tagNonHumanTattoed Passion Ch. 04

Tattoed Passion Ch. 04


Jasmine sat at her desk Monday morning holding her head in her hands. Sleep had not come easy for the past two nights. Even the sleeping pills and purple stallion hadn't helped her. Somehow that ass still got into her dreams and every single time she had to force herself not to give in to him.

Shaking her head Jasmine muttered to herself, "Ugh, if I ever come face to face to that enchanted, good looking, dream stealing, sex-depraved ass-hole I'm going to rip his balls off..."

"Still talking to yourself I see. I always knew you were a crazy one." Jasmine's head pop up at Detective Justin Lake booming voice. "Damn Jaci, you look like you've been hit by a bus!"

Detective Steve Morrison chuckled as he nudged his partner with the joke. "Or a dump truck ", chimed in Justin.

"Hardy har har, you two bitches don't have something better to do? Like, go find out who stole your witticism and good looks gene." Jasmine retorted, as she turned away from them to pop an Advil.

"Ok, your extra feisty this morning". Commented Steve. "Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed and needs more sleep!"

Jasmine let out frustrated groan, "look Pete and Repeat if don't have anything to tell me pertaining to the case or coming down from the boss, I suggest you two keep moving."

Justin sat down on the corner of Jasmines' desk and crossed his long legs. "Oh, come on Jazzy lighten up some! We're just having fun; don't ruin it with the grumpiness. Smile for me and show your pearly whites."

Rolling her eyes Jasmine turned her chair back towards the guys and looked at the smirking detective and replied, "Justin go fuck yourself or whatever mammal that will allow it. Just tell me what you got on the murder case and get the hell on. And the next time you call me Jazzy don't be surprised when you wake up in the ER. Ok? I 've told you time and time again not to call me that!"

"Here" Steve threw down the folder he was carrying. "Everything is in there. The autopsy, statements, alibis, photos of the scene and the arriving officers' report. Which I would double check if I were you. It all doesn't seem to add up."

Steve went to add more but Jasmine cut him short "thanks, Morrison let me look over this and we can compare notes and see if we can catch this bastard." Picking up the folder and putting it into her messenger's bag Jasmine stood up. "I should be back around two, I'll check in with you then ok?"

He shrugged and started to back away from the desk, "yeah but call first. My wife has been having contractions, so any day now she could pop." With that he walked away towards his own desk.

Picking up her keys and light jacket she looks over at Justin "do you have anything else to add before I go?" he shook his head but sat still. "Well can you move out the way so I can leave? I have somewhere to be in thirty." Justin rose to his full height of 6"1' and shook his head at Jasmine. "Your aura is out of sync Love. What's going on and before you open your mouth to lie. I can see your demoire glowing and you know I sense lies. So talk to me!"

Hanging her head Jasmine tool a deep breathe. "Can we do this later? I promise to tell you later but right now I really am late for this meeting." Justin stepped back and opened his arms as to say be my guest. Moving quickly towards the entrance she blessed herself out for not protecting herself around Justin and his supernatural ass.

"Hey Jaci!" Justin called out after her.

Jasmine turned around exasperated, "yes Justin ..."

"Oh nothing, just don't forget our date tonight at BACON and remind Christie to be on time. And no you can't rain check. We're trying out the new chef remember? Be there at eight o'clock sharp the both of you!"

Shaking her head in defeat Jasmine saluted and walked out of the office into a hot summer day.

Climbing into her Volvo X90, which happened to be an; early birthday gift from her father, only the best for his baby girl. Seeing as she was the first female to be born in her fathers' family since the curse took place. Let's just say spoiling her was an everyday occurrence growing up. Letting down the windows until the a/c kicked in Jasmine pulled out of the parking lot and headed north towards her informants meeting place, three blocks away.


Julian sighed as he flipped over a bacon wrapped filet. Even the smell of red meat and bacon couldn't pull him out of his frustration with Jasmine. Coming to her in her dreams were starting to take a toll on him. His persistent had finally paid off though, he'd learned her name. It was heaven and hell knowing but not knowing how she felt about him. Her body fully accepted him, but it was incredible mind that kept him out. Sighing again Julian took the steak off the grill and plated it and slid it down the line. He should have never agreed to help out at his and Mark's restaurant Bacon.

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