tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Is Mistaken Ch. 03

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 03


Chapter 03

A whole weekend together

Next day Roger turned up at her apartment, as arranged. She half expected to find him on her doorstep when she got up. Instead, Hollie waited for him all day, becoming more nervous with every hour that passed. A touch of excitement had to be suppressed, or she would have left the apartment to avoid him.

In any case, he was only just eighteen so it would be possible to out manoeuvre him, as she had the advantage of age and experience. From the moment she opened the door she sought to take charge of the situation.

"Come in. Sit down, we need to talk," she stated.

"Not so friendly this morning." Roger complained.

"We need to sort this out. I feel terrible with this hanging over my head," she stated.

"What about me? Don't I get a say?" he asked.

"Sorry. I guess so, yes, of course you do. Well, what did you have in mind?" she rashly asked.

"After what we did I thought I meant something to you," he said.

Hollie was embarrassed from being reminded of last night's foolishness. She opened her mouth to speak and shut her mouth. She was momentarily halted from a well rehearsed speech. The hurt expression on his face, from her seeming indifference, wrenched at her feelings.

It would be hard work but she had to gain the upper hand, and convince him he wouldn't get his own way. First she had to make him think she would consider his proposal.

"I know. I feel terrible too. Tell me what you want to do about it. Come on, don't clam up on me. We really do need to talk about it," she said, sounding more sympathetic.

"I guess I thought we could carry on as before, only keep it a secret, just between the two of us," he quickly said. He was looking hopeful. He looked at her wondering what she would say. He expected her to refuse him, but then why did she do it in the first place?

Roger watched her squirm uncomfortably in the chair. He looked her over, remembering the schoolgirl, his girl, the one that fucked like no-one he had ever known. His eyes lit up with expectation when she didn't reject him outright. She seemed to be thinking about his proposal. There was a chance, and he didn't want to blow it by saying the wrong thing.

'Oh! No!' She thought. 'I've got an adolescent boy, full of hormones, looking at me like I'm a sweet shop of delights.' His expression clearly showed he meant it He really did think they could carry on from that awful mistake of last night.

"I can't, I mean WE can't. It's wrong, Roger. I need you to promise me not to tell anyone. We can remain friends," she quickly added.

"Don't you remember what we did? You were such a slut yesterday. Now you're sitting there as though nothing happened, pretending to be a blameless teacher. I can't forget it, even if you can. Why should I keep you're secret, tell me that," he blurted out.

He suddenly stood up feeling hurt, knowing he had blown it. He hadn't meant to talk to her like that. He called a teacher a slut!

Hollie stood up too, thinking she had lost his co-operation, not wanting him to storm off.

Before she had a chance to say anything he gripped her tightly, kissed her lips and neck.

"I want you Hollie," he breathed in her ear.

"I'm sorry, Roger, but this is all wrong, it's got to stop," she protested.

He grabbed a breast and squeezed it roughly. She squirmed in his strong grip, trying to break free. Despite her protestations he was turning her on. She opened her mouth to shout at him. He blocked the words with a deep kiss. She had to stop him! She must!

The squirming away turned to a pressing of her body against his. She knew it was wrong. The feelings of last night came flooding back, and the full on force knocked out her reticence. The better judgement desperately clung to, became swamped under a hail of kisses. His hands wandered over her body.

"This is what I want," he breathed heavily.

Her imagination ran riot. Her career lay in ruins before she had even got started. The feeling of danger and excitement brushed aside all defences, like a hurricane laying flow a grass hut. She hadn't the slightest experience to cling to that would help cope with this situation.

All she could do was bend with the wind, so as not to break down altogether. Surely she could cope with his demands once more. Afterwards she would find a way to calm him down. Afterwards? No! She mustn't give in, this was crazy!

As an experienced woman she should be able to wrestle back control of the situation. Letting him kiss her until he realised she wasn't going to react, or let it go any further, was the only thing she could do.

The two piece tracksuit was supposed to be a shapeless unattractive turn off. This too proved to be a mistake. He pulled it up, ignoring the feeble efforts to stop him. His youthful passion was intent on one thing and he wasn't taking no for an answer. He didn't hear or ignored her weak protests.

As she struggled her arms became entangled in the baggy top. Holding her tight in one strong arm, he pulled the bra up and she froze. With the top over her head, engulfing her arms, she felt trapped. Her muffled protests were made between heavy breaths. Was it from the exertion fighting him off, or from arousal?

He kissed a nipple, and sucked a breast into his mouth. He was making a fairly sloppy job of it, but it felt good. She struggled harder to get free, only to fall onto the sofa.

The loose bottoms were pulled off with ease, leaving her in an old bra and knickers. This too was chosen to put him off, though she hadn't anticipated he would get this far. The old panties were loose enough for the crotch to be pulled aside.

While lips teased her nipples, a hand explored between her legs. She clamped her thighs together. He stroked them with finger tips. The sensations were delicious. Her whispered no's turned to less subtle yes's.

His fumbling from a lack of experience was made up for with youthful exuberance. He was all over her, bombarding a neglected body with wonderful sensations.

Only when raising her hips to guide him in, was it realised how carried away she had become. She desperately needed him to stop, but it was too late. She pushed up at him as he thrust at her, again and again.

Completely absorbed by the sensations coursing through her body, she positioned her hips to maintain the sensations coursing from an engorged bud into her mind. She was blindfolded by the top. This too heightened the sensations. She tried to reach out to him, only her arms were caught up in the tracksuit top.

She felt helpless. She was trapped in a world of wonderful sensations, bombarding her mind and body. She was on the edge, wanting to orgasm, yet wanting the tremendous earthy feelings to last.

With breathy whimpers of delight from her, and groans of satisfaction from him, they at last collapsed in a sweaty heap. She felt him pumping her full of youthful, invigorating sperm, right up inside her body.

She imagined feeling his potent cum inside and groaned a mournful sound.

She let him cuddle her, while she tried to bring the right words together to tell him something. Eventually she settled on the simple truth. "That was wonderful, Roger. I've never ever felt like this," she said, with a light whispery sound.

He pulled the top away from her head. He stroked her hair and kissed her neck. She knew how close she was to saying she loved him. Trying to remind her self it was all very wrong, feelings tore her apart.

Other excuses came and went. He was over eighteen, but she was a teacher, and that made it wrong. In a moment of weakness she agreed to continue. She was a responsible adult yet she had submitted to him. There hadn't been the slightest chance of resisting, when bathed in the afterglow of a wonderful orgasm.

They spent the rest of the weekend together, in the privacy of their own small made-up world. Being apart from everyone and everything, Hollie could forget her responsibilities. He pushed aside her moral inhibitions, leaving her feeling like a young girl again.

She was his girl. She gave in completely to his demands, becoming delirious with pleasure. If he had threatened her with blackmail she might have had something to fight against. Instead she had to fight against her own feelings, and they had overpowered her Friday evening, in his van.

"You can't put those baggy sweats back on. Let's see what you've got in this wardrobe," he told her. It was almost a repeat of Friday night. He was choosing what she was to wear. It wasn't meant in a high handed way, he was genuinely curious and interested. This was another first for her.

"This looks familiar, wear this. Go on, please," he said. His eyes were full of seductive promise. Standing before him naked, was too dangerous, so she had to give in.

"Alright, let me get dressed, will you?" she light-heartedly complained. "I'd rather wear the thong than those old things," she said, and regretted it, as he found them in the pile of clean washing.

"Why don't you do your hair in pig tails?" he asked.

There was a mischievous look on his face, which had to be figured out. What was he up to? Knowing he would tease her into it, she sat at the dressing table, pulling her long blonde hair into two clumps. He helped curl the cords of hair so they formed cute loops. When she put her head to one side the pig tails swayed and waggled.

"I look so cute," Hollie said, in a little girly voice. She clasped her hands below her chin, and smiled sweetly. The exaggerated pose emphasised the sarcastic remark. She fluttered eyelashes at him. "Am I your cute little girly, sir," Hollie asked.

"Yes, you certainly are," he laughed. "Seriously though, stop the vamping and look in the mirror," he suggested. He posed with her.

He was holding her shoulders tight, with a pair of big strong hands. A wave of deep felt comfort washed over her. It knocked the playfulness from her, as though she had been winded.

"We look right together don't we? We look around the same age. If anything, dressed like that you look younger," Roger said.

"So that's what you were up to. You're very persuasive," Hollie replied. Her head lent from one side to the other, studying the two of them from different angles. "I guess. In an ill-lit room, or after dark, we might get away with it," she conceded.

She put her hand on his, hardly covering it with the tiny mitt. She remembered a boyfriend crudely telling her small hands looked good wrapped around his cock. Roger wasn't like that at all, he was kind and thoughtful.

He reminded her of a high school heart throb, that she worshipped from afar, never daring to speak to him With the benefit of experience she realised he wasn't half the man Roger is. Neither were those short term boyfriends in college.

"OK! Whatever you want, I'm all yours," she rashly announced.

"Food, I'm hungry," he replied.

"No! You can't eat me! Put me down! Well, maybe for afters," she cheekily asserted.

"For the rest of the evening you have to use that stupid blonde voice. No! You promised, what ever I want," he laughed.

"All right, I will, right, OK! Like! Yea!" she pouted at him. She figured he would get fed up of the silly girly voice before she did. "Like, I want, pizza, OK! Yea?" she told him.

He laughed. Thinking she had it all wrong. The accent and giggle was good, but she didn't quite have the words right. "I'll order the pizza. I don't think they'll take you seriously," he smiled.

"Like, is that a compliment? Like, I'm just a dizzy little blonde, yea! I'm an airhead, so, like, they shouldn't take me seriously. Well, like, are you hungry, or what? Like, get ordering, big handsome boyfriend, like now!" she said, vamping it up, with flashing eyelashes.

When he left to order the pizza she continued with the make-up. Finding some additions to the outfit, Hollie looked the part more than ever. Walking into the kitchen she was pleased to see a shocked look on his face.

"Wow! You look fantastic. I don't usually like that look but you look real. I mean you could walk down the street with me and no one would notice. Well, you would turn heads for sure, you look terrific. Very nice! But they wouldn't think you're older," he said, with a pleased look on his face.

"Right, like your bitch is glad like, my boyfriend is pleased, like," she said, with the girly tone of voice.

Roger noticed she had called him her boyfriend this evening, twice! He said nothing, thinking she had said it unthinkingly while playing the role. It was true she did look and sound just like a dumb blonde.

"You could easily be mistaken for a young girl, younger than me even," he earnestly told her. "OK! Don't believe me, try it out on the pizza delivery guy," he dared her.

"Keep out of the way or I'll laugh and give the game away. If I call you, come and help me out. OK?" she warned him.

"Don't forget the voice," he said.

Hollie rummaged around in a draw to find some gum. Chewing it and pulling on it, she winked at him. The mischievous game had her behaving like a naughty schoolgirl. The door bell rang and she watched him disappearing into the bedroom. With apprehension she answered the door. It didn't feel so funny any more.

"Pizza," the guy started to say something, only to stop with his mouth open.

She was unused to such an obvious reaction. Hollie just stood there, unsure of herself, thinking he was bound to find her out.

"Is your aunt there?" he asked.

"Like, what?" she asked, using the dumb blonde voice and expression.

"Are you Holies niece?" he asked.

Hollie hesitated. No! No! Not him! She recognised the guy. He delivered to her apartment only a week ago. The fat greasy guy was a nuisance. It dawned on her she had lied about going out to pick up her niece, last time he was there, just to get rid of him. She also remembered his brother was in her class.

"Like, yea! I'm Susan. Like, aunt Hollie is out," she told him.

"You got your aunts permission to order this?" he asked.

"Like, well yea," Hollie said. She wondered if she should pretend it was a fancy dress party outfit. The way he was looking at her made her feel defensive. He was looking down her cleavage, with bright piggy eyes.

"I can see the family resemblance. You're blonde too," he lamely commented.

"Like, the pizza is getting cold!" Hollie impatiently stated, while holding out her hand.

"You had better pay for it. I can't put it on your aunt's account," he said, with a smirk on his face. He was enjoying watching the girl squirm. She was obviously doing something she shouldn't.

Glad to turn away from him she fetched a note.

"How old are you?" he asked.

"Like, what?" she responded, worrying he had tumbled to the stupid game.

"You can have the pizza, but not the beer. You look under eighteen, way too young for it," he grinned.

Hollie dropped the note in surprise. Damn! Roger had asked them to stop off for beer! How could he be so stupid?

"OK! Like no problem," she said, while bending over to pick the note up. Standing up she noticed him staring over her shoulder. He had spied on her in the mirror! The shitty young guy had seen her bare ass in the mirror. Damn! There was no way she could back out now.

The pretence had to be kept up, or he would tell his brother. It would go around the class on Monday that the teacher was dressed like a slut, showing off her bare ass. There was no telling where the story might end up. Oh! Hell! It would be much worse if Roger appeared from the bedroom.

Hollie smiled up at him. She put on her best imitation of a dumb blonde routine. She had seen others do it to a guy, to get what they wanted. It had always been an objectionable act in her eyes.

He was looking at her, studying her face with a curious expression. She looked down at her feet, squirming like a stupid schoolgirl, as a ploy to avoid looking at him.

"Like, sorry sir. I was going to take them to a friends place. The girls were just going to have one each, that's all," Hollie lied, with her best, innocent girly voice. On a moment of impulse she dropped the note again. Bending over would keep his thoughts away from her face.

She stole a glance at him, to see his expression turn to lust. He looked down her cleavage again. She felt dirty having to play up to this obscene guy. Thrusting out her breasts at him seemed an obvious ploy. At that moment it was realised, she was enjoying leading the poor guy on.

"I can give you a ride to your friends place," he offered.

"Err, like, its, OK," Hollie stammered. The thought of being driven off by this fat guy was bad. The image of being pawed in is delivery truck, with those fat fingers was nasty. The humiliation of being treated like a silly dumb blonde was turning her on.

This young guy thought she was an available slut, so of course he was turned on by her. He wanted to whisk her away to a party of drunken girls. It was no wonder the poor guy was glowing with lust.

"Like, err, it's been cancelled, her parent came home," Hollie explained.

"You can have the party at my place if you like," he offered.

"Like, well, I guess I'll just wait for aunt Hollie to get back. You can keep the beer, and keep the change too," Hollie offered.

He looked at her with a mournful expression. He was used to rejection and could accept it even better than an opportunity. He took the note and thanked her.

She quickly closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief. She was trembling with arousal from the danger of exposure.

"Did you hear that?" Hollie excitedly asked.

"Yea! He was fooled, he wanted to take you out," Roger laughed. "You shouldn't have shown him your ass, though," he teased. "I might have to spank you for that, young girl," he scolded her.

"Like, not now, like, the pizza is getting cold, you know," she teased him back.

For the rest of the evening, she couldn't stop talking like one of her students. The eighteen year old in mind wasn't stupid, but she certainly sounded like it. Hollie took great pleasure in mimicking her. The game had her treating Roger as though he was an older boyfriend. Deferring to him and asking for permission for everything she did, became part of the game.

He enjoyed treating her like a young, airhead girlfriend. It was just possible to forget she was a teacher. He could see she was enjoying the game, guessing it was a means of escape from responsibility.

"Hey! What are you doing," he said. Startled from a spray of water, he saw the empty washing up bottle in her hand, and grabbed a wrist. The top came loose and soaked him. "Come here naughty girl," he demanded.

He was going to sit her on his lap to wet her too. Instead, she fell over his knee. She tried to squirm free, but he put a hand on her back pinning her there. The little skirt was up around her waist, revealing a tempting bare bottom. All that covered it was the string of the thong, between her cheeks.

"You can share the wet patch too. Just look at your bare ass. You're such a naughty girl this evening, you're showing it off to everyone," he playfully scolded her.

"I can show off my ass to anyone I like. The pizza guy liked it!" she teased.

Roger couldn't resist it. He slapped her bottom lightly. "What do you say naughty girl," he asked, trying to sound firm.

Hollie blew a rude noise, so he slapped her upturned bottom again. It struck harder this time.

"Ouch, that hurt. Get off me you brute," she squealed and vigorously wriggled.

"Not until you calm down and apologise," he said, and slapped her again, to emphasis the point.

Hollie felt his hard cock pressing against her bare midriff and couldn't help squirming against it. All her inhibitions and upright moral standards had been lost while playing.

Roger slapped her ass again. She didn't complain and was even pressing herself against his cock. He wanted to unzip the jeans and take her. Controlling the urge he slapped her again. He could see how wet her pussy was becoming, so wanted to explore this newly discovered excitement.

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