Teacher's Pet


I always loved the idea of teaching and tutoring. My clear and concise nature always made certain that those who followed my instruction would do well. It also provided me with access to a steady supply of inexperienced and willing sex partners. There is nothing hotter than having a chance to break a young woman! Although I am not the best looking man you have ever met, my word went a long way with most people. I have a persuasive and charismatic personality which I exploited any chance that I got. I had recently been hired by a all girl and very exclusive private school. This would be ideal grounds for my to have all my carnal desires satisfied.

When I walked in I felt right at home every pervy old mans fantasy. Teenage girls of all ages,races, and sizes roamed the grounds. My favorite part was the fact that all students were required to wear a school girl uniform. I almost jizzed myself just walking around looking at some of the potential students I might tutor. The hem lines on the girls plaid blue skirts and skin hugging blouses demonstrated that more than a few of the girls here were using more than their mind to acquire good grades.

It was only a few weeks and I got my first assignment. All I knew was that her name was Brooke and she would be coming over for tutoring in English literature. My office was small but on the plus side was fairly inaccessible and not at all visible if the door is shut.Brooke entered the room and certainly did not disappoint. She was a voloptuos black senior.I would estimate her bra size to be at least a full D Her long hair hung down curled she certainly looked more womanly than most girls her age. She sat down in my office and crossed her firm legs. Like many of the girls there she chose to wear blue nylon stockings to match the uniform. She wore a pair of black penny loafers to complete the ensemble. As she sat down she introduced herself and I did the same and I was flashed a very bright smile.

" I don't know what the problem is. I try so hard but I just keep failing." she explained.

I listened seemingly intently. The reality was that I was mentally undressing her the entire time she was talking. She blabbed so much that I imagined her rich,full lips wrapped around my cock. I could feel her sucking my head while her hand ran up along my shaft. I had no idea how she would perform but I was convinced I wanted to find out. She must have gone on for a good fifteen minutes before I realized she was done talking and actually asking me a question.

"Do you think you can help me with that?" she asked again. Quickly I snapped out of it and feigned some interest in her academic career.

"Ummmm...sure...whatever you need help with I can help." I told her in a reassuring tone. "Right now we need to to see what you are working on now so I can get a better idea of what direction to go. Sit next to me and we will go over it again."

She smiled at me again and scooted her chair next to mine. I loved female attention in general but Brooke was not your average female. It was like having the attention of a supermodel. "We just read Chaucer and I am not sure I understand it at all. He makes no sense to me at all." I explained the material as best as I could to my captive audience. She took out a notebook and began to write down many of the things that I said. I noticed her violent writing style and as she scrawled out my words I noticed the outline of a lacy white bra underneath her blouse. Her tits jiggled to and fro as she wrote. I did my best to restrain myself but I knew it would be unavoidable that I would have my hands all over this girl!

I slowly eased my chair closer to hers, she did not even notice that at this point our legs were in fact touching. I loved the feeling of her nyloned leg against my own. When our feet collided she did move her chair a bit away from mine. She was clearly a little uncomfortable but I was not concerned with her reactions. I waited a few minutes before moving my chair back to its rightful position. This time my hand moved to her muscularly stockinged thighs. Immediately, she jumped up and glared at me.

"What are you doing?! Why are you making me so uncomfortable?! I could report you so easily! I just want help on my schoolwork and THAT IS IT!" she let her feelings be known but again I knew I could have my way with her. She had a cheap sluttiness that I picked up on looking at her facial expressions.

My next move was not exactly well planned. When she stood up I cornered her and laid my hands onto her massive cans and gave a good squeeze. She squealed in disgust and may have even said stop. My mind was well made up though so her pleas made little difference. My hands roamed the upper half of her body while my tongue forced her lips open as I slipped my own tongue in. Again not well thought out as she pressed on my tongue with her teeth. My hands moved from her breasts to underneath her skirt as I felt the satin panties she was wearing. My hand pulled her ass towards me as her young pussy was pressed against my raging hard on. She struggled more and more as I gyrated our bodies together. She finally put her foot behind mine and tripped me onto the ground. She looked ready to run and I knew I had to act fast.

"Just calm down and lets get back to work here. No big deal. I can make things reallllly easy for you but you are going to have to help me as well. I am an expert in this field and I can tell you just from listening to you, I think there is no way you can pass this class on your own." I hoped she did not call my bluff. I would use her own desparation against her. Young women can be so impressionable which is one of the things that I lovvved about my job.

She got sat pensively for a few moments and evaluated the situation. "So what are you expecting from me?"

"I love my job but I love playtime as well especially with cute young girls such as yourself. How much experience do you have?" I leaned back and sat in my chair.

"Not a whole lot...mostly playing with my girlfriends. Don't have much experience with guys actually."

"WOW!Really?Hmmmm maybe said girlfriend can join us some time. Right now I want a little service if you know what I mean."

"Ahhh sure...I guess." She reluctantly walked back and knelt in front of me.

"Take it out and just relax. Believe me I don't think I will be the last cock that you suck." She quickly unbuckled my pants and seemed rather shocked as I was not wearing any underwear. My cock was already plopping out to greet her warm mouth. She gave me a look as if looking for my approval. "Go ahead." I encouraged her to start. She licked my head barely even touching me. "Not like that sweetie, swallow me whole." I watched her thick lips consume my shaft and swallowed my sword whole. "Oooooooo...that's a very gooddd girl. Just like that sweetie." She must have been amused at the pleasure that she gave me as she tried to smile as she sucked me and instead her laughter was muffled by my cock. "Its ok keep going." I guided her head back up and down my shaft. I began to run my fingers through her delicate hair. She was become quite the skilled cocksucker as she even thought to massage my balls while her hand slipped up my now very wet shaft."Ooooo...damn...so nice baby, don't make me cum." It was becoming increasingly hard to take her strokes. I needed to get inside this girl immediately.

"You need to get up on my desk on your knees."

"What are you going to do?"

"Let's just get undressed and I can show you."

Of course she knew what we were about to do but she held out hope that we would not. I hesitated and watched her undress. Her body fresh and you , she was certainly my black princess as I watched her lustily. Her skirt dropped and I immediately walked over and once again pulled her in for another embrace. She was not as passionate as I was and attempted to break the kiss on several occasions. My fingers went over her baby smooth skin of her stomach and slid underneath her panties. My fingers explored massaging and tweaking every inch of her neatly trimmed bush. The situation had begun to change before she was pushing me away now she was now pulling her body towards mine. As my fingers entered inside her she told me she was beginning to like this. "Wet my slit like my girlfriend does! I want you to get me nice and limber so you can stuff that thick, white cock in me!"

My other hand began to reach for the buttons on her shirt. I undid each one as quickly as possible with my one. She was using one of her hands to hold me close to her body while the other manipulated her clit. Her blouse dropped to the floor and she stood before me in nothing but her bra, blue stockings and loafers. I had severely underestimated this girls chest! I lifted her bra with my free hand revealing as perfect a pair as you are going to see. It was flawless and I wanted to suck her Hershey kisses so bad it hurt! I worked down from her ear and worked my way down until her nipple was in my mouth. I pulled it out until I got her reaction. "UhOhh...baby...bite it just like Marcia. Pull on it...makes me so wet!!!"

It was about all I could take it was time to enter and she knew it too. She went on all fours on the desk and bent towards me. Her ass was within grasp and I knew I had to slap this bad girl a little. I lifted my hand and gave a slap that filled the room.


"Yes sir, I am very naughty but you can teach me a lesson and fuck me. Bad little girls are always the fuck toy aren't they?"

"Indeed they are." With that I slide behind her and guided my cock into her love canal. She winced a bit not being used to being taken from behind. I grabbed her ass and pulled her as far as she could slide. I gave another slap. "So naughty, it's much easier to just fuck me and get the good grade than do the work! Besides isn't it fun to watch the contrast if you look underneath you. It is so hot to see your sweet black hole swallowing my white rocket isn't it?!"

"Yes sir I love it...OOOHHH...I think I am CUMMMINNGG!" No lie about her cumming, her girl juices drenched my pubic hair as I kept thrusting. "You like my chocolate pussy? Make me...Cummm...again"

"Yes, your sweet chocolate pussy can ride my shaft anytime. We will arrange office hours for you. I need to have you when I need you!" The thumping of my balls against her ass echoed in the room. She told me she wanted to cum again and I was going to make that happen. It was hard for me not to give her a sperm bath as her tightness constricted against me. Her vaginal walls had my cock with a kung fu grip. I was determined to pound her even more. My pace steepened and she could only occasionally emit a pant here and there. It was clear to me that she couldn't control her orgasms as I spanked her ass with my balls. Sweat beaded her body as I leaned in close so I could play with her porn star like tits. They had been wobbling as if in a tumbler before. I know had a firm grasp on one and began to pull and squeeze it. She put her head on the desk and let me have my way.

Wanting to make this memorable I made sure she got my biggest load. I stroked one last time and pushed my dick as deep as it could go. Blast after blast of sperm escaped my pole. My moans joined with hers as loads of my jizum filled her chocolate pie. I pulled my cock out and admired the generous coating of love juice on it. I sat naked in my chair and she lay down on my desk, my hot semen escaping her fuck hole. I told her we will need to study again very soon!

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