Teaching Sophie


"Where've you been, Brov? You're already a pint and a half behind." He lifted up his glass and drained it. "Make that, two pints behind. Get 'em in, I'll find us a table."

I ordered drinks and food for us and then joined him.

"Cheers, Brov," he said as I handed him his beer.

We talked until the food arrived then ate in silence. Harry always ate in silence. He claimed it was good manners. I thought it was because he stuffed so much food in his mouth it was impossible for him to speak. He finished eating first and fetched us more drinks to wash down the meal.

"Tell me about this girl. Why is she giving you free club tickets?"

"She says it's as a thank you for helping her with her A levels."

"A likely story. She must have a crush on you."

"Don't be stupid, Harry."

"You're right. Stupid idea. How could anyone have a crush on you?"

After a couple more rounds, we called a taxi and went to the club. By the time we got there, a long queue had formed outside. It took over ten minutes, shivering in the cool night air, before Harry and I got to the door. I presented the tickets Sophie had given me, and the two of us were waved in. The Dome was huge, and there were so many people crammed into it that I would have no chance of locating Sophie. I shrugged and resigned myself to a night of watching my brother drool over countless girls, and no doubt succeed in taking one of them home.

"It's your round." Harry said. Every round so far had been my round.

I headed for the bar to get the drinks. My lack of cash and the extortionate cost of two bottled beers forced me to open a tab on my credit card. While the barman was setting that up, a familiar voice behind me said, 'I'll have a Bailey's please, James."

I turned around. "Oh you will, will you?"

"Yes, please. After all, it's a celebration."

She looked stunning. As always, her hair was in a ponytail, but she had some spray on it that made it sparkle. She wore just enough make-up to enhance her features; her lips, cheeks and eyes. She was wearing a classic little black dress; short with a low back and halter neck. She caught me admiring it.

"Like the outfit?" She held her arms out and spun around.

"It's certainly not what I'm used to seeing you in."

"Is that a yes?" It was that smile again. That oh-so-hard-to-say-no-to smile.

"Yes, Sophie. It's a lovely dress."

"And the shoes?" She stood on one leg and waggled her foot. They were indeed nice shoes. I lifted my eyes up her body admiring her legs on the way.

The barman brought Sophie's drink and we left the bar. Sophie looked at the two bottles in my hands.

"I hope you're not planning to get too pissed. I expect a dance later and I don't want to have to hold you up."

"This one's for Harry. He's over there."

"Introduce me then," she said.

I took her over and did as she asked. Harry seemed very pleased to meet her. Sophie insisted that we join her at her table. She went on ahead to make space for us.

"Is that the one, Brov? Man, she is smoking."

"That's her."

"I don't know how you've managed it, being alone with her all this time. I'd have jumped on her by now."

"That's because you're an uncontrollable thug. Besides, I enjoyed working with her, and if I'd tried anything, she would have wanted a different tutor."

"Aw, Brov. You need your head looking at. She is hot. I don't know why you don't just go for it."

"The word is 'ethics.' I'll lend you a dictionary if you like so you can look it up."

"Fucking ethics? Too bad, Brov. Still, your ethics don't affect me, do they?"

"Harry, you go near her and I swear - I'll kill you."

"I'd like to see you try."

It was a good night. We drank Champagne, danced, and I chatted with some of Sophie's friends. Sophie never stopped dancing. I have no idea where she got the energy. The music's beat was rapid, and I could only last for a couple of tracks at a time. Each time I forced my way on to the packed dance floor, Sophie pushed everyone out of the way, and came running over to hug me. When I left to recuperate, she tried to hold me back. A little after midnight, I was sitting at the table trying to get the last few drops out of the last Champagne bottle. My credit card was feeling the pressure. Sophie's best friend, Andrea, flopped down next to me.

"It's empty," she said.

"So's my wallet."

"Well, I've got some cash left. I'll buy on one condition."

"What's that?"

"For god's sake, just get it over with and kiss Sophie."


"She's hot for you. Surely you've noticed. Your brother has. He's a good kisser by the way."

"What?" My brain couldn't cope.

"At school, right, Sophie talks about nothing but you. It's James this and James that. She thinks the world of you. I wish the two of you would just fuck and get it over with."


"Oh, I give up." She got and bounced back to the dance floor.

I wasn't alone for long. Sophie took Andrea's seat next to me. I was suddenly wide awake.



"I wanted to say thanks for asking me tonight. I've had a really good time."

"Thanks for coming. I'm just glad I've finally got you out of the house, and away from those books."

We looked at each other. Her eyes were sparkling and she looked prettier than ever. She smiled at me and if it was possible, her eyes lit up even more.

She gently placed her hands on my face and pulled me to her. She planted a delicate kiss on my lips. She tasted so sweet. I allowed the kiss to linger and savoured her taste. Then I realised what I was doing. I pulled away.

"Sophie, I can't do this. We can't do this."

"Why not, James. I'm a big girl. I can do what I want."

"It's not right. I'm your teacher."

"No, you're not. Not really."

"What would you call it then? You pay me to help you learn. You might not be at my school, but you're still my student."

"James, I want this so much. I always have."

"I can't Sophie. It's not ethical."

"Yes, you can. I know you want this as much as I do."

She reached up to my face and we kissed again, this time with more passion. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and almost immediately, she began to suck it. We kissed for well over a minute before she pulled away.

"I've wanted this for so long," she said with a sigh.

I smiled at her. She glanced at her watch. "Mummy thinks I'm staying at Andrea's tonight. This place closes soon. Let's go now before the crush starts."

"Go? Where?"

"Your place?" She sounded less sure of herself than usual.

"Okay. We'll go back to my place. But no promises, okay."

We got a taxi back to my house. The whole journey we kissed and caressed. My hands roamed over her body, up her back, along her perfect thighs. Sophie had equally busy hands. She searched my mouth with her tongue and she had her hands in my hair or on my back. She even opened two of the buttons of my shirt and ran her fingers through my thin chest hair.

Back at my place, we were no sooner through the door than Sophie pushed me back against it and once again explored my mouth with her tongue. I returned the favour, before gently pushing her away from me so I could offer her a drink. I took her hand and walked towards the kitchen, but she stood her ground.

"Where are you going?"

"The kitchen, I was going to make some coffee."

Her eyes told me what she thought of that idea. She nodded in the direction of the stairs and smiled. I smiled back and nodded my agreement. I let go of her hand and she walked slowly up the stairs. I watched for a while, now unashamedly admiring the gentle swing of her hips. She reached the top and turned to look at me.

"Hurry up with that coffee. I'll be waiting for you."

She disappeared into the bathroom, and I hurried into the kitchen. I was nervous as hell as I made the coffee. My emotions were all over the place. Upstairs, waiting for me, was a sexy, willing, eighteen-year-old. Every man's dream. But at the back of my mind was the nagging thought; Teachers shouldn't do this with their students.

She called down the stairs to me, "James? I'll be in the bedroom. Okay?"

What the hell! She wanted me, I wanted her, and to hell with the consequences.

I poured the coffee and took it upstairs to the bedroom. I stopped dead in my tracks. Sophie was lying on her side on the bed. She had taken her hair out of its ponytail, and it flowed down around her face. She rolled onto her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows, her legs bent at the knees and her feet in the air. From this position, I could see right down her dress. A phenomenal sight. Any doubts I'd had disappeared.

I put the coffee down on the bedside table and sat facing her on the bed. She pushed herself upright, her legs underneath her, and draped an arm around my neck. "I've been in love with you for such a long time. Almost from the first time we met."

She placed her lips against mine. I responded and wrapped my arm around her, my hand on her back. Clearly, she was in no mood to waste time, and guided my hand to her breast. I felt it through her dress and squeezed gently. Her breathing deepened and she moaned into my kiss.

She moved her hands from around my neck and set to work on my shirt buttons. One by one, she undid them. I was wearing my shirt outside of trousers, so when she had opened the last button, she had no problem slipping it off my shoulders She pulled back to look at me. Then she bent her head and licked my nipples, sending shivers down my spine.

She stopped all too suddenly, scuttled over to the other side of the bed and jumped up. She stood still, looking exquisite in that little black dress. She smiled that smile again. Then reached up to the halter-neck clasp and undid it. She brought down the straps but held her dress up.

I could see now the answer to a question I'd had all night. Was she wearing a bra? Yes. I could see the silky black halter-neck but nothing more.

"This is Gucci. It was a birthday present. I'd hate to leave it on the floor."

I jumped from the bed and fished a coat hanger from the wardrobe. I handed it to her and she placed it on the bed. Then she slipped the dress down and stepped out of it. She looked fantastic

in a delightful black mesh bra and matching panties. Her bra was stretched to breaking point by those fabulous breasts and I could see her nipples through it. The black material contrasted with the creamy whiteness of her flesh. Her skin looked smooth and her stomach as flat and firm as a board.

She arranged her dress on the hanger then turned her back on me and walked over to the wardrobe to hang it up. This gave me a heavenly view of her backside. From the back, it looked as if she was not wearing anything, the thong disappearing between the cheeks of her arse. From the front, I could see her thin, wispy pubic hair through the black mesh material.

She sat back down next to me, smiled and draped her arm around my neck. We kissed again. I went straight for her tits, caressing them through her bra. I tried to avoid her nipples, gently brushing them occasionally, teasing her. She gasped each time I did, and I could feel the nipple harden a little more. In time, I reached into her bra and scooped out her breasts. Then I attacked her buds, rubbing and squeezing them. She broke off the kiss. Her mouth was open and her eyes were wide. Her moans of pleasure were barely audible. She reached behind and unclasped her bra. I bent my neck and sucked one of those tiny buds into my mouth.

"Oh.... Oh, my god... Oh James, don't you dare stop. God, that feels so good."

She threw the bra onto the floor and put both hands on the back of my neck, pulling me to her tighter. I flicked one nipple with my tongue. I rubbed the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

"Oh yeah... Oh, that's nice... that's nice James... Oh my god, don't stop."

I pulled back from her, fighting against hands that were desperate to keep me there.

"No ..." she said, but all I wanted was to swap nipples. I alternated between nipples, sucking, flicking and rubbing. Eventually, I pulled away and sat up straight.

"Oh, James," she said. "I never... no-one ever... that was nice."

"There's more to come," I said. "Lie down."

She did as I said. I followed her, taking care not to put any of my weight on her. I kissed her mouth briefly then ran my tongue down her chin and neck, between the valley of her breasts, and on to her navel. I dipped my tongue into her belly button and swirled it around before continuing the journey south.

I was on my knees between her legs. I gripped her thong and pulled it down. Sophie lifted her hips to assist me. I smoothly pulled it past her knees and off. I tossed it on the floor with the bra. Then I ran my hands up her legs and parted them. She lay, her legs spread, waiting to see what I would do next.

She smiled at me. "Well?"

I lifted her right leg and kissed her knee. I lavished her with more tiny kisses until I reached the top of her thigh, and then did the same with other leg. I bent down and kissed her just above her neat patch of pubic hair. There was no doubt she was turned on; her scent flooded my nose.

I slid my hands around her waist then up her back, letting my thumbs trace the curve of her breasts. Her skin was soft and smooth. She held my head and gently pushed it downwards. It was obvious what she wanted and I was more than willing. I traced my tongue through her pubes and she moved her hands to caress my shoulders. Then she slid her fingers up and through my hair. I could feel her wetness against my face, and sense her muscles tighten. She was making soft animal sounds deep in her throat, and she gripped my hair tighter still.

I wanted to prolong it, but was unable to resist. I pushed my face into her, and let my tongue lap up through her slit until it flicked across her clit. She gasped. I moved my hands to cup her buttocks and pull her to me then dipped my tongue inside her and lapped upward. She arched her back and rocked her hips. I settled into a rhythmic lapping, up her slit and across her clit. She pressed my face hard against her, and she thrust back against me.

She made a short, harsh panting sound that grew in intensity until I was worried she might wake the neighbours. Then she squealed. A high-pitched squeal. Her body tensed for several seconds then went limp.

Her hands fell at her sides. I lay between her legs, rested my head on her thigh and licked her slowly. I was in heaven, and very nearly fell asleep enjoying the closeness. Time seemed to stand still.

Sophie's breath slowly returned to normal, and she lifted her head up. "James... Oh James..."

I pulled myself up her body until my face was level with hers. I looked deep into her eyes, and she smiled back up at me. "Recovered?"

"I want you, James. I've always wanted you."

I still had my trousers and boxers on, and sat up on my knees so that I could undo my belt buckle. Sophie reached up to help. I let her get on with it. I knelt in front of her, her head level with my crotch. She finished with the buckle, and took great pleasure in whipping the belt from around my waist. She wore nothing but grin, and the gleeful expression of a child opening a present. She threw the belt on the floor, and attacked my trousers' button and fly. Neither lasted long. She reached inside, her hands going around to my buttocks, and forced my trousers down as far as they would go.

My boxers were all that stood between Sophie and her first glimpse of my cock. She grabbed my boxers by the waistband and pulled it away from my belly. She peeked inside before looking up at me with a smile. She tugged them down and over my cock. It sprang down and hit her on the nose as it was set free.

"Oh, hello." She was talking to my cock. "I've been waiting to meet you for a long time. How about a kiss?"

She leaned forward and kissed the tip. I swear I nearly came right then. She pulled my boxers down to my trousers, moved her hands back up and gripped my bum cheeks. Finally, after such a prolonged stripping, teasing me as much as I had teased her, she opened her mouth and engulfed my cock, sucking in as much as she could. I was just getting into the rhythm of Sophie's blowjob when she stopped and lay back down again.

"Make love to me."

I fumbled to get my clothes off. Sophie watched with the thighs parted invitingly. "Come on. I've waited long enough, don't you think?"

"Sophie, is this ..."

"I've been saving myself for you."

I smiled, took my cock in my hand and guided it towards her waiting pussy. Sophie reached down too, and together we rubbed my cock up and down her slit, covering the head with Sophie's ample lubrication.

"Now," she said.

She let go of my cock and put her hands around my waist, pulling me to her. I pushed forward, slipped easily into her. She was so wet, and she was pulling me toward her with such force, that I slid in all the way in one go. She held me there, enjoying the new sensations. She wiggled her hips as if she was trying me on for size. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open. She was beautiful. She finally released her grip on my waist, telling me she was ready for me to take over.

I pulled out slowly, stopping when only the head of my cock was inside her. There I waited for a moment before plunging back in. I repeated this several times, each one slightly quicker than the last. We settled into a rhythm, with Sophie meeting my every thrust. She moaned quietly, and as we moved to the beat of our own tune, her moans grew louder.

Ultimately, my own pleasure took over. I felt my orgasm building and increased the tempo until I was pounding Sophie with all I had. She seemed to like it. Her moans peaked in a silent scream, her body tensed, and she came for the second time that night.

She trembled beneath me and I could hold back no longer. With a low grunt I filled Sophie full of cum. Jet after jet of the creamy liquid flooded her pussy. I'm ashamed to say that for the first time that night I wondered if I should have been more prepared.

Our orgasms slowly subsided. We lay in each other's arms until I realised that I was nodding off and still had my contact lenses in. I got up reluctantly to take them out. When I returned to the bed, Sophie had sunk beneath the covers and was sleeping contentedly. I slipped into the bed and spooned up beside her. I draped my arm over her, and I fell fast asleep too.


The next morning I cooked Sophie breakfast then drove her home. She got me to pull up a couple of streets from her house.

"Last night I told you that no-one would find out. I think Mummy might get suspicious if you drop me outside the house."

"Point taken."

"I had a lovely time last night. Thank you."

"No. Thank you." I meant it.

She blushed. Before she left, I felt that I had to ask her about the risk we had taken. "Sophie, can I ask you something?"


"Last night, we didn't, I mean, I didn't..."

She stopped me mid sentence. "You're worried about not using a condom?"

I nodded.

"Well don't. I've been on the pill for almost three years. Doctor's orders."

"But what about..?"

"I know you haven't caught anything from me. You couldn't have, could you? When you think about it."

"But how do you know you haven't got anything from me?"

"I trust you. If you were worried about it, you wouldn't have done it."

This girl was amazing. She had more trust in me, than I had in myself. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, before saying goodbye and getting out of the car. I watched her walk away, and she turned and waved at me as she crossed the street. I waved back then drove home.

We saw each other several times over the next few weeks, and when school finished for the summer we saw each other nearly every day. We even got a cheap holiday in Ibiza from lastminute.com. Her parents found out before we went. They were bound to, weren't they? But surprisingly, they actually approved of our relationship.

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