Taxi Ride


T and I have discussed getting her naked in a taxi cab or limo several times but we've always come to the conclusion that there really was no way to make it happen where it would be safe for her. She also was against the idea of doing it in the back of some one's car since she would know the driver and have to face him later on in life. There was also my lack of willingness to just pull out her tits while we're in a cab during a short ride as I wanted it to last longer than just a few minutes.

I always kept this scenario in the back of my mind and hoped that one day I would be able to find a way to make it happen. A couple of years later, and quite by accident, I ran into a man that had been a client a few years ago. I was filling my car with gas and in pulled a taxi cab at the pump next to mine. Gary got out of a green and white taxi and although several years had gone by I easily recognized him.

After a few quick sentences to catch up on the past I learned he had fallen on some tough times, lost his job and wife and was driving cab to make ends meet. He explained that he's had struggles with alcoholism and prostitutes and that being addicted to them had cost him almost everything. He was in a 12 step program now but it was too little too late.

He gave me a business card and told me that he'd be happy to pick up clients for me, pick me up for airport runs or anything that I needed. Right then I knew that the answer to our fantasy had been provided by Gary. That weekend I told T that I thought I'd found a safe way for her to get naked in a taxi and quickly explained what I had found out.

The next week I called Gary and arranged to meet him back at the gas station. I asked him about his business and how it worked for him as a sub contractor leasing the taxi, and how much money he made each night. I explained that I would like to have him pick us up one night and take us for a nice long ride and when I told him that I was willing to pay full cab fare he readily agreed.

I didn't tell him about our plan, and since he hadn't ever met T I knew that there would be no awareness of who she was or what was going to happen in his cab. I made arrangements for him to meet us on Friday at 10pm in the parking lot of a large hotel in the suburbs and teased him with the comment that it will be well worth his time and he'll make good money too.

That Friday T and I checked into the hotel and had a nice dinner in their restaurant before we moved up to our room to prepare for our taxi ride. T had already showered and was very nicely dressed for our evening out now she was going to have to get dressed for the rest of the evening.

We'd already had several drinks with dinner and downed a couple more glassed on wine in our room as she changed clothes. We had already discussed what she should wear and after looking at many thing we had decided to go with a very sheer nightgown and panties which she would wear underneath a long coat.

When she opened the coat we wanted to go for the WOW factor right away. No teasing or partially getting undressed as we travelled. Just take off her coat and reveal pretty much everything and then take off the sheer nightgown and panties so she would be nude. We had decided long ago that if we ever got the chance to do this she would have to be totally nude for best effect.

It was still a bit before 10pm by the time we got down to the parking lot and the green and white cab was already waiting for us. As we climbed into the back seat I introduced Gary to T and he looked at her as if he suspected something was wrong since it was really too warm to be wearing a coat buttoned up to the neck.

As we settled in I told Gary that I wanted him to drive east on the Interstate highway until he had reached the point where the meter read $50. He should then turn around and come back to the parking lot. I told him that any charges over the $100 would be his responsibility. Also, if he turned around too soon I would pay him but his tip and any future calls would be in jeopardy. He said sure no problem that $100 fare would get us at least a half hour ride each way and perhaps even longer.

As he pulled out of the parking lot the cab was still quite well lit by the streetlghts and as T unbuttoned her coat Gary looked into the rear view mirror to see her wearing only a very sheer purple nightgown. I told him to watch the road and as soon as he got us out of down town T would be completely naked. I'm not sure he believed me but he drove well over the speed limit and pushed a couple of lights turning red to get us onto the freeway.

Within 10 minutes we were heading out of the city and the bright lights were behind us. During that time T and I had been taking full advantage of the time as I played with her tits and pussy and I finally pulled her nightgown over her head. I slid her panties down her legs and when they were off tossed them into the front so they landed on the dashboard.

With that Gary looked back over his shoulder to make sure that T was naked, and she was. I told him to keep his eyes on the road as much a possible, but he could steal a look now and then as he was able. He pulled the rearview mirror down a bit and to the side so he would have a direct look at T's naked body when he glanced into the mirror. He also slowed down quite a bit and drove very carefully and he kept glancing into the mirror as I continued to caress and enjoy T's nakedness.

This was just the scenario we had been looking for and couldn't have been any better in our imagination. Here we were sitting in the back seat of a dirty taxi cab with a somewhat sleazy cab driver of questionable background leering at T's nudity and wishing that it was him in the back seat playing with her body.

T sat next to me, with one leg across mine and the other hooked up on the back of the front seat as I rubbed her clit and slid a couple of fingers into her very wet pussy. She remarked that the situation was just perfect and as Gary peered into the mirror she lifted her hips a bit to give him a full view of her shaved pussy.

We lost track of time and all of a sudden Gary swore and brought us back to reality. He said that he'd just missed the turnoff and the next one was several miles up the road. We had also just passed the $50 mark on the meter so we had gone about half way. I reminded him that he extra cost was on him, but I really didn't think he'd mind paying the extra for the show he was getting.

When we reached the next exit he pulled off to turn around when we stopped at the top of the ramp he said that he would be willing to turn the meter off if it meant some extra time of watching. T nodded in agreement so he pulled over to a park and ride and pulled in between a couple of larger SUV's that were parked in a very well lit area.

He clicked off the meter and turned around in the seat to get a face to face look at T. She just smiled at him and reminded him that watching was ok, and that he wasn't allowed to touch. We spent the next half hour or more sitting in the park and ride lot as I continued to play with T's naked body and Gary watched us from the front seat.

It wasn't long after we had stopped that T had her first orgasm, and I was surprised that she had lasted this long. It always takes her a few minutes to come back from her orgasm but when she did she just asked me what would I like. I asked her to suck my cock for awhile, but then I wanted her to sit on top and ride my cock.

She leaned over and within a few moments straightened back up and told Gary "no touching" as he'd reached over to fondle her ass since it was only about a foot away from his face. After a few more minutes she lifted her head up and asked if I was ready. We moved around to make room and to get comfortable and she finally I had her straddle me as she faced the front seat.

She moved into position and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. After she had settled down all the way and had completely taken my cock into her pussy she leaned back into me a bit and as I kissed her and nibbled on her ear asked if she wanted to have Gary play with her tits while she fucked me?

Her response was to ask me if I wanted him to and when I said yes she quietly reached out and grabbed his arm and placed his large hand on her tit. He started to say something but she just shushed him and as she worked her way up and down my cock he managed to pull on first one nipple and then the other. I knew that it I wouldn't last very long as the suspense had been building for a long time already.

I watched as this guy she didn't even know pulled on her tits as she rode up and down on my cock. Within a couple minutes it was all over for me and I shot my load deep into her pussy. T then leaned back into me as we enjoyed the moment and even though Gary was still pulling on her tits everything seemed right.

T moved off on me and I asked Gary if he was ok to drive. His answer was to put the car in gear and drive back onto the freeway. T was still naked and didn't seem to be ready to cover up so I started to ask Gary if he had enjoyed the show and quizzed him about T's body and what he thought of her. Of course he only had nice things to say and was very complimentary. He also offered to pick us up and give us a free ride any time that we wanted to do this again.

I finally asked him if he'd gotten off during our taxi ride and he admitted that he'd cum in his pants almost as soon as T had gotten naked in the back seat. He had also cum one more time while we were in the parking lot but admitted that he was already hard again. He thought that talking about a woman, while she sat there naked, was over the top.

To be able to discuss a woman and how sexy hot she was while she was sitting there, and naked besides, was beyond his realm of thinking and it really turned him on at the same time. He had never had an experience like that before, and I doubted he would again. I whispered to T and asked if she wanted to make him cum one more time and she questioned what I had in mind.

After a bit of discussion she leaned forward leaned over the seat and reached down into his lap. She confirmed that he was indeed hard again and when she grabbed his cock she also confirmed that it was already soaked wet with cum from his previous orgasms. We were already getting back into the city so T hurried a bit and started to stroke his soggy cock. I didn't think it would take him long to cum again, but we didn't have much time either.

T had forgotten that she was still naked and it wasn't until we pulled into the parking lot that Gary finally let loose with another load of cum. T finally noticed where we were and quickly sat back down and pulled her coat back on. She hopped out of the taxi and buttoned up as I paid Gary the $100 and told him I might call him again sometime. I quickly ran to catch up with T as I knew we still had a long evening of love making still to come.

We'd already had sex, but now was the time to make love.

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