tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTaste of True Friendship Ch. 15

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 15


Tanya went back to school after her visit with Ayisha and Candy. She and "the girls"- - Julie, Irene, and Mary- -still got together regularly and played but somehow Tanya was beginning to lose enthusiasm. Many times, Tanya just sat on the sidelines and ran the camcorder while the girls had fun with each other. There were some great scenes played out for her, especially when the girls got their "toys" into the act. And, admittedly, Tanya did enjoy the times when she could get things stirred up, for example, the time when she introduced Mary to anal sex, i.e. having Mary use a strap-on dildo on Tanya's ass. Mary was at first reluctant but Tanya talked her through it, making sure Mary was careful and gentle. Mary seemed to like being the "fuckor" and Tanya thought this was a good way to set Mary up for becoming the "fuckee" for anal sex at some time in the future. And Tanya enjoyed the sensation; she hadn't been ass-fucked since Dana left and Tanya had forgotten how much of an enhancement it was to her own orgasm. Tanya was eating Julie's pussy and jacking off while Mary worked Tanya's ass with the rubber penis. Irene jumped in at the last minute just as Tanya was stroking herself to the point of ejaculation, covered Tanya's cock with her mouth, and took Tanya's load down her throat. A nice touch, thought Tanya. Still, Tanya felt there was something missing.

As the weather got warmer, Tanya spent her breaks between classes on the quad sketching. She did this for diversion and it seemed to free her mind at the same time. Using pencils, felt-tip pens, and sometimes charcoal Tanya would try to capture people as they sat on the benches or on the grass studying, talking, eating lunch- -everyday things. She worked on developing her skill for freezing motion in her drawings. This took a particularly "quick" eye, fast hands, and economy of effort. Some of her sketches were almost Asian in their simplicity using just a few strokes of the pen to express a complex scene. Others were more detailed but not photographic; they were more emotionally expressive than pictorially exact. She tried to capture the looks of people's faces as they walked and talked: Were they happy? or sad? Angry? Gossiping? What? Tanya felt that if she could get a single look down on paper it could tell the observer everything about the subject. She did some cartoons and caricatures too. Just exploring the spectrum of her talent gave her joy.

There was one person that passed by at almost the same time every day- -someone she enjoyed drawing. The weather having gotten warm, he was usually dressed in a track team tank top, colorful sweat pants, and running shoes. And he didn't just walk past. It seemed to Tanya that he half glided, half floated past. He was usually alone, but not always; he was usually listening to music in his earphones, but not always; he was usually wearing sunglasses, but not always. He usually walked on by- -but not this time.

He stopped in front of Tanya, lifted his sunglasses, and smiled. "I've seen you here several days in a row drawing. What do you draw? May I see?"

Tanya practically had her breath taken away. Up close, he looked like a god. He was clearly an athlete- -well built and muscled. He worked out for sure! He had a shaved head (better than having a lot of hair to wash after workouts), deep brown eyes, a ten mega-watt smile, and a smooth deep voice. In only a few words, Tanya could tell he was from another country. (She tried to place the accent. Caribbean? African?) And his skin was a deep chocolate brown, much like Tanya's mother. That made her feel comfortable.

"Of course you may." Tanya tried to stay calm. "See? These are just some things I do to keep my skills sharp"

Tanya showed him a few of her sketches: a girl reading, a couple talking, a boy hurrying to get to class, the quad and its fountain against a sky filled with cotton candy clouds.

"Oh my! I should say these are just beautiful, my dear." His voice was not only smooth and deep but lilting. "You have the talent- -yes you do."

He introduced himself as Reginald. He was from Jamaica and he was a runner on the university's track team. He was at school on a scholarship to run track and to study athletics- -training, coaching, management. He was fast, not world class, but solid. He could compete in the sprints but really didn't have the quick burst of speed needed for success against the 100M and the 200m specialists. He ran the 400m, the 800m well. He sometimes ran the 1500m, though he was at somewhat of a disadvantage in them due to his size. The "milers" were smaller, skinnier, and not as well muscled as Reginald. But in those middle distances his strength could win out. He also did some of the other events like the hurdles, the broad jump and triple jump and could throw a javelin and discus, and did all right in the pole vault. In fact, he was just beginning to get the idea that he could be a decathlete.

As they chatted, Tanya got to know more about him, she found that he wasn't like the other "jocks" that she had met. Reginald was, on the surface, mild though Tanya could sense a competitive spirit in him. He was cultured, brought up in an educated family. The music he listened to was classical, not rap or even rock. Opera wasn't foreign to him: Mozart, Rossini, Verdi and Puccini. He knew are: DaVinci, Monet, Picasso, and Pollock. He was conversant with the classics in literature, though he admitted modern literature left him cold. In short, he had good taste.

They began dating. Tanya took it slow. She didn't want to come on too strong right away and make him that she was just a slut looking for some sex. She would be setting herself up for being disrespected if she did that. And she also wanted to make sure that she didn't get herself into a "situation" because she misread him, in terms of his being open-minded about sexual matters. Plus, Tanya wanted to try to have a regular relationship as a woman with a man. So they did the "dating" things: dinners, movies, museums, even miniature golf and bowling. They had fun.

Tanya had to sacrifice time with the girls to cultivate her interest in Reginald but, once the girls got the picture of what Tanya was trying to accomplish, they let her go with their good graces. Tanya didn't separate herself entirely; she just found her self indulging in the "girl play" a little less frequently. Besides, Julie, Irene and Mary were dying to know how things were going. Their play sessions turned into gab sessions as much as they did sex-fests.

The night finally came, near the end of the school year, when Tanya knew that she had to introduce sex into her and Reginald's relationship. Tanya loved that control. As a woman, she could pretty much dictate whether there was going to be sex or not. Unless there was alcohol, drugs, or date rape the woman pretty much called the shots. Tanya could tease with the best of them; it is just that she usually didn't. When she was in her male years, she detested "prick-teasers"- -out and out flirts who would just give a guy a case of "blue-balls" and leave them hanging (in more ways than one). Being a woman now, Tanya had some compassion for the guys who she knew wanted to have sex; she didn't hint that she "would" unless she "would".

Tanya and Reginald were walking at the lake near the school after having dinner. They sat down on a secluded picnic bench to watch the sunset. It was a very romantic scene. The sky was reddening, the evening breeze ruffled the calm water and rustled the leaves in the trees, and the warmth of the day turned cooler- -not cold, just cooler.

The sat side by side on the bench with their arms leaning on the table until the sun disappeared. Tanya looked around and saw that they were alone, not a soul in sight either at the nearby tables or on the path winding around the lake shore. And they were sitting at the table on the side that was farthest away from the lake; this gave them some extra "cover" should someone come strolling down the path unexpectedly.

Without saying a word, Tanya reached around Reginald's waist and gently slid her hand inside of the waistband of his sweat pants. He tensed a little at this, half because he wasn't expecting it and half because it felt good. Tanya's hand snaked its way beneath his underwear until it found a familiar shape there, a cock that was rapidly becoming hard to the touch.

"Swing your legs around." Tanya was in her clam directive mode now, "Get them out from underneath the table."

As Reginald moved around his butt came off the bench and Tanya took this opportunity to pull his sweats and his shorts down in one swift move. There was enough light for Tanya to see his erect penis, large but not massive, looking like it needed some attention. She had his pants down around his knees and she knelt down to tug them farther down around his ankles. As she did this, she leaned forward so that her lips just brushed the head of his cock. It twitched as if it had a mind of its own.

"Oh, my! We're going to have to tame that rascal!" Tanya said in mock surprise. "It needs to be reined in for sure!"

With her hands moving across his thighs, Tanya grasped Reginald's cock in both hands, one hand on the top and one hand on the bottom and simultaneously stroked them up and down to further stimulate his stiff rod. She could hear him take a deep breath. Reaching up with one hand underneath his t-shirt, Tanya found his chest, located a nipple, and began squeezing it between her thumb and forefinger. At the same time, she stroked his cock with the other hand while she lowered her head, opened her mouth, and took him in.

Reginald had a stout cock, not oversized, but substantial. Tanya could get it inside her mouth but needed some lubrication to allow it to slide in and out. She backed the cock out, worked up some saliva, and quietly let it dribble out of her mouth onto the shiny head. She used her tongue to smooth the liquid around and could tell from the texture on her tongue that her saliva had mixed with some pre-cum that had seeped out of Reginald's dick. The salty taste made Tanya start to get hard but she knew that had to take a back seat to her task at hand.

She got Reginald's cock back into her mouth and started working on it in earnest. It swelled more as she stimulated it with her lips and tongue, the head getting even more taut and shiny. She knew she couldn't take the whole thing into her mouth so she stroked with her hand and mouth fucked his cock taking it a little deeper with each stroke while she tweaked his nipple with her other hand. He began to respond to this by lifting his butt off of the bench and thrusting his hips in time with Tanya's stroking.

After a couple of minutes, Reginald's thrusting became more frequent and more forceful. He tensed and froze and then let loose of his pent up sperm right into Tanya's mouth. She wasn't quite ready for it; she had misjudged his signs and was on an out stroke when he came. She gagged just a little bit at the quantity of liquid that was injected into her mouth and this caused some of it to spurt out between her lips and onto her hand that still encircled the spasming cock. But Tanya made a quick recovery and began swallowing what was in her mouth to make way for the extra that was coming. When Reginald had finished, she made sure she had gotten all of his semen by milking his cock with her hand and then, after she pulled her mouth off of him, she licked the residual sperm that was on his shaft and that had run down onto her hand.

Rising to her feet, Tanya said to Reginald, "That wasn't for anything except that I wanted to do it. Do you know what I mean?"

"Why, yes, Tanya. I think I understand." Reginald was still a little disconcerted at the suddenness of Tanya's passion. "You're telling me that you just wanted to do that- -no strings attached. Right?"

"Yes. That's it. No strings attached." Tanya echoed Reginald but added, "No strings except that you respect me."

"Of course I respect you!" Reginald was emphatic. "How could I not? You're a wonderful girl."

Tanya thought it was a little ridiculous for this serious conversation to be happening while Reginald still had his pants down around his ankles. She took his hands, pulled him in to a standing position, and knelt down to pull his underwear and pants back up. She gave his now limp pecker a little kiss as her mouth passed by as it disappeared beneath his pants.

Standing again, Tanya said, "What I mean is that you don't own me just because I gave you a blow job. You're delicious and I liked it but that's sex. I hope we have more than just that in our relationship."

In his lilting accent, Reginald responded, "Tanya, I enjoyed that too- -more than you can imagine. But I enjoy more the time we have had together. You have been a good friend, someone I feel comfortable with, someone I feel compatible with. To be honest, I hadn't thought of having sex until we were doing it just now. It surprised me- -pleasantly, I might add. If we have sex that's fine; if we don't that's fine, too. I just enjoy being with you."

Tanya wasn't quite sure if Reginald meant that or not but she loved to hear it just the same. It actually gave her hope that it was possible to have a friendship and a sexual relationship with a man both at once. It was a hope that fueled her spirit.

They left the lake, went into town, and had a coffee before parting and going home.

Tanya felt wonderful.

^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^

^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^

The next day, Tanya got together with Julie, Irene and Mary. She told them all about her experience with Reginald and asked their collective permission to introduce him to their little party. She admonished them that they had to be careful bringing Reginald in; she would work out a plan to do that satisfactorily. They all agreed.

Tanya, however, was beyond horny. Her passion of the night before had left her with a pent up need for an orgasm. Even though she felt she was a woman, she still had male physiology to deal with and that meant her semen build-up had to be dealt with. She didn't feel like jacking off either.

Mary seemed to be the one who sensed this and gave a nod to Julie and Irene. All three led Tanya into the bedroom, undressed her, and laid her out on the bed. Tanya was more than willing to be passive and let the three take care of her.

Julie was at Tanya's feet massaging them while Irene attacked the other end kissing Tanya and stroking her brow. Mary went right for the gold caressing Tanya's penis until he became erect. Irene moved down from Tanya's mouth to her chest and sucked on her nipples while Mary alternately stroked and sucked Tanya's cock. Julie worked her way up from Tanya's feet, to her legs, to her crotch. As Mary worked on Tanya's penis, Julie licked her finger and then inserted it in Tanya's ass probing until she found Tanya's prostate- -Tanya gave out a moan as Julie's finger massaged that gland.

Tanya came in a rush. Her semen shot out of her cock during one of Mary's stroking phases and spurted all the way up past Mary's face until it landed on Tanya's chest and splattered against Irene's cheek. All three girls "oooohed" and "aaaahed" at the volume and vigor of Tanya's ejaculation. There was a bit of a struggle among them as to which of them could lick up the most of it.

Tanya nodded off to sleep to the tune of the girls giggling as they licked her cum off of Irene's cheek, doing their own three-way cum swap. She was only vaguely aware of the girls sex play afterward.

In her semi-dream state, something came to Tanya. It seemed odd that she thought of it but once the image caught hold it almost woke her completely up. It occurred to Tanya that Mary was actually wearing toenail polish. How interesting! Tanya sensed there was something going on with Mary......

^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Something was going on with Reginald, too. When Tanya saw him in the middle of the week, he seemed very, very different. What once been a kind almost courtly man became a very cool and distant person. What could have happened in two days that could have changed him that much?

"Tell me, Reginald. Something is different with us." Tanya dispensed with formalities. "What's going on?"

"I almost can't talk about it, Tanya." Reginald said "Tanya" as if he were in fact putting quotation marks around it. "How could you do that to me?"

"Do what to you? Give you a blow job?" Tanya was flabbergasted. "We've been good for each other. What could I have done?"

Reginald was steely. "You could have TOLD me!"

"Told you WHAT?" Tanya sounded amazed but she thought she knew what was stuck in Reginald's craw. But she decided to let him say it.

"You could have told me that you were a MAN!" Reginald looked like he wanted to spit and wipe his lips with his sleeve. "I had to find that out from my friends!"

Tanya was afraid that would happen sometime. She had gambled that the people who knew her as Dan were either gone from school or didn't really care that she was now living as a woman. She didn't count on the mean spirited few that remained. It seems that Reginald had fallen in with some of them.

"Here I was talking about the wonderful girl I was dating when one of the guys on the track team sprung that on me!" Reginald gorge was rising. "He said, 'I know that person. She's a HE! I didn't know you hadn't figured that out!' And what was I to say? I said, 'Of course I knew. But it was one hell of a good blow job.' I had to laugh along with the joke. I couldn't let them know I'd been gulled."

"Oh? One hell of a good blow job?" Tanya was angry now. "You bet your ass it was one hell of a good blow job. That's the only kind I give. Too bad it left a bad taste in YOUR mouth. I'm sorry your delicate male pride was injured."

Reginald was unmoved. "You lied to me! You should have told me- -sooner. I would have understood. But, NO! I had to find it out from one of the guys."

Tanya was downright steamed now. "Is that right? So, what you're telling me is that if you had known you would have kept seeing me? I don't think you're being honest about that. Admit it: You were just after some pussy!"

Reginald remained silent, tight jawed.

Tanya bored in. "I thought we established a friendship. Would you have done that if you'd known I was a male? I gather from what you are telling me, the answer is 'no'. I wanted to be sure we were compatible before we had sex- -and I thought we were. And so now that you know and now that I've sucked your cock, why should that change anything in the friendship?

"But you're a MAN!" Reginald nearly yelped the last word. "How could I have THAT type of a 'friendship' with a MAN?"

"Get off of it! It shouldn't change anything except for the fact that you're a homophobic jock!" Tanya was at her wits end. It was time for both barrels. "Just for your information 'my good man', naked I may look like a man but I'm a woman on the inside- -and more of a woman than you're ever likely to meet again. I hope you remember that blow job and that it makes you think how good things could have been. GOOD BYE!"

Tanya turned and stomped away with tears running down her cheeks. Reginald thought that was a typically female response. It did make him wonder.

Tanya saw him again around campus during the rest of the school year but never talked to him again. Reginald didn't return to school after the summer. Tanya heard that he was training for the Olympics. A year later she saw that he had made the Olympic team from Jamaica- -as an alternate- -and that he gotten involved in some sort of scandal during the games. He was sent home after being arrested for consorting with a prostitute- -a MALE prostitute! Such is life.

^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^

^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Tanya was disconsolate over the Reginald affair. What she thought was her best chance at having a loving, sexual relationship with a man blew up in her face. What was she to do? What could she expect if men reacted that way to her? She wasn't in to gay men; transsexual men/women were a sexual turn on- -she only had to think of Dana- -but that was still more like having a relationship with another woman; and having a relationship with other women was....well...it was vanilla. Sure sex could be good either way but there was something unfulfilled in her.

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