Teach Me Ch. 10


It was half flaccid and hung flopped over to the side spent.

"Give it 5 minutes," I offered.

"I will be in the shower and ready for the day," she teased. "Later baby."

"Not if I can catch you first," I grunted as I stood from the chair.

"Did you see the doctor and get some pills," I asked?

"Yes," she said absent and looked pale.

"What," I asked?

"Pills," she said coldly. "I haven't taken my pills since last week. Fuck! Fuck, I don't want to get pregnant. He will know."

"Don't worry," I assured her.

"How can I not," she croaked. Her face was flustered.

"We won't be around for him to find out," I reminded her. "We can deal with it."

She thought for a minute.

"You're right," she relented. "Besides I'm close to that time of mouth anyway, I should be ok."

She started for the bathroom. I followed her inside and picked up the pills.

"See you in a little bit," she said.

The door clicked shut and she showered. I took the medicine and changed for the day. She came out freshly showered and changed. We headed out to breakfast before going out to explore.

The ship was big but somehow we kept running into the three idiots. I climbed from the chair as we sat and waited for our breakfast. He noticed I was there and slowed to a crawl as he approached. Sarah turned and watched.

"I don't want any trouble," he said quickly.

"I don't either," I replied.

He passed by quickly and headed into the hallway beyond. He looked like shit. Both eyes were blackened making him look like a raccoon. His forehead was butterflied to keep his cut closed. I had certainly done a number on him.

"Sit back down," Sarah said rather annoyed now.

"Just making sure," I said.

I sat and we had a peaceful breakfast before heading out and exploring the last island. Tonight we would steam back to port and the reality of everything would set in. We enjoyed the island before heading in. We watched the ship depart before having dinner. We played another round of mini golf and saw a movie.

We decided against going out tonight. We couldn't be hung over in the morning. We were back in the room by 10:30.

"Sit right here," she ordered. "I have a surprise for you."

"Ok," I said a little nervous.

"Get naked too," she shouted from behind the closed door of the bathroom.

I got naked and plopped on the hard chair and waited. She took a few minutes then emerged from the bathroom.

"Wow," I cried.

She strutted confidently out of the bathroom towards me. Her tiny little skirt bounced above the pink nylons she wore as she walked. Little pink straps held the nylons up and connected to a hidden garter belt. Her tits shook softly under a thin pink top tied in a knot between her tits. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and a pair of fake glasses framed her face completing the teacher look.

"You like your sexy teacher," she asked?

My cock inflated quickly giving her the answer.

"Hmmm, I take that as a yes," she cooed.

Her deep red lipstick covered lips covered the end of my cock.

"Have I been a good student," I asked?

"We will see if you remember what I have taught you," she teased.

Her head bobbed slowly up and down on my shaft.

"Dam that's good," I sighed.

She released suddenly and stood. She circled the chair and ran her hands over my chest as she did. She stopped in front of me again and smiled so seductively. She looked incredible. She slipped the skirt off slowly and let it drop to the floor revealing the belt and a tiny thong that tied together on the sides. My eyes watched with intent as she smile at me.

She straddled my lap and lowered her herself over me. My cock touched the material of the tiny thong and felt the wetness that it had absorbed. It slid under her as she ground on it softly. Her lips touched mine as we kissed tenderly. She softly slid over my excited cock as my hands felt her body. Her skin was alive with excitement as I scratched her thighs.

She growled lightly as my fingers found the strings on her thong and pulled them. They released but were still trapped between us. I continued up her sides and tickled her ribs as I found the knot on the shirt. She shifted and allowed me to untie it too. It opened and released her tits. I cupped them and twisted her little nipples.

She lifted and her thong fell between the crack in my legs. My cock sprang skyward and was rewarded with the wetness her center was leaking. She settled quickly and I penetrated until her ass sat on my lap. She gasped hard into my mouth as I touched her deep inside. Her cunt walls were on fire as she rocked gently. My cock slipped around easily in her liquid hole. Had she cum already?

She rocked steadily with firm but controlled motions. My cock never left her deepest reaches as she cried into my kissing mouth with pleasure. My lap was becoming soaked with her wetness and sweat as she pressed herself into orgasm.

"Fuck," she said softly. "I'm cumming."

She was still firm and slow as she rode out her orgasm. She squeaked and moaned but wasn't overly loud. She just enjoyed the pure lust she was feeling. Her pussy soaked my lap as she finally finished and slowed to soft thrusts.

Sweat was glistening on her exposed mid-section as she leaned back and removed the top. It found the back of the chair as she resumed her rocking.

"Fuck that felt good," she moaned.

She rested for a second before sitting more straight and used her legs to push against mine and bounce. It was an easy bounce that only let soft slaps break the moans that escaped us both. I leaned forward and found her nipple. I nibbled and sucking it into my mouth. She moaned in delight and continued to bounce.

She started to slow as her legs were beginning to tire. My hands found her ass and I helped her bounce and continued the pleasure we both were enjoying.

"Fuck, I'm so wet," she cried.

Her hands pressed my chest as she pushed away. My cock popped loose and waved at her soaked cunt. She turned quickly and sat with her back to me. My dick slipped back into the sticky wetness that had smeared all over her lips and insides. My cock touched her depths again as she cried in pleasure.

She parted my legs and took the narrow inside stance as she bounced a little harder. The nylons rubbed my thighs and had a strangely erotic effect on me. Her lacy garter belt rode low on her back and showed me her back dimples. I found those a strange turn on too.

"Oh yes, fuck," she cried. "I'm going to cum again."

She sped up more with this one. Her bounce made a louder slap than before as her pussy dumped more cream out and down my shaft. It pooled under my nuts on the chair making them sticky and slightly cold.

"Fuck," she cooed.

She stopped and leaned back into me. She kept me buried deep inside her belly and rested. I caressed her body and kissed her neck. I tasted her salty sweat as I nibbled.

"Oh gawd," she shuttered.

Her body trembled as goose bumps popped all over.

"Look what you do to me," she moaned.

"I love it," I conceded.

She growled before rocking slowly. Her pussy tightened and tried to keep my deep but she was too wet and pulled to far away. I slipped loose. She twisted free and turned around again.

Her feet found the cross bar as she rose well above me before settling over my lap again. She was forward more than before. She settled down with my cock finding the pucker of her asshole. She smiled as she pressed herself down and waited for it to relax. It slowly opened and she sank down onto my lap.

"Hmmm," she sighed. "Haven't felt that back there in a while. I kind of miss it."

"Me too," I agreed.

She sat and let my cock adjust her back door until it was open enough for pleasure. Her pussy drooled onto my short curly hair below my belly button. Her hands grabbed the back of the chair for balance. It felt good and tight to be inside her exit. Her pussy was tighter but I wasn't complaining. I resisted the urge to thrust and she pulled up.

Her eyes rolled in pleasure as she started slowly lifting and falling. She angled forward and jolted with pleasure as my cock touched something sensitive inside her. Her tits slapped my face as she pushed and cried out again.

"Fuck, I'm cumming again," she yelped.

It surprised me how quickly it happened. Her shook and bucked in a wild but controlled manor before climaxing. Her movements steadied as the pleasure calmed. She pressed down and rested. Her body was soaked with sweat as we both panted hard.

"Gawd, you know all my secrets," she cried.

"I took good notes," I teased.

"Fuck you are a good student then," she laughed contently.

"Are you ever going to cum," she asked?

"I think the pain pills have knocked my cock out," I replied. "I've been close but somehow I'm holding off."

"Cum with me on this one," she begged.

She carefully dismounted. Her asshole puckered shut as she found her half shirt from the back of the chair. My cock was cleaned quickly. She looked at me and smiled. She looked ravished and hot and I still wanted her.

"Work with me," she ordered.

She climbed onto my lap facing me. My cock sank deep into her cunt again. Her legs swung up towards my shoulders. I grabbed her back and supported her as she positioned them on my shoulders. Her arms held my neck as she leaned into my chest and showed her flexibility. I shifted my grip to her hips. Her pussy gripped my cock hard and tight as she pressed herself onto her legs pinning them to me chest and hers. I bounced her on my lap. It pressed my cock deep into her belly. I was amazed at how flexible she was. She helped gently by pressing into my lap as I penetrated her.

She was incredibly tight in this position. Her cunt strangled my cock but she was so wet I slid effortlessly along her wet lips.

"Oh gawd," she moaned.

"Gawd is right," I croaked.

My cock was tensed and ready to fire from the exquisite pressure her pussy was putting on it.

"Whenever you are ready baby," I cried. "My cock won't hold on much longer."

"Fuck yes, I'm ready now," she squeaked. "My pussy is going to explode."

We fucked a little rougher as we both climaxed together. Her cunt soaked me again as I pushed out my thick seed into her belly.

"Oh fuck, that's wonderful," she yelped.

I fired load after load deep into her begging cunt. She was full and we both were content as we finished. I wrapped my arms around her back and held her tightly to me. We rested for a while before my cock dwindled. It was still pressed inside but had lost its rigidness and allowed us to leak slowly out.

She gracefully parted her legs and dropped them to the floor never losing the close contact we had. She pushed them behind her and lay on my chest. I slipped from her now and we dribbled out onto the chair.

"Fuck, that was good," she sighed. "My pussy will be sore tomorrow."

We still held and kissed for a while before she leaned back. It was the happiest I had seen her.

"I love you," she said softly.

"I love you too," I agreed.

She wobbled as she stood and headed to the bathroom. I remained seated until she returned. She had a towel and cleaned what she could. I left the chair and she cleaned the rest. I started the shower and we washed each other.

We set our clothes out for tomorrow and placed the luggage outside the door to be picked up. We climbed into bed and snuggled closely. Tomorrow was going to be the start of a long week.


We departed the ship and took the bus home. She went her way and I went mine. I met the slime ball and he had everything I had asked for. I gave him some extra cash just because. I called her after I left.

"I got the stuff," I said.

"You got your part done," I asked?

"Yeah, I got a case stacked with hundreds," she said.

"Good," I cheered. "We got one little problem."

"What," she asked concerned?

"The coach has me scheduled for another fight," I said.

"You just fought," she cried quickly. "And what about your ribs? When is this fight?"

"Sarah, calm down," I assured her. "We have to play this out like nothing is happening. I will fight and we can leave from there. Its way up in Jacksonville and it's in front of a bigger crowd. Bring everything we need and we will leave from there."

"I just don't want this to get fucked up," she panicked. "If he comes home and finds the money missing before we leave, I'm afraid of what might happen."

"The fight is Friday night," I said. "We will leave Saturday morning and he won't find us."

"Ok," she said. "I hope you know what you are doing."


She pulled up in a rented car Friday morning and we headed to Jacksonville. I made the weight and prepared for the fight. Sarah remained out of sight as I didn't want anyone in the training camp to see her. I had about an hour of quiet before I had to be at the event. I met her in her room on the bottom floor.

"Here's the money," she said.

She opened the case and I was shocked.

"How much is here," I asked?

"I don't know, like $300,000 or so," she said.

"Where the fuck did you get so much," I asked?

"He's a fucking criminal, he deals big time drugs," she cried. "This is a lot but he has more. You think he is going to stick this in a bank somewhere?"

"It's a good amount," I said at a loss for words.

Now I was scared. This was a big time thing to take and from him. I didn't know much about the criminal empire but I was afraid he might somehow find us. I needed some heat on him.

I spent some time with Sarah before going back to the top floor and the three bedroom hotel room the coach had rented for all of us.

I decided to give someone a tip on what he was up to so there would be some heat on old Mike. The FBI would be following him after what I had told them about what I knew. It might have been a bad move but it was the only thing I could think to do to try and get some more bodies between him and us.


My name was called and I walked into the cage. The crowd was large and rowdy and ready to see some action. I was the first fight on the card for the evening so the place wasn't even full yet. It was nerve racking to walk into such a packed place.

"Just do your thing," the coach ordered. "He's a striker and he is good so don't stand and trade with him. Get him down and put that state title to work on him."

I was fighting a 22 year old guy who had been around for a while. It wouldn't be easy and the fact that I wasn't fully healed made me worry. Just get through this and the rest of your life awaits.

The horn sounded and I took my south paw stance. We circled each other for a half a minute fainting punches and feeling each other out. He advanced and closed the gap quickly. I got tagged right away on the chin. It knocked me silly as my vision started to tunnel. I tried to back away but he cut the angle off and blasted me again. I blocked some of them but got caught again.

My instincts told me to take it to the ground. I shot in but missed. I rolled up and had him charging again. I ducked under and went after a leg. I had it but he shook loose. He stung me in the side opposite of the damaged one already. It hurt but not as bad as it could have.

He grabbed me and rolled me to the ground. Well, at least we were both down, that was a start. I could hear the crowd roar as we hit the mat. Thump, I took another shot to the side. I turtled up to defend myself. He kicked my leg and circled me. I tried to stand but he attacked again. Now I was getting pissed off. I turtled again and stayed that way as he tried to get my back.

Fate told me to go. I kicked my legs out and rolled under to grab an ankle. I was almost doing a hand stand as I locked onto his leg and held it. I twisted and turned him. He fell and I remained locked onto that leg. It was locked deep against my chest as we rolled around, him trying to escape and me trying to hold and advance what I had. His leg fell right into place and I held hard pulling with all I had. I was bending it the wrong direction that a knee should go. He tried to scramble free but it was early and we weren't sweaty enough to allow an easy escape.

I held and we rolled into an even worse position for him. I was now pressing him down with my legs while bending his knee the wrong direction. There was nothing he could do but take the pain and let his leg get torn to shit or tap out. He held on as I applied pressure.

Maybe I didn't have it right. I twisted a little and put more pressure on it. I could hear coach shouting at me.

"You got it, don't let up!"

I stayed put while getting some punches to my legs. They were annoying but not damaging. His knee creaked and popped. He gasped but still didn't give up. We remained locked together like this for the remainder of the round. The horn sounded and we parted. I rolled up and stood, walking to my corner in dismay. How I asked myself?

"You got him, his leg is toast," coach stated. "He's a macho man, he won't got out unless the lights go out. You got this, breathe and recover. You are doing good. Take it down, don't trade with him. He can't fight you on the ground with his leg busted. It popped I heard it. Breathe."

I glanced around and there was Sarah giving me the thumbs up.

The whistle blew and the corners cleared out.

"Show him you're ready," he barked.

I bounced around as I looked him over. He limped around and then took center as the horn sounded. He was hurt but I wasn't sure how bad. I attacked and got a few good shots before retreating. His movements were slow and painful.

I closed the gap and stung him again. I stayed to long and got grabbed. We both twisted to the mat and I got rolled onto my back somehow. It happened so fast I didn't even know how. We were down though and he was in my strong area. He tried to pass but didn't have the leg strength to push through. His position was sloppy and open. I hit him with a sharp elbow making him flail.

He settled with one arm and his head inside and the other outside. An idiot could have clamped down on him and I was no idiot. I used my long legs to press him into a triangle and squeeze. Now he had an arm and his neck trapped inside my legs. He knew he was in trouble. I gave him a few sharp punches to soften him up before pulling tighter and cutting off his air. I held and waited.

The ref stopped us and I released. He slumped and lay flat on the mat. He didn't tap and decided to sleep instead. Guess coach was right. I rolled up and raised my arms to the roar of the crowd. Coach lifted me up and cheered. My opponent awoke and we shook hands.

I dressed in my sweats and watched the next fighter from our camp. He didn't do so well and was knocked out within 30 seconds. He was the rising star but it didn't show tonight.

We headed back to the locker room and celebrated my win. After a few words I slipped out and called Sarah.


I met her in the lobby after we left the arena and made it back to the hotel.

I quickly snuck her into my room and locked her in. She remained hidden and silent until everything settled down. I played like I was turning in for the night. I locked the door and was greeted with the best sight I had seen all week.

"Hi babe," she said.

She lay naked on the bed.

"You were fucking great out there tonight," she said. "I'm so fucking wet right now because of it."

"We have to be quiet," I reminded her. "The rest of them are just outside the door."

She surprised me again. She pulled a ball gag from under the pillow. My eyes bulged as she dangled it for me to take.

"This should keep me quiet," she cooed.

I took the device and got behind her. She willingly let me place it into her mouth and fasten it around the back of her head. My cock pressed into her ass as she stretched out on the bed with her knees under her. She glanced over her shoulder as my clothes hit the floor. She had a wicked look on her face.

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