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Tatiana's Hotel Room


Tatiana Golovin marveled at herself in the mirror - she had squeezed into a pair of panties that was lyrca-tight and a black silk bra that had her breasts look like they were spilling out. She still felt an insatiable lust burning in her despite the day's happenings.

She checked the time - Maria Kirilenko should be here any moment. Checking that her room door was slightly ajar, she hurried over to the large bed and tied on wrist to a bedpost, the other she allowed to wander freely on herself. She could already feel herself getting moist.

Maria soon emerged, and grinned when she saw the prize awaiting her. Tatiana put a finger into a mouth, and licked it slowly. Quickly discarding her bathrobe to reveal a similarly tight bikini that wrapped itself over her full breasts, Maria walked towards Tatiana, taking care to sway her hips. She held Tatiana's hand for a moment, before tying that up too to the other bedpost so that Tatiana was laid out; defenseless. Tatiana crossed her legs, clenching her vagina as she did as she felt her juices beginning to flow.

"I need you Maria," she said

Maria felt a cold tingle travel down her spine. With one knee she slowly pushed Tatiana's legs apart and with a finger she grazed the spot where her clitoris was; red and inflamed no doubt. Maria untied her bikini top and her breasts made Tatiana's eyes go wide. They were firm, and defined. Maria then made a show of removing her bottom, slowly pulling the string so that the material lingered tantalizingly on her hips for a moment, before it too fell away.

Tatiana could hardly wait anymore, she pushed her hips forward, desperate for contact with her pussy. "Please, Maria..." she whimpered. Her back arched.

Maria admired what was before her. She too began leaking juices, her nipples rock hard. She wanted relief - now - but knew she had to drag the ordeal out.

Moving in so that her naked pussy was millimeters from Tatiana's, she kissed her arms, slowly licking her way to her neck. Tatiana's panties were now drenched in her lust. "Oh, Maria...I need it please..."

Maria silenced her with a deep French kiss, pushing her tongue deep into her. Her hands moved behind Tatiana's arse, held them for a moment before pushing them towards herself so that both their pussies made contact. "Hmmph!" cried out Tatiana, muffled by their kiss. Her hands pulled against their bonds, gripping them tightly. Maria began to grind - the wet material between them made a sopping sound as they both their tongues went into overdrive in each other's mouths.

A quick hand of Maria's pulled at the clasps of Tatiana's bra, so that Tatiana pushed her full breasts against Maria's. Tatiana's moans grew into defeated whimpers as she came hard. The foreplay had overwhelmed her as Maria felt her pussy spasm against her own. She broke the kiss and Tatiana let her head tilt backwards, moaning.

"I'm not done with you yet, Tati" Maria said, in a low growl.

She hurried over to a drawer which she knew contained Tatiana's toy collection. Choosing a clear, jelly like dildo and a clitoris vibrator, she hurried back towards the bed keen to get own self off. Seeing Maria's naked body jiggle with movement made Tatiana roll her eyes backwards again.

Maria saw Tatiana - sprawled out - and could stand no more. She wrapped the vibrator which consisted of a double sided pad of rough beads which vibrated when a switch was turned on so that it pleasured on both sides. She carefully slipped the jelly dildo into herself. It was only four inches and with one in her, she bent it so that the other three fit into Tatiana's dripping pussy.

"Oui..." Tatiana moaned.

Maria grabbed Tatiana's arse again and began to rock to a rhythm causing the dildo to slip in and out of each of their soaking pussies. Tatiana knew Maria was close herself as the Russian, usually the silent type, began to cry out "Tati! Oh Tati!"

"You're so tight Maria! So hot and so so tight!" squealed Tatiana. Maria could stand no more and flicked the switch of the vibrator and the grinding sent both of them into incoherent squeals.

"Ahh! Ahhh! Oh...Ah!" screamed Maria as she came seconds before Tatiana who once again began whimpering in bliss.

Maria collapsed backwards and switched the vibrator off - spent. The dildo slipped out of Tatiana's pussy and it too was covered with sticky fluids.

Their chests heaving, Maria said "I think...I think we should do one more Tati."

She went to the drawer and fished out a larger dildo. "Maria..." said Tatiana "You know I don't like them big..."

"Relax Tati...I'll take care of you" Tatiana was so turned on by that remark. "And who said it was for you?" she added lustily.

She knelt a metre from the still tied Tatiana on the bed and savoured both their luscious, naked bodies. "I don't like them big too. But everyone else does, Tati. I should find out why." Maria said. She bit her lip and gave Tatiana a look that sent shivers through her.

Grasping the huge ribbed dildo in her hands, she slowly pushed it into her well lubricated snatch. It spread her wide and Maria was keen to make a show for the helpless Tatiana. Having pushed about two inches into her, Maria groaned loudly, pushing another two in quickly and stopped. "You should feel it Tati...How your walls grip onto it. You feel every bump against you...Dear goodness...It rubs against every spot Tati..." Maria formed her lips into a wide O as she pushed on further. She began to hump the dildo slowly, "Oh Tati..."

Tatiana was in a mess by this point. Trashing against the bed and regretting tying herself up, she longed for some stimulation, any touch...She arched her back high and cried out "I can't take anymore Maria! Just fuck me...Fuck me please!"

Maria pretended to ignore her as she had seven inches in her and said throatily "Oh my god...I can see why they like it big Tati" she began fucking it at a monotonous slow pace and Tatiana could see it glistening each time it pistoned in and out of Maria. "Do you...do you like this Tati? Seeing me like this?" Maria licked a finger and put this into her snatch too. "It's so rough; and I'm so slick....Mmphh..." She could see Maria clenching her pussy each time it went it. Her head was tilted back, and her toes curled. Her eyes were closed now as she moved faster - "Oh Tati! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ahh!!" She squealed incoherently as she came, the dildo slipping out of her pussy completely. She quickly turned on her vibrator, sending her into overdrive. She came again - twice in a minute - this time bucking her hips wildly as she inserted two fingers into a snatch, frantically rubbing her g-spot.

This was too much for Tatiana who was in immeasurable pain. Maria knew this and as soon as her orgasms subsided enough, she quickly rubbed the smaller dildo against Tatiana's anus. "What are you doing Mari- OH......" cried Tatiana as Maria slipped a fraction of the dildo into her anus. It felt great for Tatiana who had never tried it. "Little more please, Maria, little more" she asked as Maria obliged. She took the large dildo and slowly inserted it into Tatiana. The frenchwoman was moaning so loudly, Maria was sure that they could be heard in the corridors. She pulled her in for a kiss whilst her hand continue to work the dildo in and out of Tatiana.

"Can you feel it against you Tati? Push against it...it's so good...clench it" Maria whispered into her ear.

Tatiana began to cry out now in incoherent French as she arched her back trying to get more of the dildo into her.

"Do you like it big now Tati?" Maria asked cheekily

"Oui! Oui!" was all Tatiana could manage.

"You're very naughty today" Maria continued to whisper. She accentuated her Russian accent. "Very...very naughty you..."

Tatiana moaned her hips pumped up and down at speed, trying to get off. "Oui! OH! OHHHH!"

She hit her first orgasm and Maria immediately began to work the smaller dildo in her other hole causing Tatiana to cry out "Yes! Please! Yes! OH YES!"

"You're all tied up Tatiana Golovin" said Maria. "All open to me. You want it bad don't you? You like being tied up like this don't you?"

Tatiana whimpered loudly, bit her lip and nodded frantically. Maria turned the vibrator on and rubber the pad on Tatiana's pussy causing her to scream out more French.

"You little vixen...You just want more and more don't you?"

Tatiana nodded and whimpered some more as her hips continued to buck. Maria whispered "Come for me Tati - Come now..." Tatiana continued to moan and buck. Maria decided to moan loudly herself, screaming an "OOOOHHH! Tati!! OHH!"

This was enough for Tatiana who orgasmed again. Her juiced were squirting into Maria's taut stomach now. Maria continued with a soft "Hmm...Hmmm....yes Tati...Oh yes...." Tatiana screamed loudly again at this, as she came again. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and Maria slowly brought her down from the sensory overload.

As Tatiana lay, seemingly exhausted, Maria undid the bonds on her wrist. Tatiana lay still, as Maria began to peck her with kisses. It didn't take long for her to come to her sense as she pinned the surprised Russian down. "My turn" she said and began ravishing her in a deep kiss. She removed the vibrator around Maria's waist as she ground her thigh into Maria's pussy.

"Ohh! Ohh!" the Russian screamed.

Tatiana quickly ran to the drawer as Maria moaned in disappointment. Her fingers quickly went to work on herself as Tatiana returned with a strap on dildo. She inserted this into Maria who spread her legs wide and wrapped them around Tatiana's hips. Tatiana fucked Maria hard, pulling out slowly before slamming back into her. Maria could only cry a "Mmph!" each time the dildo went into her. Tatiana then began to put pressure on the roof of her pussy as she drew out, and the pressure on Maria's G-spot drove her wild as she bucked along with Tatiana.

"AHH! AHH! OH moi Tati! Oh!!!"

"Come for me Maria!" yelled Tatiana "AHH! Ooooh!" she moaned loudly, copying Maria's ploy. A taste of her own medicine.

Maria came and came hard as Tatiana quickly lowered her face to her snatch, licking her almost violently causing Maria to peak again. "Oh Tati...Oh...."

As she came down, she embraced Maria warmly. Both their thighs against each other's pussy as they gently applied pressure to bring them down. "Oh Tati...." was all Maria could say.

Suddenly the same cry came from the next room. The two girls looked at each other, puzzled. "Oh Tati!" came the cry again. It was definitely a man's voice.

"Who's next door?" asked Maria.

"My hitting partner..." answered Tatiana.

Maria grinned slyly. "I think I know what's going on there..."

Tatiana giggled. She always knew the young David fancied her.

Maria with a brainwave, whispered a plan to Tatiana who laughed and nodded in agreement.

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