Teacher, Teacher


"What is it?" she asked.

"Amy says the buses will never meet because of the traffic. She doesn't have a clue how to solve it," I chuckled.

She laughed as well. "Give her a plus 1 for her sense of humor. If she concentrated on her classwork instead of Tommy Farmer, she would know how to solve a simple problem by now. You ready for another beer?"

"Sure Mrs. Taylor. Thanks."

"Please, when we're in my house, can you call me Linda. Being home alone, I just like to hear somebody call me by my real name. I've only been Mrs. Taylor for a couple years you know."

"No I didn't, Linda," I said softly as we both smiled at the use of her first name.

She handed me the beer and then took hold of my other hand. "C'mon, let's go get comfortable," she said, leading me into the living room and plopping down on the sofa. She kicked off her shoes and placed her dainty stocking covered feet on the coffee table. "Please make yourself at home."

I took off my shoes hoping my feet didn't stink, and then sat down next to her on the sofa, thoughts of my earlier daydream fresh in my mind. My adolescent manhood started raging again and I sat up straight hoping the bulge wouldn't show too much. I downed about half the beer again trying to calm down.

Linda leaned back on the sofa, her skirt rising even more than it had in the car. The straps of her garter belt were clearly visible as were several inches of alabaster skin. There were no freckles on those beautiful inner thighs. She took a long drink, then laid her head back and closed her eyes, a soft sigh escaping her lovely lips. I stared at her lacy bra through the translucent white blouse, imagining what those small firm orbs looked like naked. My cock was rampant now, pulsing up and down in my pants.

Her soft fiery red hair said she was a woman of passion, but with her eyes closed, she looked lonely and again fatigued. She finally opened her eyes and sat up, taking a swig before setting her drink down on the table. She stretched her arms up high over her head and I could hear the slight crack of joints and muscles, tightened from a week of standing and the stress of the job.

"You seem pretty tense. Would you like a massage," I offered.

"I don't know. Y'all have any experience at this?" she asked a little tease in her voice, trying to sound like a teenage southern belle.

"Yeah, my mom had to waitress for a while when my dad was sick and she would come home with aches and pains from sore muscles. I used to massage her shoulders and calves for her while we watched TV."

She turned her back to me. "Then by all means, rub away."

I gently placed my hands on her soft cotton blouse, then firmly worked the muscles of her shoulder. My cock was pushing up my pants again and I noticed a small wet spot starting to appear. I ran my fingers slightly down her front as my thumbs worked her neck muscles. She moaned, tilting her head forward and I slid my hands back to the inner part of her shoulders, on bare skin now as my fingers worked their magic.

She loosened the buttons on the front of her blouse, then pushed it off her shoulders exposing the lightly freckled skin as I worked more of the joints. Her breathing was getting deeper and her skin was taking on a warm pink glow. My burgeoning manhood was telling me to make a move but I listened to my inner voice telling me to behave. I continued to gently but firmly massage from her shoulders to her neck and back, soft sighs and moans escaping her lips.

Something jolted her back to reality as she slowly pulled her blouse back up. She turned and smiled at me again, "Your mom taught you very well. But then you always were an apt pupil." Her lips were just inches away, her flowery perfume filling my nostrils and sending another charge through my turgid monster.

She turned facing me, then leaned back on the sofa. "Let's see if y'all that good on legs," she smiled, her accent returning as she placed her feet in my lap. She was staring at the bulge in my pants now. It was just inches from her delicate feet as she ran the nylon covered toes as close as she could without touching it. She reached down under her skirt in an overt move, her satin panties flashing a brilliant white light as she undid the clasps on her garter belt. She spread her legs in an invitation, the white satin panties now clearly in view and sending a charge through my cock as I felt another drop escape the tip.

"Take off my stockings." It was a command, not a request. I leaned forward, her feet now coming into contact with the hard lump of meat in my pants. It was an exquisite feeling and I had to concentrate very hard not to spill my load right then and there.

My hands reached up to her soft inner thighs and as I had done with Kathy, I caressed the delicate skin of her upper thighs. I let my fingers tickle the skin just above the stockings and she closed her eyes smiling, her feet clamping down on my manhood again. I took hold the upper part of the nylon and slowly began to roll it down her thighs, over her knees, and then finally the firm muscles of her calves. Her feet still clenched my hard-on as I squeezed them together and pushed my manhood back against them.

I could feel my cum boiling and quickly pulled away, taking the first stocking with me. She opened her eyes as I looked down on her, the hunger in both our eyes as I stared at the bare flesh left exposed after she had loosened the top buttons of her blouse earlier. She had a funny smile on her face. It was an "I dare you" look that said she wanted it to continue but it wasn't proper. I reached up and pulled the other stocking quickly from her leg, then fell forward on top of her as she spread her legs wide open in invitation.

I slowly lowered my face, inching closer until she finally raised her head and our lips met in a soft kiss. I let it linger a moment, then pressed back sucking her lower lip between mine. She hungrily kissed back, her hands caressing my neck before running through my hair and sending quivers through my spine. I pushed my solid lump against her panty covered crotch as we slowly began to dry hump as we kissed.

She was an experienced older woman. Did she expect me to take charge and remove the rest of our clothes or did she think this was just a harmless make-out session? With limited experience, I wasn't sure so I continued to kiss her as she slipped her soft, moist tongue between my lips. I answered by rubbing my stiff, aching rod harder against her welcoming cunt. I was happy with the foreplay if that was all it would amount to.

My hand reached down to her bare chest as I softly kissed her neck, and then gently sucked her earlobe. My fingers slid under her bra and captured the small round hillock it had been protecting. I squeezed gently before taking the nipple between fore-finger and thumb and tweaking it to erection. It grew quickly and the flesh around her areola swelled as her excitement grew. I kissed down further until I could suck that turgid nipple between my lips and tickle it with my tongue.

"Oh, shit!" she moaned. She grabbed my head, trying to sit up. She started to reach for my pants, and then the phone rang. "Oh Fuck! Not now." She glanced up at the beautiful hardwood Seth Thomas clock on the wall and knew she had to answer it. "It's my husband."

She stood up, pulling her skirt down as she went to get the phone. She took a deep breath before she picked up the receiver, a forced smile replacing the passion in her expression.

"Hi honey," she answered. "What's that noise in the background?" she asked, trying to get her breath back and sound as normal as possible. Her tone turned sarcastic, "TV, right. Just remember what the State Department told you in that tutorial. You get caught with a hooker, they lock you up and they can't help you. And if you bring back a disease, I will cut your dick off and shove it down your throat until it comes out your ass!" Then she slammed down the phone, her face a beet red as the anger glowed in her bright green eyes.

She looked down at me and my rigid pole and immediately felt guilty. I breathed a sigh of relief as she started to apologize. I got up cupped her face and kissed her gently but firmly, sliding my tongue between her sweet lips. She kissed back passionately, the anger flowing from her body as she slowly started to relax again.

She squeezed my prick, a look of empathy replacing the passion in her eyes. She looked me in the eye as she said, "This was probably wrong. I'm no better than that little PT Lori."

"You know about that?" I coughed.

"Of course I do. I'm a teacher. We have eyes in the back of our heads. We see everything."

"Why didn't you ever say anything. I could have told her and she would have stopped."

"Why would I want to do that? She obviously enjoys having you watch her, you obviously enjoy watching her, and I certainly enjoy watching that bulge in your pants grow every afternoon. What? You think only men get horny after months without sex?"

"Look Joey, it's late and you should probably get home for dinner before your mother starts to worry. Do you have any time tomorrow to finish grading papers?"

"Well, a bunch of us are playing baseball in the park tomorrow morning but we usually quit around lunchtime. I could come over after that."

"Hmm, think they'd mind if an old school marm came around to watch you play? They wouldn't tease you too much would they?"

"Well, you're not that old and if you show up, you might cause a few more bulging pants if you wear one of those tight skirts."

"I think I've just been complimented." She leaned in and kissed me passionately, her doubt about whether this was right or wrong quickly forgotten.

"Go clean up and then scoot home. I wouldn't want your mom seeing you covered in lipstick. If I don't see you at the park, just come here when you're done playing games." There was a certain sarcastic tone in that last phrase but I clearly knew what she meant.

I was totally confused now. I had kissed my teacher, sucked her tits, and even dry humped her and she was acting like I was her boyfriend instead of a student. Then when we're both worked up and on the edge, she's able to act like it was just a friendly get together. But that last kiss promised so much before she hurried me out the door. I cursed her husband's timing repeatedly during my short walk home.

My mind raced all night wondering what would happen Saturday when I went to grade papers. Would she have a change of mind and be all business? I was too nervous that night to even jack-off, running scenarios through my head about what to say and do if she even hinted that she wanted to continue what we had started.


I woke up early Saturday from my restless sleep grabbing a bowl of cereal for breakfast before I showered. My parents always slept in on Saturday and I knew they appreciated me leaving them alone when I went to play sports on the weekends. For me it was an invigorating break from my studies and for them, a chance to have passionate sex with no one listening.

I had heard them having sex often while growing up, even though they tried to be quiet. I think my mom made more noise trying to be quiet than she would have if she just let herself go. I tested out my theory one Saturday by leaving my bedroom door and window open. My bedroom was off the kitchen so I figured I could sneak back into my room and listen to see how much noise they made. I gave them about a half hour and then went to the side of the house where my bedroom was. I was about to climb in when I noticed the movement in the kitchen.

Mom and dad were still an attractive couple even though they both turned forty this year. Mom was wearing a baby doll top, apparently she forgot the bottoms. Dad had his bathrobe on and I knew my dad never wore anything underneath it. He wasn't shy about letting the whole world know that he slept in the nude. As mom bent down to light the oven (it was an old gas stove), her wide ass was exposed and dad came right up behind her opening his robe and exposing his already firm member just before sliding it into her juicy pussy. They must have been at each other from the moment I walked out the door and now were going for seconds. It just slipped in way to easy for them to have just started.

Mom gave a little shout of surprise but certainly didn't object to it. She started pushing back and within a couple minutes, they had a steady rhythm going and she was moaning loudly. I was wondering if the neighbors might here since I left my window open but there was a fair amount of distance between houses. He pumped her for a solid ten minutes before she came loudly proclaiming it and he followed suit moments later.

My theory verified, I headed to the park noticing that I had indeed been excited at watching my parents screw. It seemed a little perverted on one hand, but I was glad they still had a solid sexual relationship at a time when most couples are losing interest in each other. I was detached from the emotional aspect of their relationship and viewed this as just sex. Any guilt I had at watching them quickly faded as I pictured mom naked and a gorgeous symbol of sexuality.

Back to the present, I noticed George and Jeff coming in the west entrance of the park while I was coming in the south entrance. Jack and most of the others were quickly filing in the east entrance. We had sides chosen up and were playing the first game by 8:30. Our routine was to choose up sides and then play two five inning games and then re-choose sides, repeating the process until everyone wanted to go home.

We had four games completed when Mrs. Taylor started to wander in pretending to be walking the garden trail and then checking out the plaques by the different trees and bushes. She was wearing a tight pair of faded jeans that hugged her hips and with the short, pink, mohair sweater, it left about 2 inches of bare midriff exposed. She had gone easy on the make-up and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail making her look more our age than her actual 28 years. She looked adorable. Most of the guys didn't even recognize her until she said hello and sat down to watch us play.

When I came in from the field, I sat down next to her and we made small talk about how the game was going. She asked why I didn't play on the varsity team and I told her about a difference of opinion with coach P back when I was in 10th grade. He let me know then than I wouldn't be playing any varsity sports. Bothered me at first, but I quickly got over it and stuck to pick-up games.

We were tied in the last inning of our last game for the day. I started the inning with a lead-off double. Albert grounded out to second allowing me to easily get to third. Jack the Giant (he was 6'5" and 220 pounds) nailed a long fly ball to left and I basically trotted in with the winning run. Mrs. Taylor got so excited that she came running down to meet me and gave me a quick hug and yelled "Great game!" She then got a little embarrassed and decided she should congratulate some of the other players.

I got a few questionable stares from my friends until we saw Kathy come over and do the same with Jack, only giving him a brief kiss as well. It appeared that none of us had known they were seeing each other now. George, one of my closer friends came over to console me.

"Is that what your fight was about this week? You ok with this?"

"I'm fine George. Jack's a good guy. They'll be a model couple. Probably King and Queen of the prom."

"Well, my folks left some beer in the fridge if you want to come back to my house for a few drinks."

"Thanks, but I promised Mrs. Taylor I would help her grade papers again. She's had a rough week."

"Yeah, well I'd guess you better not be to 'hard' on her then." His double meaning did not go unnoticed and I popped him in the arm before going back to join her.

I was a sweaty, dusty mess and I told her I would run home and shower and then go right to her house. But she insisted I was fine and we should just get back to her place and get started. We made good time covering the two blocks to her house.

"Can I at least wash my face?" I pleaded feeling the grit that had accumulated there, among other places.

"Sure. Just don't get carried away. There's something very appealing about a sweaty man, you know."

I had been hoping this would be a continuation of last night but the way we had left things, I thought maybe it would be all business. The tone of her voice was now lighter and inviting. She seemed to have gotten over the issue with her husband and was in a very good mood. I grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned the grit from my face and then did a quick swipe of my underarms. Girls might say they like a sweaty man, but that's an odor that no one likes.

I wandered back out to find Linda was on the sofa and had two beers cracked open for us. She looked sweet and sexy sprawled out on the sofa but she sat up as I entered the room, handing me the beer as I sat down next to her.

"So, you want to talk about that little thing with Kathy and Jack? You seemed a little upset they were together."

"No big deal," I lied. "We're just friends. I just thought she might have confided in me instead of letting me find out like this." The disappointment was evident in my voice.

Linda got all motherly now wrapping an arm around my shoulder and squeezing lightly. I could smell her perfume as her head leaned into mine. She kissed me softly on the cheek.

"You know people will do stupid things to get someone's attention when they are upset. It was obvious that her show of affection was done to get your attention. What did you do that upset her?"

"What makes you think I did something to upset her?" I asked. She just cocked an eyebrow in that teacher-knows-everything way. So I gave in and told her some of the details of the night I unintentionally took her virginity.

"Look Joey, a girl's cherry is very special to her. She's probably upset that the night wasn't all moonlight and roses and that it felt awkward instead of heavenly. We all expect it to be some special romantic event with someone we love and then we get married. Or get married and have the special night. Truth is, that is rarely the case. It's more likely to happen the way it did for you. At least you both came. That's more than most couples get there first time."

She was smiling again, her face just inches away and I felt all that jealousy fade away. I hadn't wanted a serious relationship and avoided getting too close to any of the girls my senior year. I had no one to blame for that other than myself. And now I was alone with a beautiful woman who had ten years more experience than me and I was having a jealous teenager moment.

I turned my head towards her and pulled her in for a kiss. She kissed back, her tongue gently darting between my lips. I tried to pull her into my lap and she almost spilled her beer. She set her beer on the coffee table and plopped into my lap, pinning me back against the sofa.

"Hold on tiger," she laughed. "A few ground rules before we do anything. This will be a casual relationship and NOBODY finds out about it. There will be no jealousy on anybody's part. I am a married woman and I want to stay that way. And when I say it's time to grade papers, y'all better be grading papers. Understood?"

God she had a beautiful smile. How could any man resist it? I nodded and smiled back at her feeling my cock awaken at the thought of making love with this gorgeous, red-headed, southern belle. I raised my hips so she could feel my lump and she grinned and pulled my T-shirt off. She placed her hands on my chest, the sweat not all dried up yet providing some lubricant as she massaged my muscles.

"Let's get you into the bedroom. You're not the only one who knows how to give a massage." Her breathing was getting heavy and her cheeks were starting to get the same shade as her hair. I followed her into her bedroom, the anticipation of what was about to happen making me want to explode.

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