tagLesbian SexTeacher's Pet Ch. 5

Teacher's Pet Ch. 5


The bell rang for the front door and I jumped out of my kitchen chair. “See ya later Mom!” I called, heady for the door.

“Wait!” she said, heading to meet me at the door. Oh shit, I thought.

I opened the door and Ms. Langford was smiling at me. But before she could say anything, Mom was at my back, extending a hand. I made introductions and Mom thanked her for driving me to the game.

“Oh, we can’t have our star player late!” she replied, smiling at me. I think we were really going to the game but I wasn’t sure. “Say,” she continued, “did you bring that Algebra book with you? I could tutor you a little after the game, if that’s alright with you?” she asked my Mom.

“Oh yes, of course, any help would be appreciated.” I had to go to my room and get the textbook. God only knows what they were talking about in the meantime. I was sweating already! I kissed my Mom goodbye and she waved at us on the way out of the drive.

We no sooner had left the block when Ms. Langford’s hand on was on my knee. I was dressed for the game, which meant I head our team sweater, skirt and socks on. Her hand landed on bare flesh and she squeezed firmly.

“I will reward you after the game today according to how well you play.”

What did that mean?!

It was about a half-hour drive to the field during which time her hand had found its way up my thigh, under my skirt, and against my panties. By the time we left the car, my panties were quite moist. I asked if we could blow the game and go to her place. “My, my, eager to learn aren’t we?! But no, you have to play, the team needs you but afterwards, I’ll teach you so much.”

The turned out to be a tough one, and the score at half time was only one nothing for us. Ms. Langford was able to isolate me for a second and she whispered softly “If you don’t get your ass in eager, its what I am going to fuck first.”

My mouth dropped open! I stared at her as she smiled and began cheering the team on again. I guess I must have been motivated because I really put out, tying the game and helping to put two more on the board for us without letting in any more.

Ms. Langford hustled me back in the car and we sped out of the parking lot. A few quick turns and she suddenly stops on the side of the road. She leans over and kisses me, licks my chin and jawline. “I just had to taste your salty sweat; you really put out during the second half and I am going to reward you handsomely.”

Back on the road, we headed to her place. She seemed very excited as we got of her car and rose up the elevator to her apartment. She probably would have been all over in there if there wasn’t another passenger. Once inside, she closed the door behind me, took my bag out of my hand and pressed me against the back of the door. Her hands were all over, up my sweater, gathering my skirt. Her tongue probed my mouth and licked me again, wiping the salty residue off. “I love you sweaty darling but I want us to make our own sweat. Go get a shower and be quick about it.”

Ms. Langford led me down the hall into turned the shower on for me while I got undressed. She helped me finish and I stepped into the needles of the water. I asked if she was joining me but she said she had to get things ready. I washed with soap, rinsed off, and got out of the shower as fast as possible. I continued to towel dry myself as I walked down the hall. I found her bedroom and her. Ms. Langford was standing on the far side of the bed, wearing black nylons held up with a garter and black gloves that went past her elbow and nothing else.

Once again my jaw dropped. Her hair is always pinned up but now it cascaded past her shoulders in big curls. Her breasts were surprisingly small, the nipples tiny pink dots. Her pubic hair was dark but trimmed. “Put that on.” She commanded, pointing to the bed on my side. I’ve seen pictures of this but never thought I would ever be wearing anything so sexy. It was white; all of it was white. I started with nylons, slipped on the garter, but Ms. Langford had to help me attach it. The bodice tied up the back and the front had these cup type things that my breasts sat in, totally exposed.

Ms. Langford took my hand and made me stand in front of the mirror against one wall. She slid around behind me, reached out, and touched me here, there, everywhere while I watched my reflection. That wasn’t me? Couldn’t be? I looked older and God, I think I looked quite hot. She led me to her makeup stand and helped me apply some liner, mascara, and lipstick. She took me to the mirror again. Damn! Who was that? She was hot! I think it was me. I looked for her reflection and saw her kneel beside me, licking my exposed thigh. I watched as her hand slid over my pubic hair.

She turned me sideways and licked each exposed nipple, massaging them with her gloved hands. She kissed over the fabric and down to my groin, kissing the soft fuzzy hair, pushing her face closer, hands sliding around and spreading my ass cheeks. I watched her in the mirror.

Ms. Langford asked no questions, she knew what she wanted from me and was going to take it. I was hers. She led me to the bed and lay me out. She made me pose; leg up, rolled to one side, hand between legs, parting my own pussy lips, touch my breasts, tease my own nipples, roll over on my belly, get up on all fours, reach for my sex underneath me, reach along my back side and pull an ass cheek to one side, press a finger against my anus. On and on till I was wet with excitement.

Finally she told me to lay on my back and she crawled between my legs, licking and sucking up my sex juice there. I moaned and cried for her. There were suddenly two fingers in my snatch and I gasped, my hips jerking to meet her. She made me cum that way, not that it was hard work. As I caught my breath, my sight was suddenly filled with her pussy coming down on my face. She was positioned to look down my body; her thighs on either side my head, rocking her cunt onto my mouth. She gave no instructions, just told me to fuck her with my tongue. I was able to reach her ass and thighs and I squeezed her as her cunt slid back and forth on my extruding tongue.

“Fuck Shannon, fuck me Shannon, make me cum in your mouth.”

She changed position a little, laying down across me now, her shoulders shoving my legs up and behind her arms, making my ass rise up. Her gloved fingers probed me, working me all over again. I had to reach for her pussy now and I found her hard clit. I’m no expert, but it seemed huge. I could easily suck on it, which I did.

“Oh yes, Shannon, suck my clit!”

Her wet fingers slid out of my pussy and I felt the pressure of one against my anus. I knew what was going to happen and I trembled as she firmly slid it past my tight muscles. Her own mouth found my tiny clit and she circled and teased it. I couldn’t help it; I began to rock underneath her, trying to get that finger in deeper. I broke out in a sweat trying to hump her finger and tongue while keeping up my end of the deal.

“I’m cumming Shannon, baby, sweetie, I’m cumming. Drink me up!”

Her hips smashed down on my face and I was suddenly covered in her cum juice. I didn’t think women produced anything like this. But I didn’t care because I was orgasming again.

She collapsed on top of me then slid slowly around. She gathered me up and rolled so that now I was on top. We simply touched and kissed. She licked my face and said something about that being the salty taste she liked. We combed each other’s hair with our fingers. I told her how beautiful she was and I kissed her, sliding down a little to lick each tiny nipple. For having such a large clit, she certainly had small nipples. Ms. Langford wiggled around till she had my nylon clad leg between hers and she told me to push against her.

I was up on my arms, pushing against her while she was able to reach out and touch my breasts. She suddenly grabbed me and flung me to one side. “I want to fuck you Shannon.” She said as she slid off the bed.

“I thought we were?” I answered coyly.

Ms. Langford was stepping into something else now. Another type of garter it looked like but I saw her take out this beige rubber cock and slip it into the garter in the front. She turned to me and I knew that this was what they called a strapon.

“Suck my cock Shannon.” Stepping to the edge of the bed. I slid my legs over and she guided the rubber cock to my mouth. This I could do and I think I gave her a pretty good blow job. She pushed me back on the bed and told me to get on all fours. I remembered the feel of Mrs. Earle yesterday when she had me in this position. My memories were interrupted when she knelt behind me and fed her cock into my young pussy.

“Oh God, Shannon, you have such a nice ass! Full, round, easy to grab.” And grab it she did, fucking me in long hard strokes. She would bend over and grab a handful of hair, pulling me back against her. This felt a little bit like yesterday, although it didn’t hurt as much. Still, I was a little tender and I made little painful sounds. I think it turned her on because she started humping faster and harder.

“So, my little slut, you are no virgin. Just as I suspected when I saw you screwing Mrs. Earle.” I tried to explain but she told me shut up. “But I bet you’re still a virgin here?” and her gloved fingers started massaging my anus again. Oh no, no way, she surely didn’t intend…?

The rubber cock slid out of me and it was pressed against my brown little hole.

‘No, no, I’m not ready, I can’t…”

“You can and you will you little bitch! Do you think you can make me so hot and horny and not let me fuck you any way I want?!” and the rubber head slid in. I gasped, cried out. She worked it in and out. I tried to crawl away. ‘Hold still bitch!” Ms. Langford pushed my shoulders down and I felt her rise up on either side of me, her knees bent, and nearly coming straight down into me. I cried out in pain but she didn’t stop, she didn’t stop till I was taking her fake cock all the way in. The pain subsided and she started to gather speed and drive.

“Touch yourself cunt, finger your own pussy.”

I reached between my legs and slowly touched myself. There was a jolt of pleasure. I began to finger myself more, playing with my clit. Ms. Langford was nearly bouncing on my ass now, swearing and cursing and panting loudly. The base of the dildo must have been rubbing her too because she suddenly cried out she was cumming in my ass, which I figured was a pretty stupid thing to say but at least she stopped.

I collapsed on the bed, my hand still between my legs. She lay beside me, rolled me against her, lifted my leg and guided her forever-hard cock into my pussy. I couldn’t help myself, with her laying behind me like that, her hands sliding over my body, I slowly rocked up and down until I came, softly, whimpering in almost pain and pleasure.

Ms. Langford held me then, cooing and whispering to me. When I almost fell asleep she shook me awake and led me to the shower where I stood numbly while she washed me. I was a zombie when she towel dried me and helped me get dressed. Oh, we kissed, I touched her but I was exhausted. A hard game on the field and a hard game in her bed. She had to wake me when she pulled onto our street and left me on our doorstep. I skipped supper and went straight to bed. Dad asked me questions later and he seemed to guess something was up but I told him I was just tired from playing and studying.

God, how was I going to look at either of them tomorrow at school?

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