tagInterracial LoveTattoo of Love Ch. 07

Tattoo of Love Ch. 07


*Sorry for the long wait between chapters. I've been trying to get them out as quickly as I can, but have had quite a bit going on lately. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this chapter.*

The ride to Julia's apartment had been accompanied by a light, steady drizzle, and as they arrived at her doorstep, they found that both of their clothes were damp with rain. After slipping the key into the lock, Julia pushed the door open and then turned to face Nolan.

Encircling her arms around his neck, she offered her lips for him to kiss. His mouth pressed to hers in a deep, wet embrace, and as their mouths pulled apart, she was left with the taste of rainwater upon her lips.

"So what time is the party? He asked.

"It starts at seven thirty, why?"

Giving a little shrug he said, "Just curious." His eyes glanced beyond her and roved around the interior of her living room. "Mind if I come in?"

"I thought you were allergic to cats?"

"I'm taking allergy medication for it. I picked some up at the drugstore earlier today."

"Oh, okay. Well sure, you can come in and hang out but only for half an hour, because I have to start getting ready soon."

She knew that as long as Nolan was in her presence, it would be damn near impossible for her to resist his advances. Yet she didn't want to fully let on just how much of an effect he had upon her. It made her feel kind of pathetic to just drop her plans with Mimi so suddenly, but being around him was quite addictive. It seemed that the more time she spent with him, the deeper her feelings for him grew.

With a knowing smile upon his lips he responded, "No problem. I won't overstay my welcome."

Once they were both inside the apartment she closed the door behind them and eased her jacket off, then hung it in the closet.

"Why don't I make us something hot to drink?" she offered.

"Sounds good," he answered. "I wouldn't mind having a cup of coffee."

"Cool, well why don't you have a seat and i'll just pop into the kitchen and get the kettle going."

As she headed for the kitchen he followed behind her, eyeing her body with a longing gaze. "Why don't I come along and help you, just in case you need a hand."

As they entered the kitchen, Julia grabbed a tea kettle from off the stove and filled it with water, then placed it upon the burner and turned on the gas.

"I hope you don't mind instant," she said as she grabbed a can of coffee and two mugs from the cabinet.

"Instant is fine with me."

Walking over to the refrigerator, he pulled it open and retrieved a carton of milk, then set it on the counter next to the mugs. Leaning against the counter, Nolan fixed his gaze upon Julia and studied her form. Roving his eyes across her backside, he noticed how the fabric of her jeans fit perfectly against her ass, and he also took note of her well-built, curvy legs.

As soon as the water began to boil, Julia turned the gas off and filled the mugs with powdered coffee, then poured in some hot water and topped it off with milk.

"Do you take sugar?" she asked.

"No sugar for me. I prefer it plain."

A look of distaste spread across Julia's face. "Really?"

Grabbing the mug of coffee from her he said, "Yes, really." Then he gave her a little smile.

Sipping their hot beverages in silence, each fixed the other with a gaze which clearly expressed their interest. They engaged in heavy eye contact for a few more tense moments and then Nolan set his mug down on the counter.

Grabbing the cup which was enclosed in her palm, he set it down next to his and then placed his palm against her cheek. His finger stroked lazily against her jawline, tracing its way down to her chin and then he leaned in for a kiss.

As their tongues met a spark was ignited, filling both of them with deep, carnal longing. Nolan's hand glided slowly along the length of her thighs, and as his fingers made contact with the heat between her legs, she uttered a silent moan.

Rocking her hips forward, she hoped to increase the friction of his digits against her fabric clad sex. Sensing her hunger for his touch he pressed his thumb more firmly against the spot, and began stroking it in small, tight circles.

Grabbing the zipper of his jacket, she pulled it down and then slid it off his shoulders. After slipping his arms out of the sleeves, Nolan tossed the leather garment uselessly aside.

Sliding her hand beneath his shirt, Julia ran her fingers over the lightly muscled plane of his stomach. As her palm glided up and down his chest, small sounds of contentment fled his lips, and Julia could tell he was enjoying the softness of her touch.

Cupping the soft mound of her breast in his left hand, he allowed the right one to trail its way southward. After undoing the button on her jeans, he grasped the zipper with two fingers and slid it downward.

Slipping his hand beneath her panties, Nolan curved his fingers so that the tips of his digits could make contact with her womanhood. His finger traced gently along her wet, swollen lips and the scent of her desire was heavy in the air.

Sliding two fingers between her tender folds, he allowed his thumb to graze her clitoral hood. As it bumped against the sensitive piece of flesh, she gave a sudden jerk forward and emitted a sensual moan.

"You like that, huh?" His lips curved into a smile from her reaction.

"Yeah," she breathily replied.

Nolan moved his fingers so that they delved deeper into her heat, and as his digits penetrated her entrance, she released a husky cry.

"Do you like having me touch me you here?" His finger made wet, squishy noises as it pushed in and out of her pussy.

"Mhmm," She murmured breathily.

"Then why don't we slip your pants off so I can play with you some more?"

Biting her lip she said, "I'd like to, but..," her voice trailed off into a low moan as his lips began to caress her neck.

"But what?" He inquired.

As if on cue, Julia's cell phone began to ring, and as it vibrated against the kitchen countertop both Nolan and Julia's attention was turned upon it.

Reaching her hand out to answer it, Julia glanced at the lit-up display screen. She poised her finger over the answer button, but before she could hit it Nolan gently removed the phone from her grip.

"Ignore it. They'll call back later." Pulling the neck of her oversized sweater down, he began tenderly kissing the bare skin of her shoulder.

"But it's Mimi." Her breath came out more as a whisper, due to the burning trail that his lips left behind.

"You don't still want to go to that party, do you?" His breath tickled her flushed skin.


"So don't answer it."

The phone gave a few more rings and then stopped, leaving only the sounds of their wet kisses and breathy moaning to fill the air around them. With his lips still upon her neck, Nolan pressed his mouth firmly against the side of her throat.

As his lips worked against her skin, she was provided with a suction-like sensation, and the feel of it caused her to break out in a rash of goosebumps. Wrapping an arm around her waist Nolan encased her in his strong arms.

She felt so safe and warm whenever he held her, and being in the embrace of such a gorgeous, strong man was enough to ignite a strong wave of desire within her. Removing her neck from the seal of his mouth, Nolan peered deep into her eyes with a longing stare.

The way he looked at her drove Julia crazy, and it seemed that everything about him coaxed the embers of desire within her. She loved the way a few strands of his hair hung messily over his eyes, and the sight of his sexy, full lips filled her head with deliciously carnal thoughts.

Sliding her palms up his back and over his shoulders, Julia admired the broad width of them. She began to imagine what his body would look like fully unclothed, and lying flush against her. All it took was just one thought in order for her imagination to go into overdrive, and a sudden flood of heat filled the space between her thighs.

Nolan dragged his tongue along the flesh of her bottom lip, then gently nipped and kissed it. His warm breath ghosted against her skin as he did it, and Julia slipped her tongue out to bump against his in an erotic dance.

Slipping his hand beneath the fabric of her sweater, Nolan allowed his fingers to glide slowly across her bare skin. As they found her lace-covered nipples, he gripped one between two fingers and gently pulled upon it. Uttering a soft breathy noise, she hooked her fingers into the loops of his jeans and tilted her head back, offering her neck for him to kiss.

Pressing his lips to her skin, Nolan gently brushed them back and forth, providing her with a delicious tickling sensation. Then he slid his tongue out and slowly ran it across the length of her collarbone. Following the wet trail he'd just created, Nolan gently blew air across it, withdrawing husky little moans from her lips.

"Oooh. Nolan, that feels amazing."

Sliding her fingers beneath the hem of his shirt, Julia slid her palms back and forth against his lightly muscled stomach. Allowing her fingers to venture further down, she slipped a few of them beneath the waistband of his pants. Finding the trail of his pubic hair, she lightly traced a finger back and forth against it, and as her nail dragged lightly against his flesh he released a little moan.

Pulling away from her neck, he fixed his dark brown eyes upon her and said, "My dick is so hard for you, Julia. I want you so badly."

Pressing his body flush against her own, he allowed her to feel just how much he truly desired her. Nolan's excitement poked insistently against her thigh, and as his fingers massaged the tender skin of her nipple she expelled a lusty breath, feeling goosebumps rise in the wake of his touch.

"Don't you want me?" He asked with a questioning gaze.

Her full lips parted in response. "Yes, of course."

"Then let me pleasure you." Placing his lips against her neck, he kissed his way up to her mouth and then slipped his tongue inside. The kiss they shared was long and deep, and as their lips pulled apart, he stared longingly into her orbs.

"Why don't we take a shower together? We both got a little damp out in the rain, so I think it'd be a good way for us to warm up."

Biting her lip at the thought of Nolan's wet, nude body she offered him a smile and replied, "I like that idea." Then she grabbed him by the hand and led him out of the kitchen.

Once they reached the bathroom they both stripped naked and left their damp clothes in a pile. Following her into the tub, Nolan shut the glass door behind them, and then Julia turned on the tap and adjusted the water until it was at a comfortable temperature. As she pulled the lever up, a spray of hot water splashed down upon them, bathing them in its essence.

The shower head could be adjusted to provide a full option of experiences, ranging from a conventional spray to an invigorating water massage, and as Julia stood beneath it a strong spray of water rained down upon her, pleasurably kneading her back.

Placing her fingers against her shoulders, Julia tried to massage the soreness out of them but her own hands were promptly replaced with Nolan's large, strong palms.

"Here, let me do that."

The sound of his deep voice never failed to turn her on, and as he began to massage her flesh she uttered a pure sound of contentment. The sensation of his strong hands upon her muscles felt wonderfully pleasurable, and it only took a few short minutes for him to expel the tenderness from her shoulders.

"Mmm, your hands feel so wonderful that I almost don't want you to stop," said Julia.

"I won't if you don't want me to. I can massage you for as long as you like."

He massaged her for a few more minutes and then Julia took his hand and guided it down to her breasts.

Tilting her chin upward so she could look into his eyes she said, "I need to wash up. Can you help me?"

His lips creased into a soft smile and he nodded. Grabbing a bottle of soap and a bath sponge from the shower caddy, he squeezed a generous amount of gel onto the sponge and then began to rub it along her body.

Beginning at her neck, Nolan rubbed the sponge down toward her chest. Moving it in a circular motion, he began to bathe one breast and then the other, rubbing it lightly back and forth against her flesh.

The white suds contrasted beautifully against her chocolate colored nipples, and he suddenly found himself longing to lick and suck upon them. Julia's skin was soon covered in foamy suds, and each time the spongy material bumped against her peaks, she emitted a little sigh of contentment.

Sweeping his admiring gaze over her fleshy mounds he said, "You have such beautiful tits, Julia. I love touching them."

He cupped one of them in his large hands and began to gently squeeze it, then flicked his thumb back and forth against her hardening nipple. Her back arched a little as he did it, and a small moan fled from her lips as he gave her tender bud a slight pinch.

Using his free hand to slide the sponge downward, he made small, soapy circles upon the plane of her stomach. Moving the sponge around to her backside, he sensually stroked it against the skin of her ass, soaping one butt cheek and then the other.

With his hand upon her buttocks, he allowed it to journey across her soapy flesh, giving it a few firm squeezes along the way. Gliding his palm against the rounded curve of her ass, he allowed one of his fingers to erotically trail the split of her buttocks.

Placing his mouth against her neck, he grazed his teeth lightly over her skin. There was a little sting against her backside as he connected his palm to her ass in a resounding smack, and the sensual little nips he placed along her flesh caused her to release an echoing moan.

Still holding the sponge in his right hand, he slid it back towards the front of her body until it came to a rest between her legs. Placing the sponge ever so lightly against her clit, he rubbed it softly in a back and forth motion. The spongy material provided her with a delicious friction, and she gave a sharp intake of breath as he suddenly slipped a finger between her folds.

Nolan slid his digit in as far as it would go, then slid it back out and back in again. He repeated this move a few more times and then added a second finger, causing her hips to grind against his body.

A pleased smile tugged at his lips as he watched her, and he began thinking about the variety of other ways in which he could pleasure her. Sliding his finger from her slit, Nolan removed the sponge from between her legs and placed it back in the caddy.

Grabbing hold of the removable shower head, he placed his thumb against the dial and clicked it to the pulsating jet massage setting. Then he moved the shower head downward and positioned it directly between her legs.

As a pulsing stream of water shot against her clit, Julia thrust her hips forward and gave a deep sound of pleasure. The sensation of water kneading against her most sensitive area was nothing short of blissful, and as the water continued its pleasurable assault, Nolan's free hand began gliding against her neck.

Pulling her wet, curly strands over her shoulder, Nolan pressed his lips against the flesh of her neck. She loved the feel of his warm breath against her skin, and as his tongue crept out to taste her, she felt a small shiver run up her spine.

Nolan moved the shower head in a circular motion, and as the water pulsed and beat a pleasurable rhythm against her, Julia closed her eyes and immersed herself in the blissful moment.

Sandwiching his fingers between her delicate lips, Nolan covered his thumb in her nectar. Then he placed it against her clit and gently began flicking it back and forth. The pressure was very light at first, but gradually he began to add more until she was quivering beneath his hand.

The feel of his thumb combined with the intense stream of water was nearly overwhelming for her, and as he tilted the shower head at a different angle, she let loose a moan which echoed off the tiles. Placing his lips against her ear, Nolan softly whispered into it.

"I love hearing you moan. You turn me on so damn much." His teeth grazed the flesh of her earlobe, gently tugging upon it.

Spreading her lips so that her plump clit was fully exposed, Nolan aimed the stream of water towards it. As he switched the shower head control to jet mode, Julia threw her head back and parted her lips, offering a heavy moan of gratification. Leaning his head in to kiss her, Nolan sealed his lips against her own and gave her a deep, bruising kiss.

The feel of his lips passionately working against hers was pure ecstasy, and she could feel his crotch pressing firmly against her backside. The thick head of his cock felt wonderfully erotic against her ass cheeks, and it silently conveyed Nolan's urgent longing to be inside of her.

As the kneading jets of water continued to pleasure her clit, Nolan brushed the pad of his thumb against one of her stiff nipples, then began rolling it between two fingers. The pressure he used alternated between soft and hard, and as he gave a little tug on her peak she parted her lips in a pleasured gasp.

The sensation of his fingers upon her breasts, coupled with the feel of the water pulsing against her clit turned Julia's body into little more than a quivering mass of flesh. Encircling an arm around her waist, Nolan held her tightly up against him, enjoying the feel of her body as it shook with an oncoming orgasm.

Needing something to hold onto, Julia clasped her hand to Nolan's arm and held it tightly in her grip. As waves of pleasure rolled through her, Julia expelled a breathless moan and her body shuddered in bliss.

Removing the shower head from between her legs, Nolan set it back into its holder. Turning around to face him, Julia wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. His tongue caressed her mouth with a skill which left her weak in the knees, and as their lips drew apart she pressed her hands against his chest and gently guided him beneath the stream of water.

Grabbing the bottle of shower gel, she squeezed a large glob onto the sponge and then placed it against his chest, gliding it across his firm pecs. Soapy white bubbles slid down his abdominals as she washed him, traveling southward until they reached the nest of his pubic hair.

Once she was finished soaping up his torso, Nolan turned around so that she could wash his back. As she washed him from behind, she couldn't help but admire the broad width of his back, and as the sponge reached the lower half of him, she tenderly rubbed it against his firm ass cheeks.

The mere sight of his deliciously toned body sent a flush of arousal through her, and it seemed that the beads of water which ran along his flesh only enhanced the smooth brownness of his skin.

Turning to face her once again, Nolan grabbed her hand and guided it toward his nether regions. Grabbing the bottle of shower gel from the caddy, Julia poured a small glob into the middle of the sponge. Placing it against his cock, she curled it around his length like a hot dog bun. As the spongy material encased his stiff length, Nolan released a husky groan of approval.

Suds of soap frothed as she stroked his stiff rod of flesh, spilling onto the shower floor beneath them. She spent a few moments languidly stroking him this way, and then she moved the sponge downward so she could soap up his scrotum.

Taking his cock in her bare hand, Julia slid her palm up and down the thick length of it. Her hand moved slowly at first, and then gradually built up to a quicker speed. Staring at her through half-mast eyes, Nolan wrapped one hand around the shower rod and placed the other against the slick wall of tiles.

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