tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher's Pet Ch. 03

Teacher's Pet Ch. 03


He helped Lia off of the table and opened the basement door. She balked and he tugged slightly on her wrist, turning him towards him. She was brought against his body and he brought his hand to her firm ass and stroked it lightly.

"Remember, Lia." His voice said with a heavy warning. She immediately stopped resisting at his tone. He brought his mouth to hers and thrust his tongue in, taking her mouth with force. Within seconds she was moaning and writhing against him again, unable to help herself. He lowered his hand and brought his fingers to her puss. When he felt that she was dripping he pulled away and turned towards the door. It was dimly lit and she almost fell so he turned and picked her up. She moaned at the feel of his hard body against her own. He smiled against her neck, taking a small bite.

When they got down there, she looked around in amazement. It was a big open room, with a bed, a table of some sort and all different items she didn't recognize. Her eyes widened when she was different whips and the like. She whimpered, hiding her face against his neck, a bit scared at being alone with this man. He was big and muscular and she hardly knew him and now she was alone at his house.

"Shh, baby. We won't do it all tonight." He whispered soothingly. He walked over to the bed and laid her down before stripping her completely naked.

He stared down at her, murmuring, "You are so hot."

She smiled at him, arching her back under his gaze. He tore his shirt over his head and pushed down his pants, leaving him in his tight boxer briefs. She brought her eyes down and moaned at the sight of his erection pushing against the front of his briefs. He looked huge. She gasped in surprise when he caught her foot and pulled. In his hand was a length of rope that was tied to the foot of the bed. Stunned she watched as he tied it to her ankle. He moved around the bed and did the same with the other ankle. She didn't move, obeying him as he silently commanded. He then grabbed her small wrist and held it above her head. The same with the other. She found herself eagle spread, again, and naked. Helpless. He stood the base of the bed and smiled. He started stroking her pussy. She tried to move but was unable. He stopped and she protested. He came back within seconds with a thick dildo.

"What-" She was cut off when he, without any warning, pushed it up her pussy. She cried out and instantly came as it vibrated against her clit. He didn't stop though and she came again within minutes. He kept the dildo vibrating and stepped back. He started walking away. "Where are you going?" She called out, moaning. "Don't leave me like this." She screamed as a wave of pleasure hit her.

"The bell rang, someone is here. I'll be able to keep an eye on you." He said, pointing to a camera. She looked up and blushed, seeing herself on the monitor next to the camera. She was naked and tied to the bed, a thick dildo in her pussy. She came again.


Mr. Ryan walk to the front door and opened it. He smiled at the man before him. "Good, you're here." He let the tall, dark haired man in, moving aside to let him pass before locking the door.

"So, where is she?" The man said looking around while taking off his jacket. Mr. Ryan laughed, walked into the kitchen and pointed to the monitor in the kitchen he had turned on before answering the door.

"Fuck." The man said, walking closer to look at the screen. He stopped in front of the small screen and saw Lia. She lay on the bed, naked and spread, she was crying out in pleasure, coming yet again from the vibrations against her clit. "She's hot. Have you fucked her yet?" The man turned and questioned Mr. Ryan.

"No, I waited for you. I did finger fuck her in the car ride here and spank her outside."

The man laughed. "Outside? She let you?"

"Oh, she's a submissive. She'll do anything you ask."

"Fuck." The man said, turning back to look at the screen to watch the young woman squirm and moan. "She's hot. Young, too. How old?"

"Just turned 18 last week. She wore this little sundress that day. She bent over right in front of my desk and I could see down it. She wasn't wearing a bra, but her tits were all pushed together and up. Her little pink nipple was showing. Got me so hard I almost fucked her right there in front of everyone. Instead I went and fucked the shit out of Meg that day." The men laughed, both with their eyes still on the screen. Lia was moaning and struggling against her binds. The both watched the screen for a while longer before the new man said, "Ok, let's go down. I need to fuck that hot little mouth of hers."

The men walked downstairs. They could hear her cries before they saw her. She didn't notice them at first as they both stood over her, watching. Mr. Ryan finally reached over and pulled the dildo out. She sighed in relief and disappointment. Her eyes opened slowly. She focused on him and smiled. Then she turned when she heard someone else in the room. Her eyes flew open the rest of the way and she shrieked, "Dr. Scott!" She struggled against the ropes frantically, wanting to cover herself. She finally stopped as she saw that both of the men wouldn't help and were enjoying it. They were eyes her naked, struggling body with admiration.

Dr. Scott was the principal at her school and was a tall man, the same build as Mr. Ryan. All the girls in school spoke about how hot he was, even though he was old enough to be their father. Usually he was a friendly man but right now he was looking at her like she was an object.

"Hello, Lia. Mr. Ryan called me over. He said that you agreed to come home with him. We tend to share women that we fuck. Do you understand?" He leaned forward and brushed a hand against her cheek. She closed her eyes and moaned. She didn't answer and he brought his hand lowered to her throat and gently squeezed. "Answer me. Now."

"Yes!" He squeezed a bit harder, tilting her chin up with one finger at the same time. Her frightened green eyes met his.

"Yes what?" He prodded, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, sir!" She whimpered, frightened of him. She looked at Mr. Ryan and saw he would do nothing.

"Look at me!" Dr. Scott ordered. Her eyes jumped back to his.

"Good girl." He smiled and let go. He trailed his hand lower on her body, down to her hip. "I heard you've been punished already. I need to see." With that he flipped her around, her wrists and ankles twisting as they were tied. He chuckled as the sight of the red marks all over her ass. He stroked her. "So pretty." He brought his hand down and spanked her. She cried out. "So beautiful." He spanked her again. "I recall you were in my office last week. Wearing a tight little dress. You wanted this, didn't you?" He spanked her again, this time harder. "Didn't you? Did you want me to look at you? To admire your tits and your ass? Did you?" She moaned, but didn't answer. "Answer me, Lia. Do you like it when men look at you and want you? Does it turn you on to be the teasing whore?" He bent down and bit her ass hard, he then sucked. Lia screamed. "Answer!" Dr. Scott yelled, bringing his mouth away from her ass.

"Yes! Yes, sir!" She obediently said.

"Yes, sir what?" He spanked her again.

"Yes, sir. I like teasing. I knew you were watching me. I knew you were looking at my tits. I liked it." She was sobbing, willing to admit anything to stop the punishment.

"Good girl." He finally stopped spanking her and stroked her pussy instead in reward. Lia moaned, bucking against his hand. "Now, I'll reward you." With that he pushed a finger inside of her. She moaned, arching towards his hand. He continued to pleasure her and finger fucked her until she came, screaming against his hand.

Mr. Ryan stood watching just a few feet away, enjoying the show.

Dr. Scott continued to stroke her soaked pussy. She whimpered and was in a daze as she heard Mr. Ryan come closer. They untied her from the bed, but immediately retied her wrists behind her back.

"Lia, baby. I think I"ll always keep you bound like this. Your tits are so beautiful thrusting up like that, your arms tied behind you." Mr. Ryan leaned close to whisper this and then he stroked one hard nipple and she moaned, arching her back up, trying to get more. Dr. Scott moved away and went over to the side of the room, opening a drawer. Mr. Ryan stayed by her and continued to stoke her right nipple and then bent down to take the other in his mouth. Lia moaned in pleasure, arching against his mouth. Dr. Scott came closer and Mr. Ryan stopped licking her right nipple and put his mouth on her left. Dr. Scott came over and flicked her right nipple hard before taking what was in his hand and putting it on her nipple. Lia groaned at the pressure. She looked down and saw he had placed a small silver clamp on her erect nipple. Once in place he tightened it and flicked it. Lia bucked her body trying to get it off. Mr. Ryan smiled and gave a final lick to her nipple before Dr. Scott took the other end of the chain and placed that nipple clamp on her as well. This time it was Mr. Ryan who tightened and flicked it. They both backed up to see her better.

They admired her beautiful kneeling naked body in front of them, complete with clamps. "Beautiful." Dr. Scott said, coming closer. He nudged her knees apart further with his foot. He grasped her hair and yanked so she looked at him. "How do they feel?"

"They hurt." She said hoarsely. "But...I like them." She admitted.

"I thought so. You are a slut, Lia. My slut. Mr. Ryan's slut. You will wear those all night. Now, I have something else for you." With that he striped and stood naked before her. His hard cock was right by her mouth. He grabbed her soft blonde hair again, yanking and moving her until his cock nudged her lips. "You want this don't you?" He rubbed the tip of his cock against her swollen lips.

"Yes...sir." She answered.

"That's a good girl. Take my cock in your mouth and suck." She opened her mouth immediately, obeying. "That's my good little slut." He murmured approvingly. His hands tightened in her hair and he pushed his cock deeper. She gagged a bit but he didn't move, making her adjust. Once she stopped gagging he pushed deeper. Over and over, in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

Mr. Ryan had moved and retrieved a camera from one of the drawers. He began to snap pictures of her and Dr. Scott. She was so beautiful, hands bound, nipples clamped, a big cock fucking her mouth. Dr. Scott stopped before coming and moved back. His cock thrust straight up, throbbing. He moved away from her and took the camera. Lia opened her eyes and smiled as Mr. Ryan took his place. Lia looked at his cock, licking her lips.

"I told you what would happen if you kept licking your lips." He growled and grabbed her hair. He pushed into her mouth hard, unable to wait for her to adjust to his longer cock. He eagerly fucked her hot mouth, shoving deep. Dr. Scott moved around them as he took pictures, admiring her cheeks working frantically. He moved away and put the camera down. He then went to the wall and pulled off a thin leather whip. He admired the soft leather as he walked slowly back to them. he moved slowly around their bodies. He stopped before Lia and then brought the whip down on her bare ass. Mr. Ryan yelled out as the lash caused Lia to scream around his cock.

"Whip her again!" he yelled. Dr. Scott chuckled and brought the leather down on her ass again, admiring the red welts forming.

"Enough." Mr. Ryan said, pulling his cock out without coming. Lia gasped for air, whimpering in pained pleasure. Dr. Scott handed Mr. Ryan the whip and checked on her, thrusting his fingers into her pussy. He found she was soaked. "My eager little slut." He whispered in her ear

"Do you want us to fuck you now?"

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