tagFirst TimeTaste Test: Lipstick and Wine

Taste Test: Lipstick and Wine


She remembers the first time she played her "taste test" game with a guy. In a church parking lot. In their small rural town, kids grew up a little slower, and their sexual experiences were all in their heads. They had just graduated from high school and were now adults, but neither of them had actually had much experience with the other sex. While she called him her boyfriend, it really didn't imply too much at that time.

Which is why parking in the church parking lot was as dangerous a thing as either of them had ever done. She liked how he kissed. He would lean into her and gently kiss her lips. They learned to "french kiss" together and she liked how that felt. The funny thing is that he would close his eyes when he kissed, but she would keep hers open. She liked to see the expression on his face, and she also needed to keep an eye on his hands.

His hands tended to roam a little. Sometimes a little too much. He would have his hands on her waist or neck, but then the rubbing would go a little higher or lower and he'd be touching the sides of her breasts. She remembers being excited by that, but also scared, and she would gently push his hands back down, while continuing to suck on his tongue.

She thought of the "taste taste" game partly to keep him focused on kissing her. She found an advertisement for a lip stick set in the back of one of her mom's magazines. The set contained a series of flavored lipsticks -- cherry, lemon, cocoa, etc. She snuck her mom's credit card, called the number to order the set, and had it mailed home. She didn't think her mom would notice the charge on the card, since it didn't cost much. And she made sure to be home before her mom got home from work, so she could check the mail.

The night she got the package, she snuck out with her boyfriend again. After the usual kissing and pushing away of roaming hands, she told him she had a surprise for him. She climbed up on his lap in the front seat, and told him to shut his eyes. She took the lipstick case out of her purse, applied the first flavor, then said to him "Tell me what you taste."

She kissed him deeply. She could feel his surprise at the different flavor. She pulled back a little, and he licked her lips. "What's that," he asked, "a fruit?"

"Yes, silly, it's banana. Haven't you ever had one of those?" she laughed.

"Sure," he said. "Try me again."

This time she chose cherry, and made a point of smearing it all over her lips so that when they kissed, she could smear it all over his face. "That's cherry," he said. "You're getting smarter," she replied.

The game continued through a few more rounds of flavors. But she remembers losing focus on the flavors, because something was happening below her. She was sitting in his lap, legs on either side of his. She had never sat quite like this before. The position in the car made her sit quite heavily on his lap, and with her legs spread, she became aware of something pressing on her panties. She liked the feeling, and without trying to reveal what she was doing, pressed her panties down harder.

They were still kissing, and pretending not to notice what was going on below. He was now slightly moving, and she could feel the hardness through his pants, pressing on her panties. She pressed back. This was new. Although neither said anything, they were beginning a slow dry hump.

She was concentrating on the sensation between her legs, and hardly noticed that one of his hands had strayed down to her upper thigh. The hand was on her outer leg, under her skirt, but still up high. She was thinking she should stop him, but she liked the feeling as his fingers pressed into her leg.

Soon his hand slid back and he was cupping her buttocks. She knew she really should stop him, but she thought, "well, he's still on top of my panties, so that's okay."

The kisses were now so wet that their faces were getting all slippery. She knew something else was getting slippery -- her pussy was now grinding into his cock, and although they were both still fullly clothed, the hard and the wet were trying very hard to get together.

His hand on her butt had moved now under her butt, and as her hips slid back and forth on his hard jeans, his hand slid forward and in, and she felt one finger slide along the side of her panties, between her thigh and pussy lips. She gasped and raised her hips away, but that only opened her up further. She felt one finger slide under her panties, then along her slit, and then into her vagina.

"Stop," she said, and sat back down heavily on him. He did stop moving, but his finger was still in her pussy. Sitting down again actually pushed his finger deeper into her.

They sat there both a few moments, breathing heavily, neither moving or saying anything.

She resumed her game. "What flavor now?" she asked with a smile as she kissed him again. "Strawberry," he said, licking her lips and relieved that she wasn't mad. They laughed and kissed some more. She was liking the feeling of his finger in her pussy, and she didn't object when he started moving again.

Although their game went on for another hour, nothing much more happened that evening. She went home with a glow, thinking "I can't believe I let a guy touch me there." He went home with painful balls, but thrilled that for the first time in his life he had actually touched a girl's pussy.

Part II

That was five years ago. Since then she had learned that she not only liked to be kissed and finger fucked, but she liked the taste of man's cock in her mouth and absolutely loved the sensations of having a cock inside her. She found that some men liked to "taste" her pussy, and the orgasms she had on the tip of a tongue were amazing. She also learned not to send guys home with blue balls, and instead learned how to leave them drained and with a smile on their face. Perhaps because of her first experiences in the church parking lot, her favorite position was sitting on a guy's lap, impaling herself on his cock. She liked the position because she could still do lots of kissing and liked when guys would suck on her perky little nipples. Grinding her pubic area down in this position was also the sure-fire way to a quick orgasm.

Since then she had graduated from college with a degree in business marketing. Having a college degree was supposed to be the ticket to a well paid job, but the economy didn't cooperate. Instead she found herself working as a waitress in an upscale restaurant in a downtown hotel. Instead of writing ad copy and coming up with marketing campaigns, she worked hard to move the drinks and food.

But marketing skills even in a waitress job should not be underrated. She was good at understanding a customer's desires and could quickly connect them to the drink or dinner specials being served.

Her assigned tables were towards the back of the restaurant, in a Japanese themed seating area. The tables were low, and customers sat on low couches. Each of the tables was surrounded by 4 foot high soji screen partitions, both to compliment the design and to afford a degree of privacy for the patrons. The hotel guests, who were usually there on business, liked this area for happy hour business meetings or for quiet dinners with clients.

Today she had an afternoon shift. Not a good assignment because business was usually slow until later in the evening. She hung out at the bar with the manager and bar tender and other waitress. Around 3:00 p.m. a convention must have finished, and a few people wandered into the bar or sat at the regular tables up near the windows. About 3:30 her first customer came in. A tall, well dressed man in a sharp business suit. He was alone, and stood for a minute surveying the restaurant's layout. When he saw the secluded Japanese area in the back, he smiled and made his way back there.

She found him in one of the screened off areas. He seemed a little surprised when she came into the room, as if he thought he could be alone in a public restaurant.

"Good afternoon, sir," she said, "I think I may have scared you! Is there something I can get for you?"

"Sure, sorry," he said. "I guess I was kind of sneaking off by myself. It's been a long day with too many people. A nice quiet glass of wine would be nice."

"Of course, sir. You're welcome to sit back here and I'll make sure it's very quiet for you. May I recommend a wine? We have an excellent selection."

"Yes please, I'd like a dry white. What do you recommend?"

She went through a short list of possibilities, and discussed the merits of each with him, and he settled on a white bordeaux. Although she was doing much of the talking, she was closely watching his eyes. Kind eyes. At first he had looked tired and maybe sad. But as they talked she saw him come alive, and saw his eyes had a little twinkle that matched his smile. She quickly realized that his eyes also had a tendency to roam, taking her in face and hair, then dropping to the floor, then sliding up her legs.

She did have nice legs, and she knew it. The mini skirt with the center slit had a tendency to draw men's eyes, which of course was one reason it was one of her standard work outfits. As she left to get the chosen wine, she knew his eyes were following her.

When she returned, he was relaxed, leaning back into the low couch. Serving drinks on low tables was a bit tricky, especially in a short skirt, but she had mastered the art of turning sideways to the customer, bending at the hips, and slowly lowering the glass to the table. Although his eyes were on her legs, he leaned forward to take the glass from her hand. She waited while he took the first sip, and pronounced the wine good.

Usually she would leave the customer at this point, but he engaged in small talk about the wine, and then the restaurant, and was finding ways to keep her attention.

"My my, what a flirt," she thought. But she also thought, "there aren't any other customers, and flirting with this guy isn't a bad way to kill a little time." So she lingered.

He finished his wine fairly quickly, which presented an awkward moment. She really should clear his glass, offer another, or something, but she can't keep standing there just to talk to him.

Her marketing skills quickly kicked in. "Sir, if you enjoyed that wine, perhaps you would enjoy our "Wine Tasters Selection." She went on to explain: "We bring you a selection of ten of our best wines for your tasting. Your only obligation is to buy a bottle of your favorite. These wines are rather expensive, but I have a feeling you'll like what you taste."

She could tell he liked that idea. Although he may have originally come to the restaurant for a quiet moment alone, the idea of having this pretty lady serve him a series of excellent wines was very appealing.

When she returned she had a tray full of glasses. Both of them were smiling as she set the tray down on the low table. She knew he was enjoying the view of her tight ass under that skirt, and she didn't mind him looking.

She started describing the first wine and handed him the glass. But as he reached to take it, his eyes were still on her legs and his hand slipped. Wine spilled onto her hand.

"I'm so sorry," he said, "I can't believe I was that clumsy."

"No problem," she said, "but I don't want you to miss your first tasting." She reached her hand out to him and he quickly understood. He licked her fingers where the wine had spilled.

"Now that was bad," she thought, "I've never pulled that stunt with a customer before." But as she looked at him, all she saw was smiles, and she knew she had to kiss him. "But you can't just go around kissing customers," she thought.

Her church parking lot experiences came back to her. Perhaps another tasting game would be in order.

"Sir, there is some left in this glass, would you like another taste?"

"Yes, if I could," he replied.

She dipped a finger in the glass, then reached out and gently wet his lips. She dipped again, and wet her own lips. "Taste this," she said as she leaned in to kiss him.

Now this was nice. He was a good kisser. She giggled as they each took another sip of the wine, and kissed again, tasting each other.

This was also really crazy. By bending down to kiss him, she was below the 4 foot high soji screens, so no one could really see them. But still...

The first glass gone, she began to explain the origin and merits of the second glass of wine, a pinot noir. As she did so, he reached forward and gently took one of her ankles with both hands. As she talked, he felt his hands slowly moving up, caressing her calf, then her knee, and lower thigh.

"Please sir," she said, "would you like to taste your wine now?"

"Yes," he said, taking the glass, a sip, and then handing to her. She took a sip and handed it back. He wet his fingers in the wine and then touched the back of her thigh, spreading the cold liquid in small strokes. He took another sip then leaned forward and kissed her, just above the knee. She could feel the wine slipping out between his lips and dripping down her leg as he gently bit and sucked her leg.

This was really too much, she thought. She handed him the third glass of wine, forgetting to give the introductory lecture. She stood up straight, looking over the soji screen. She could see that the restaurant was still nearly empty, and the few customers were busy at the bar with their backs turned toward her.

He was busy below the screen. With the third glass he was now dribbling wine on her upper thigh and then licking it off. Looking down, she saw that since he was still sitting in the couch, his face was at her crotch level. And his licking and eyes were moving upwards.

"Oh oh, I think I know what's coming next," she thought as she reached for the fourth glass of wine and downed it herself without even offering it to him.

He took the fifth glass himself. This was a sparkling white. She shut her eyes as the tingling liquid was applied to her inner thigh, and then to the edge of her panty line.

She remembered back to the church parking lot, and the first finger that found its way into her panties. But this wasn't a finger, this was a tongue, and it was a lot more bold. He poured the sixth glass of wine onto her panties, completely soaking them. He used his teeth to find and then gently bite her pussy lips through her panties.

"Stop," she said. He looked up in surprise. "Oh for God's sake, just please eat my pussy now," she moaned. She reached down and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. He wasted no time. He was tonguing her slit as she reached out and took the seventh glass of wine and again swallowed it in one gulp. His mouth was full of pussy juice and he didn't need any more lubrication right now.

She was looking out over the soji screen. Although no one was paying them any attention, she knew she couldn't have an orgasm in plain view of other people. She had to stop. Her hands and legs were shaking as she pulled him away from her pussy and shoved him back into the couch.

"Please, sir," she said, "I have to sit down now."

"Ok," he said, looking at her quizzically.

"I mean sit down on your cock, for God's sake," she said. "Really, get it out now, I can't last longer."

His pants were down and his cock was out in a flash. She practically fell onto it, stopping for an instant to reach down and position it before impaling herself. That did it, she starting cumming almost immediately. She was in her favorite position, grinding down into a guy's lap while he thrust up into her. She was trembling uncontrollably, her pussy soaked with wine and her juices and now, she could feel him cumming within her, long spurts filling her up.

As her breathing slowed, she knew she had to move again. She rolled off him. They were both looking at the wet sloppy mess they'd made. "I'd better clean up fast," she thought, but first,

"Would you like another taste sir?" She smiled and handed him the eighth glass, while taking the ninth herself. They drank quietly, smiling at each other, then gathered all the napkins from the table to clean up with. She left him with a kiss and the tenth glass to enjoy in private.

It had felt like hours, but actually, she was only gone from the bar for 30 minutes, not an inappropriate time for a decent wine tasting. When she came back to the bar, the manager looked up and asked "So, did he like it? Which bottle does he want?"

"All ten of them. Put them in a box and deliver them to his room," she said, showing the manager the room key she had slipped from his pocket. "He said he's never had such great tasting wine in his life."

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