Taylor's Toys


Author's note.

This story is a sequel to my 'What's It Like?' story and is also set during season 3 of The OC so both the actresses and characters are all over 18.


Summer Roberts sighed to herself as she made her way to her next and final class of the day.

She didn't even know what she was doing here, her mind was far too occupied for school and she had barely paid any attention in her last class and was unlikely to pay any more in her next. All she seemed to have done all day was count the hours until the end of school, where she would see her best friend Marissa Cooper again.

Marissa and Summer had been best friends nearly their whole lives and had been in almost every class with each other throughout their school life, that was until Marissa got kicked out and had to go to a different school. This had sucked before but now things were different it was even worse, because now Marissa wasn't just Summer's best friend, she was her lover.

Summer still couldn't believe how suddenly her friendship with Marissa had turned into a passionate love affair. It seemed like only a few days ago they had just been two normal best friends, shopping, sunbathing, talking about their boyfriends, etc. Of course it could be because it was only a few days ago... a week to be exact.

A week.

Summer couldn't believe it had been that long already. Their first wonderful night together seem so fresh in her mind, but that could be because they had been reliving it at every opportunity since.

Their arrangement wasn't perfect though, they had problems that both girls were trying to avoid, but it was becoming painfully obvious that they would have to talk about it very soon.

One of those problems was that Summer was getting sick of coming up with lame excuses to be with Marissa. Every time they had sex she would have to pretend she still wasn't quite sure whether she liked being with a girl or not and asked Marissa to show her again, which at first had been fun but after a week was becoming ridiculous. Summer didn't want to have to make any lame excuses like that to be with Marissa. She just wanted to be with her, whenever she wanted, which kind of highlighted the girls main problem.

The main problem was that they were cheating on their boyfriends with each other, both of whom were the jealous type and unlikely to be cool with their girlfriends having sex with each other.

Summer loved Seth, and hated that she was cheating on him, but she was crazy about Marissa and couldn't bear the thought of putting an end to their new and exciting love affair.

So Summer had come to a decision, she and Marissa will become secret girlfriends, that way in public they would still be with Ryan and Seth but privately they would be with each other as a couple, allowing both girls to have their cake and eat it too.

It was what Summer wanted and she was almost positive Marissa felt the same way, and as long as they were careful what could possibly go wrong?

"Hey Summer, how are you, listen, can I have a moment of your time?" A familiar voice said rapidly from behind her.

Summer turned around and cringed.

Taylor Townsend, just what she needed to ruin her day.

Summer and Taylor had never been friends, and with good reason. Taylor had done many, many things to Summer and her friends, including stealing Marissa's position as social chair, and then fighting and beating Summer for that same position, trying to have Marissa's boyfriend Ryan expelled, and now she was apparently trying to steal Summer's boyfriend Seth from her.

No good could come from talking to Taylor Townsend, and Summer was not in the mood to deal with the girl, so she quickly turned and continued walking.

"Hey, wait up, we need to talk." Taylor said.

"No we don't." Summer said.

I think you're going to want to talk to me, Taylor thought to herself, before running ahead so she was standing in Summer's way.

"Look, I just want to get your opinion on these photos very quickly, and then I'll leave you alone, I swear." Taylor said, holding out a folder.

Summer thought about this briefly. She had no idea what Taylor was up to, but whatever it was if looking at some stupid photos could get Taylor off her back then she might as well take a look at them and be done with it.

"Ok, make it quick." Summer said.

"Good." Taylor said smiling wickedly as she handed Summer the folder, "I'm just trying to organise another social gathering, and I'm having trouble coming up with a theme so I want you to take a look at these and let me know which photo you thought was the best."

Taylor had never asked her opinion on something like this before but Summer shrugged it off because she wanted to get rid of her. So Summer quickly opened up the folder and took a look at the photos inside.

Upon seeing the photos Summer could feel her heart stop.

The photos were not of decorations or anything like that, but of herself and Marissa kissing.

Looking up from the photos Summer saw Taylor still smiling at her wickedly.

"You know what," Taylor said after a pause, "There's a lot of great photos in there so I'm going to leave them with you and you can get back to me. And hey, now I think about it I've got a lot more great photos like those ones back home, so why don't you come over after school and we can look through them together. You could even bring Marissa too. I'm sure she'd love to join us, don't you think?"

Summer scowled at Taylor.

"Well then it's settled." Taylor said happily, "My address is in the folder. I'll see you and Marissa later."

With that Taylor turned and walked away leaving a stunned Summer alone with her thoughts.

Summer stood there thinking for a few moments before checking the folder again to see if her eyes had been playing tricks on her, but they hadn't. Taylor Townsend had pictures of her and Marissa kissing. This could only end badly.


Hours later when she parked her car outside the address that had been in the folder Summer took comfort in the fact that Taylor's home wasn't as big or as expensive looking as hers. Not much comfort, but still it was better than nothing.

Feeling a hand resting against hers Summer turned to see Marissa giving her a soft, comforting half smile.

"Are you ok?" Marissa asked.

"I'm fine, I just... I don't know... have a bad feeling about this." Summer sighed.

"I know how you feel, but don't worry, there's two of us and one of her." Marissa pointed out, "So let's just get this over with, see what she wants, and then decide what to do next, ok?"

"You mean decide whether or not we allow her to blackmail us." Summer said bitterly.

"It's not like I like this anymore than you do Sum." Marissa said, "But like I said before, it's not going to hurt just to hear what she has to say, at least then we would know what we're dealing with."

"Ok, let's get this over with." Summer sighed as they both got out of the car, "But I seriously think we should put the whole hiring a hitman thing back on the table."

Marissa laughed and even under the circumstances Summer could join her a little as they made their way up to the door and rang the bell. They didn't have to wait long before Taylor answered the door greeting them both with a big smile.

"Summer, Marissa, you both made it. Please come in, close the door, and follow me." Taylor greeted them cheerily.

Marissa and Summer reluctantly followed Taylor inside, making sure to close the door behind them before allowing Taylor to lead them into the main room.

"Please sit down, would either of you like a drink?" Taylor offered.

"No thank you." Summer said as she and Marissa sat down on the sofa.

"I'm good." Marissa said.

"Ok then." Taylor said sitting in a chair opposite.

There was a moment of silence.

"So, I bet you're wondering how I got those photos right? Well I followed you guys and your boyfriends to some skanky bar, and as I was watching you Seth and Ryan got up to, I'm assuming, get drinks, and I was totally going to follow them, but then I notice you two sneak off and I decided to follow you instead, and I am so glad I did because well, just one of these pictures is definitely worth a thousand words." Taylor said cheerily, "I particularly like the one of your hand down Marissa's pants Summer, now that picture is probably worth a million..."

"What do you want bitch?" Summer snapped, cutting Taylor off.

Taylor smiled, "Seth."

"Over my dead body." Summer snorted.

"Oh I don't think that will be necessary," Taylor laughed, "But taking Seth from you is more a long term goal, I don't expect to achieve it tonight. Besides, I can pretty much ruin your lives with these photos, so I'm pretty sure you'd be willing to do anything to make sure they and the truth about your 'friendship' never sees the light of day, so why would I waste this opportunity on stealing Seth Cohen, when I can blackmail two of the most popular, rich and beautiful girls in Newport into being my own personal sex toys."

Taylor paused for a few moments to enjoy the shocked look on the other girls faces for a few moments.

"Well, I guess formerly rich and popular in Marissa's case, and maybe formally popular in Summer's case too, what with her dating Seth Cohen and all, but you're both still hot, and apparently into girls, which is good because it will mean the sex should be less awkward." Taylor said, pausing to think about it before then adding, "Don't get me wrong, I'd totally blackmail you into sex even if you were completely straight, but this just, I don't know, makes things easier."

Silence filled the room.

"You... you can't be serious..." Summer said finally in disbelief.

"Why not?" Taylor asked, "You both like girls and I'm very bi curious but I don't have any friends to experiment with, so this seems like a good alternative to me."

Silence filled the room again.

"So... what, we have sex with you and you'll leave us alone?" Marissa asked.

"Not exactly. Summer still has Seth, and I want Seth, so I won't be leaving you alone, but I will give you guys all the photos and the original film and of course promise not to tell anyone about you two cheating on your boyfriends with each other. All you have to do in return is stay here with me for the weekend and do absolutely everything I say. If you don't I'll show Ryan and Seth the photos, then I'll e-mail copies to every student, teacher and parent in or involved in Harbor and Newport Union and by Monday morning you'll be both labelled as cheating lesbian sluts forever. Ryan and Seth will probably never talk to either of you ever again and you'll have to spend the rest of the year as total social outcasts. So if I were you two I'd seriously consider my offer." Taylor said, her tone deadly serious.

Silence filled the room again.

"Oh, and case you were wondering, my mum is off for another two day holiday, daddy's gone to live with his new family in San Diego and I gave the maid the weekend off, so we have the whole place to ourselves." Taylor added brightly.

There was more silence.

"And what's to stop us from..." Summer began.

"Kicking my ass, nothing... but if you kick my ass and make me tell you were the photos are, you'll never be sure that you've got all of them, and believe me, I'll make sure you don't so that I can ruin your lives out of spite." Taylor said, her generally nice tone replaced by pure venom for a moment before quickly switching back to her normal cheerful self, "But why should we have to go through all that unpleasantness? All I'm asking for is for you two to stay here and have sex with me for a couple of days. No big deal. If you really want you can go into the kitchen to talk about it privately. It's just through there, on the right, but I have to say, I'm confident you'll make the right choice."

Marissa and Summer stare dumbfounded at Taylor for a few moments before Marissa got up and walked in the direction Taylor had pointed too.

When she noticed Summer wasn't following her Marissa turned around and said, "Summer."

Hearing her name being called awoke Summer from her trance and she got up and followed Marissa out the room.

"When you decide to stay call your parents to let them know you'll be staying round a friends tonight." Taylor called after them, "Then you can call them tomorrow telling them you're having so much fun you're both staying here for the whole weekend."

"Can you believe that arrogant bitch? She's acting like we said yes already..." Summer said indignantly before she trailed off, her mind trying to find a way out of this situation but finding none, "We're not going to say yes are we?"

Marissa thought for a minute.

"Well, the way I see it we have two options." Marissa said finally.

"Great." Summer said, "What's option one?"

"We leave right now and tell Ryan and Seth everything." Marissa said.

"Ok, not so great, what else you got?" Summer asked.

Marissa just glanced in the direction of the main room which told Summer all she needed to know.

"You can't be serious?" Summer exclaimed, "I am not becoming Taylor Townsend's sex toy."

"Well I don't see another option. I'm pretty sure we won't be able to change her mind, she doesn't need our money, and as much fun as it might be I don't think kicking her ass will do any good, and it will ultimately just end with her ruining our lives." Marissa said in frustration, before sighing, "Besides, I really don't want Ryan finding out about us. He would probably break-up with me, or worse try and make me stop being with you, and I don't want to lose him, or you."

"I don't want to lose you either." Summer said softly.

"So..." Marissa said, "This sucks, but it's our best option. Besides... didn't you say you wanted to try being with another girl?"

"Another girl, not Taylor Townsend." Summer quickly pointed out, "And that was me just thinking out loud."

"I..." Marissa said, somewhat regretting what she was about to say, "I think it was good thinking."

"What?" Summer said.

"Well, do you remember what you said?" Marissa asked, "You said you wanted to see if you really were bisexual or if you were just straight with one exception. That's kind of what I thought I was before being with you, and it was like, an eye opener, you know? Like I was finally, truly able to accept my own sexual identity, and I want you to have that."

Summer gave a half smile, realising that in her own way Marissa was just trying to help her.

"After this week I'm pretty sure I know what my sexual identity is." Summer said.

"But you're not 100% sure." Marissa said.

"Is anyone?" Summer asked.

"I don't know, maybe." Marissa said, exchanging a smile with her best friend briefly before becoming serious again, "If you want to leave, we'll leave, and figure this out later. All I'm saying is, it would probably be easier if we just agreed to Taylor's demands and get it over with. After all, what's the worst she can do to us?"

Summer thought about what Marissa said and realised she made a good point.

"Ok." Summer sighed, "We'll try doing what Taylor says. But if I change my mind we go ok?"

"Ok." Marissa agreed.

Marissa and Summer exchanged a smile and then quickly called their parents, who seem perfectly fine with the situation as long as they were just staying with a girl.

With the calls finished they returned to the main room where they were greeted by a smile from Taylor who stood up as they entered the room.

"So..." Taylor said, waiting for an answer to her earlier question.

"Ok." Marissa said after a pause.

"I'm sorry, you're going to have to be more pacific, ok what?" Taylor asked, wanting to hear them say it.

"Ok, you win, we'll do what you want." Marissa said dismissively.

"Really..." Taylor said, turning to Summer, "So you'll both do what I say?"

Summer cringed at the way Taylor emphasis the word 'both' in a way that told the dark haired girl exactly what the manipulative bitch wanted her to do.

"Yes, we'll both do what you say." Summer said bitterly.

"Excellent, I knew you'd make the right choice." Taylor said with a grin of triumph on her face before looking thoughtful and adding, "Mm, now, what to do first... I know, how about a show. I love shows."

Taylor walked over to the sofa and sat down on it.

"Kiss each other." Taylor commanded when she was comfortable.

Marissa and Summer gave each other a look, asking each other and themselves if they really had to do this, but seeing no alternative they step closer to one another, awkwardly wrapped their arms around each other and kissed.

The kiss was awkward at first because of the circumstances surrounding them but shortly after they felt the comforting touch of each other's lips Marissa and Summer relaxed into each other's arms.

Over the past week Marissa and Summer had noticed whenever they kissed anything that was bothering them or was on their minds just melted away, along with the rest of the world, and all that mattered was each other's soft touch. Because of this Marissa and Summer were able to forget all about Taylor Townsend and her little scheme to blackmail them, but not for long.

"Oh my God..." Taylor said softly, in awe of the sight of two of the hottest girls in Newport kissing before her eyes, "You two looks so beautiful together. So very, very beautiful... but don't be afraid to add a little tongue... come on I wanna see more... just like that, Marissa, grab Summer's ass... now squeeze it... a little more... a little more... a little more... ok Summer now you return the favour."

At first Marissa and Summer were hesitant to obey Taylor's commands, but because those commands involved them kissing and touching each other the two friends/lovers soon let go of their inhibitions and just went with the flow, allowing Taylor to make them do whatever she wanted.

Things had barely gotten started and Taylor was already getting more excited than she could ever remember being before.

Taylor had gone over every minor detail of her plan a thousand times and had carefully planned out not just what she wanted to happen, but everything that could possibly happen over the next few days. She had plan for everything and as much as she had hoped for the best she had been expecting the worst, probably a result of spending too much time with her mother, and as a result she was very pleasantly surprised how things were going so far. She only hope things continued to go this well.

After watching Marissa and Summer passionately groping and making out with each other for some time Taylor decided it was time to move on to the next stage of her very multilayered plan.

"Marissa, stop kissing Summer for a second so you can take off her shirt, and then go right back to kissing her." Taylor ordered.

Hesitating slightly Marissa reached for the bottom of Summer's shirt and waited for Summer to object if she wanted too. After a few seconds of receiving no complaints from her best friend Marissa pulled the shirt upwards, breaking contact with Summer's lips just long enough to remove the shirt and throw it to the ground before capturing Summer's lips with her own again.

This was actually typical of all their previous encounters when they removed each other's clothes. The speed they removed each other's clothes differed depending on their mood, but their lips always seemed to be glued together at this stage, which was the way they both liked it.

Taylor liked it too.

"Oh brava." Taylor said happily, clapping her hands together in excitement, "Now Summer you do the same to Marissa."

Although Summer hated having to follow Taylor's commands she had to admit she quite liked the command so far and was more than happy to relieve Marissa of her shirt.

After Summer had obeyed that command Taylor waited a few moments, just enjoying the sight of the two girls kissing before continuing with her plan.

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