Teacher's Pet


Speaking of coming and cum, Henry's foot-long firehose of fuck juice was still rocketing geysers of jizz into Hilda's honeybox, a flood of semen so copious that it was dripping out all sides of her pussy and making a huge puddle on the desk, some of it even flowing over the edge and staining the classroom floor. Henry's hips were still on orgasmic autopilot, thrusting tirelessly between Hilda's thighs. But the strength of his now waning orgasm had taken its toll on the poor boy, and his upper half had now collapsed on top of his mother, Hilda's legs splayed out to the sides and their sweaty torsos rubbing together as Henry's face slumped into the warm and welcoming valley of her cavernous cleavage.

"Mhhhmmpphhh! Mmmphhhh! Mmmmpphhhh!" he continued to groan with each gradually slowing stroke, his cries of pleasure muffled by the enormous milk udders now sandwiching his face.

Hilda, her own orgasm finally subsiding, was softly stroking Henry's hair with one hand and rubbing his back with the other, gently bringing her boy back down from the orgasmic dimension with the same motherly affection she used to provide when she nursed him at her titties years earlier.

"There you go, baby," she whispered softly in his ear, quiet enough to be inaudible for the audience that was still watching them. "Doesn't that feel better? I promised you that I would take care of that awful aching in your balls. You know I would never leave you hanging after so much teasing in my class earlier. That's it, baby, just relax. You just lay there and enjoy the afterglow for a minute," she sweetly told her boy, hoping to give him a few brief seconds of tranquility before they would have to address their audience.

That moment arrived sooner rather than later. As Hilda peered over her nearly unconscious and completely spent son's shoulder at the door, the crowd of students erupted in thunderous applause, cheers, and whistling. The burst of noise was enough to roust Henry from his half-minute nap, and he groggily stood back up, his sticky and now deflating phallus exiting his mother's pussy with a loud 'pop'.

"Wooo! That was one fuck of a show, you two!" Kenny Long shouted over the din of clapping and hollering.

"That was better than any porno I've ever seen!" Denny added, setting off murmurs of agreement from the other kids in the crowd.

Hilda and Henry finally separated themselves and he helped his mother to her feet, the two of them now standing in front of about twenty students, naked and flushed, their bodies glistening with sweat and cum. Their tryst had only lasted a few minutes, but the aftermath of the act made it seem like they had spent the entire morning in a marathon session of copulation. Stretching out and theatrically holding hands, the two took a bow to the cheering group of students, proud that they had put on such an epic performance. Hilda shook her knockers playfully up and down at the onlookers. It was at this moment that the bell rang, indicating that it was the start of the next class. Fortunately for Henry, he had fourth period free and therefore had an hour of down time to recover from what had just transpired. Hilda, however had another class to teach at the moment, many of her students having already arrived as part of the crowd that witnessed her latest romp.

Reverting facetiously to her professional teaching demeanor, Hilda addressed her son: "You know what, Henry. I think you might actually be running a slight temperature after all. Why don't you head down to the nurse's office and lie down for a while?" she said, drawing a handful of chuckles from the assembled students.

Henry, anxious for some rest after being fucked into exhaustion by his mother, agreed. "Okay, Mom - I mean, MISS Humper! I wouldn't want to come down with something," he said as he tentatively reached for his jeans which lay in a crumpled pile on the floor. But not before Hilda momentarily stopped him again.

"Not so fast, Henry. Your wee wee is still dribbling a little bit. I just washed those pants yesterday and don't want them stained. Let me clean you up first before you go." Not even waiting for a response, the J-cupped queen of gigantic juggies dropped to her knees and began lapping like a momma cat at Henry's now-flaccid-but-still-enormous tubesteak, removing all of the residual semen that had remained on his cock after painting the inside of his mother's pussy with his creamy load. Hilda's well-practiced mouth and tongue had Henry's spent wee wee clean as a whistle within fifteen seconds, her decades of experience sucking the cocks of thousands of different men paying dividends now.

Finally getting dressed and heading out the door, Henry received multiple pats on the back from his classmates as his mother bid him adieu. "Remember, that was only our second hump of the day, and I need you in tip-top shape for our after dinner fucky time! Now go have a nice nap and refill those sweet semen silos of yours so you can have another big load ready for me after school. See you tonight, mommyfucker!" Hilda yelled after him, her mask of professionalism quickly evaporating once more.

Looking down at her still nude, sweat-and-cum-plastered body, Hilda concluded that a little cleaning up was in order before she began her next lecture. "I think I'm gonna head down to the locker room and take a shower. Any of you boys want to join me?" she inquired with a wink as a dozen male hands raised into the air. "My, my! Aren't you gentlemen the eager beavers! Alright, follow me, boys! First one into the showers gets to soap up my titties, tee hee!"


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