got caught up in the passion of the moment. She reciprocated Julie’s kiss with one of her own only hers was firmer than Julie’s and she lingered longer on Julie’s lips.

Tanya was looking at them over the edge of her drawing that she was still holding up to them. She could see the loving embrace take form. Julie and Irene were front to front pressed close to each other. Irene’s breasts spread out against her chest as Julie’s breasts were forced against them when Julie’s arm tightened her arms around her. Their tummies melded as the kissing and hugging became more passionate. Irene’s hips began to slightly thrust forward and he legs bent at the knees as she tried to get closer to Julie. This was getting too HOT!

Tanya quietly backed away, set her drawing on the coffee table, and let Julie maneuver Irene backward toward the couch. One or two little steps, almost like a dance, and Irene was tilting backward onto the cushions.. With a squeal, Irene’s legs separated and went into the air as she tumbled onto her back. Julie’s body was between Irene’s legs and Julie followed Irene down onto the couch. They wound up in a perfect “missionary” position with Julie on top and Irene on the bottom.

Julie forced her self down onto Irene’s body slowly grinding her hips as she did so. This set up friction with Irene’s tummy and pubis and Irene responded in kind. They were humping each other’s crotches as they resumed their kissing and caressing. Their arms were around each other and their breasts were rubbing, enhancing the sensation of their pubic contact. Irene drew her legs up higher until her knees were fully bent and her heels were off of the couch. The frequency and vigor of her hip thrusting intensified in concert with Julie’s. Both were murmuring unintelligible, sensual sounds to each other through their kissing mouths.

Julie became abruptly still and then did what amounted to a push-up, separating herself from Irene. Julie leaned back on her knees, and inched herself away from Irene’s body until Julie was kneeling at the edge of the couch staring down at Irene’s wide open snatch. Licking her lips, Julie dove to go down on Irene’s pussy. Her face disappeared between Irene’s legs but Tanya could hear the lapping and sucking of Julie’s tongue and lips against Irene’s moist vagina. Julie made more “yummy” sounds the longer she plied Irene’s pussy with her tongue. Irene for her part, had her eyes closed, her head thrown back on the couch, and hips undulating with delight. Irene had corresponding “yummy” sounds coming from her to match Julie’s. There was no question that they were both enjoying the experience immensely.

Julie’s butt was up in the air and swaying as her mouth worked on Julie’s pussy. Tanya found this irresistible. She approached Julie from the rear, licked her fingers, and gently, gradually, but affirmatively, inserted her index and middle fingers into Julie’s naturally lubricated vagina. They slipped in easily all the way to the knuckles. Julie started a bit as she became aware that she had been penetrated but relaxed as Tanya began to work her fingers in and out. Julie’s pussy was beyond moist- -it was literally oozing lubrication. This made Tanya’s task much easier and much more enjoyable. Tanya’s hand became slick the more she worked her fingers in and out of Julie’s vagina. The thick clear liquid coated her fingers and ran on to the back of her hand. Tanya detected the scent of crushed roses as Julie’s natural aromas wafted up to her nose. It made Tanya’s mouth water. But she resisted the immediate urge to eat out Julie. She just kept working with her fingers, pausing every now and again to wiggle them as they were deep inside Julie. This seemed to stimulate Julie even more. “This has got to be her ‘G-Spot’. So that’s where it is!” Tanya thought as she massaged that place deep inside of Julie’s vagina.

Julie’s hips and fanny began to undulate and thrust, and the back of her thighs began to quiver. In the midst of this spasm, there was a gush of liquid flowing from her pussy onto Tanya’s hand. There was so much of it that Tanya had to cup her free hand underneath to catch it. It was clear, thick, liquid- -neither milky nor buttery- -just glistening. Julie’s pussy tightened around Tanya’s fingers as she continued to spurt her juices and then she relaxed.

Tanya withdrew he fingers, licked them off savoring Julie’s exquisite flavor and then lapped up the liquid that had pooled in the cup of her other hand. It was equally delicious. Tanya then got on her knees, leaned forward toward Julie’s ass, and proceeded to lick all of the residual cum off of her asshole and vagina. Tanya’s tongue reached far enough forward to contact Julie’s clitoris. Julie gave a soft moan at this. This was in harmony with the sounds of orgasm coming from Irene.

Once Tanya had finished with Julie, she looked up to see what Irene was up to. Julie was still working hard on Irene’s pussy. Irene’s body was tensing and relaxing as she used her hands to massage her own breasts and tweak her own nipples. It wasn’t more than a moment later when Irene emitted a keening cry as she arched her back up off the couch. She held this position for a full minute as she continued her shrill moaning. And then she relaxed completely, falling back to the couch with a loud sigh. Her arms and hands and arms dropped away from her breasts to her side. She opened her eyes and gazed blankly at the ceiling. Tanya could see that Irene’s eyes were shining. Sure enough, she had an orgasm!

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