tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeaching Kate a Lesson

Teaching Kate a Lesson


Ramsay Noble had been unemployed for some months until recent times when he found a job at a high school as a gardener. He had no experience, but surprised that any employer would be interested in his land scaping ideas, he immediately began spending time researching the library and the internet as well as wandering around landscaping supplies to generate ideas to justify his job description.

He enjoyed his own company and preferred to work alone with his tasks and his thoughts as reliable company. He began his work by tidying up around the gardens alongside the entry paths leading up to the admin building, pulling weeds and planting flowers, honeysuckle, lavender and roses, chosen for their colours and scents.

Pulling weeds around the building, while he was preparing fertiliser and removing worn and broken barriers outside the staff room, he overheard one of the new teachers boasting about her results she attained during her course and the reports she received from her tutors and the supervising teachers during her practicums. Her own assessment of herself seemed to be that of a brilliant student and outstanding teacher. Ramsay thought self-praise was always suspicious.

The new teacher dominating conversation in her loud voice told her colleagues she had never dated anyone without a university degree as they were all far too dumb to be wasting her time. Ramsay didn't like her from that moment. He filed that morsel of evidence away in his memory with a resolve that he would find a way to have her begging for him on his terms.

He looked in the staff room window and saw the woman with the loudest voice with the authoritative tone and found her to be a red head with a very healthy looking 167 centimetre (5 feet 6 inch) body. As she walked toward the door, he noticed she had a walk that emphasised her firm buttocks. Ramsay thought spanking them would be the culmination of a good day in the garden.

For the next few weeks he watched her in the schoolyard and at the bus stop doing out-of-class duty and as he was always maintaining the grounds until five pm, he was able to watch her ride home on her pushbike. A very nasty yappy little fox terrier would snap at her, trying to squeeze through the wrought iron of the decorative gate at the front of a house a few houses past the school. After a few days it was clear the dog would escape at some time, and the little bundle of fury would take a piece of her leg, if not her clothes.

One morning, Ramsay had brought his camera to work and after working in the grounds unobtrusively all day, he disappeared from his garden and had locked the shed and found a vantage point across the street from the gate and waited for Kate to appear. He filmed her as she approached the house, and sure enough, the angry little terrier squeezed himself through the gate and chased Kate along the road. She out sprinted him, but was clearly shaken by the fight or flight situation she found herself in.

Next day, in the staff room, one of her fellow teachers suggested she walk past the house next night and carry a weapon with her to protect herself. Still with his camera, Ramsay hid and began filming as Kate approached. Wearing jeans and a men's shirt, but with her long red hair flowing, Kate was holding the bike with one hand and the stick Ramsay had left near her bike in the other hand.

As the dog squeezed through the bars of the gate, Kate dropped her bike and began swinging the stick at the dog. He was caught a stinging blow on his back leg and he yelped, but was not ready to abandon the attack. Swinging wildly, she missed a few times before she caught him full across the face. This time he yelped again and Kate sensing victory was determined to teach the dog it would hurt him to threaten her again. She chased the limping dog back to the gate and caught it a few sharp blows on his back legs as it frantically squeezed itself back through the decorative wrought iron upright bars of the gate. To reinforce her message to the dog, she rattled the stick along the gate and the terrier went scurrying around to the back of the house to lick its wounds. Ramsay kept the video running and filmed kate, catching her face and flowing red hair clearly as she rode past him.

When Ramsay returned home, he played the footage of the film he had recorded and spent the next hour enhancing the sound. Using an editing software package he had downloaded from the internet, he freeze framed some pictures as Kate swung the stick at the terrier, editing out pictures from still images. He printed three of the pictures and composed a note for her consideration.

He waited two weeks, so some of the detail would slip from her memory. After school one night, left an incriminating envelope where she would find it.

Next morning, she found a blank envelope unsealed in her pigeon hole, and he watched her reaction. She opened it and read it. In shock, she hid the envelope with its contents in her large purse and red-faced, rushed to her class room. She read the note again, 'There are more pictures and a very clear DVD where these came from, but don't worry. Some of your secrets are safe for the moment. Do as you're told and they might stay that way.'

She began to drive her car to school after that note appeared, as she did not want anyone following her home from school. She also kept a watch on her pigeonhole to see who might be leaving notes there, but after a week, she gradually became less and less vigilant as there were no more notes or anonymous messages.

He left her in suspense for a few days, then when she thought whoever had left the note and incriminating pictures must have forgotten his threat, she received another note, this time, left attached under the windscreen wiper of her car.

The first instruction she received was purely to test her obedience. It read, 'Donna Edwards will hand in her homework and you will mark her work with glowing praise and give her a top score for her work, regardless of it's quality. You will give it to her at the beginning of class on Friday morning at 10.45. I am everywhere, so don't think you can evade your obligations.' He signed off the note referring to himself as 'The Wounded Terrier,' an unsubtle reminder, warning her that the evidence was ready to be put to use if she did not comply.

She thought, 'This demand was very clever and creative and although unaware of what else the fiendishly cunning adversary would demand, at least she was safe for a few days. And who knows? Giving Donna Edwards some encouragement might just bring out the best in the disruptive little bitch.'

She was ever alert to try and find out who was blackmailing her, but had no clue. She examined the photographs that were taken the day she had the altercation with the dog to try and identify where the video was filmed, but she couldn't figure out who it might be or even what their purpose might be. She was alert to who was present when Donna reacted with a high-pitched squeal to her surprisingly high grade on having her work returned. Once again, Ramsay was working nearby but out of Kate's line of vision, and she remained totally unaware.

Two days later, She received another note, left in her letterbox at home. It read 'So far, So good. What pleases me more than anything, is obedience. Next, you will wear a short skirt to school on Friday and when you go to your car to go home, you will not be wearing nickers. You will drop your keys on the ground and bend over to pick them up with your back to the rear of the car. Remain bent over for three seconds. I want to see everything. You will REVERSE your car into its usual space This will be your chance to see who I am, but you will NOT LOOK BACK. Remember how attached I am to obedience.'

This time he signed 'T. W. Terrier', which would remind her of the pictures he held that she thought would go viral if he decided to post his video on You Tube.

She read the instructions over twice more and began wondering if the perpetrator was someone who would be at school on Friday but no other days. Then she thought it might be a ruse to deceive her. She eventually thought better of spending time on these confusing puzzles she was creating for herself that were getting her nowhere. So far she had not been asked to do very much, but she had to find a way to stop it progressing before it got out of hand, First she would have to find out was blackmailing her.

Friday morning she had to try and teach the little monsters while she had this threat hanging over her and she wondered how she might get through the day.

That morning Kate dressed in a loose pullover with a skirt that went just below her knees. She knew it would be too long for 'Terrier's purposes, but she would make suitable adjustments to her clothes after school. She would remain until her car was the last one in the staff car park, so nobody else would see her and she might even identify her tormentor if she was lucky.

Throughout the day when the demands of her students had lessened, she would find her thoughts pre-occupied with dread, anticipating the task she had after school in the car park. She found her self flushing and even swooning slightly at the thought of displaying herself to some unseen stranger. She wondered if she could follow his or her instructions at all, but she always knew she had no choice.

After school she went to the bathroom to check her appearance and to remove her nickers and shorten her skirt, hitching it up 20 centimetres above her knees. As hard it was to follow the demands made to her, she would not want to give 'Terrier' the chance to say she had not complied with his or her instructions and be made to do it again. Finally she went out to undertake the task that was demanded of her.

Ramsay had set his camera up with the lens revealing the rear of Kate's car including the registration plate and had it ready to start recording her approach to her car. The timing was set to go for two minutes although Ramsay figured one minute would be sufficient to record her approach, accidentally drop her keys and reveal everything usually concealed by her nickers, and get into her car and drive away. Working around behind the 'Staff Parking' sign, he waited ready to press the 'record' button on the remote control he had for the camera.

Kate looked around as she approached the car to see if anyone could see her and though there was another car parked in the car-park, no-one appeared to be in it and as far as she could see, there was nobody in sight behind the car, apart from two guys in the distance talking to one another and apparently taking no interest in her. She wondered if one of them was her tormentor but dismissed the notion as they were too far away.

She found herself becoming excited at the idea of exhibiting herself, particularly if she could convincingly make it look 'accidental'. That turned out to be no problem. She was so excited she dropped her keys twice and the cell phone once, displaying herself twice more than her instructions demanded before she clumsily unlocked her old car. The third time, she remained bent over for an interminably long time, looking back between her legs for anyone in her line of sight who might be able to see her. She even ran her hands slowly from her ankles to the top of her buttocks to try and tempt her watcher out into the open, but also because she began to become turned on by her exhibition.

She eventually opened the door, got in and started the car and prepared to leave, but was too excited to drive. She moved the car to another space in the car park and the excitement of this semi-public exhibition had aroused her to the point where she had to relieve herself. She inserted two fingers of her left hand into her vagina and made circular motions with the tip of her right index finger over her drenched clitoris for thirty seconds before her climax hit her.

She rested for another minute breathing heavily, regaining control of her-self, then drove away. She was far too pre-occupied with masturbating, and she did not notice Ramsay watching her.

As she disappeared into the traffic, Ramsay retrieved the camera and reviewed the two-minute video. He went home and transferred the two minutes video time to his computer and burnt the video to a printable CD. Then he filed and printed some still shots of Kate revealing her vagina, including one of her looking backwards between her legs together with her car registration ending with the car driving out of it's parking space, which further indicated her ownership of the car and revealed her identity at the same time.

Her weekend was spent wondering what she would be asked to do next. She was not sure she had been seen, but hoped that whatever happened, it would soon all be over. But she also knew she could never rest until she could meet her tormentor, or live with the consequences of the video, of her conflict with the terrier, was made public. In any event, she could not imagine this would continue too long without his identity being revealed.

She went to school on the following Monday morning and found no messages left for her, but she knew very well that she could not get her hopes up.

Printed on the back of his next message was a picture of Kate bending over with her hands on her buttocks, looking back between her legs with the car door open and the registration plate clearly visible.

Ramsay wrote her another message.

'Well done Kate. You really are a genuine red head. You have such a nice pair of legs too. Next job will be to sit ON your desk and read a book with your KNEES APART. The cleaner will arrive at about 3.45 and spend a few minutes cleaning the classroom. Remember, knees apart, and don't move until the cleaner leaves. Oh! I almost forgot. NICKERS OFF please. You are NOT to look at the cleaner at any time. Just keep reading your book and play with yourself while the cleaner is in a position to see between your legs. The cleaner must be able to see EVERYTHING. There's a good girl. This will take place after school on Friday. I know you will be a good girl and do as you're told. I hope you like the picture. It was taken from a video I have. Terrier x

On Wednesday afternoon as she was getting ready to go home, she found the note in her purse. Ramsay had put it there while she was supervising a Phys Ed class. He attached it to her cell phone with clear glue that would peel off easily when detached. At the end of the school day, she would retrieve her purse and remove her car keys and cell phone and discover the message.

She pulled it off her phone and saw the picture and immediately went into mild shock. When she was half way through she burst into tears. Her despair soon turned into a rage and she gradually built a steely determination to get even with this malevolent bastard whoever it was.

By Friday her humiliation was complete and she felt helpless to get out of her predicament. At 3.40, she watched the last student leave her room and head for the bike rack, the bus stop or the car park where one of the parents were waiting to collect some of the students. At 3.45, Kate was sitting on her desk, writing in a folder she held on her knee. Her nickers were in her purse. She sat with her knees together on the desk and her feet hanging down, her indecision hovering between believable modesty and brazen exhibitionism.

The cleaner arrived at 3.48 and began cleaning the classroom picking up the papers left by the students. Kate looked at her as she arrived and noticed she was very pretty but looked like she was fighting to shed a couple of pounds of weight, mostly in her legs. But she thought she knew plenty of men would like to see HER undressed. She was sure of that.

Kate knew that 'Terrier' would know everything that went on in the classroom while the cleaner was present. She knew she had no choice but to comply with his directive. She lifted her feet to the desk and tried to absent-mindedly run her finger up and down the length of her nether lips.

To her surprise she found them to be wet and realised she was becoming extremely turned on by this situation. The cleaner switched on the vacuum cleaner and spent more time than necessary cleaning in the position where she could see Kate playing with herself. She didn't seem to be watching, at least not when Kate looked up

Kate wanted this to end, but the more she played with herself, the more aroused she became. Eventually she could feel her climax approach. She inadvertently squeezed her legs together and let out a loud cry as her twitching cunt betrayed her orgasm to the astonished cleaner.

She swivelled off the desk, let her skirt fall and cover her vagina and left the room without a word.

Ramsay watched Kate drive away and went in search of the cleaner. He found her in the next room to where Kate had been.

He asked the cleaner, 'Excuse me, but did you see a red haired teacher around here this afternoon?'

'Yes. She was in that room when I was cleaning it.'

'What was she doing. I was supposed to meet her.' he asked

'Two things, she was writing in a folder and something else. You won't believe this but she was masturbating right in front of me,' the cleaner answered almost not believing the things she was saying.

'Stop lying. She would never do that.'

'If you don't believe me, I didn't wipe down her desk. Smell it and ask yourself what it reminds you of.'

'What did you do?' he asked the cleaner.

'I kept looking while I was cleaning. I couldn't take my eyes off her,' she answered.

'I suggest you keep this to yourself. It might not look good for you to be seen watching another woman in her private time. I'll see you around.'

Ramsay was satisfied Kate had kept her side of the bargain.

When Kate was driving home, she was embarrassed and ashamed, but she had to admit to herself that she was completely turned on by being made to exhibit herself in degrading ways. She knew she was being watched, but she was thankful that she had no choice, and the situation was bringing something in her to life that she knew very well, she would ever do of her own free will. She thought she would never be shy about her appearance ever again, now that she had played with herself in front of a stranger.

The weekend was a busy time for Kate. In her quieter moments, she dreaded, but also anticipated her next instruction from her blackmailer. Was she actually getting a taste for all of this outrageous behaviour?

She didn't have to wait long. When she was clearing the advertising mail from her letterbox, there was another note. He praised her for her compliance.

'Well done Kate. The cleaner was shocked but there won't be any complaints from her. For your next task somehow get the gardener to SPANK you. Your lack of response to our skilled tradesmen is common knowledge. That's not very nice. He's still working on the school grounds when the rest of the staff have gone home. No need to rush this one. I'll give you until next Friday. Do it soon. The quicker you do it, the better for you. Don't forget Kate. I'm the Terrier. You are my little Bitch.'

He signed it 'T.W.T' for The Wounded Terrier, another nasty little reminder that she was in danger of exposure if she did not comply.

As usual, she read it over twice more and sat down to think. She was immediately angry that she was being coerced into giving her body to someone not of her choice, and was determined to seek vengeance on this monster who had assumed control over her life. But she also had to admit she had never felt this alive in her entire life. Perhaps this bastard was making her life far more interesting than it could ever be.

She began to wonder who it might be. Could it actually be the gardener? What was his name? Was it a man or could it be a woman? If it was the gardener, it was a devilishly clever plan, but to Kate it was very unlikely. A common gardener wouldn't have the brains to pull off such a caper like this. Still, it might be fun to mess with the gardener's head while she's having a bit of fun, and in any event, what choice did she have?

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