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Teaching The Boy


I'm a boy.

Dunno why I am, guess I don't feel like I've crossed that line to man yet. I'm a little insecure, I guess. Sure, I'm a teenager. My balls have dropped long ago. Sure, I've fucked girls. I've done the stuff that make you a man. My dad paid for hookers for me when I was younger. He wanted me to be a man. I've fucked girls my age, too. Usually at parties when we're drunk. That's the only time I get the nerve. I'm kinda shy, too.

I've felt a girl's mouth on my dick. I've felt how good it feels inside a girl's wet pussy. I've cum up inside some girls. I like the way it feels.

But I get embarrassed when my cock gets hard on the beach, looking at all the topless girls. Sometimes they notice my hard dick and giggle at me. I hate that. I just run back to my room and masturbate. Sometimes three, four times a day. I do into the mirror. I like to watch, you know?

But I guess I'm a little insecure. I gotta different body than the other guys in school. I'm really skinny and they've all got muscles and stuff, you know? They don't make much fun of me, only a little bit cause I'm so skinny. Sometimes they laugh at my little boy's ass. That's what they call it. But they mostly make fun of the kids who have small cocks and my cock is pretty normal. At least I think it is. It hangs down, just like the other guys and I'm pretty sure it's bigger than theirs when it's hard. I like to touch my hard cock, you know? I like to look down past my flat tummy and see my hand on my cock. It makes me feel like a real man, kinda. Sometimes I rub my nipples, and even pinch them. I like that, too.

I get so horny on the beach in summertime. All those girls. I wish I could fuck them all but I never know what to say. I just sit there, hiding my hard cock under a towel and brushing my floppy, blonde boyish hair out of my eyes. My mum and dad always stay at the same hotel. It's called The Carlton in Cannes in France. We're there all summer and there are lots of girls all the time. I jack off a lot in my room.

My mum and dad let me do whatever I want. Mum is always by the pool, drinking too many martinis. She always giggles loud when all those men talk to her. She sounds like a little girl. My dad is always on business somewhere so I get to just hang out. We're pretty rich so I can do anything. But mostly I hang out. On the beach in front of the hotel. It's private, with waiters who come around. Pretty cool.

It gets kinda boring sometimes, hanging out. I don't get to talk to people too much. I'm too shy. Sometimes girls talk to me, but I get embarrassed. Sometimes grown ups talk to me, too. One German man said he liked my body and wanted to take some pictures of me. But he was kinda gross, with hair on his back and stuff. He showed me some pictures he took of other boys. Most were naked but they all had bodies like me. He kept bugging me, and the waiter finally told him to fuck off. He actually said, fuck off. Pretty cool. That waiter is Marco. He's cool. We look at the girls together. He likes girls. He always looks at the young ones but whenever I see him in the evenings, he's always with some older lady. I mean, not the same one, a different one all the time, you know?

Ladies like my mum, lotsa jewellery, really suntanned, drinking too much. They like Marco, I guess. He's pretty cool. He's a man, I guess. He's got a nice body with muscles and stuff. Kinda handsome. And he's pretty confident. He knows what to say to the ladies. Maybe I'll be like him someday.

In the evenings I just sorta hang around in the hotel. I sit around in the bar and watch people. I'm getting better at drinking now but I only like white wine. Mum and Dad don't care. I just sorta sit there at the bar and brush my hair outta my eyes and look around. The bartenders are nice. I always tip them big when I sign the bar bills. It's my dad's money, so who cares.

Sometimes a really nice lady is in the bar, really pretty and with a short skirt or something and I have to go into the bathroom and jack off. I get lotsa pictures in my head. Pictures about fucking and stuff, you know?

Usually I get kinda tipsy and go up to my room and watch pornos on the hotel channels and jack off again. 24 hour porno is pretty cool. I jack off to porno when I wake up, too.

But last night I was just sorta hanging out in the bar. It's a pretty fancy place. Lotsa rich people. Then I saw this lady come in. Holy shit. She was really pretty. She seemed pretty old, about 40 or something. But she had a body like a girl. Really skinny but her tits were big. I liked her legs, they were long. And her hair was brown and curly. My cock got pretty hard. I crossed my legs in a hurry. She walked past me and I could smell her perfume and it made my cock harder. She was wearing a black dress, the kind ladies wear in the evenings. It was short and I could see her thighs. She stood beside me at the bar and ordered a drink. She winked at me and I turned bright red. I really had to go to the bathroom and jack off. She reached past me to grab a box of matches on the bar and I felt her big breasts against my arm. I felt her nipple, too. It was hard. I tried to sneak a look at her tits. Both nipples were hard and sticking out against the fabric. They weren't hard a minute ago, I would have noticed. She wasn't wearing a bra. Hardly any women do in Europe, but her tits looked nice. I got really red when she caught me looking. She looked down and saw her nipples were hard and just smiled at me and lit a cigarette.

Fuck. My cock was harder than ever now. I kinda wanted her to go away so I could go and jack off but I kinda wanted her to stay there so I could smell her perfume.

"Where are your parents?"

I liked her voice. She had an Italian accent. But I got even redder in my face. And I tried to squeeze my legs together and pushed my hands on my dick to try and make it disappear.


"They let you sit in the bar?"

I shrugged. "They don't care."

She looked like she kinda felt sorry for me. She brushed my floppy hair out of my eyes. "Such a lovely boy".

See? She called me a boy. I don't know why. I smiled a little. Mostly because I liked her touching me.

I got embarrassed when I saw her look down in my lap. She looked for a long time, with a kinda crooked smile on her face. Then she looked up at me. It was hard to look her in the eye. I was too shy.

She stuck out her hand. "My name is Claudia".

Shit. I would have to shake her hand. My cock felt so big. Especially since I was pretty sure she noticed it.

I shook her hand quickly but she held it tight. Her eyes looked down at my lap. I was pretty sure I couldn't cover up my erection with only one hand. She smiled that crooked smile again.

"Don't you have a name?"

"Uh... Luc"

"Hello, Luc. A pleasure to meet you." Then she let go of my hand.

"I suspect it must be pretty dangerous for all these horny rich ladies in here - with such a handsome boy in the bar..."

Her voice was kinda throaty or something. Really sexy. It was hard to concentrate on answering. I just wanted to jack off.

"Uh... nah... they never notice me... I just kinda watch people, you know?"

"I'm sure they notice you."

"Nah... I'm just a boy."

She just sorta stared at me and smiled. She brushed my hair out of my eyes again. I felt her nipple on my arm. It was like she was pushing her breast against me. But I guess that was my imagination.

"A lovely boy."

Then she looked over at the door at someone. She smiled really big and her teeth kinda sparkled like her diamond necklace and earrings.

"Ciao, Marco!"

I turned my head and saw my waiter, Marco, coming over. I could of figured he was gonna meet Claudia. He liked the older ladies.

"Ciao, Claudia." He kissed her on both cheeks. He was wearing a silk shirt which was open pretty far down so you could see the hair on his chest. I kinda wished I had hair on mine.

He smiled at me and put his arm around me, whispering loud in my ear.

"You trying to steal all the beautiful woman, my friend?" I could smell his cologne. It smelled really nice.

"Nah... we were just... uh... talking, you know?"

"You're a little Romeo, you are. Claudia, you should see him on the beach. Always looking."

"I'll bet..."

She kissed me on the cheek. I almost came in my pants. Even though it was a little peck.

"Ciao, Luc..."

"See you later, Luc", said Marco and he put his arm around Claudia and led her away to a corner table. She flipped her hair back in that way women do. Really sexy and self-confident. I watched them go. She had a great ass and I couldn't see any panty lines. Marco's ass was pretty round and muscular. Not like my little boy's ass. Maybe I'd be like him one day.

Before they turned around, I slid off the bar stool and hurried out to the bathrooms. I had to hold my hard cock through my pocket to keep it from sticking out. I found a stall and couldn't unbutton my trousers quick enough. I jacked off really hard. I thought about Claudia's tits against my arm. My hand was a blur and I came pretty fast, aiming my cock into the toilet bowl. It felt good and I came a lot. Lots of whitish cum. I was horny. When I was done, I was still horny as I wiped my fingers clean of cum. I kinda thought about licking them but that felt weird. I never thought about that before. But the thought made me horny. But I just wiped them off and wiped my dick, too.

I sat on the barstool again and drank another martini. Shit, I could feel my cock was still half-erect and I was afraid it would get hard again. I thought about jacking off again but thought I'd better wait.

I could see Claudia and Marco in the mirror, sitting at a corner table. It was dark over there and I could only see their faces. They were flirting a lot and she was giggling at the stuff he said. I couldn't hear, but Marco always knew what to say. They were leaning really close and Marco sort of kissed her lightly and kissed her neck and ear. It looked pretty sexy. Claudia liked it. I could tell. My dick tingled and started to get hard again. I definitely should go out and jack off again. But I liked to watch them.

Then I saw Claudia looking at me in the mirror. I wasn't sure it was me so I looked over at her and sure enough, it was me. She smiled. She was so pretty when she smiled. Then she started to say something into his ear. I could see her hand and from where I was sitting, it looked like it was right on his lap. She was rubbing him there. Marco looked up at me as Claudia whispered to him. He looked pretty serious at first but then smiled as she kept talking. They were both looking at me and smiling and talking about me, I was pretty sure.

That made me blush and feel strange. Kinda insecure, you know? I looked away and tried to look at them in the mirror but not let them see I was looking.

Her hand kept rubbing his crotch as she talked. She flicked his ear with her tongue. She had a long tongue. Finally they both stood up and headed over to me. I could see Marco had a hard on in his tight trousers. He didn't even try to cover it up. My cock was really hard again and it was embarrassing. Marco was cool.

They both came up and stood next to me.

"Hi, Luc", said Marco. They were both smiling.

"Uh, hi..."

"Claudia here really likes you".


"Yes, you. She's pretty sexy, no?"

"Dunno." I was really shy now. Claudia leaned over.

"Don't you think I'm sexy, Luc?" She put her hand on my thigh and I almost came. Again. She moved closer.

"Uh... yeah. I guess..."

"You guess? Marco thinks I'm pretty sexy. See?" Her hand went down to his crotch. I didn't really want to look but I kinda had to. She stroked his cock through his tight black trousers. He sorta thrust out his hips. His cock looked really big, a lot bigger than mine.

"Uh... yeah..." I looked away again.

Marco moved closer so that they were both leaning against me. He whispered in my ear.

"Claudia is very sexy and you know it. You want to see her naked? She wants me to fuck her in her room and she wants to know if you want to watch me fuck her. Would you like to?"

"Uh.... dunno... uh... kinda..."

"Kinda? I think you do. It's better than jerking off watching porno, isn't it?"

I laughed a little. "Yeah..."

"Does she make you horny?" Marco took my hands from crotch and Claudia reached down and put her hand on my hard dick. She rubbed it up and down. If I hadn't just jacked off, I would've cum. I swear.

"Mmm. I think I make him horny. His little boydick is hard. I think he wants to watch."

I had to make a decision quick. If I didn't they may change their minds. It was a crazy thing to do. Kinda weird, you know? But I kept seeing Marco's round ass and his big dick fucking Claudia, just like in the pornos but different. Better.


"Let's go."

They both led me out of the bar without another word. I had one hand in my pants to hold my dick down. It was so hard it hurt. I was breathing hard and thought I'd pass out.

In the elevator they didn't say anything. They just looked at me as Marco lifted up Claudia's skirt. I wanted to look away but couldn't. She spread her legs so I could see everything. She wasn't wearing any panties and I saw her pussy. She shaved all her hair away except a bit at the top. It looked so smooth and I could see she was wet down there. They didn't do anything. They just let me look.

We got out of the elevator and went to her room. His hand was under her skirt, feeling her ass. She moaned.

Her room was a suite with three different rooms but they led me direct to the bedroom. No fooling around.

Marco took me by the shoulders and sat me on a chair at the end of the bed. Claudia sat in front of me and shook her hair in that way I liked. She lifted up her skirt and spread her legs again.

"You like, little boy?"

I nodded. Both my hands were pushing my dick down in my lap. She started rubbing herself on her pussy with both hands. Her fingers were soon really wet. Marco knelt down beside me and spoke into my ear.

"She's sexy isn't she?"


"What do you see? Tell me what you see."

"Um... I see her pussy...?"

"Cunt. You see her cunt. Say it. She likes that word."

"I see her cunt..."

Claudia moaned and rubbed herself faster, staring me in the eye.

"What's it like, her cunt?"

"Her cunt is wet. It's... uh... pink and wet..."

"She likes getting fucked in her cunt. She likes a cock in her cunt. Don't you Claudia?"

She just moaned and squealed.

"You want to see my cock in her cunt?"

"Yeah..." I started squeezing my dick through my pants.

"I want the boy naked.... I want the little boy naked when he watches." That was Claudia who said that.

"Your wish is my command, milady.", said Marco, standing up. "Stand up, boy"

I stood up but me legs were kind of shaky. Marco helped me get undressed. He lifted my polo shirt over my head and threw it on the floor. It was kinda weird when he reached down and started unbuckling the belt and undoing my khakis. I kinda didn't want to move my hands but he moved them for me and pulled my pants down to my ankles. He knelt down and hooked his thumbs in the elastic of my underwear. I was really self-conscious now. Really embarrassed. A wet spot was visible on the front of my underpants. Claudia was watching all this with really crazy eyes. She rubbed herself hard now.

Marco slid them over my hard-on and down my legs. My dick flopped out and I tried to cover it with my hands but he took them gently and put them at my sides. He took off my shoes and socks and helped me step out of my trousers and underpants.

I stood naked in front of them and they both stared at my body. I had never stood naked in front of anyone before. It was strange but I had a nice feeling all over.

"Perfect. Perfect. Perfect", mumbled Claudia. "A perfect little boy's body. A perfect little boydick."

Marco smiled and winked at me and started to unbutton his shirt.

"No!", interrupted Claudia. "Let the boy do it. Let the boy..."

Marco shrugged and nodded to me, encouraging me.

I didn't know where to start. My hands were shaking and my legs were weak. He took my hands and raised them to his chest. I understood. I started unbuttoning his silk shirt. I could see his hairy chest and then his stomach. He had those six muscles on his stomach. He was really fit and tanned. I envied his body and wished I could look as handsome as he did.

I slid his shirt off and let it fall to the ground. Hesitantly, I unbuckled his belt and then his trousers. They were tight. My hand brushed against his cock in his pants and I blushed. Again. All the blood in my body was in my cock and in my face.

I unzipped him. He wasn't wearing any underwear. I saw his thick, black curly hair above his dick and on his stomach. He had lots more hair than me down there. His pants were too tight to just pull down. It might hurt his cock, I thought. I looked up at him and over at Claudia, unsure of what to do.

"Take his cockmeat out, boy. Go on."

That Claudia looked different. Her eyes were glazed as she watched and her hand was a blur on her pussy... I mean... on her cunt.

I gingerly reached into Marco's trousers and took hold of his cock. It jumped against my fingers. Like I said, I thought my cock was pretty big compared to the boy's in the locker room but his was huge. It was almost scary. It was like out of one of those pornos. When I freed it from his trousers it shot out towards me, almost poking me in the face. Marco stood there, watching me, hands on his hips. I could tell he was proud of his cock. No kidding.

Trying to avoid his cock - which was difficult - I reached around and pulled his trousers down over his round, firm ass. I undid his shoes on my knees and helped him out of them, then the trousers.

I stood up. Unsure what to do next.

Claudia just stared at us both, mostly at our bodies and our cocks.

"Mmm, boycock and mancock.... Undress me. Both of you." She stood up.

I had gotten the hang of it now. Even though my boycock, as she called it, was throbbing and hurting, Marco and I unzipped her dress and it fell to the ground. I kneeled down again and took off her shoes. It all didn't take long, with no panties or bra, you know? Really quick. When I looked up I saw her cunt and Marco's cock really close together. He was kissing her passionately. I watched for a minute until she noticed me.

"Stand up, boy. Sit on the bed."

I crawled up onto the bed. My cock bounced against the sheets, sending a jolt through my body. My ass wiggled as I crawled.

"Lovely little boy ass" said Claudia as she watched me.

"Could be a little girl's ass, too", added Marco.

I didn't know what he meant but it sounded kinda nice. I didn't know why. Claudia instructed me to sit cross-legged. I listened to her. She was so beautiful, I thought I'd do anything she said. I don't know what love felt like, but this must close. Marco smiled at me. Kinda like he was proud of me but kinda of in a different way, too. I smiled back. I liked Marco, too. He was so handsome and kinda sexy, too, you know? It's hard to explain.

"See that boycock. So hard. Are you hard for me, baby boy?"

I nodded. I looked down her body. Her red lipstick, her big, swaying breasts, her curvy hips and her red slit - redder than before, probably 'cause she rubbed it so hard - and her long lovely legs. Then I looked over at Marco's cock. Claudia was stroking it with one hand. I really couldn't believe how big it was.

"I think the boy likes looking at your cock, too. Marco."

"You like to see my cock?", he asked.

I nodded. I couldn't really say anything.

"You still want to watch me get fucked by Marco's big cock, boy?"

I nodded again. I really did. It was all kinda strange before but now I really wanted to see. Both of them were so beautiful. Yeah, even Marco was beautiful. Both of them made me horny.

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