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Teacher, Teacher I Declare


Brenda Cooper was well liked by the students at Grandview High. She was a sweet and personable English teacher who genuinely cared about her students. While she enjoyed her profession her personal life was not what she wanted it to be. In fact, she really did not have a social life to speak of.

The teacher was not sure if the reason for this was that she became very introverted around other adults; especially men. Or perhaps the lack of being able to have fun was, in part, caused by what she thought was her basic unattractiveness. Brenda had coal black hair with deep blue eyes and stood 5'3 weighing 160 pounds.

Her ass was large and round and she had large breasts that fluctuated between C and D cups over the course of the school year depending on her weight. Little did she know that there were many students that fantasized about her. As the more they got to know her the hotter she became to them.

Every morning the 26 year old teacher bounced out of bed and hurriedly got ready as she loved teaching Drama and 12th grade English. In fact, she had not missed a day in the four years she had been doing her job. On the other hand, Brenda practically dreaded going back to her small apartment each evening because it was so lonely.

Everyone on the faculty really liked Brenda and some of her friends had even tried to fix her up with men. But, because it took her awhile to come out of her shell the dates didn't go anywhere. Frustrated beyond normal reason Brenda knew that she had to do something to turn things around.

At first, she tried chat rooms and instant messaging but only found guys that wanted sex without strings and she clearly wanted a real relationship. The dating sites didn't work for her as there weren't many guys on them around the small town she lived in and the skinny blonde bombshells seemed to scoop the few there were up before she had a chance.

Books seemed to hold the answers for her as they had always done. Thinking back on everything she had read that included women with similar problems blackmail seemed to be one viable answer. She wasn't sure if she could really do it and who would she blackmail and what did she have to hold over a victim's head.

On Monday morning she scanned over her second hour Exposition class and the obvious answer came to her. This was a class filled with college bound students as they needed it to be admitted to most universities in the area. Many of these kids were also hoping for scholarships so every grade was critical.

The first thing she would do is look up all of the guys in both her second hour and fifth hour Exposition classes and find out who was 18 and eliminate the under age pupils. There was no reason to checkout her other four classes as most of the students weren't college bound or in the case of her Drama class most of the guys there were already in her Exposition classes.

This eliminated eight of the 26 boys. The next step was to look at their academic records to see who needed a good grade from her the most. In other words, who was on the bubble for scholarships or college admission? Nine of the students were already accepted to colleges but didn't have the grades for a scholarship. Four of them could have flunked her class and still would have received decent scholarships.

That left five students for her consideration. Brenda spent Tuesday and Wednesday observing the five potential victims as she had to make the right decision as if she picked wrong it would cost her the career she loved. Therefore, looks were not important in the decision.

The most critical factors were just how close to the scholarship line they seemed to be and how much she could help or hurt their chances along with most importantly their personality. As she graded papers Wednesday night she had cut the field down to two finalists. Surprisingly, both boys were fairly attractive in her eyes.

Like her they both appeared to be very shy. Patrick won out because she liked the sense of humor in his writings. He was about 5'7" and weighed 125 pounds with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He wore glasses and was neatly groomed.

Patrick always showed teachers and fellow students maximum respect even when they didn't deserve it. He was truly one of the most intelligent kids in his graduating class but had gotten a few lower grades his sophomore year when his dad left his mother. So, the teacher put her flimsy plan into action.

Pulling out Patrick's composition she made three copies of it. She laughed as she realized she only actually needed two copies and tossed the original in the trash. One good thing about being an English teacher was that you could grade subjectively and give any grade you wanted. At least, that was the feeling of the students and she thought there was some merit to it.

That is why the first paper of the year she always graded without identifying information so that no bias would enter into the grade. She also did this with the semester finals. Brenda graded all three copies of the paper. On the first one she gave Patrick every break and praised his comparison skills giving him an A.

On the second paper she graded it just as it should have been graded and gave him a B for his work. On the final copy she found every little flaw marking red ink all over the work. Every mark was technically correct and she blasted his lack of factual information to support his conclusions and wrote a great big capital F on the upper right hand corner.

Not wanting to embarrass the boy the next day Brenda held back his paper and that of one of the girls asking them to see her after class. She dispatched the girl fast giving her her essay and while praising her for one of the best pieces of writing she had ever seen. She knew the girl would turn beet red with if she applauded her work in front of the entire class. Patrick stood there nervously and shifted from foot to foot.

"Take a look at this young man," Brenda demanded in her most authoritarian voice. He was standing only two feet from her with his bulging crotch at her eye level as she plopped his essay on to the desk. The boy who had just turned 18 the month before gasped in utter horror when he saw the "F" at the top of the first page of the essay he had spent hour upon hour working on.

"Oh my god, how, why, I don't understand," Patrick sputtered looking for words to express his dismay. His face turned red in anger.

"We don't have time to talk about this now. You need to get on to your next class. I'll keep a hold of this and you can come by after school and we'll go over it together, ok," she said sternly but with a garden full of butterflies swirling around her stomach. His mind was a muddle as he walked from the room with his head down in shame.

Classes passed by but Patrick's mind was still on Ms. Cooper and that paper. The student couldn't figure it out. He didn't know what was wrong as he was sure the paper was a lot better than the "F" on it. He must have done something to piss off his favorite teacher. Until that moment he had gotten stiff every time he thought of his English teacher.

Patrick had sprawled out on his bed after school jacking off thinking of her big ass or her perfect tits several times in the past couple of months. With a sense of doom he shuffled into her classroom right after the dismissal bell rang. As he walked toward her Brenda motioned for him to sit in one of the student desks as she shut the door.

Strutting across the room she picked up some papers and then went over to the boy. Putting each of the three differently graded papers down in front of him one after another she said, "Patrick, here is the grade you are getting. Here is the grade that you earned. And, here is the grade that could be yours."

Confusion ran throughout the boy's body as he scanned the three papers. He frowned at the worst one; didn't look thrilled at the one she graded honestly; and, was puzzled by the one with an "A" on it. He couldn't understand what it all meant. Then it hit him that she wanted him to buy his grade. He was heartbroken as he thought she was better than that. Frowning he looked into her face.

"Ms. Cooper I don't have a lot of money. But, I really need the "A" from this class. How much do you want me to pay for it?" he asked dryly. He saw her in a new and disappointing light. For her part Brenda thought briefly about dropping the whole thing after seeing the look on his face.

But, her strong sex drive won out and she was happy that Patrick had immediately caught the gist of her presentation. Time ticked by ever so slowly as the teacher tried to pick her words very carefully. Leaning over him from behind she whispered, "I don't want any money from you, Patrick."

"Then what do you want? Who do I need to kill?" he queried now more confused than ever. Thoughts swirled around his head giving him a headache. Brenda smile and thought that the student might just be serious and be willing to literally kill for the good grade. She leaned in, even closer, her breasts pressing into his shoulder.

"It is like this I live alone and need some help doing routine maintenance around my apartment. I don't have enough money to pay someone to fulfill my needs. So, if you want an "A" that is where you come in," her confidence was building in her plan. The teacher felt and smelt so good against him that he was already forgiving her for her blackmail. In fact, he felt kind of sorry for her.

Here she was living alone and had no one else to help with heavy duty chores like moving furniture. After reasserting that he wanted an "A" he agreed to do whatever chores she had in mind. She promised that it wouldn't be all the time and usually not too strenuous. She slipped a small piece of paper into the boy's hand and agreed to meet after dinner that very evening.

Brenda kept all three papers and didn't put a mark in her grade book. She needed to be convinced of the boy's willingness to go through with what she had in mind. She had no intention of flunking the boy unless things went terribly wrong. The worst she would do was give him whatever grade he actually earned.

The four hours between the end of the school day and their meeting seemed like a lifetime to the both of them. At one point the thought of sex with Ms. Cooper actually crossed Patrick's mind. But, to him, there was no way in hell that it would be what she wanted to happen. He hurried over to her place as soon as he ate his last bite wanting to get the chores over with.

Consumed by her plan Brenda knew she had to come up with something for him to do as a pretense of needing help. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling very creative and the only thing she could think of was rearranging her living room. Out of a desire to both be seductive and comfortable she changed into tight fitting mid-thigh long shorts and a halter top with ample cleavage.

The final touch was letting down the long black hair that fell halfway down her back, as she answered the door. Speechless, Patrick stood there dumb-founded at the vision in front of him. He had never seen Ms. Cooper like this before and his cock sprang to full attention straining against his pants. He simply muttered, "Hi Ms. Cooper."

"Hi Patrick, come on in so we can get busy," she said almost breathlessly. Her tone was very sexy to the boy. As she led him inside her ass swayed sensually. Smiling to herself she went to the living room as she knew he was turned on judging from how quiet he had gotten but she didn't know if he would cooperate in fulfilling her desire.

Rapidly they moved a couple of chairs and the teacher offered her student a soda pop. Brenda found her panties getting increasingly wet. This subtle approach of showing off her body didn't seem to be working as Patrick hadn't made one little pass at her. Even when she had wiggled her ass inches in front of his face.

Nervously Patrick waited for his next assignment. He thought the older lady was making a pass at him. But, after all, she was his teacher so he didn't want to make a mistake and make things even worse. Brenda decided that the blunt approach was best as she had seen it work in dozens of movies.

Inhaling deep and fumbling with the material of her halter top she approached Patrick sitting at the dining table. Her crotch was now inches from the boy's face. Reflexively the boy leaned away fearing he was too close. This motion caused the teacher to pause wondering if she had read the boy wrong. But, she was too horny to turn back now.

"You know, Patrick, I've seen you staring at my ass when I'm writing on the blackboard," she said trying to sound cool and calm. She gingerly placed a hand on his shoulder. A shudder ran from the student's shoulders all the way down his spine.

"Ah, Ms. Cooper, no I haven't, honest," he stammered his face turning a bright fire engine red. However, his eyes were glued firmly to her tits as sweat poured from under his arms. There seemed to be no escape. He was startled when the tits disappeared and suddenly her ass took over his view as she turned around.

"Here, why don't you have a closer look at it, touch it if you want to? I'll tell you what I'll even let you see it covered only by my panties," she purred saying panties like it was a dirty word. Seconds later he was confronted by her Size 8 pink silky bikini panties against her ebony skin. A hint of the sweet aroma of her honey drifted up to his nose.

Worried that this might be some kind of weird trap he slowly reached up and touched the very top of her panties. Brenda was delighted as she figured nature would take over in a matter of moments. So, confidently she pushed her rump a bit closer to her student and untied her halter letting it float to the floor. "Oh my gawd Ms. Cooper what is going on?" he asked trembling. Even though he wasn't sure what she exactly wanted him to do or if he should do it he soon found his hands caressing her ass as if it were a piece of fine china Brenda was enjoying the boy's soft touch but was ready for a bit of hotter action as she slid onto his lap.

"What do you think of my titties Patrick," She asked as she put her arm around his neck as she sat across his lap. With a deep hunger she put her other arm around him before he could answer and passionately kissed him. Patrick greedily kissed his teacher back putting one hand across her smooth back with the other landing gently on her melon.

"Oh my gawd they're amazing," he said in pure awe. Brenda pulled his face deep into her cleavage completing her invitation. He gladly accepted the offer and was kissing wildly from tit to tit in seconds. He had kissed girl's breasts but there seemed to be something extra erotic about Ms. Cooper's; maybe it was because she was his teacher. Or, maybe it was because this was his first time smooching with a black woman or maybe even it was that she was nearly a decade older than him.

Most likely all of these factors combined to arouse him more than he had ever been in his young life. Brenda felt her panties getting wetter and wetter as she wriggled on his lap. He was actually good at what he was doing. His lips and mouth were working magic on her chest. He continued to knead her boobs as he sucked each nipple into his mouth.

"Pull out your cock and let me see it," she demanded. The boy quickly obeyed and showed her his seven inch erection. The teacher gulped at the appearance of his hard shaft. Slowly she wrapped her hand around his pole as she encouraged him to be more aggressive with her boobs.

Ravenously he played with and kissed her orbs. Smiling, he thought to himself that he liked the flavor of chocolate titties. Brenda sure liked the way he was pleasuring her as her stroking became more and more rapid on the youngster's cock. Patrick did everything he could to hold back from cumming and lasted five minutes before splashing his seed all over the teacher's hand and his own stomach.

Taking him by the hand Brenda led Patrick the few steps to the couch in the living room. Immediately they were engaged in a heavy kiss. The teacher moved his hand to the moist crotch of her undies. As Patrick began caressing her through the material Brenda moved the crotch of her panties aside allowing him skin on skin contact and full access to her womanhood. She whispered, "Patrick make me cum!"

Her hands were all over her victim's body and she knew it wouldn't be long until she came. Patrick marveled at his teacher's pussy. He ran his finger through the forest of wild hair he found there. Then after sliding his fingers up and down the slit several times he touched her clit causing Brenda to jump.

Stopping at her button he delicately swirled his fingertip all around it. Gradually he applied more and more pressure speeding up his strokes. Their kissing and caressing became more and more torrid. Brenda had only heard moaning this loud in porno movies. She was very surprised to realize that it was her doing the moaning.

Brenda's nails clawed into Patrick's back as she let out a roar splashing his hand with her honey as she came. Covering her sopping wet cut back up Brenda fell back on the sofa to recover. But, her lover wanted more and started to get on top of her. He frowned in frustration when she put out a stop sign.

Instead of continuing the tryst Brenda told him to put his member away and report right back to her apartment after school the next day. Patrick was dumb founded. He couldn't believe Ms. Cooper would take him to the brink of ecstasy and then suddenly stop everything. Nerves and shyness were only two of the factors that were getting in Brenda's way of fully seducing the boy.

Rationalizing things she figured if the boy turned her in for inappropriate behavior at this moment she couldn't say that they had fucked. Somehow it seemed like a 'lesser crime' to her. She also figured he was more likely to return if she left him in lust and not fully satisfied. Dejected Patrick left agreeing to return the next day.

Class seemed to have a different feel after their interlude. He didn't hear a word she said and openly stared at her body remembering all they had and had not done. His cock was a rock in his pants as he salivated over those perfect melons, round ass and her beautiful hairy pussy. She had to tap his shoulder when class was over.

Needless to say he was in such heavy heat that he actually got to her apartment before she did. The boy probably did 90 miles an hour driving through residential areas. Gleefully Brenda sprang from her car seeing that he was already there. She was finally confident that her student was hers for the taking.

However, there was still a big part of her that knew how wrong this whole thing was. Running it through her mind she decided, as she approached her door, to take it moment by moment as it wouldn't be too late to back out until they actually had sex; or, so she believed. She summoned up her courage as she let Patrick inside.

One decision she had already made was not to let the boy into her bed until she was ready to fuck him. She figured once he was in her bed there would be no stopping him. As soon as the door closed she fell into his arms and grabbed his ass as they kiss furiously. Their tongues intertwined and danced savagely.

"Have a seat in the recliner, she whispered as she pulled his t-shirt over his head. His ass landed in the chair before Brenda had put down her car keys and purse. Then, kneeling in front of him, she took off his socks and shoes. Moments later her hands were on his fly and she was unfastening his pants.

With the excitement building Patrick lifted his ass off of the chair so the older woman could slide his undies and jeans off. She gasped at the vision before her as this was her first close up look at his jewels. Pushing his legs apart Brenda slowly rubbed her hands up his thighs until reaching the base of his erection.

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