tagFetishTaylar's Awakening Ch. 03

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 03


"This is the third part of my Taylar's Awakening series. If you don't want to be scratching your head or need more detail of the previous events before this story, check out the first two chapters. Please comment and rate. Especially comment. I'm not getting enough comments and those are really helpful. Enjoy!"


I got out of the pool, dripping wet from the past two hours with Stephanie playing pool volleyball and just messing around. I pretended like it was a scene from a movie, where the hot chick is in slow motion, getting out of the pool and all the guys are watching in awe. Of course, there were no guys around to see me. It was the backyard of my friend's house, where I was staying for the weekend. However, it wasn't quite like any other weekend. Not only did I learn to have more confidence in myself (hence, the dramatic pool scenario), but I think I found myself as well.

Stephanie's mom, Angela had introduced me to a kind of feeling that I had never had prior to this weekend. You see, I'm a big footed girl. My size is a ten and I'd always been uncomfortable about my feet. Yet, Angela thought they were beautiful. We enjoyed a very private moment yesterday and since then, I've grown to accept my 'sexy," feet. Today, I even used my feet to make a boy give me a discount on some heels that actually would fit me. The feeling of having my feet worshipped opened my confidence up and now I had a weapon of pleasure at my disposal. I used it to protect my best friend from that same guy. Stephie had volunteered to let the guy have her feet, but I wouldn't let my Stephie do it and stepped in myself. I looked over at my best friend, getting out of the pool herself. Her small frame hid a truly beautiful person. She was about to let a perverted shoe boy lick her cute, orange polished toes. Instead, I got to taste them myself only a few hours ago. It might have been my first time licking someone's else's feet, but I knew it wasn't the last time.

We sat out for a while, getting our tan on like we had yesterday. I jokingly told Stephie not to fall asleep again and she had quick laugh before hitting me on the shoulder. I laughed at her reaction and then started to relax. I looked down at my feet. Like I said, they were a size ten, but rather slender. My toes were pretty long and had a dark blue polish on them, perfectly matched with my new high heels. My soles were apparently very sensitive and always very smooth. I curled them up, thinking about how much they had been through since arriving here on my little vacation at Stephie's house. If only Angela would get home sooner. I was curious as to what she meant by "more to come" today.

Well, as I had predicted, Stephie fell asleep again. Typical Stephie of course. I thought she looked cute though. My eyes wandered back to her feet. After all this time, I was finally realizing how beautiful they actually were. So it was called a foot fetish huh? I guess I was starting to develop one. It apparently wasn't too acceptable if that counter guy had to hide it from people. I didn't have to hide it from Stephie and Angela though. I lightly caressed Stephie's sleeping feet. I gave her right foot a quick kiss and decided to go back into the house. I decided to take another shower to get the chlorine off before dinner. We were all going out tonight to so nice restaurant in the city. Apparently, Angela was friends with the owner and they were reserving us a spot in their VIP dining lounge.

After another hot, steamy shower I changed into something a little more nicer. My wardrobe was limited to what I could fit in my suitcase, but I managed to find my favorite black skirt, a white top to match and put on some mascara and make-up. I looked over myself in the closet mirror. "Not too shabby," I thought to myself. I wished that I could do something cute with my hair, but it's extremely stubborn, so I just tied it back. Now, what to wear on my feet. I immediately knew the answer though. I took my new high heels out of the shoe box and put them on. They went better with this outfit than anything else I had with me. I gave the shoes a look over in the mirror. I felt so confident and dominant with them on. Next thing I knew, I heard the door opening and Roswell, Stephie and Angela's dog, giving a friendly bark. I knew Angela was finally home.

I went downstairs as fast as I could with the heels on. There was Angela, petting her beloved pooch. Angela must have already changed at work, because she didn't look like she had just gotten back from work without a change. Angela's golden blond hair was straightened out and tied back like mine. She was wearing a short black dress that complimented her curves and perfectly tanned legs. Her beautiful feet were wrapped in silver heels, matching her polish. She looked like she was in her late twenties, not forty. She looked up at me and gave me a brilliant smile.

"Hello Taylar, how was your day with Stephanie?" she asked warmly. "I hope you guys had fun with that shopping card I left."

I went up to her and gave her a simple hug, which she returned lovingly. "It was great, I bought these heels with them." Angela looked down at my feet and admired my heels.

She looked back up. "Taylar, what a great catch! They looked beautiful and add to your feet. I told you there was beauty in them."

I told her all that had happened and what I had realized today. She frowned when I told her about the counter guy wanting to worship her daughter's feet, but the look changed to concern when I told her I took Stephie's place. She was proud of me, but said I needed to be careful as well. I left out the part where I worshipped her daughters feet. Even if it wasn't sexual really, I didn't want her to think I was going behind her back.

Stephie came down while Angela was telling me about her salon. My best friend was wearing a almost identical black dress as her mother, just a bit shorter and more of her leg showing. Stephie was wearing some cute, but shorter heels. Her short legs looked cute in the dress. She added some volume to her hair and had curled it slightly. She had done this all in an hour. Only Stephie could pull that off. Angela complimented her only daughter and embraced with with a kiss on the head. Angela took the keys to her car. "Well, let's get going ladies. Your father can't wait forever Stephanie."

We all piled in Angela's nice car. Not much of a car person, so can't give you any idea of what kind of car it was. It had an awesome stereo system and we were blaring it the whole way to the restaurant. We were listening to some Britney Spears and Katy Perry, with Angela sing along with us. It's like that woman is infinitely cool. It might have to do with Stephie being so young. They grew up together and the bond might be more than just a mother-daughter.

The restaurant was moderately busy, but had a quiet atmosphere. Stephie's dad had already gotten us a table and was waiting patiently for us. He smiled, "There are my girls!" We all smiled and Stephie sat by him and gave him a quick kiss. I sat next to Angela, across from Stephie. An elderly waiter served us, getting our drinks for us. I was so fascinated by this place. My family never goes to places like this. It's far too expensive. Stephie and I passed the time by talking and laughing. Angela and her husband talked about stuff with work and teasing with each other. Eventually, our food came around, with my stuffed fettuccine ravioli on my plate. It looked so good that I dug in immediately. Stephie must have been equally as hungry, because she started chowing down and feverishly. Angela gave us a disapproving look, so we ate like proper ladies. She smiled after that, possibly been secretly amused at us.

Later while I was eating, I felt something move against my leg. It wasn't too obvious before, so I dismissed it. Then, I got the slight feeling that it was someone skin. I looked down, but missed whatever it was. Only a few seconds later I felt it again. I missed it once again, however, I figured out what it could possibly be. Angela's right foot was out of her straps of her heels. She was playing with me. I looked at her, getting no acknowledgement. I decided that two could play at this game. I slipped of my left heel and ran my foot against her legs. Now she was smiling, but not looking at me. She did the same thing, with a more prolonged effect. We kept doing this until the waiter came back. Something tells me the old fella might have had a heart attack if he saw two beautiful woman stroking each other's legs under the table. We resumed after he left. Her feet felt soft against my legs and everytime she would brush them, I would get a tingle down my spine. I gave her a look and she actually acknowledge it this time, since her daughter and husband were deep in conversation. It was a sexy look and I tried to mouth to her "I want you." She seemed to understand and seemed to reply, "I know."

We left the restaurant not long after this. We were so stuffed that none of us could get desserts, not even a melting hot lava cake (which looked amazing). Stephie almost fell asleep in the car, and I would play with her arm to keep her awake. "Leave me alone...I just wanna go to be." It was only about nine, but I could tell she was serious. We got home and she headed for her room. She gave me a short hug and promised to stay awake the whole time tomorrow.

Angela looked rather amusingly at her daughter. "She's had an exciting two days Taylar, let her gets some sleep....as for you." She came closer and whispered in my ears. "My husband went back to salon to get stuff closed down and won't be back til after midnight...would you like a full body massage?"

I excitedly replied yes! I hadn't gotten a massage treatment since my high school graduation as a gift. She told me to wear something loose and comfort and to meet me in her room. I rushed to my room. I put on my black nightgown that I had bought for myself after getting home from college. It was a velvet material and slightly see through. So, I put on my matching black Victoria's Secret bra and panties. Just for kicks, I put the high heels on again to add to my outfit. I looked it the mirror for the hundredth time today. "Damn girl," I thought to myself. I looked like a tall sex kitten or something. I untied my hair and let it loose on my right shoulder. I did a pose in the mirror, trying to look sexy. Something was missing though. I took out my makeup bag. The one thing I didn't put on tonight for dinner was lipstick. I hate it. It's not the color I don't like, it's the smearing and feeling of it on my lips. However, Angela was an exception. I puckered up and applied the heavy red gloss to my lips. Now, I was ready.

I walked quietly through the hall. If Stephie saw me looking like this, she would would be shocked and wonder why. I lightly knocked on Angela's door. She politely told me to come in from the inside of the room. I walked inside the spacious master bedroom. It was dimly lit with candles and lights on a low setting. Her bed was a queen size meant for two and had a very Victorian style look to it. There were even curtains around it. There was a faint smell of lovely incense in the room. Finally, my eyes were drawn to a massaging bed in the corner with a small table right next to it with towels, oils, massage tools and what looked like a jar of some kind of petals.

Angela was waiting right behind the table. Like me, she was wearing a nightgown, but much more see through and white. Her white bra was covering her plentiful breasts and giving them more volume that way. Her hair was also let down and flowing freely. Unlike me, she was barefoot and I was glad to see her feet looking fresh and youthful. Since I had gotten here, she had never looked more beautiful. She seemed to feel the same way about me. We just looked at each other in awe for a minute, taking in our respective bodies. It was like time stopped for the both of us.

Finally, Angela spoke up. "Taylar dear, you look amazing." She was being completely sincere and for once, I didn't question it. She beckoned me to the table. I was asked to lie face down on the bed and to remove my gown. When that was all said and done, she took her hands and dipped them in a bowl of some kind of oil. She explained that she would going to started at my neck and shoulder and work her way down. "If at any point you feel uncomfortable honey, please say so," she said softly and sweetly. Her voice was giving me the chills, but the good kind none the less.

She ran her finger against my neck, going for stress points I never knew I even had. It was like there had always been something weighing down my neck and it was being taken off. She continued the relief to my shoulders. "Honey, I need you to take off your lovely bra," she said. I didn't question it one bit and took of my favorite bra. My breasts exposed didn't feel uncomfortable, even knowing they aren't very large. Compared to Angela's, they might as well be mosquito bitea. She take another tip of oil and placed her hands firmly around my breasts. She caressed and clanged to them like they were handles. I felt a bit of sexual tension and let out a moan. It felt good to be touch somewhere that I had been touched before. Angela's magic hands eventually worked their way to lower back, right above my butt. She pressed down near my spine this time, pressing knuckles hard enough to crack my back. Again, another place I never knew was tense. I felt like I was floating on a cloud at this point, and I never wanted to get off. Next, it was my almost non-existent butt. She caressed my cheeks slowly and in a circle pattern. I gave out another moan, and Angela giggled a little. She applied oil to my nearly tan legs, stroking them up and down.

Finally, she got to the part I had been waiting for. She took a hold of my right foot and removed the heels. "These really are the right pair for you sweetie," she said smoothly. "But I'm more interest in your cute little toes." She took my piggies and started pulling on them slightly. This was to alleviate stress and pressure from heels she had told me. She scrunched the toes up and kissed each one of them. I was starting to feel slightly wet under my panties. Only a massage and kissing my toes could do that to me I guess. She went for the sole next. Like yesterday, she massaged them lovingly and concentrated on the middle of the sole. I felt the pain for wearing those heels all dinner go away instantly. She repeated her process on my other foot. I was starting to feel drowsy and was starting to fall to sleep. Then I felt her tongue on my soles. She had both feet up and her tongue dancing all over them. It was so weird how sensitive my feet really are and have never noticed once before. She covered my feet in her tongue's saliva, and it look oh so hot.

"Taylar, why don't you turn over so I can suck on your toes better?" she asked in sexy tone. Now i was getting horny. I turned over and moved my toes up. She took each tongue in her mouth and sucked on it sensually. I couldn't help but wiggle my sweet toes in her mouth and giggle and moan at the same time. It was turning me on and tickling me at the same time. She started taking in multiple toes at once and sliding her toes in between them. This was new for her and I gasped at this. It was even better than the other parts of her worshipping.

Then she gave me another surprise. She gently let her nightgown off her shoulders. Her body was incredible. Evenly toned, smooth and slender, I couldn't figure out which part was best. She took my feet in each hand and brought them up to her luscious tits and starting rubbing my soles against them. She had pleasure me, not it was my turn. I put my strength into my legs and put pressure about her breasts. She closed her eyes and starting moaning softly. She let go of my feet when I started getting the hang out this. It was like sponge waxing a car, except actually dirty. I put my lip and increased my rubbing. She gasped a little more and coaxed me to continue. My blue toes scrunched up against the edge of her bra and she slipped it off and it fell to floor. Now I had my feet against her tits and it felt like having my feet on a soft floor.

After rubbing more, I got up. She looked at me questioningly, but I didn't hesitate. I went straight for her right tit and started sucking on her nipple. She gave a louder moan out of surprise. She wasn't the only one that wanted to be spontaneous. I sucked on her left nipple with equal rigor. I had never thought I would experience a woman like this. I didn't care right now and my only concern was her pleasure. I stopped sucking on her breasts and looked up at her. She was looking at me in a way I had wished a boy would someday do to me. I got off the table and stood in front of her. We soon embraced each other's body and merged ourselves in a passion kiss. Her lips were incredible soft and I couldn't resist bringing my tongue out. She had the same thought and now I was tasting the inside of her mouth. This felt so right to me and I never wanted to leaving her embrace. The only thing that was happening right now was pure passion.

We ended our kiss and I motioned her to her bed. She quickly slipped onto the bed and curled her body on it like a cat. I got to the edge of the bed and looked down at her feet. I took her right foot and delivered it into my mouth. If she could do it to me, it was my turn to pleasure her luscious feet. I swept my tongue across her sole up and down, trying not to miss a spot. She began moaning again and parted her panties, revealing her wet pussy. She started stroking herself while my tongue stroked both of her her heavenly feet. I went for her toes in about the same fashion as she had with mine. They tasted like sweet sugar that was melting in my mouth. Her daughter's feet didn't taste nearly as delicious as these did. I was getting myself even wetter from the taste. I spit on her feet, doing my best to soak in my mouth's own juices. To she her feet covered wet was a surprising turn on.

Now that her feet were soaking wet from my multiple licks, it was time to treat Angela herself. We embraced again for another short, but equally as passionate kiss. Then she pulled me off. "Taylar, under the pillow is something I want you to try on." I went for the pillow while she continued stroking her wet pussy. I reached under the pillow and felt something that felt like a rod. I brought it out and gasped. It was a strap-on dildo. I had found one of these in one of my fellow cheerleader's lockers. She later came out that she was in fact of lesbian and had used it on her girlfriend. I was a bit sickened at the time, but I wasn't this time around. I slipped the contraption on and played with my new fake dick. No wonder it sucked to be a boy, having a real one sticking out every time you had a boner. The dildo was about eight inches and was rather thick. "I've used it other than on myself," Angela explained. "I've always imagined a beautiful woman like yourself putting it on and fucking me with it."

I smiled. Today was her lucky day. I took the dilldo and prepared to stick it in. Angela slipped over her soaked panties and spread her legs. Despite the fact I had a vagina myself, I had never thought about how much more beautiful it is compared to a dick. Maybe boys weren't worth the trouble. I slid the dildo inside of Angela, prompting her to give out her loudest moan so far. I started thrusting the fake dick inside of her, going as fast as I could. Angela grabbed the side of the bed and mattresses and started breathing heavily, accompanied by her loud moans. I couldn't feel myself inside of her, but the thrusting made me feel a part of the fucking process. It wasn't long before she announced she was going to come. I removed the dildo and she aggressively pulled my face to her clit. Before I could say anything, a stream of hot juices erupted onto my face. I opened my mouth to started draining them before my face would be covered. The colorless goo tasted like honey and I found myself licking at it without explanation. The juices finally stopped flowing and Angela's hand relaxed. She looked like she had just finished a marathon. She was sweating all over and gasping for air. I laid down next to her in her arms. "Angela, "I said, that was incredibly hot."

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