tagInterracial LoveTattoo of Love Ch. 10

Tattoo of Love Ch. 10


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As the doorbell chimed through the apartment, Julia grabbed her travel tote bag and flipped the light switch off in her bedroom. A surge of excitement swept through her as she headed for the door, and as she pulled it open, she saw Nolan greet her with a smile.

"Hey baby. You ready to hit the road?" He asked.

"Yep, let me just grab my jacket and then we can go."

Retrieving it from a hook by the door, she draped it over her arm and followed him outside. Once the locks were engaged they descended down the stairs and made their way toward his vehicle. Having only seen him riding a motorcycle, she was surprised to see a 1960s station wagon sitting in the driveway. It had a glossy cream colored finish, and aside from a barely noticeable scratch on the hood, it was in near mint condition.

"Wow, nice car. How'd you get a classic ride like this?" Unable to resist herself, she admiringly traced a finger along the shiny chrome trim which surrounded the windshield.

"My great uncle passed away a few years ago and left it to me in his will." Nolan unlocked the driver's side door so he could throw her travel bag in the backseat, and then slid behind the wheel.

Once Julia was in the passenger's seat, she turned her head to check out the spacious backseat interior.

"What kind of a car is this?"

"A Ford Country Sedan."

"What year?"

"1964." He answered with a touch of pride to his voice.

"Nice." Seeing there were two rows of rear seating she added, "You could fit a football team in here."

A smile cracked his lips. "Yeah, it's pretty nice and roomy. I've even camped out in the back a few times."

"Well it's definitely ideal for a road trip, but won't this cost a fortune in gas?"

Nolan gave a small shrug. It's not the most economical car, but I rarely travel long distances in it, so I don't mind splurging for the weekend."

He turned the key in the ignition and the engine came to life, rumbling pleasantly as he backed the car out of the driveway. Once they were on the paved road, he accelerated forward and they were on their way. Settling comfortably against the vinyl upholstery, she inhaled the scent of the car. It smelled of citrus and petroleum and made her feel safe and cozy.

"So where exactly are we heading first?" She asked.

"I thought we'd take highway 1 until we reached Pacific Grove. You ever been out there?"

"Nope, but i've heard good things about it."

"It's definitely a great place to visit. I can't wait to take you to lover's point. I think you'll really like it."

"Sounds like a place you go to make out."

His lips tugged into a smile. "It's so much more than that. It has white sand beaches and a nice little park with great coastal views." Placing his palm against her jean clad thigh, he added, "Since you brought it up, there are some good make out spots out there. There's one in particular that I have to show you."

Glancing over at her, he gave her a wink.

"And how would you know where the good spots for kissing are located? Take a lot of women there, have you?" She arched a brow questioningly.

A sheepish grin spread across Nolan's face. "I wasn't speaking from first hand experience. It was more of an assumption."

Giving him the side eye she said, "Yeah, right. You've already busted yourself, so don't even think about trying to backpedal."

A small chuckle spilled from his lips. "No, really. The truth of it is that I haven't taken any other women there. I only mentioned those spots because they're tucked away and secluded. Those are always the best places to make out in." His eyes scanned her face, searching for any signs of discontent.

Finally turning her gaze upon him she said, "Yeah, okay. I have a feeling that there's something you're not telling me, but that's your business." Sticking a hand into her purse, she began to rummage through it. Then she pulled out a silver compact and popped it open, illuminating her face with the built in light.

"I'm serious, Julia. This is new for me."

"What is?" Holding a tube of lip gloss, she began to spread a thin coating over her lips.

"Taking my road trips with someone else. It's always been a solitary thing for me. I've never asked any of my previous girlfriends to come along."

"Well why not?"

Nolan gave a shrug. "I don't know. I guess you could say that I sort of needed a break from them."

Glancing away from her reflection, she turned her attention upon Nolan.

"So basically you got tired of being with them."

"Not tired, just needing to take a breather. I've been with some very clingy girls in the past."

Snapping the compact closed, she returned it to her purse and trained her gaze upon him.

"So this trip you're taking, the one to the South Pacific."


"Just be truthful with me, okay? Are you looking forward to being on your own without me?"

As he offered her a glance, she saw his eyebrows dip into a slight frown.

"No, of course not. How could you even think that?"

"Well you said that you needed to take breaks from your previous girlfriends."

"Yeah, but those women were different."


"Like I told you, they were clingy. They always wondered what I was doing and who I was with. It got pretty old after awhile."

"All of your girlfriends couldn't have been the same. There must have been some who gave you space."

"Yes, of course there were."

"So did you take solitary road trips while you were with them?"

"Actually, yes I did. And the reason for that is because we just never fully connected. So what's the use of sharing a small space with someone for hours on end, if you don't feel all that close?" He turned his eyes upon her for a quick moment and asked, "You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I see where you're coming from. I guess that makes sense."

"So taking this trip with you is kind of a big deal for me. It sounds silly, I know, but you're the first woman i've asked to come along."

"It doesn't sound silly to me, it sounds sweet." Placing a palm against his cheek, she gave it a tender stroke with her thumb. "Thank you for sharing this part of yourself with me."

"It's no reason to thank me, baby. If you only knew how happy you make me, then you would understand that i'm the one who needs to be giving thanks."

As they came upon a gas station, Nolan turned into it and came to a park beside one of the pumps.

"You want anything from the snack shop?" He asked.

"A cherry slurpee would be nice."

As if to tempt her he asked, "That's it?"

"Get me some nachos, too."

"Okay, be back in a few."

As he headed to the store to pay the cashier and pick up the snacks, she began to observe all of the different types of people who entered and exited the little convenience store. There were a number of unique looking individuals who caught her eye, but as a family of four exited the snack shop, she found her attention suddenly drawn toward them.

The unit consisted of two happy looking parents, as well as an adorable pair of boys. Both of the children possessed a head of tight, black curls, and wore identical blue t-shirts. As they made their way toward the car, the two boys bounded jubilantly toward the vehicle. They each had a popsicle in hand, and as they reached their vehicle, the mother opened the door and coaxed them in.

Once they were settled in their seats, she shut the door behind them and turned to face her husbands, who grabbed hold of her waist and leaned in for a kiss. Although their embrace was brief, it was apparent that this couple was still very much in love. Julia continued watching them until they got into the car and drove away, then once they were out of sight she averted her eyes elsewhere.

As Nolan exited the snack shop and made his way toward the car, Julia found herself contemplating the prospect of having kids with him. Of course they were nowhere near that point in their relationship, but she couldn't help briefly entertaining the thought. She was still unsure about having a family of her own one day, but if she did decide to, it was her hope that it could be like the one she'd just observed.

Having grown up in a family which was more distant than loving, she'd never fully understood what being part of a happy household was like. So whenever she did hang around those who had close-knit relations, it tended to emphasize just how dysfunctional her own family was.

As she thought about the strange relationship she had with her mother, she was once again reminded of the fact that Nolan would eventually want to meet her. This caused Julia to feel very uneasy, and yet she knew that eventually it would have to happen.

It would seem odd and suspect if she kept avoiding them contact, so she'd have to give in sooner or later. Releasing a heavy sigh, she saw that Nolan was exiting the snack shop, so she did her best to release the unhappy thoughts from her mind.

Seeing that his hands were full of beverage containers and snacks, she reached over to open the door for him. Once he was settled in the driver's seat, he handed Julia her slurpee and nachos, then set his styrofoam cup of soda into the drink holder.

"Oh yeah, I also got you this." He handed her a small package with a bubble top covering.

Glancing down at the object in her hands she said, "A Spiderman pez dispenser? This is great."

His lips curled into a pleased smile. "I figured you'd like it, since you're a comic book collector."

Julia leaned over to give him a sweet peck on the lips. "I do, I love it. Thank you sweetie."

"No problem. Let me just pump some gas in the car and then we'll be on our way."

As Nolan pumped the gas, Julia flipped on the radio and munched on her nachos, taking a few glances in the rear view mirror every so often. She couldn't help but allow her eyes to rove admiringly over her lover, noting the hard muscles in his arms and the broadness of his chest. The epitome of everything she'd ever longed for in a man, he was deliciously masculine in every way.

She watched in the mirror as he removed the gas hose from the tank of the car, and as he set it back into its cradle on the pump, she noticed the hard muscles of his arms flex. The car door offered a slight creak as he opened it, and once he was settled behind the wheel he started up the engine and pulled out of the gas station.

As they came upon the green highway sign, Nolan turned onto the freeway and they merged with the other cars. Something about being on the highway with him filled her with great pleasure, and as the car picked up speed she felt a rush of excitement at the adventure and unknown possibilities which lay ahead of them.

* * * *

Having dozed off during their journey along the highway, Julia awoke from a sleep which had been accompanied by fragmented dreams. She couldn't remember what any of them had been about, but as she awoke to the reality around her, she momentarily found herself wondering where she was.

"Hey, how'd you sleep?"

As she heard the sound of his voice, Julia glanced towards her lover and offered him a smile.

Giving a light yawn, she sat up from her slouching position and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Not too bad. My back is killing me, though."

Placing her hands on her shoulder, she worked to release the kinks from her neck.

"Sorry to hear. Remind me to give you a massage later on, and i'll have you feeling better in no time."

"Mmm, I bet you will." She placed a hand upon his muscular thigh, caressing it through the fabric of his jeans.

Nolan gave a light chuckle. "You keep on touching me like that, and I won't be able to concentrate on the road."

Her lips curled upward and she removed her hand from his leg. Bending down to retrieve her purse, she retrieved her compact mirror and took a quick glance at her reflection. After fluffing her curls out, she snapped it closed and put it back in her purse. Releasing she had a package of jujy fruits stashed away in her purse, she opened the box and popped one into her mouth.

"You want one?" Holding the package out, she offered some to him.

"No thanks, I can't stand those things."

"Really?" The package emitted a rattling noise as she shook another piece of candy into her hands. "I love them. They've been my favorite since I was little."

"Don't they get stuck in your teeth?"

"Yeah, but that's the price you pay for eating something so delicious."

He shook his head humorously at her, then made a right turn onto a different road. They drove along the quiet, nearly empty street for a few minutes before eventually coming upon a large pink and blue neon sign. The brightly lit letters proclaimed the attached establishment as the Starlite Inn, and blinking red script below it informed them that there were vacancies available.

"What do you think? Should we stop here for the night?" Nolan asked.

Studying the blue exterior with white trim, she saw that it was kept in good condition, so she gave an affirmative answer.

"Sure, why not?"

Turning into the parking lot, he eased the car into a space near the office, and then shut off the engine. After retrieving their bags from the backseat, they made their way towards the office so that they could check in. Once their room had been booked they headed for the stairs and climbed up to the second floor.

As they entered the room, they were both pleased to find that their lodgings were much nicer than either of them had expected. The bed was queen size and sandwiched between two nightstand tables, and a sliding glass door was located to the right of it. A large flat screen TV was mounted above an oak dresser, and a full length mirror hung on the wall next to the closet.

The bathroom was decent sized, and had a shower with marble walls and see-through glass doors. There was plenty of counter space for one to set their toiletries upon, and the mirror above the sink featured vanity-like light bulbs.

Deciding to wash up first, they stripped out of their clothes and headed for the shower. After soaping each other up and rinsing off, they dried off their bodies and then went back into the bedroom. Zipping open her travel bag, Julia retrieved a silky camisole set. She attempted to put it on but before she could do it, Nolan gently pulled the garments from her hand.

"Thought I was giving you a massage." Encircling her waist with his large hands, he coaxed her over towards the bed.

Offering a little smile she said, "Can't you do that with my night clothes on?"

"The type of massage I want to give you requires you to be fully nude."

He moved his lips to her neck so that he could give her a tender kiss, and then offered it a gentle nip. Lying her down upon her stomach, he climbed onto her body and straddled her in a way so that his weight wouldn't rest upon her. Then he grabbed a bottle of oil from the dresser and squirted some into his hands.

Starting with the upper part of her body, he went to work at massaging her shoulders. His touch was firm, yet gentle and as his fingers worked against her muscles, she emitted a sound of deep pleasure.

He was more skilled at this than she could have ever imagined, and as his hands found a knot in her shoulder, his palm began to knead against it. He spent a good five minutes attempting to release the soreness, and as his digits smoothed out the tension she found herself arching her back in response.

"How's it feel?" He questioned from above her.

With her face placed flat against the pillow, her response came out sounding like garbled speech.

"What's that?" He asked.

Julia lifted her head up off the pillow. "I said it feels incredible."

A pleased smile curled his lips. "Good."

His hands continued to massage her shoulders for a bit, and then gradually worked their way downwards. Pausing to grab the bottle of oil off the table, he squirted it directly against her skin, and then rubbed it into her flesh. He rubbed it against her back and buttocks, and then into her thighs before finally reaching her calves.

Grabbing her left foot in his hand, he gently slid his fingers across the sole of it. This resulted in her emitting a little giggle, and her foot began to squirm beneath his touch. Smiling from her reaction, he applied a bit more pressure so that it wouldn't tickle her. His thumbs worked in a circular motion around the ball of her foot, and then slowly worked their way toward the base of her toes.

He pressed his fingers gently into each toe, and then moved back up to concentrate upon the balls of her feet. As he pressed against the muscles there, Julia released a pleasured sigh.

She'd never had her feet massaged before, and was in complete awe as to just how enjoyable it was. After offering her right foot the same attention, he slid his hands up along her legs and over the hump of her buttocks.

His hands worked across the flesh there with a sensually erotic touch, and it didn't take long before her body began to respond. Arching her back so that her butt humped outward, she released a little moan. His hands felt so good that she didn't want the massage to ever end, and as his fingers crept between her legs, she found herself experiencing a whole new level of pleasure.

Loving the way her body was reacting to him, Nolan slid his thumb against the wettening slit of her vagina. Then he slowly and very teasingly inserted his digit between her lips. A throaty moan emitted from her mouth as he pushed it in to the hilt, and as he pulled it back out again a wet noise accompanied it.

Wishing to see the delicate tissue which was hidden, he pulled the folds of her vaginal lips apart so he could see the silky pink flesh within. The mere sight of it caused his mouth to water, and he softly caressed it with the pad of one finger.

Rubbing her pelvis against the bed, Julia felt a spark of pleasure rush through her loins. She'd grown unbelievably wet beneath his ministrations, and her core was aching with desperate need.

Removing his finger from the heat of her inner flesh, he huskily said, "Turn over so I can massage your front."

Flipping herself beneath him so that he was still straddling her, she glanced into his eyes and eagerly waited for him to make the next move. After grabbing the bottle and squirting more oil onto her body, he went to work upon her breasts.

Rubbing his large palms against her skin, he caressed and fondled her fleshy mounds. His fingers rolled and twisted her stiff peaks, and as her body shivered beneath him, he cupped a breast in each of his hands and leaned down to offer them some oral attention.

His tongue swirled around the left areola first, and then the right, before giving each of her nipples a tender little bite. Nolan's breath left a hot, moist trail against her skin, and as he placed his lips to her neck, she arched her back and pushed her warm globes into the hardness of his chest. As his lips found hers they engaged in a tender, lingering kiss, and as he pulled back from her mouth she saw his eyes gaze longingly into hers.

"Do you love me?"

Taken aback by the suddenness of the question, she momentarily found herself too stunned to say anything. Noting the look of surprise upon his lover's face, Nolan patiently awaited her answer.

"Yes, I do."

His mouth creased into a smile from her response, and he placed his lips to the tip of her nose in a loving kiss. "That's good, because I love you."

Their orbs locked into an amorous gaze, and for a few silent moments neither of them spoke a word. With their chests pressed flush against each other, Julia could feel the thumping of his heartbeat, and the hard contours of his body melded perfectly against her soft, curvy form.

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