tagFetishTaylar's Awakening Ch. 01

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 01


I get bored with all of this MILF stories you see on here. Usually they are all the same: horny friend checks out his guy best friend's mother, is caught checking her out, is invited to fuck her, fucks her, and then usually gets away with it. Well, time for something hopefully different. This time, it's going to be about the mom's feet and it's a female friend's mother. To make things I bet more spicier, the main character is a straight, but curious, girl. If you like where this story is going, leave me some comments, and give me ratings. You never know where this will go next.


I was excited for this summer for a good reason. I had just survived my freshman year of college without failing a class, getting too crazy, or pregnant. After all the stories my older friends had filled me in with, I was a bit nervous about heading out in the college world. I was so glad to see they were mainly wrong. My dorm mates were awesome and fun to be around. It wasn't a constant party or anything that could spell disaster for me.

My roommate, Stephanie (or Stephie as I call her), was especially awesome and not to mention the most beautiful person inside and out. Stephie is a short girl with long blond hair that was always sparkling. Her face had slight freckles and her eyes were a lovely blue color. She was always wearing the cutest outfits I've ever seen, from fab halter tops, to pretty skirts and blouses. A lot of the guys on our floor were always checking her out in the hall and would sometimes just stand in the hall waiting for her. You could usually tell she was coming by the noise of her shoes. Stephie was almost constantly wearing some kind of heels or wedges during the summer and fall. In the winter, she broke out some of the cutest boots I had ever seen. I made me a little bit jealous, I have to admit. Her feet were also very cute, with nice nail polish and perfectly pedicured feet. Although she was short, her feet were a bit bigger than the rest of her, at about '7.

While there's cute Stephie, then there's me, Taylar. I'm about six foot tall and rather skinny and I really don't think I have a figure. My hair is a shoulder length black that I never can seem to be do much with. I have big eyes and long lashes. I was a cheerleader in high school, but that really didn't get me much attention. My butt is no existent and my boobs are smaller than I would like. The cheerleaders used to call me "bigfoot" during practice because my shoes size is a ten. It was the biggest size in the squad all three of the years I was on the varsity team. I never really understood why it was such a big deal, but I learned to deal with it. I like to think my legs are "sexy" and make up for my feet. Guys like leggy girls right? Well, apparently not some much, as I didn't get very many looks from cute boys and I only had one boyfriend in high school. He was nice, for awhile. Then he got all controlling and religious, so no sex and no life. Not the kind of relationship a girl wants.

Meeting Stephie changed that a lot. Her mom is in cosmetics and beauty and owns a salon/spa in her hometown and taught her daughter a lot about "beauty on a budget" as she calls it. She shared some of her make-up, mascara and gave me fashion tips. Since I started using these, I've been getting more looks from guys and gone on a few dates. Stephie was really a miracle worker and a great listener. She became my best friend and study partner for the the whole year. It was sad to see her go when the semester was over and we went back to our homes. We knew we would see each other again next fall, but we couldn't wait that long, so Stephie talked her parents into letting me stay at their place for a weekend this summer.

Finally, the weekend had arrived for me to head up the Stephie's place. We had been planning this all summer and I was excited. I was extremely pumped to try out their large pool and lay out in the sun with her and her mom. I never got to meet her parents, so this was my first time seeing them. It also meant I would get to wear my new swimsuit that I had bought at a great discount. I pulled up in their driveway in my crap-mobile (an old Pontiac) and was immediately greeted by Stephie in the garage. She took my bags and escorted me in. The second greeting I got came immediately when I walked in the door by her retriever, Roswell. He sniffed my legs and then tried to climb up on me. Then a woman came in the room, chasing after the friendly pooch.

"Roswell, down," the woman commanded. Roswell obeyed and scooted away to a another room. I looked at the woman. I felt a little bit shy looking at her. She was a woman of fair height (although not as tall as me), with curly, blond hair that mirrored Stephie's. There was not a single freckle on her face, only a clear, tan, friendly face with mesmerizing blue eyes. He body consisted of beautiful tan legs that were showing past her short capris. She was wearing a simple white top, with large, firm breasts underneath. For being what Stephie said as 40, she sure didn't look like it.

"Tay-Tay, this is my mom, Angela...mom, this is my roomie and bestie, Taylar," Stephie said introducing us.

Angela took out her manicured hand, "Pleased to finally meet you Taylar, her father and I have heard so much about you. You are as pretty as she said you were."

I was blushing bright red at this point. I told her thank you, but I knew that I wasn't that pretty so I kept that to myself and accepted the compliment. They showed me up to their guest room on the second floor. They had a beautiful house, which was very neat, colorful and seemed to reflect the sunlight everywhere. My room had a queen sized bed, a dresser, closet half full of extra clothes for the women of the home, a door to their second bathroom, and window that overlooked their covered pool and backyard.

Angela volunteered to help me put away stuff, but I told her I was fine. She gave a quick smile, told me if I needed something to just holler and that we would be opening the pool at three. I thanked her and she started leaving. My eyes were drawn to her bare feet as she was walking out the door. Unlike her daughter, her feet seemed perfectly sized for her body. Unlike many older woman who tan frequently, her feet weren't a gross mess of veins and didn't look like prunes. They looked soft, smooth and had shapely toes. Her toenails were a silvery color and it looked cute. I looked down at my giantess feet in my hand-me-down pumps. I had painted my long toes a dark blue, as it was my favorite color and my favorite polish that Stephie had given me. I had a pedicure with my mom only a week ago, so it wasn't like my feet were gross or anything, but they felt so damn ugly compared to Angela's. I sighed with my insecurity and started unpacking.

I went downstairs after unpacking and sat in the kitchen in with Stephie and Angela. My roommate and I started talking about how things were going so far with summer and about our other mutual friends from college. We laughed and giggled about boys and our adventures that we had over the year. Angela mostly stayed quiet, seeming to be taking it all in with a smile. Occasionally, she would ask about something she thought was funny or didn't understand. She also talked about her college years and how she had her fun moments. Angela got married and had Stephanie when she was only 21, but managed to graduate, work a masseuse and beauty care professional with a young daughter, and eventually open a store with her husband. Not long after talking about it, her husband came home and was introduced to me. He was a bit shorter than I imagined and was probably the reason why Stephie wasn't as tall as her mom. He was a slightly muscular man, with a bushy mustache and glasses on. He proved to be really nice and also complimented me saying he was glad that his daughter had made friends with a "beautiful young lady." Once again, I felt a little bit embarrassed and insecure. I rubbed my sole nervously on the floor, a habit that I've had forever.

Some afterwards, it was time for a swim. I put on my pink swimsuit, my pair of black flip flops, my towel, sunglasses and went downstairs. Stephie meet me on their patio, wearing a equally cute yellow bikini and pink sunglasses.

"Tay-Tay, that is such a cute suit! Where did you get?" she asked jealously. She pretends sometimes to be envious and impressed, just to be nice.

"Got it at a store back home," I said. "Kinda cheap, but I like it. We walked over to her and set up on her beach chairs. I looked over at Angela and I almost gasped. She was wearing a simple red bikini with a white unbuttoned beach dress. Her legs were crossed and I could see her soles. They appeared smooth as paper and very well kept. Why was I so drawn to them? Was I jealous? Whatever it was, she noticed I was looking at her and gave me a little wave. She was reading a book and talking to her husband. He wasn't dressed for a swim, so I assumed he wasn't joining us.

"Last one in's a rotten egg!!!" Before I could I knew it Stephie was running to the pool. I laughed and took off after her. She made cannonball for the pool before I even reached the edge. I slipped off my shoes and sunglasses and went in for graceful dive. I had done some swimming in high school and my house wasn't far from the best beach in the county. The water wasn't terribly cold, so I really enjoyed it. He splashed each other and did some horsing around. The brought up the volleyball net connected to the pool and we played more rounds than I could remember. After an hour or two, we got out of the pool and laid on the chairs, hoping to get a good tan. I couldn't help but make a few glances at Angela every now and then. She was laying face down, so there was no chance that she would see me. Her perfect feet were relaxing at the end of her chair, scrunched up. I wished that my feet were as nice as hers. Maybe I should ask if there's I could do to make my feet look like that? She was a professional after all. Angela retorted to lying up, so I pretended that I wasn't looking. After a while, I got this feeling that I was being looked over. I chill ran down my spine and I looked over from the corner of my eyes, not moving my head. It was Angela and she was looking my way. What was she looking at I wondered?

Stephie's dad come back out at that moment. He told his wife that he had to get some charcoal for the grill. We were having hamburgers and brats tonight, one of my favorites! Angela gave him a quick kiss and told him to drive safe. He came by us girls and looked at Stephie and smiled. I looked over and saw that she was fast asleep, with her book she was reading in her lap. She does that occasionally when she was tanning at school. Her father left and soon I heard his car driving away. I relaxed myself again and took another quick peek at Angela. Again, she was looking at me, but there was something about the way she was looking.

"Ma'am?" I asked. "Is there something wrong?

She smiled and walked over to me. She sat down at the edge of my chair and looked at her daughter. "How long has she been like that?"

I told her I had just noticed. She smiled at me. "I'm so glad that my daughter is making so good friends away from home. You know, she wasn't very popular with her high school classmates. They were always picking on her because of her height and inability to play sports."

I laughed a little. Stephie was terrible at any sport I had seen her play. She had no hand coordination and wasn't very fast. That's why she cheated by giving me a late warning with or race to the pool. She was pretty, but at her school, sports were everything. She chosen to not let it get to her though and she never seemed angry or depressed about it.

Angela changed her look and became serious. "Stephanie told me you have your own insecurities as well Taylar."

I wasn't surprised that Stephie told her, but I really didn't like the fact that she did. I looked down at my feet again. They were dried after tanning for a while. They were still as white as they were when I first came here. I played with my long black hair, tied in ponytail.

Angela, turned my head and had me facing her. She looked sad. "You know, when I was your age I felt the same way about my body. Sure, I dated several handsome boys, but I never felt comfortable in my own skin. That's why I went into the beauty profession at first." I couldn't believe that I was hearing this. There was nothing wrong with her body. "But, I overcame my insecurities," she continued. "I met a man that loved me when I wasn't wearing my makeup on or if I was just wearing a ragged t-shirt and jeans. I married that man at a very young age and had a beautiful daughter." She looked over at Stephie quick and had a warm smile.

"How could you be uncomfortable though?" I asked sincerely. "You are beautiful and I don't think I've never seen an adult quite as confident and stunning as you are."

Angela looked back at me. She gave me another smile, showing that she appreciated my comments. "Another thing that I did when I was your age was look up to this one woman. She was my Cosmetic Science teacher in my freshman and sophomore year." Angela's eyes turned into a dreamy state. "She was about thirty-six when I met her, and I thought she was the most perfect woman on the face of the Earth. I hung after class to talk to her, thinking there was some secret to her looks."

I knew how she felt. I was starting to feel the same way about Angela. "What happened after your sophomore year? Did you ever see her again?" i asked with interest.

"Oh, I saw her time to time over the next two years of my college life. We would talk about how things were going and how my academics were going," Angela replied. "She came to my college graduation party and that's when she met my husband. She told me how proud she was that I had made a life for myself and she envied me." She stopped a minute, seeming distressed. "Unfortunately, that was the last time I ever saw her, as she moved away and we lost contact."

"I'm sorry...she seemed to have cared about you alot," I said.

"You know, there was one part of her that I absolutely was jealous off," she said, recovering from whatever sadness had come over her. "I was always jealous of her beautiful feet that she had."

Now I knew what Angela had been looking at. I had my feet crossed that whole time, with my huge soles out and on display for her. That familiar uncomfortable feeling was coming back.

"She had very large feet and was always changing the color. They were always so pretty and my feet...well, they are kinda plain." She caressed her soles, giving me a chill down my spine. I couldn't keep it in me for longer."

"That's not true, I think your feet are much nicer than mine," I almost shouted. "I wish I had feet like yours, instead of these giant feet. I wish I was pretty like you and I wish boys would notice me more."

After I was finished, Angela didn't look surprised. She looked sad. "I've noticed you looking at my feet.....I had a feeling that it was something like this. Honey, you are beautiful....that's why I can't stop looking at you. That's why I want you to feel beautiful."

It took me a second to process what she was saying. She thought I was pretty? Me? Miss Bigfoot? I was only half her age and insignificant compared to her. "Are you...a lesbian Angela?"

She laughed a little bit, making me feel dumb for asking. However, she shook her head and smiled. "It ok, it wasn't a stupid question to ask. I love my husband, but that teacher was my first true love that I had."

I looked at her puzzled. She explained it all to me. "I grew up thinking I was different. I liked boys and dated boys, but there was always a desire for women and I loved their feet. Men have no idea of what proper foot care is, but women's feet are so soft and beautiful. It always was a turn on to see a girl with pretty feet."

She looked down at my feet and gave a longing look. "Your feet are not ugly Taylar, they are some of the best feet I have seen in a long time and despite you being my friend's daughter, I could resist looking at them. Would you mind if I felt them?"

I gave her my approval and took my right foot. She took her hand and caressed the bottoms of my feet, sending a chill down my body. Now one had ever touched me there like that. Not even a pedicurist. She seemed to know just where to stroke her fingers. This sensation was totally knew to me. I felt my body wanting more of it. Angela talked to me while she kept rubbing my soles. "Have you ever been treated like this by someone dear?"

"No...it feels soothing though." I closed my eyes and sank into the chair.

"Your feet are so tense sweetie....but they are just so sexy. Your friends were wrong to tease you about them.

Did she just say my feet were sexy? That was quite a departure from what people normally said about my feet. I didn't protest her compliment, being too busy enjoy this experience. I looked over to Stephie, hoping that she was still asleep. I could only imagine what she would think about her mother massaging her best friend's feet and using words like sexy. Angela was finished with my sole and went to toes. "Sweetie, I love the nail polish. It goes well your beautiful hair. Is this my daughters?" she asked.

"Yeah, she said that she likes her nails light colors, so she gave it to me," I replied. I hope this didn't offend her.

"Well, I like it better on you anyway. My daughter knows her style," she said cheerfully. She rubbed my toes and spread them out one by one. It felt more therapeutic than it did relaxing. My shoes are usually just big enough to barely fit my feet in, especially sneakers, so getting them spread was nice. She was done after a few minutes and asked me if I would like the same thing done to my left foot. I joyfully accepted the massage, as I wasn't ready for it to be over. She hands went to work on my sole again and it felt like I was being touched my silk on my sensitive skin. She spread my toes again with pain relieving results again as well. She finished my left foot and gave it a quick kiss on the sole. I could help but give a slight sigh.

"Did you enjoy that sweetheart?" she asked sweetly. I told her I loved it. "Well, there's more if you are interested."

More? What else could there be? It made me wet to think there could be more enjoyment. Wait, I was wet? A simple foot rub had made me wet? It felt wrong, yet oh so right. I told her to do whatever it was that would make me happy.

Angela took both my feet and started kissing them all over. I felt like I was being teased, but it made me feel so good down at my clit. She gave my right foot one last kiss, then stuck out her tongue and wiggled it against the middle of my sole. I nearly let out a yip! I had never felt something so felt on my feet. She gave me questioning look. I dismissed it, and gave her my permission to continue. She rotated between my feet, giving each plentiful licks that made me sit still with excitement. This was better than anything I have encountered in my short life. I was still a virgin and the closest I ever got was sleeping in bed with a guy in nothing but my skimpies. Now my feet were being licked by the most gorgeous woman I had ever met.

By the time she was done, I felt like a million bucks. I stood up and gave her a huge smile. "I love your smile just as much at your feet honey," she said sincerely.

"What about your husband Angela?" I asked concerned. "What will he think of this?

She continued smiling, not looking worried. "This is one part of my life that my husband might not understand. It's better than he does not know. He gives decent foot rubs, but his mustache would tickle if I let him do what I just did to you."

We giggled together for a little bit. "Besides," Angela added, "your feet are something special and I had a great time enjoying them. I just wished they didn't taste like chlorine." We giggled again. This apparently woke Stephie up with a start.

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