It's no secret I'm a genderfucked individual, I'm a biological girl who likes to dress and fuck like a boy, sometimes. It's funny to admit that, because I'm a successful Dominatrix and fetish model. I'm chubbier than most in the industry but I do okay. I'm told it's my animal magnetism, sometimes I wonder if being not only nice but kinky can excuse my flaws. I was learning it did.

Tatsumi was a friend of mine, a tattoo artist from Osaka. I met her through my almost boyfriend Rabbit. Tatsumi was more reliable and a lot softer than Rabbit, and we both liked Gackt and VNV Nation, so we hit it off. I liked her. Like me she liked to travel, and our idea of travel roughly consisted of, go there, live there, work make friends and, when you felt like it, move.

I had taken up a corner of Rabbit's shop in which to read tarot cards for waiting customers at $10 a pop. I did it mostly to take a break from my usual work and to get me out of my house. I didn't think it would go over so well. Most nights I went, I'd walk away with as much as $100 sometimes way more. Rabbit liked having me there. I suspected it was so he could watch me. See, I had a real boyfriend too, who was very bad for me.

One night after the shop had closed, Tatsumi was sitting with me while I waited for Rabbit to return from somewhere. I was shuffling my tarot deck slowly. She eyed me from across the room and made her way over to my table.

"Read my fortune," She said in her smoky kittenish voice. I looked up at her with a smile. She had feminine features which made her faux mohawk charming and sexy. Tatsumi was the kind of girl I wanted to be a risk taker, a wild child.

"Yes," I said quickly handing her my deck. She grabbed it, stroking my hand delicately. I watched her shuffle, it was sensual watching her fingers move. She placed the deck on the and sat in the chair across from me. Tatsumi had a look of 'I dare you' as she watched me.

My fingers trembled as I touched the deck; it's familiar feel comforted me.

"What's your question?" I asked her my voice sounded breathy.

"When are you going to have enough sense to realize Rabbit and Asshat are bad for you, and move to New York City with me?" She purred as she spoke. Numbly I pulled the top three cards and placed them face up on the table. Just as with clients I looked over the cards, preparing a story instead of just spouting off the three meanings.

"Well I see miscommunication at first but a happiness. There is a coming struggle and sadness over circumstance and situation. I see perhaps business partners who fall in love." I said looking at her and smiling as if to ask "did I do good?"

"That's all well and good but you miss my question." She said licking her lips making me shiver.

"Oh," I said with a frown reaching to put the cards back and do a reshuffle.

"No," Tatsumi said softly reaching for my hand. "What I mean is I asked you to move with me to New York City."

"Oh!" I said with a smile. I felt my cheeks blushing hot.

"I couldn't impose." I said my smile softening.

"You wouldn't, see you need to be with someone who doesn't impress you're a burden upon you, you're not."

I was smiling and I couldn't stop, I knew she was right. I knew my live in boyfriend hated me, but got off the power trip of keeping me like a pet. I knew Rabbit couldn't really be more than a friend. Mostly, I knew I belonged in the city.

"So, if I said yes, what would that entail exactly," I said putting my cards in their pouch.

"Secrecy, you are not to tell eithier boy you are leaving, they would just stop you. Although tell your mother, she might be supportive. This part is optional, I want you to consider dating me, I like you quite a bit Lotus."

My heart pounded in my chest. She was asking me into my dream life. Living in NYC with someone I actually loved.

"Yes," I said. Before coming around the table and hugging her, she was my best friend and she loved me more than that even. I was blissful.

The bell above the door rang as Rabbit swaggered in. I turned my smiling face toward him.

"We got to get you home Bunny, your boyfriend is calling me constantly." Rabbit said with a sheepish smile.

"Okay." I said letting go of her neck, and walking over to Rabbit.

My mood dampened a bit but, I realized none of it mattered. Now it was all lip service, I felt free as I waved goodbye to Tatsumi and she brazenly stuck a hundred dollar bill in my bra with a wink.

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