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Teacher's Deal


I am a senior in high school, and my name is Greg. I have kind of a slight build, which means I'm a bit smaller than guys my age. I have a young-looking face, which helps me with the ladies, but also gets me a fair amount of attention from the guys who fancy that sort of thing. I would call myself heterosexual, and would not have considered going anywhere with a dude. Well, not until a few days ago.

My main interest is video production, which means I like to make movies. My school is lucky enough to have a video lab, but it is only open when there is a teacher on duty in the lab. I would love to get my hands on that equipment, so I can teach myself all that great technology. Well, I thought I could work out a deal with the teacher in charge of the lab, Mr. West. I approached him on the subject, and he took my number, and said he'd call me so we could discuss possibilities.

A few days passed, but Mr. West did call. We set up a time for me to come over his house. He said we could work out our deal there, and relax a bit, get to know each other, since we'd be working closely if I were to be spending a lot of time in the lab.

On the drive over, I was exhilarated to think that I would have free-reign over the video lab, to make all the kooky movies I wanted. I guess you could say I'm an artistic sort of guy. I pulled into the driveway, and was surprised at how big his house was. He invited me in, and we chatted a bit. Surprised again, he said he had no family that lived with him in this big house. While I was eager to work out the details, he convinced me to sit down with him to watch some of his work. He was rather good at what he does. His movies have a great depth, something I could hope to achieve.

After a few short films, he suggested we take a swim. Now, it was an uncharacteristically hot day for this time of year, so I was game, but, of course, I didn't have a swim suit. "I've got a pair that I think will fit you," he said, sizing me up with is eyes. He left the room momentarily to fetch the trunks. He returned, and I retreated to the bathroom to change. I shucked my shorts and t-shirt off, and then my boxers. I hadn't noticed until now how small these swim trunks really were, or that they didn't have the customary netting. I slipped on the shorts for the fit, and the waist was comfortably snug (I have a narrow waist), but the legs were very short, showing off much of my thighs. Also, they did little to hide my dick. Even in it's soft state, the tight trunks bulged with my boy-hood. But I was sweating with the heat, and decided that it wasn't that important.

I returned to the living room, where Mr. West had already changed into his trunks. I followed him out to the deck, and we both dove into the pool. It felt so good to cool off. We goofed around for a while, then got out. The wetness caused my suit to cling to my crotch and ass, leaving little to the imagination. I was rather embarrassed, so I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist.

After a bit more time spent sitting, talking in the sun, Mr. West said, "Have a seat in the lounger. Take that towel off, so your shorts can get dry. Relax for a while!" The sun did feel good on my near-naked body. The warmth even penetrated to my cock. I lay back and closed my eyes for a while, soaking up the sun's heat.

"You have a nice body. Your rather fortunate that nature has blessed you with such beauty." I opened my eyes, and Mr. West was admiring my pale form. My thin legs sprouted from the skimpy shorts, a light covering of hair on them. My abdomen was tight, from youthful activities, and thin line of dark hair led from the waistband on the shorts to my navel. Aside from that, I have virtually no distinguishable body hair. My chest is smooth, and my thin arms have only the faintest trace of hair. Of course, I have a bit of coverage on my underarm, but even that is less that what I see from other guys my age. This may sound conceited, but I do have to admit, I can see where Mr. West gets his compliments. My boyish features and proportions mixed with a developing teenage body, it's no wonder I get so much attention, from both sexes.

I turned my gaze to rest on Mr. West. He was a well-developed man. He didn't have any of the flab of men in their middle-ages. He had a light dusting of dark hair over his toned body. As a matter of fact, he was on the verge of what I would call muscular, but still slim. His biceps and pectorals were noticeably well-developed.

I moved my eyes over the older man's chest, and down his tight abdomen. It was then I noticed his shorts were sporting a tent. I passed it off on the warm sun rays. I felt a stirring in my on crotch at the warm wetness of the shorts.

"Let's head in," he said. "I have an idea how we can have some fun." I lifted myself off the deck furniture, and followed him inside. As we passed through the doorway, he brushed a hand against the side of my shorts, his thumb touching my dick, confined in the material of the trunks. "Those are pretty dry. Don't worry about changing." I was actually looking forward to putting on something a bit less revealing, but I just followed him back into the living room. I took a seat on the couch, while he popped another video into the VCR. He sat next to me, and started the tape.

'Woah," I said, not expecting to see that. The TV displayed a few young ladies doing things to each other. This was just the sort of thing that gets guys my age going, but it was kind of weird that my teacher was showing it to me.

"If you don't want to watch, I can put in something else," Mr. West said.

But the porno had worked it's instant magic on me, snaring my teenage hormones from a place they could not return. We watched it for a while, and my shorts became uncomfortably tight. It was at this strange moment that Mr. West thought to bring up our deal.

"So, I think I have a solution we can both agree to. You want unlimited access to the video labs, but what you can do for me is much simpler." I turned to look at him. I noticed he was squeezing his crotch, but didn't think much of it. We were, after all, watching a porno. But the thought of my goal being so easily reached, I was fully attentive to the man. "If you agree to what I say, then you get what you want. If you can't handle it, no deal."

"I'll do anything!" I said. And it felt like I meant it.

"Good. Then we're starting right now. I'd like you to get on your knees." Oh, god. My heart sank. I knew what he was asking, but my determination was strong. I stood up, and he took my arm, directing me in front of himself. I knelt down, his legs spread on either side of my slim torso. His tented trunks stared me in the face. He lifted his ass off the couch, and slid his shorts off his hips. His dick sprung out, and I had to gasp. I had never seen a guy's erect dick in person, and Mr. West's was huge. It was thick, and long, and half buried in his dense pubic hair. His hairy balls hung low between his legs.

"You ever sucked a dick before?" he asked. I shook my head, staring at his man-tool. "That's alight. I'll break you in." He took the back of my head, and moved it close to his massive cock. The scent of his crotch wafted into my nostrils. The tip of his tool touched my lips. I was about to go where I had never dreamed, to suck a guy's dick. But if this was what it would take...

My lips parted, and I opened my mouth wide, and took his member in. It was hot, and as I sucked on it, it grew stiffer in my mouth. I moved my head up and down, my lips and tongue sliding across its surface. My lips were stretched to encompass his thick meat. I couldn't get very much of it into my mouth, but Mr. West tried to shove my head down onto it anyway. With practice, it began to slide down my throat. I wrapped my fist around the base of his dick, and sucked in as much as I could. I rotated, between bobbing my head on his cock, and deep-throating him. I can't believe he turned me into a cock sucker.

Although I was inexperienced, Mr. West seemed to enjoy the blow job I was giving him. I looked up at his face, which is not easy with a big dick lodged in my throat, to see him gazing at me with a big smile. He was surprised how well I preformed my task. I sucked on his dick for a good five minutes before he pulled me off. My jaw and cheeks were getting sore from the workout.

He had me stand back up in front of him. He reached out and caressed the bulge in my trunks. He found my half-hard boy meat and began to work it through the material. No one had ever touched me like that before. There was a definite sexual energy in the air, and even if it was a man-only thing, I couldn't deny it. My dick grew with his touch, but was confined by the tight shorts. His other hand moved up my inner thigh, and into the virtually nonexistent legs of the shorts. His hand gripped my leg at its highest point, his fingers rubbing my balls, reaching between my legs.

With both his hands working on my virgin pleasure center, my dick kept growing, but with no room to go anywhere, it started to hurt. But Mr. West wouldn't release my pained tool from its prison. "Oh, god," I said, my voice filled with half pleasure, half pain, "please, Mr. West. Take these shorts off." But he just continued to arouse me, delicately fingering the outline of my strained boyhood through the shorts. He seemed to get pleasure from my discomfort. "Oh, please stop," I pleaded, my body, naked but for the brief shorts, writhed with the new, intense feelings.

"Alight, Greg. But now we're on to the next part. Come upstairs with me." I followed him to his bedroom, where he motioned me to lay on the bed. Mr. West stood at the end of the bed, apparently admiring my slight, yet taught frame. With his eyes all over my body, I lifted my butt from the bed, and worked the tight shorts down my hips and off my thin legs. My dick immediately began to straighten after being released. It continued to stiffen until it pointed up at my face. Looking at Mr. West fondle his crotch, turned on by the sight of me, a young boy, really got my boy-pole hard. I can't explain, but my teacher's attentions were arousing me.

Finally, he leaned in, his hands moving up my legs, my abdomen, my chest, as his head came in closer to my crotch. I could feel his breath on my stiff rod, and I thought he was going to take it into his mouth. I braced myself for the experience, and I found myself wanting his hot mouth on my boy-cock. Which is why I was a little disoriented when he lifted my legs up and started licking the place beneath my balls. I propped myself up on my elbows to see him at work; he moistened the area between my balls and ass, and started moving south. Although this wasn't the blow job I was expecting, it felt good, and my dick continued to ooze pre-cum from its swollen, red tip. I have never been so turned on in my life, feeling dirty, used, as Mr. West went to work on my privates, my cock seemed to get harder.

His tongue soon found my tight, puckering ass-hole. Looking back, I guess it's kind of odd that I didn't freak out when his tongue started playing with my boy hole, but it just felt so good. I opened my ass to him, leaning back and spreading my cheeks. His face pressed into my crack, and his tongue darted deep into my rectum. The slimy, wriggling muscle caressed my insides. I didn't care that it was a man giving me this pleasure, or that my virgin ass was the source. Mr. West was having a good time stabbing my ass with his tongue. His hands gripped my thighs, keeping my legs in the air, and his face was buried in my ass.

He removed one hand from my leg, and I soon felt a finger prodding my thoroughly moistened adolescent hole. It slid in easily, and he began working it around. It went farther in than his tongue, and it had a greater presence, stiff and long. The space in my ass felt tight, but he continued to wiggle it in and out, until he lid a second finger in. By now, my navel was over flowing with pre-cum that had fallen from my cock-head. The sticky fluid matted down my dark pubic hair just below it as the older man probed my young ass. Soon, he had three fingers breaching my tunnel. But suddenly, he removed them, and backed away. I lowered my legs, the empty sensation in my ass lingered.

Mr. West stood up, then climbed back onto the bed, this time kneeling between my spread legs. My calves rested on his thighs, my knees pointing out to the sides, and he pointed his big man tool in my direction. I opened my ass to him once more, my sphincter relaxing as his engorged cock-head pressed into me. Now, I'm pretty young, and I am small for my age. But Mr. West was full-grown, and his dick was big. My body seemed dwarfed by his mass leaning over me, and I began to think of the consequences of that huge dick moving into my small ass-hole. Fear darted through me. Fear of having Mr. West's cock shoved up my ass. His member's girth stretched the walls of my rectum, making me feel a bit uncomfortable, but he kept moving in. I can only imagine the look on my face: eyebrows furrowed, somewhere between worry and anger, my nose scrunched up, and my lip curled, my mouth hanging open. I was completely concentrating on the feeling of this man's cock violating my ass.

He slowly moved his tool into me. Pain jolted in my ass, but Mr. West's slow pace allowed my ass to adjust without too much discomfort. My chest was heaving with heavy breath, trying not to feel the pain. Slowly, he marched up my tunnel, his hips moving to meet my ass cheeks. It was hard to believe that just moments before, we were watching TV, not a thought of this on our minds. Well, I guess he had planned all this; he lured me here to fuck me. And now he was doing just that. I was his boy toy, and I would let him do whatever he wanted to me if I got what I want. So I just lay there and let him violate my ass.

Mr. West took hold of my cock and stroked me, and I couldn't help but to be aroused. His thickness stretched my boy-ass, touching some forbidden pleasure center deep in my rectum. Pre-cum continued to flow freely from my piss-slit onto my abdomen as Mr. West jerked me off. I felt dirty for enjoying Mr. West's lustful invasion of my body.

As my teacher's thrusts into my tight hole became faster and harder, his hand on my cock did like wise. He was pushing me to the breaking point. My body stiffened, and he just kept plowing away. I shot my first string of cum across my chest, with shot after shot following. I was covered in my own semen, worked out of my body by a horny high school teacher.

Shortly, Mr. West grunted and began shooting his love juice up my tender ass hole, deep inside me. He collapsed next to me, sweaty and hot. "You're such a good fuck, Greg," he told me. "That's one of the tightest asses I've ever fucked."

We rested there for a long while, regaining our spent strength. I though about his words. To him, I was only a sex object. But the thought of that pure animal lust had gotten me through this.

Eventually, Mr. West directed me to the shower, where I cleaned all the semen off. Mr. West stayed to watch. He then gave me a clean pair of briefs, which I slid on. They were a snug fit, which made me wonder why he would have underwear for someone my small size. He retrieved the rest of my clothes, except for my boxers. He said he was gonna keep those. On my way out, he suggested we get together again next weekend. Despite never having thought about a guy before, by dick strained in its tight confines, excited by the thought of another session as bottom boy for Mr. West.

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He taught me a lot

My English teacher from school only lived about a couple of hundred yards from my home, and soon after I started in his school offered to give me a lift to and from the school when our timetables allowed,more...

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Being seduced by older....

As a young guy who was seduced by an older guy.....I have to say reading this kept taking me back to my first time......

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by Anonymous05/29/17

Breaking Them In

I love finding young first timers and introducing them to gay sex, and over a period I have had dozens. My latest was a paper boy who had to collect the money from me every Saturday. One of my normal waysmore...

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