tagLesbian SexTasting the Teacher

Tasting the Teacher


Chloe's life as a single mom was full of challenges lately, and frankly not fun. The rebel inside her was demanding release. Not enough loving, too much work. Damn!

Sometimes taking a fun break meant watching a soft porn film. This would typically happen after Jill had fallen asleep. This meant indulging herself with some creative finger and toy play.

"Ohh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhhh, yes fuck me ... fuck me hard," the woman on the screen went.

Chloe's vibrator pulsed and probed her pussy as she brought herself close to the edge. She caressed her breasts. She pinched her nipples. She pouted at the imaginary man waiting to ravish her.

Who said women don't like to watch porn? Some do.

The door was locked and her daughter Jill was fast asleep. Chloe could be wanton and give in to her own desires in the privacy of her room. Her wide hips, lacy panties, decadent bra and ample bosom were a treat to behold, but sadly there was no man, or indeed woman, to behold the spectacle.

Chloe's orgasm was close. "Fuck, this feels good," she thought as she pumped her twat. Her eyes fluttered and lips parted getting ready for the passion that would soon overcome her.

"Ahhh ... ahhh," she moaned rubbing her clit with urgency as the woman on the screen screamed that she was coming. Their eyes seemed to lock in the critical moment. She was consumed by a carnal current that took her over the edge.

Chloe took her slick fingers up to her nose. She imagined it was the actress's come. She savored the smell and licked her fingers. What a sicko she was she thought as she smiled at her own decadence.

Not that she minded making love to women. It had been so long and Chad had kept her off women with his conservative ways. Chad the ex husband! Bad Chad! Now he was gone for good and there was no reason to respect his rules.

"Who would be her first conquest?" she wondered, contemplating the world of unlicked pussies out there.

A parent teacher conference was coming up.

Chloe was embarrassed to realize she'd never even met the new teacher.

Carla was a new teacher who was in for a three month stint while Jill's teacher was out having a baby. She had a printed copy of her biography though, which gave her some information.

Chloe went to online to search. She found Carla's Facebook page but there was precious little about her.

"Mystery woman?" thought Chloe. There were some pictures though. Dark haired, with a pierced nose. Quite sexy and dainty.

One of the older pictures caught her attention. It featured a younger Carla with shorter hair. A Fleur de Lis was tattooed on her left shoulder.

"Where have I seen her before?" Chloe wondered. This girl seemed so familiar.

Then, in a flash it hit her.

She rewound the video. The young slave girl licking the pussy of the busty blonde in the second scene came into view. Hard to tell but there was a striking resemblance to Carla. She moved the video frame by frame until the shoulder came into view. She zoomed. Bingo! There it was. A Fleur de Lis tattoo.

The credits said her name was "Randy" Candy.

What a catch! A porn actress who licks pussy and is now operating as substitute teacher. How cool was that! It made the whole parent teacher conference a fun prospect. She fully intended to turn this meeting into a sexual romp.

Chloe called in to reschedule the meeting to the end of the day. Jill was set up to go on a play date and set for the evening. That would give them some time.

She shaved her pussy, got new clothes, did a full makeover and prepped for the meeting. Expensive, low cut dress with a coat for modesty. Pearls and her favorite perfume. As a final step she slipped out of her panties and slipped them into her purse.

Three blocks down the road she passed a pan handler who always ogled her.

She squatted in front of him in a way that was calculated to make her skirt ride up. He looked down and saw her shaved puss. His eyes were ready to pop from their sockets.

She reached in her purse and fished out the silky pink panties and dropped them in his hat. Before he could react or make a grab for her she got up.

"For you, old man," she said breathlessly. "Enjoy! It's fresh." He raised the garment to his nose and inhaled a deep breath. The musky pussy smell mixed with perfume formed a lovely cocktail of aromas. From the look of satisfaction you'd think it was fine wine!

She felt a thrill. This was someone appreciating her in a way that words could not express and it gave her a wave of confidence. It was genuine appreciation. She needed the confidence boost!

Later that evening she met Clara. The first glance told her she was right on the money.

Clara had the delicate features of a doll. Dark hair, with sensuous brown eyes and a lot of grace. Chloe found her most attractive. She kept her coat on through the meeting, not wanting to play her cards too early.

The parent teacher meeting was uneventful. Clara was keen to get out of there and went through the points quickly. It had been a long day. Jill was doing well. Nothing to worry about. Chloe was distracted and could barely focus.

As Clara looked down into her book, Chloe's eyes were on her cleavage. Not naughty or outrageous, but still more than your average teacher's bosom display. A hint of lace peeked from the sides.

Clara looked up and caught her looking. She reddened and caught her breath. Clara's smile went into a broad grin.

"No, don't be embarrassed," she said. "If you've got it, use it!"

Chloe unbuttoned her coat and stepped out of it to reveal her own breathtaking bosom.

Now it was Clara's turn to stare. It was an insanely low cut blouse. This was not your usual parent! "I agree," she said and smiled. The ice was broken.

Clara meant to go back to the report she was reading, but Chloe had other plans. Reaching forward she touched Clara's hands. Looking deep into her eyes with a mischievous smile she said, "Enough of that. Let's talk about you. How did you end up here? You're so young!"

Clara was clearly being affected by the ravishing woman's proximity to her. Chloe's perfume was getting to her now. She began to tell her how she'd stumbled into teaching after doing a bunch of odd jobs.

"Were you ever an actress?" Chloe asked twirling her hair.

"Why do you ask?" Clara said, averting her eyes.

"Does Randy Candy ring a bell, sweetie?", Chloe asked gently. Clara's eyes widened and a terrified look came over her. She looked like she was going to cry.

"You poor thing! I don't mind in the least. I won't tell I promise," she said and simultaneously raised her skirt slowly. She let it ride up provocatively and exposed her shaved pussy.

"I like naughty girls. I love what you did to that woman!" she purred in a voice that said it all. "You made her come so good. Won't you do it to me."

Chloe widened her legs to expose some pink. She ran her fingers gently over the slit, opening it to show how wet she was.

She touched her clit and moaned softly, "Come her Candy. Give mama some tongue."

"Are you crazy?" Clara screamed. She ran to the door and locked it. "You'll get me thrown out the school."

"It's your last interview. So what's the big deal?" Chloe asked.

"This is a school! They could come anytime and check on me."

Chloe said, "OK, so we'll go somewhere else."

She put on her coat and slowly walked over to the girl guarding the door. Very gently she placed a kiss on her lips.

No resistance.

She let her tongue explore the young girl's mouth. Clara kissed right back. With passion, and lots of tongue action. Tongue playing on tongue. Tongue sliding on and licking Chloe's lips. This girl knew how to kiss! Her eyes were dancing like stars. It was now Chloe's turn to be surprised.

"You're sexy," said Chloe.

"I know," said Clara.

"I want you," said Chloe.

"Not here. Let me wind up. We'll go to my place. It's a couple of blocks away."

Chloe was breathless with excitement.

A half hour later they burst into her apartment. Clara had barely set her things down when Chloe was upon her. She grabbed her from behind.

Chloe's hands were naughty and insistent, exploring Clara's body. They found their way into her dress and cupped her breasts. She massaged the nipples, now hard and responsive to touch. She squeezed them. It had been so long since she'd touched another woman.

Clara's breasts were petite and white. Delicate, smooth and firm.

"Almost perfect," she thought. "Like a work of art."

The caresses seemed to be affecting Clara quite a bit. She whimpered and turned around and brought Chloe's mouth down to her breasts.

Chloe needed no other invitation. Slow, long licks, running over one breast and then the other.

Zeroing on the left breast with her mouth, she caressed the right one with her hands. She bit the nipple ever so slightly. She teased with her teeth. A small bite next, which made Clara squeal. Then she engulfed the breast, with a hunger that took Clara by surprise.

Chloe pushed Clara down on the couch. Lifting her long and athletic leg up she spread herself wide to expose her oozing pussy.

Clara needed no second invitation. Her mouth was on Chloe's twat. She inhaled the aroma. Lovely woman musk that would make a slut girl like her want to bury her nose in it. She licked and probed and sucked expertly.

Clara's tongue was everywhere and her fingers were probing. It felt great.

Chloe started to moan as the tonguing of her intimate flesh awoke thrilling sensations in her. Dildos never felt as good as the real thing.

"Oh fuck, you're good," she gasped grabbing Clara's hair and pushing her against her crotch.

Clara was no longer the teacher. She was an instrument of pleasure for Chloe. A sex kitten who lived to lick pussy juice, and did what her mistress told her.

Their clothes were off now. Chloe lay Clara down and mounted her face.

"Keep licking, bitch!" she yelled, sensing Clara's willingness to submit. This was going to be a lot of fun. She pinched her nipples harshly.

Chloe brought her mouth down to Clara's puss. She had a nice fuzz of hair.

Chloe's tongue probed the slit and tasted the juice. The clit was pierced. Chloe's fingers explored. She licked them and savored the feminine flavor the juices had.

"Teach, you're tasty," said Chloe as Clara widened her legs to give her more access.

"Ooohh, lick me, eat me ...," Clara moaned as Chloe's tongue rubbed her sensitive bud. Chloe took her slick index finger and in a sudden thrust entered Clara's tender little ass.

"Ahhhh, I like that," cried her sex kitten, as Chloe finger fucked her ass licking her pussy with zest.

The two women in a 69 position devoured each other with passion. Each had a hunger that had been starved for months.

For Clara it was liberating not to be the teacher figure -- the one in control. She could be herself. The sexy, submissive nymph seeking the caresses of an older, dominant woman, who could control and punish her at will.

For Chloe, finding a playmate who could artfully drive her to an orgasm with her tongue, and let herself be used as a sex toy was a thrill.

A big orgasm was soon upon them. They moaned together, driving each other over the brink with each successive lick and each naughty thrust of a finger.

As they felt the explosion, Chloe cried out "Ohhh fuck. Ohhh yeah... C L A R A ... I love you!"

Embarrassed and surprised she looked at her new plaything and saw that Clara's eyes were wet with tears. Tears of joy. She had found someone she could belong to. Chloe looked in her eyes and saw love.

They kissed tenderly. The pussy juices in their mouths were mingling. Clara snuggled up to Chloe's bosom and felt completely at home.

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