tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Is Mistaken Ch. 05

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 05


All week Roger visited Hollie, keeping her happy and enjoying her body. She spent the time hopelessly trying to fend him off, but 'No!' meant nothing to him. What ever she tried, he ended up ravishing her. By the end of the week she gave up, and decided to wait until he became bored with her.

Surely he would find a young girl his own age to play with. He was treating her like a new toy; learning to play with her body. The thought of losing him to a younger girl left her feeling gloomy. The idea should have been a relief, but she had grown used to the intense attention and would miss it.

Roger spent some time on the internet trying to discover what was happening to his teacher. He couldn't talk to anyone about it of course. A boring scientific paper concerning a sex study triggered an idea. It was time to carry out his experiments.

Friday evening came around fast after a whirl of sexual pleasure all week. Rather than dreading the weekend Hollie was excited, wondering what he would do to her next.

"I want to learn about your body," Roger said.

"Don't you think you have learnt enough?" she replied. "We are not in school now, you can relax, we have the whole weekend ahead of us," she said, looking concerned over what he might have meant. It was a dangerous situation and was getting steadily worse.

"What have you in mind?" she asked, already dreading what new idea he might have. Her student was making her into his pet project, which left her feeling vulnerable.

Lying naked on the bed, she was supposed to relax, while he ran his hands all over her. He was certainly learning about her body! He was stroking, pinching, and massaging. Relaxing to the sensations she wondered how much of this could be withstood, without fainting away from pure pleasure.

"You must wear this and concentrate on the sensations," he said, giving her a blindfold.

Wanting him to continue she agreed to the request without protest. She was impressed with the effect.

"It's better than a deep hot bath," she murmured. She giggled out loud when he asked what she meant. Forgetting herself she moved a hand between her legs.

"No!" he scolded. "That's for me to do," he said, with a sly smile she couldn't see. Pulling her hand away, it was replaced with his fingers. Stretched out upon the bed, she dare not move, in case the wonderful mood was broken. She didn't want it to ever stop.

It was no wonder he was so difficult to refuse. About to tell him he was a good student, she bit off the remark, turning it into a soft grunt of satisfaction.

The gentle tease of her body was replaced with licking and sucking sensations, pushing her deeper into a reverie she had so pleasantly drifted into. She gently quivered in response to these new found sensations. Wanting to grasp him to her she found the impulse restrained.

Her hands were tied! She frantically pulled at them. He quickly tightened the loose bonds. Panic seized her on finding both ankles were tied.

"What are you doing? Let me go!" she complained. "Please! I don't like this, I'm frightened," she quickly added, hoping to appeal to his better nature.

He thrust his fingers deeply between her wet lips. He sucked her tongue from her mouth, cutting off the protests. She tasted her sex on his lips. It didn't take long to fall back into the supine state. Fear, danger and excitement were working her up again. When he replaced the exploring fingers with his cock she became driven by lust.

With wrists and ankles bound tight she was helpless to share the passionate movements. She just had to lay back and take it. An orgasm hit hard. Hollie managed to push her hips up at him, striving to hold onto his cock. He had learnt to hold still while she cum.

"Yes!" she croaked, from a parched mouth. "It was wonderful, as usual," she giggled. "No. Once is enough, no more, please, untie me, please!" she demanded.

"Just one more," he teased. "No! Don't say a word, or I'll gag you," he warned her.

She was worried about other ideas he might have planned. Being physically helpless was a new sensation, compared to being made mentally and morally weak by him. It was easier a second time. She relaxed under his expert manipulation of her body. It was less of an orgasm, not taking her over so completely, though good enough to feel wonderful.

"That is so good, so very good," she murmured.

He removed the blindfold leaving her blinking rapidly.

"No! You don't need that! Please, leave me be, I can't take any more," Hollie cried out.

He picked up the gag for her to take the hint and fall silent. Squirming with shame she tightly shut her eyes, the only thing she could close. She felt the vibrator tingle a nipple. It worked slowly down over her tummy, closer and closer to her sex.

Damn! He was determined to break her. She would be a total wreck after this. It buzzed loudly in her ears, and caused her feet to tremble as it gently touched her bud.

"Please, stop it, I can't take any more!" she whined.

"Would you prefer to do something else for me?" he asked.

"Yes, yes please," she wailed.

"I want you to shave down here," he said, while pushing the vibrator over her inner lips.

"No! Alright, yes I'll do it," she gasped. It would mean being untied, so of course she would agree.

She decided to go along with it in the hope of getting free. Not just free of the tights wrapped around her wrists and ankles. It was the powerful grip on her emotions he wielded that needed to be broken. So many images flashed through her mind, it was hard to think straight. What would her colleagues say if they could see her like this?

"Just untie me and I'll shave, down there," she pleaded.

He untied her feet, which she left spread out across the bed feeling too weak to haul her legs together. He lifted her up, plonking her down onto the floor. Resting on hands and knees she tried to get her head straight. He had a way of trapping her into doing such naughty things.

"What now," she complained. Let him have his fun then perhaps the novelty will wear off. It occurred to her that she had tried this before, and it had only got her deeper into trouble.

He fastened a collar around her neck. It was embarrassing, though it could have been worse. When he pulled on the leash she crawled along beside him. Softened up by two orgasms she had little fight left.

When they reached the bathroom she was panting. She was still on a high from one climax after another. The humiliation from crawling naked, at a student's feet, was arousing her yet again. Knowing him so well meant there was little chance of being let off the promise. He positioned her on the floor and squirted foam over her tender flesh.

"I'll do it," she reluctantly told him.

He was watching intently as she scraped the small lady razor over already sensitive skin. With him watching so closely it was embarrassing, and highly erotic.

"More!" he insisted.

"I can't, not all of it! I'm your teacher for heavens sake. Leave me some dignity!" she complained. It was too late to plead for her dignity. She had behaved worse than any slut. It couldn't be imagined anyone would submit to the demeaning acts he already had her commit.

"Please, not all of it," she pleaded.

Pulling at the lips of her pussy she completed the job. He leaned forward and blew on her red hot sex. It was as though a fireman was trying to blow out a forest fire. Except she no longer had a forest. His fingers drifted over her bald pussy, and it was impossible to hold back a moan of pleasure.

"Smooth as silk!" he exclaimed with glee.

She watched his lips close in upon her glistening sex. He sucked everything into his mouth.

"Oh! God! Yes!" she panted. He licked and sucked until she had an orgasm racking her whole body. She convulsed on the floor, banging her heels on the tiles.

As soon as he left the apartment she hid the collar and leash. It had belonged to the family pet dog. She used it to lead the pet around a local park, and now it had been used to lead her around the bedroom. It seemed so humiliating to be used in that way. Hollie was his teacher, yet he was treating her like a pet bitch, bringing her into heat whenever he liked.

Searching through the wardrobe a dressing gown belt was removed, together with anything else that might be used to bind her. Eventually satisfied there was nothing that could be used to tie her up, she felt more relaxed. She was determined not to fall into that trap again!

From now on she would concentrate on resting the initiative from him. She knew it was in her nature to be submissive in the bedroom, but things were getting out of hand. For once she would have to be assertive otherwise it would just go on and on.

Saturday afternoon Roger called, looking wary, as though expecting to be admonished, for the exceptionally bad behaviour of last night. When she didn't complain he guessed he had been right about her. She was a submissive! It all made sense now. The boring article had been worth reading after all.

His mind whirled with ideas. He had led his teacher around on a leash, and made her shave her pussy! He now knew anything was possible after that. He came prepared for the next game, planning on bringing her further under his control.

Hollie was tingling with excitement. This young guy had taken her further than she would ever have thought possible. Her hand shook as she handed him a coffee. The memory of those hands gently stroking her body was so hot! His lips opened to sip at the hot coffee. She remembered him sucking on her hot lips in the bathroom.

"So what have you got planned for today," she innocently asked. The casual question had so much more meaning to it now. She was anxious yet aroused, wondering what he would submit her to next. The back pack he carried didn't look as though it contained school books.

"Get undressed," he told her.

Hollie hesitated. She needed to see what was in that bag. He was so good at working her up into a state of submission it was worrying what game he had in mind. Would it be more of last night, or something horrendous?

He caught on to the look of concern directed toward the backpack. "I've got some clothes for you," he smiled.

"Do as you are told or I'll have to spank you, like the naughty little girl you are," he mocked her.

So used to being naked before him she obeyed the command. It was still highly embarrassing. Removing her panties was even more uncomfortable after shaving last night.

"Come here," he told her. He ran his finger tips over her crotch. "Good, keep it nice and smooth for me," he told her.

"What?" she said. A feeling of indignation was expressed in that one word. Her mouth opened and closed, wondering what to say to such a rude command. It was too demeaning to be told to keep her private place shaved for a young student. Inevitably she nodded her head in compliance with a shameful knowledge the order would be obeyed.

He cupped her sex in one hand and gripped her tight. She nodded, and opened her mouth to moan mournfully. She was mourning the loss of the last shred of her dignity.

"Yes! Oh yes!" she whimpered.

"Good slut," he loudly said, while playing with her wet lips. "You should call me Sir. You just need to say, 'Yes, sir,' when I tell you to do something," he firmly ordered.

"Yes, Sir," Hollie moaned. "Anything, sir," she whimpered, as though in pain.

"No time for this now, slut. Get dressed," he told her.

"Yes, sir," she responded, with a look of disappointment on her face. Seeing the slutty clothes on the sofa meant it was happening all over again. Would the same pizza guy turn up? What would she be expected to do this time?

The thought was appalling! He had her panting for a cock from just a touch to her sex. Over the last few days he had slowly brought her down, kissing away her morals. Last night he had made her into his willing slut. All day her imagination had run riot with nasty thoughts firing her up. It was no wonder a single touch had her at his mercy.

She pulled on the tight halter top, rolling it down over her breasts. The stretchy white spandex emphasised a pair of hard nipples. It wasn't transparent, but clung to her body like a second skin.

The shorts were made of the same figure hugging material. Hollie tried to pick the crotch out of her sex, but it insisted on pulling between her lips. She felt it pulling the cheeks of her bottom apart. The tiny shorts were slung low over her belly, and only just covered the tops of her thighs.

She self- consciously stood before him with arms to her sides, wanting to cover her body. It was worse than being naked. It was impossible to wear underwear under the thin material, and he hadn't given her any. A twinge of anguish crooked her eyebrow, from realising this young guy was dictating her clothing, and she was submitting to it.

She again looked and felt like his naughty little slut. She smiled from the thought of it, and the sight of his hard cock straining at his jeans. She swung her hips, glancing at him with as much of a sultry look as could be managed. He wanted to play with her, and that was so wonderfully welcome.

"On your hands and knees, slut," he ordered.

"Yes, sir," she obediently replied. More than anything, she hoped he didn't cum in her mouth. She needed to feel his cock hard up inside her vagina, where it belonged.

He held her head tight and scooped away the hair from around her neck. She wondered what he was doing. She felt a collar clasp her neck. Did this mean he was going to make her crawl to the bedroom? She hoped so.

The thought of being this young guy's sex-pet was no longer objectionable, it was thrilling. He made her feel so vulnerable and susceptible from the humiliating things he did, she was willing to try anything. When he was in control it allowed all her decent normal reservations and responsibilities to melt away.

"Come on pet. We are going out," he declared.

"Oh! No! Not like this. Please take the collar off. At least let me wear a dress. Please, Sir," she complained. At last she remembered to say the word he wanted - 'Sir'. To make up for the omission she repeated it. "Yes, sir, please, sir," she whined.

It was humbling to call a student 'sir', and she loved it. She still wasn't so far gone as to let him extend his games outside the apartment. Was she?

He pulled her over his knee and spanked her. She felt every humiliating stinging slap through the thin material.

"What do you say?" he demanded.

"Sorry sir. Thank you for spanking me sir," Hollie bleated, only just holding back tears. Once again she felt defeated and subservient to him. She was reduced to telling him, 'yes sir', to whatever he wanted. A nasty thrill coursed through her veins. A hot wave of arousal pushed her deeply into submission.


In his van they couldn't be seen. She just hoped he was just frightening her and wouldn't make her get out. Or if they did, she hoped it was somewhere no one would see them.

"Where are you taking me, sir?" Hollie asked. He held her wrist tight, not giving her the chance to run off back to the van. It was a dark cloudy night without street lights. It didn't make it any easier being outside, wearing such a ludicrous outfit. She almost told him she might as well be naked, though, thought it better not to tempt him.

He knocked on the door of a store. The light flickered on shining upon the flesh hugging top. Her nipples were thrust out from the cold night air. Partly grateful to get out of sight, she was even more nervous over whom they were here to meet.

She shivered from cold and nervous energy. Damn! There were illustrations of tattoos all over the place! Damn him! She couldn't go through with this, she hated tattoos.

"Please, sir, I can't do this!" she whispered. "Please don't mark me, please, sir," she begged.

"Which would you prefer, a tattoo or a piercing?" he asked.

"Where?" she asked; the only word she was able to utter. Her breathing became rapid, with eyelids fluttering, and eyes watering.

"Your ears," he suggested.

"Alright, sir," she conceded. Since leaving the house, and especially since getting out of his van, she felt so very vulnerable. She was completely dependent on him, feeling she needed to keep him happy. How would she get home dressed like this? The shameful submissiveness was stronger than ever.

Sitting back in the chair she let it happen. They could always be removed, and in any case, small studs would be acceptable in school.

"Owwwch!" she squealed. The second one wasn't so bad. She tightly gripped the arms of the chair. A student was dressing her up, leading her around on a leash, piercing her ears, and continuously working her up into a state of arousal. This young guy she called, 'sir', was controlling her too effectively!

He was so demanding she didn't have hope of resisting him.

"Lift your bum," he told her.

While in a little world of her own thoughts, switched off from the torment, she did as she was told. Too late to comprehend his intentions, the little shorts were rolled down.

"What are you doing, sir?" she whispered.

He smiled and stroked her hair, reassuring her as though she were a little frightened creature. Her eyes were large, showing the whites in fear.

"I'm going to replace that little stud, that's all," he soothingly spoke.

That's all? Damn him! He was showing off her shaved pussy to a stranger. The big rough man was older than him. He had long greasy hair, and was dressed like a wild biker. She didn't like the look of him. He was the kind of person she would cross the street to avoid.

Between the two of them she felt like a frightened stunned rabbit. They hardly spoke, so this had all been arranged and discussed, without consulting her. She felt all the more like his pet, being played and toyed with.

They looked closely at the stud in her nub. It had been pierced on a wild night out, with student friends. It would have hurt like hell, but she had been anesthetised with alcohol at the time.

The guy worked it loose and replaced it with a little ring. The embarrassment was greater than the pain. At least that was over. While she had her eyes closed Roger pounced again. The top was rolled up to her neck, baring her breasts.

"Sir, please, not there, not my nipples! Please, sir," she whined. Even to her the tone of voice sounded pathetic.

Roger and the rough guy ignored the pitiable protests.

The machine quietly snapped leaving the nipple pierced. She watched it swell. It seemed enormous. Again she watched the machine pierce a nipple. Two small rings were threaded through them. They throbbed with pain. Hollie was not into pain. She didn't like it and would do anything to avoid being hurt.

The fact of being subject to it by a student stoked her up. This young boy who sat in her class was piercing her body, inflicting pain upon her. The humiliation was heating her up. They both could see her lips glistening with sex juices. It was terribly embarrassing to feel it.

She wanted to blubber like a little girl, only just holding off from such an unpleasant exhibition.

"You can get dressed now, slut," the awful man told her.

He wasn't bothered at all by her nakedness. She was just another stupid little slut, giving in to her boyfriend; so as to keep him happy. The job had been completed so she had been dismissed, like the worthless slut she had become.

The walk back to the van was an age of humiliation. The rings in her nipples, and even the one between her legs, clearly showed through the tight spandex. They hurt too! A wet patch showed between her legs, making her feel like a terrible slut.

At last home Hollie felt relatively safe. The piercings felt less painful, receding to a dull throbbing.

"Best fix something to eat now," he told her.

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