tagBDSMTeacher Is The Pet Ch. 02

Teacher Is The Pet Ch. 02


(this is the continuation of “Teacher is the Pet – Ch 01”. Read it first to gain context of the story and the characters.)

Though blushing from her embarrassment, her pussy was fully engorged with the blood of her lust. She wished she had been allowed to wear panties, for she could feel her moisture seeping from her and beginning to soak the remnants of a crotch in her shorts.

Roger walked to the center of the small kitchen and turned to face Chris. His three cronies lined up almost like soldiers behind him.

When Chris turned around to face the room after closing the door, locking it and pulling down the shade, Roger spoke to her.

“Over here my slut.” He said pointing to the floor in front of him.

Chris blushed as she answered. Though he called her slut all the time and Chris loved the label and what it promised, it had to this point been just the two of them. The humiliation of being called his slut in front of the other boys was embarrassing to the young teacher, but the humiliation was part of the reward to come. The promise of his dominance in the label being applied to her, forced her to slip into service mode and she replied appropriately as she moved to the specified location in front of him.

“Yes Master.”

“I am pleased with this look on you.” He said gesturing to her skimpy attire.

“Thank you Master.” Chris replied, then her submission reaching the fullest extent possible, she risked a further comment.

“I hoped it would please you to see me dressed as the slut I am and ready to be used by you, rather than in the frumpy attire I must wear in school each day.” She smiled as she finished her comment.

Gazing at the other three boys, she saw the lust in their eyes and the bulges in the front of their pants. Roger’s next action would complete that lust and the games would be on.

“Lift your arms out to the side.” He commanded.

Chris raised her arms to shoulder level as commanded. The cropped Tee rose with her arms and the pendulous globes of her overripe DD breasts escaped from underneath its covering cloth. If her nipples hadn’t already been turgid from the excitation they would not have prevented the tee from slipping the hemmed edge higher and revealing all of her massive mammaries.

Roger took a small step forward and covered the brief distance between them.

“I am pleased he said as his hand gently caressed the side of her face. His hand continued further down along her neck until it came to the neck hem of the tee and his fingers slipped inside the neck hole. Grasping the shirt firmly, he jerked downward and the little piece of cloth that was the tee, disintegrated and slipped from Chris upper body.

“Oh.” Chris yelped at the unexpected move by the boy. Her exclamation not one of fear or any other emotions, save perhaps lust.

She blushed profusely as her upper body was revealed, no longer obstructed by clothing, to all in the room. Her nipples already hard and standing out, like pencil erasers from her dark aureoles, stiffened further, from the coolness of the room and the lust her semi-nakedness fanned to fever pitch. Her breast flesh still perky with her young years looked like twin melons on her chest her nipples pointing upward at a 45-degree angle.

Her chest rhythmically heaved up and down, in her growing lust, causing the twin peaks to rise and fall. Though momentarily embarrassed, she was lost to her lust and the dominance of her student-Master.

Roger wasn’t through with her unveiling yet, though.

Reaching to the drawstring on the front of the shorts. Her pulled the tail of the bow she had created when she had tied the garment in place.

No longer held in place by the drawstring, Chris shorts immediately dropped to her ankles. Her blush deepened as she stepped out of her shorts and kicked them aside to join the tattered top Roger had discarded on the floor.

Her embarrassment was brief though as she stood naked as the day she was born in front of the leering gazes of her students. Her bald pussy and pendulous breasts exposed as they were, made her feel like the slut she had become and the whore she longed to be.

Looking up at Roger, for the first time totally nude to his gaze, she spoke.

“Is my Master pleased?”

His response gave her the answer and the sense of pride she was looking for.

“Yes whore, service me.”

Without hesitation she dropped to her knees and released Roger’s cock from its restraints. Taking him into her eager mouth she began to deep-throat the turgid beast he carried between his legs. She took him easily to the balls now that she was practiced at sucking him into her mouth and throat. Her practiced expertise was not wasted on the others. Jamal was the first to speak.

“Look at that slut suck cock. She is better than any whore I have ever seen.”

Jamal rubbed the front of his jeans as he spoke, obviously aroused by the salacious sight of his math teacher eagerly sucking his friend. All three of the boys were rubbing the erections in their jeans.

Roger lifted any restrictions that might have held the boys back with a gesture toward Chris.

Jamal squatted beside the eagerly sucking young blond schoolteacher and grasped the nearest breast.

Todd went to the other side and squatted then bent to take her other exposed breast into his mouth. Eric moved behind her.

“I got to eat that pussy he said as he sat on the floor behind her, then reclined to slip between her legs and begin swiping his tongue from her clit to her asshole and back again, lingering to tongue fuck her copiously juicing cunt on each pass.

With Jamal virtually mauling one breast, Todd sucking the other tenderly and Eric doing an excellent job licking her fevered slit, Chris redoubled her efforts on Roger’s cock. She began to slurp as she rhythmically fucked his huge cock in and out of her mouth and throat.

When Jamal bent and bit the turgid nipple on the breast he was mauling, the pain almost immediately registered as a minor orgasm in the erotic pathways that connect her erogenous breasts with her equally erogenous pussy. She moaned at the heady rush this produced.

Her oral efforts on Roger’s cock were so intensified, he blew his load into her eagerly sucking mouth moments later. His almost bestial moan all but a bellow as his balls released into her mouth.

“Oh yeah, suck my cock whore.”

When Roger withdrew from her mouth and moved away from Chris to sit in a kitchen chair a few feet away, Jamal moved in. Releasing his cock from its restraint he stepped up in front of her and spoke.

“Gots to have some of that mouth. Suck it slut.” Jamal’s cock was huge. It was easily 12 inches long and as big around as a man’s forearm. And it wasn’t fully erect, yet.

Turning to look at her Master sitting a few feet away to gain his approval, Roger merely nodded his ascent.

Without hesitation, Chris took hold of Jamal’s cock and began stroking it to complete erection. Her tongue snaked out and laved the bulbous black head, before she opened as wide as she could and took him into her mouth.

It took the young teacher several attempts but after a few minutes she was taking him to the balls into her oral orifice and Jamal was the one doing the moaning. But he wanted more than her mouth.

Backing away from her he moved to a kitchen chair and sat down. He summoned her to him with a gesture, and she obediently knee walked over to where he sat. She thought he was just going to sit and enjoy her oral efforts so she reached for his cock again. But Jamal had other ideas.

He reached down and caught her under both armpits and lifted her petite body. Turning her around so her back was to him, he drew her closer and his legs spread hers as he drew her nearer his body. Her legs spread around his, one on either side, effectively opening her pussy to invasion by the massive cudgel, and he began to lower her onto his cock.

When the bulbous head, easily as big around as a que ball, contacted her pussy and the lips spread around the spongy man meat, to begin pressing at the entrance of her tight little cunt, Chris just drew her breath in sharply as the head slipped inside her spit and girl-juice slickened opening.

When Jamal relaxed his arm muscles and she slipped down onto him, taking 10 inches of his cock inside her tight little opening, before her feet contacted the floor, allowing her to arrest her descent, she gasped at the sudden stretching intrusion. Never before had the lusty young teacher been so speared by a cock. Roger was huge, but even he was dwarfed in comparison by the big black cock impaling her body now.

When Jamal raised her up and slammed her back down on his cock, slipping the last four inches into her already overstuffed tunnel, the air escaped her in a sudden whoosh, as if the sudden intrusion had caused his cock to press against her lungs, or someone had hit her sharply in the solar plexus.

Chris felt as if a sledgehammer had been stuffed up inside her, yet her body was already adjusting and cunt walls were already starting to nibble at the invader. Her head swam from the feeling of ten pounds being stuffed into a five-pound bag, and her momentary inability to breath. Her lust though quickly overcame these feelings.

Her feet were flat on the floor and a little flex was in her knees. She took advantage of the ability this gave her and began to ride up and down on the pole stuffed inside her. Her body was directing the actions now, for her mind was still concentrating on the pain associated with her stuffing. Had her mind had control of the situation she would have at the very least sat still until her tiny body adjusted to the huge presence, if not to have gotten up completely. But instead, her body required she ride the long black schlong impaling her.

As she rode up her inner lips would be drawn out with his cock, as if to cling to him and not allow him to leave. Then as she reversed direction, they would be drug back inside to cling to the cock reentering her. As the first of what would be many orgasms that night began to build inside her, she began to babble her lust.

“Oh my gawd, fuck me.”

“I’m just a nasty fucking slut, use me like a whore.”

Though it was Jamal’s desire to fuck her hard it wasn’t because she asked for it. He gripped her tiny waist and began to slam her down on his cock, adding intensity to her own fuck rhythm. At one point her feet came of the floor and Jamal was literally picking her up and slamming her back down hard on his cock. His balls were drawn up tight in his scrotum and his release was imminent.

His only desire to unload in his petite teacher, before something occurred that might deny him that possibility. At this point it was certainly a race to the finish line.

Eric had had enough of the viewing bystander and stepped up to Chris. Her eyes were closed and so it wasn’t until he traced his uncut cock along her lips that she realized he was there. Even then she didn’t open her eyes and just opened her mouth and took him inside her oral fuck hole.

It was hard sucking Eric the way Jamal was throwing her up and down on his cock. Chris reached out and grabbed the cock at the base to steady it and continued to administer her excellent oral service. At the same time she planted he feet on the floor again. Jamal stopped slamming her up and down on his big black cock when Chris went back to fucking him. She could now concentrate and do a better job on the cock she was sucking.

Eric had no complaints though as her eagerly sucking mouth worked on his uncut cock. He was smaller than the others she had sucked already, at only seven inches, though larger than the five and one half to six inches that was the average for Caucasian males.

His uncut rod was a new experience for Chris and she loved the way the foreskin slipped back and forth across the head of his cock as she fucked it in and out of her mouth.

With Jamal’s cock sawing vigorously in and out of her fevered slot, she was hoovering this cock with exuberance and zeal. Eric was doomed to not last very long and soon he withdrew from her and blew his load all over her exposed breasts, grunting and moaning as his spew erupted.

Jamal’s explosion followed almost immediately. His balls erupting in her widely stretched slot triggered her orgasm and she moaned out her pleasure loudly.

“Oh my gawd.”

“I’m such a nasty slut.”

“This feels so fucking good.”

“Fuck me.”

“Fuuuuccccckkkkk Meeeeee!”

Jamal lifted her off his withering cock and she turned to immediately clean him. She knew she was required to clean the cock that fucked her, and had come to love the taste of boy cum and girl juice mixed on the hot rod that had just used her. Roger moving away and Jamal moving in moments before had denied her the opportunity or the pleasure of sucking his cock clean.

In the den Jack sat nursing his beer. He was well into a 12-pak as he sat, the TV on but he paid no attention to it. Emboldened when he heard the latest round of moans, he walked to the louvered window that closed off the kitchen service counter to the den. He had been able to hear low rumbles coming from the kitchen, but none of what was said was intelligible to him. The latest grunts and moans though were unmistakably the sounds of sexual activity.

He twisted the bar that rotated the louvers to the open position, just enough to get a clear view inside the room. The movement didn’t go undetected though as Roger watched the louvers move to a slightly open position and could see a figures outline on the other side.

Jack looked in and there he saw his petite wife naked, on her knees, sucking on the biggest cock he had ever seen. She laved lovingly on the big black monster in her hands. She looked a mess with cum dripping from her turgid nipples and her hair mussed by those who had used her.

Across the room was another muscled youth sitting in a chair, his withered cock apparently trying to rise again, and a third stood by a boner at the ready as he awaited his turn.

This salacious sight caused Jack’s puny cock to immediately stiffen in his jeans.

The boys all looked powerful in the musculature and Jack wisely didn’t enter the kitchen, but merely closed the louvers and returned to his easy chair to open another beer.

In the kitchen, Chris finished cleaning Jamal and stood licking the balance of their combined juices from her lips. Turning she saw Todd at the ready and took hold of his hand.

“Come lover, let’s go where we can get more comfortable.”

She led them out of the kitchen and down the hall to the bedroom. At first she started to turn off to the guest room, but decided instead the king sized bed in the Master bedroom would be better. So what if it was her marriage bed. Now especially, her marriage to Jack was a farce.

Reaching the bedroom her and her wimp husband shared, Chris quickly threw back the spread and top sheet and threw herself down on the bed. She beckoned to Todd and he came down on top of her, his hips thrusting to find a place of entry.

Chris was dying to have another cock inside her. Reaching between her legs she grasped the smallish cock of Todd and guided him inside her eagerly awaiting cunt. His cock though not as large as two of the other boys, was bigger than her husbands. Her began to fuck her mightily once his cock found a home.

Chris legs came up in the air on either side of the fucking youth and her hips fucked back with a counter rhythm of their own. His cock was smaller than the others and her having already been fucked by the large black appendage Jamal carried between his legs, and having her own juices combined with Jamal’s sperm made her tunnel slick and stretched.

Todd though didn’t seem to mind. Though not a virgin, he was only one or two events beyond that milestone. He eagerly fucked the petite teacher and blew his load several minutes later.

As Todd climbed off the writhing teacher turned slut, Roger, his erection regained, climbed on. He entered her and without preamble or pretence began to use her body again.

Chris was in heaven as boy after boy continued their use of her for the next hour. Oh the staying power of youth.

Nature apparently attempted to balance the equation by countering the quick release of boys by their ability to regain their lust and achieve erection again quickly.

They had all unloaded in her hot cunt at least once, by hours end. And they weren’t through with her yet. They would all fuck her repeatedly until none could achieve erection again.

(Ch. 03 coming soon, will complete the saga for now).

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