tagInterracial LoveTattoo of Love Ch. 13

Tattoo of Love Ch. 13


*You'll notice that this is a quite a long chapter. I would have preferred to split it up into two separate installments, but I couldn't find a way of doing that without leaving you guys on a major cliffhanger. So I decided instead to just submit it as one chapter. Anyhow, I hope you guys will like it. Not sure how soon i'll be posting the next installment, so maybe it's good that this is a long chapter. Thank you so much for your continued votes and comments!*

Having woken up early, Julia was languidly relaxing on the sofa. With an English muffin in one hand, and a cup of hot chocolate in the other, she was enjoying an early morning cartoon. It was barely seven a.m., and the sun filtered through the shades behind her, warming the flesh on the back of her neck. It'd been ages since she'd last watched the program which was currently on, and she found that the animated show made her feel as if she were a kid again.

With all the responsibilities which she had as an adult, Julia found it nice to just take it easy and remember what it felt like to be unencumbered with the worries of her life. Chuckling at the antics of the characters on TV, she took a generous bite of the toasted bread. Spotting Nolan emerging from the hallway, she lifted her gaze upward and offered him a greeting.

"Morning, honey."

"Morning," he said in a half yawn.

He sleepily walked into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee, and then sauntered into the living to join her on the couch.

Plopping down next to her he said, "I remember this cartoon. I used to wake up at five am every Saturday just so I could watch it."

"So did I. Seeing it again takes me back to being a kid, and yet it also makes me feel old at the same time."

A small chuckle came from his lips, and his gaze shifted to the food in her hands. "What are you eating?"

"English muffin with egg and cheese."

"What's the red stuff on it?"

"Tabasco sauce."

"Smells good."

"It is." A crunching noise filled the air as she took another bite.

"You're not going to offer me any?"

"I'll make you one, if you like."

"I'd rather sample yours."

Positioning the sandwich next to his lips she offered him a taste, and was surprised to find that the bite he took was jumbo sized.

She lifted an eyebrow at him. "Okay, that was more than just a sample."

What had once been half of a sandwich was now reduced to a portion which was barely bite sized.

Nolan's mouth pulled into a crooked smile. "I guess I just have a big mouth."

Julia finished the remainder of the English muffin and then took a drink of her hot chocolate. The sound of her loud sipping caused Nolan to break into a smirk, and it suddenly dawned on her that she was making slurping noises.

Playfully smacking him on the arm she said, "It's not funny. Stop laughing at me!"

"What? I'm not laughing." The smirk was now a grin.

"Uh huh, sure." She downed the remainder of her hot chocolate. "By the way, you fart in your sleep."

Unable to hold back a chuckle, Nolan almost choked on his coffee. "And?"

She offered a shrug and lamely said, "Just thought I would let you know."

"Well thank you very much for that fascinating piece of information."

"No problem," she retorted smartly.

Placing his lips on her neck, he offered her a loving kiss. "That English muffin sandwich was really good. You think you could make me one?"

"I'll make you two, if you like." Julia knew all too well that a single helping wouldn't satisfy his large appetite.

"That would be perfect."

As she rose up from the couch Nolan was afforded a nice view of her ass, and he found himself admiring her nice, round butt cheeks. Wrapping his arms around her waist, Nolan pulled her backward so that she plopped gently into his lap. A sound of surprise fled from her lips, and she offered a pleasured moan as he began to place kisses along the length of her shoulder.

"I thought you were hungry?"

"I'm horny as well," he rasped against her skin.

Placing his palm upon her legs, he seductively slid it along the soft flesh of her thighs. She spread them to offer him easier access, and as his fingers made their way beneath her panties, she arched her back and gave a breathless moan. Grabbing a fistful of her hair, he gently tilted her head back and lightly nipped the flesh of her throat.

Julia could feel his erection pressing up beneath her, and then there was the sensation of his fingers sliding into her heat. Once they were fully embedded, he began to work his long fingers deep inside her, stretching her open as she heatedly moaned in approval.

His fingers plunged in and out, accompanied by the erotic noise of her increasingly wet pussy. His digits built up a nice, steady rhythm, and her hips rocked along to his erotic ministrations.

Allowing his free hand to slide along her torso, he brought it up to her chest and slid down the straps of her top. Feasting his eyes upon her bare breasts, he began playing with her swollen nipples. Loving the way he handled them, she lustfully moaned as he tweaked and pulled on them.

The fingers inside her were steadily coaxing her to orgasm, and as they continued to build up speed she began to writhe and cry in pleasure. Moving his fingers at a quicker pace, he huskily spoke into her ear.

"You like the way I finger fuck you?" His digits expertly stroked her velvety center.

Unable to form a coherent reply, she mumbled some unintelligible words.

Enjoying the way her body reacted to him, he moved his fingers at a quicker pace, and each thrust that they gave brought her closer to reaching climax. Grinding her hips to the rhythm of his digits, she threw her head back and released a throaty cry.

It seemed he knew exactly what it took to provide her with the most pleasure, and the way that he manipulated her caused her juices to flow copiously.

She could feel the heat of his breath against her neck, and as he leaned down to capture a nipple in his mouth, she held onto the back of his head. Plunging her fingers into his hair, she grabbed a fistful of his locks and thrust her chest upwards. His warm, wet mouth worked expertly against her nipples, flicking and sucking and biting as she uttered guttural cries of encouragement.

"Oh babe, you're gonna make me cum." Her body was flushed with desire, and she could feel his raging hard-on poking urgently against the cheeks of her ass.

Releasing her nipples from the confines of his mouth, he pressed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. Their tongues tangled in an ecstasy filled dance, and as his thumb flicked against her aching clitoris, she rocked her hips against his lap. The friction it created only furthered their excitement, and she could feel Nolan bucking his hips up against her backside.

Reaching the limit of pleasure she could handle, Julia helplessly squirmed as she lost control. Uttering a blissful cry of joy, she released a flood of juices. His fingers didn't come to a stop until she lay slack against him, and then he brought them up to his mouth to suck them clean.

Her skin glowed from the after effects of her orgasm, and her thighs were coated with the nectar of her womanhood. It took a few moments before Julia was able to once again speak, and as she found her voice, she began to heap praise upon her lover.

"You're amazing with those fingers, you know that?"

His lips pulled into a pleased smile. "I'm glad you enjoyed it." He kissed the flesh of her neck and then said, "I love watching you cum. It makes me incredibly aroused."

Noting the rigidity which was poking against her ass, Julia shifted her weight so that she could place her hand against it.

Stroking it through his boxer shorts she said, "It looks like it needs some attention."

"Definitely." The carnal look he gave her sent delicious chills along her spine.

Lowering herself onto her knees, she grabbed the waistband of his boxer shorts and coaxed them down. Nolan lifted his hips to assist her, and once they were down around his ankles he kicked them off.

Jutting proudly in the air, his cock was begging to be attended to. Noting the precum which leaked from his slit, she placed her tongue against it and licked it off, then swirled her wet appendage around the head of his cock a few times.

The touch of her tongue was feather light, and the sensation of her breath upon his skin drove him wild with desire. Bucking his hips in need, Nolan watched intently as her tongue danced against the tip of his shaft, then slid along the underside of it. Sealing her lips around the swollen cock head, she allowed the warmth of her mouth to surround it. She allowed her tongue to manipulate it for a few moments and then released it, letting it go with a wet pop.

Enclosing her palm around the base of his cock, she slid it all the way up and then brought it back down again. The strokes she gave him were slow and languid, and with every upstroke of her hand, she noticed a bead of precum ooze out of his slit. She could tell that Nolan's arousal was increasing with every minute, and as she continued to manipulate him with her hand, he gave desperate moans and small breath gasps.

Knowing full well what he wanted, she asked, "You want me to suck you off?"

He nodded in response and eagerly awaited her next move. Wishing to build his anticipation, she cupped her palm around his testicles and lightly began to stroke and massage them. It seemed that he was pleased with the way she was touching him, because the skin of his fleshy sacs instantly began to tighten.

Every now and again she would allow her tongue to flick against his engorged crown, but for the most part she denied him too much contact with her wet appendage.

"Babe, put it in your mouth...*please*."

The begging tone in his voice sent a spark of arousal through her body, and she couldn't help feeling excited at having complete sexual control over him. Deciding that she'd teased him long enough, Julia sealed her mouth around his swollen cock head, then slid her lips slowly down the length of his shaft. As she fully sheathed him in her warm, wet mouth, Nolan tangled his fingers in her curls and let out a hiss of pleasure.

Simultaneously palming and sucking him, Julia allowed her hand to stroke it's way up along his hardness, following the wet path that her mouth made. She caressed his thick shaft at a steady, even pace, and then gradually worked up to a quicker speed.

Watching her head bob up and down over him, Nolan expelled a deep moan. His eyes narrowed to slits from the pleasure of her erotic touch, and as she continuously stroked him with her warm, wet tongue he released ragged gasps and sighs.

The sound of his shallow breaths and the way his hips bucked silently conveyed that he was loving every moment. Her tongue slid languidly along the veins of his manhood, and she moved her free hand upward to place it against his stomach.

Using a feather light touch, she allowed her nails to travel along his skin, tracing them against the ripples of his abdominals. She felt his body jolt slightly from the sensation of it, and as her lips tightened even further around him, he expelled a heavy groan of approval.

The wet sucking noises she made mingled with his labored breathing, and as he suddenly tensed beneath her, she knew that he'd reached climax. Removing his penis from her mouth, she rapidly pumped his hard-on, and as a guttural moan of ecstasy burst from his lips, he spurted his hot seed onto her chest. Bucking his hips into her hand, he let loose a low, masculine groan.

As the jet of his semen finally came to stop, she released his softening cock and grabbed some kleenex from the coffee table. By the time she finished wiping herself off the tissues were thoroughly soaked, so she had to retrieve an additional one to enclose the ones which one soiled.

Pulling the straps of her camisole up, she got onto her feet. Leaning over his slackened body, she looked down at him with a pleased smile. The expression on his face was one of blissful content, and the look in his eyes told her that she'd completely satisfied his libido. Reaching a hand up to bring her head closer to him, he whispered against her lips.

"Thank you baby, that was wonderful." His mouth then joined with hers in a tender kiss.

As their lips broke apart he asked, "Now how about that breakfast?"

Julia offered him a smile. "Sure thing." Then she turned her back to him and headed for the kitchen.

* * * *

Taking another glance at the clock Nolan said, "We better get a move on, honey, or we're going to be late."

"I'll be right there." She called from the bedroom.

A small sigh of impatience was released from his lips. "You said that twenty minutes ago."

"What's the hurry? We'll get there when we get there."

"I told your mother we would arrive for dinner at eight. It's now nearing seven thirty. You know what traffic is like driving into the city. Not to mention it's hell to find a parking spot."

"Just give me a minute to pick out some shoes and then we'll be on our way."

Resting his back against the couch, Nolan crossed his arms in front of his chest. As one minute turned into ten, Nolan considered calling out to her again, but the sound of her heels clicking against the hardwood floor alerted him that she was finally on her way. As his eyes fell on her approaching form, he offered her a look of appreciation.

The little black dress she wore fit her like a glove, perfectly hugging every curve on her body. Noting the shoes on her feet, he saw she'd chosen strappy heels, and her hair was pulled into a sexy updo. The sight of it reminded him of how she'd worn it for the wedding, and it instantly triggered amorous feelings inside of him.

"You look gorgeous." Standing on his feet, he made his way over to her.

The way he looked at her made her feel as if she were a delicious piece of candy, and her lips curled into a smile as he placed a kiss upon her neck.

"Sorry for being impatient. Guess it was for a worthy cause."

He followed her to the entryway and they made their way out of the door, heading down the steps towards the car. Having slept over at Nolan's the previous night, Julia had driven him to her apartment so that she could change into her dinner dress. As they approached her Volkswagon beetle, Julia tossed him the keys.

"You don't mind driving, do you? I won't be able to in these heels."

"Sure thing, no problem."

Once they were seated in the car and belted up, Nolan started up the engine and they were on their way. Just as expected, they ran into some rush hour traffic on the highway, which extended the amount of time they had to travel. They didn't mind too much, though, due to the amiable conversation they engaged in, and before they knew it, they were exiting the freeway and pulling onto the street.

Julia guided him in the right direction, and after travelling a few miles they turned onto a steep, hilly street. Unable to find a spot directly in front of her mother's house, Julia suggested they continue further up to see if they could spot anything. They drove two blocks past the house before spotting a car which was pulling out, and as soon as it'd vacated the space Nolan effortlessly pulled the vehicle into the tight spot.

Julia was impressed by how easily he'd maneuvered the car. "Nice driving skills. I could never fit into a spot like this."

"Good thing we took your car. I could never have done this in my station wagon."

As the engine came to a halt, Nolan glanced over at his girlfriend and saw her give him a look of apprehension.

"I really wish we didn't have to do this."

He gave her a reassuring smile. "Not to worry, It'll be over before you know it."

She blew out a small breath and nodded. As they exited the car, the nippy air surrounded them in its chill, and she wrapped her arms around her body in an attempt to stave off the cold. Taking off his dinner blazer, Nolan wrapped it around Julia's shoulders and took hold of her hand.

Eyeing the Victorian houses along the block, he found himself irresistibly drawn to the charming design of them. It was apparent that one had had to make a handsome living in order to reside in an area like this, and he began to wonder what Julia's parents did for a living. As a cold child wrapped itself around Nolan's body, he gave a little sniff.

"Nice neighborhood. What do your parents do for a living?"

"My mom manages a cosmetics department at Sheffield's department store, and her husband is an accountant."

"He must make very good money."

"He does pretty well. The house they live in is paid off, though. He inherited it from his parents."


As they finally reached the house, Julia uttered a sound of relief. "Thank goodness we're here. These heels aren't very kind on my feet."

"Sorry we had to walk so far. Promise I'll make it up to you later tonight, though." There was a sensuous look in his eyes.

"Does that mind of yours ever stop thinking about sex?" Her tone was light hearted.

"I was talking about giving you a foot massage, but now that you mention it, I wouldn't mind having a poke at you afterwards."

She led him up the stairs towards the door. "You are so naughty."

"You love it, though."

A small chuckle fled from her lips. As the reached the top of the steps, she handed him his dinner jacket so that he could put it back on. Then she pressed her finger against the button to ring the chime.

Releasing a little sigh, she hoped for the best and offered herself an inward pep talk.

Sensing that her nerves were on edge, Nolan offered her a comforting rub on the back. The front door to the house swung open and Julia's mother appeared before them. Her plum colored lips pulled back to reveal white teeth, and she offered a friendly greeting.

"Oh wonderful, you finally made it. Come on in." Pulling the door wider, she gestured for them to enter.

As they walked into the foyer, the first thing Nolan's eyes fell upon was a staircase crafted from cherry wood. The oriental rug which covered the steps only added to its beauty, and a vintage style chandelier hung above. Glancing at the ornately carved grandfather clock, he saw they were nearly an hour late. Nolan offered an apology for their late arrival.

"Sorry it took us to so long to get here. We ran into some traffic along the way."

"No need to apologize, we're just happy to have you here." Offering her daughter an admiring glance she said, "You look lovely, Julia."

"Thanks. You look nice as well." Her eyes roved over the silky cream colored dinner dress.

Feigning modesty she said, "This? It's nothing special. Just something I picked up on sale." The rhinestone belt which cinched her waist glittered as she shifted her body.

"It's nice to finally meet you Nolan. My name is Vivian." She offered her hand for him to shake.

"Very nice meeting you as well."

"I wish I could say that Julia has told me so much about you, but it seems that my daughter has been keeping you a secret." Shifting her eyes, she offered her daughter a disapproving look.

"I wasn't keeping him a secret, I just never got around to telling you."

Ignoring her daughters response she said, "Well nevermind that. I suppose there must have been some reason behind it." She shrugged her shoulders as if to convey puzzlement. "Well everyone is seated in the parlor, so why don't we go in and join them?"

Inwardly cringing at her mother's use of the word 'parlor,' she found it interesting how she normally referred to it as the living room. Yet when someone who she was trying to impress came over for a visit, she suddenly switched up and began calling it by its formal name.

As they entered the room all eyes turned upon them, and Julia began scanning the living area to see who was present. Immediately spotting her step-sister, she saw that Sage was seated upon a red velvet loveseat. The guy who sat next to her had kinky black hair which was worn in a messy afro, and it reminded Julia of the way that the singer Maxwell used to wear it.

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