Teaching The Boy


I was gonna cum soon and my dick hurt, even though it felt good. I had never fucked or jacked off so long before - I couldn't believe it. I felt so grown up, kinda.

My asshole was really wet know, I could feel Marco's spit running down my crack. He surprised me again when I felt a thick, manly finger begin wiggling around my tight muscles. What was he doing? Was he doing what I thought he was doing? Yes! Weird but wonderful! He forced his finger inside my butthole. It felt so big, like a cock. He shoved it deep inside me and moved it all around in there. It felt like I was going to shit, as my muscles contracted on his finger but I couldn't believe how good it felt. Again, my cock wanted to fuck Claudia and my ass wanted Marco's finger. He pinched my nipple hard and started fucking my little girl's ass with his big finger.

I couldn't help it now. My skinny little body writhed around, fucking a hot ladycunt, getting fucked by a hot manfinger and my nipples were pinched and my mouth suckled her big bosom like a baby and she caressed my hair and muttered in a rhythm, "Cum, baby, cum, baby, cum, baby..." and soon I felt it. My balls went tight and my boygirl juice started rising through my cock. I thrust hard into her and just squirmed there against her clit and Marco fucked me harder with his finger, pushing against me so I could feel his now hard cock against my cheeks, thrusting lightly so it rubbed.

Then I came, better than all my jackoffs put together. I came hard and shot my juice into Claudia's big, wet cunt, my cock twitching and spurting and twitching again. Marco forced his finger hard into my ass and held it there as I came and all these sensations were too much to bear. My boyjuice flowed and my body rocked and I collapsed on Claudia's chest, breathing hard, trying not to pass out.

In my cloudy, blurry state I felt Marco's finger withdraw slowly. My boygirl cock deflated and slipped out of Claudia's welcoming hole. I couldn't fight it. I fell into a deep, contented sleep.

When I woke up, my first sight was Claudia's big breasts, rising and falling in a deep sleep. My face was buried in them. She looked so peaceful sleeping there. So beautiful.

I felt something funny down below. I knew my cock was hard, it always was when I woke up. But when I looked down I saw my little hard cock and the head of Marco's cock right under it. He was spooning me and he had an erection, too, and it was sticking through my legs. I squeezed my slender thighs together and made him moan in his sleep. I wanted to jack off pretty bad but I wanted to make this moment last and, who knows, maybe I could get fucked by them again if I waited. I drifted happily into sleep.

Later on, we woke up and breakfast was brought to the room and we sat in the morning sunshine in the dining room of Claudia's suite and ate breakfast. Sure enough, we all fucked and sucked after we woke up. Claudia had a little silk robe sent up from the boutiques in the hotel and after we fucked, they dressed me up in a little pair of silk panties and put the pink robe on me. It felt so nice against my smooth skin. Claudia had some crazy ideas and wanted to put a little bit of make-up on me so I sat there with some eye shadow and some red lipstick with my boygirl cock hard against the silk panties under the silk robe. I didn't need to press it down with my hands. I wasn't embarrassed. Marco and Claudia liked to see me hard like that, you know? And I wanted to please them, too.

I saw myself in the mirror and saw why they called me their boygirl. I was a boy, still a boy, but I kinda looked like a girl, too. Sure, it was weird at first, but I liked it. I was a boy for Claudia and a girl for Marco and I liked being both. But the best thing of all was that felt like a little boyman. Grown up a bit, you know?

The summer was the best ever. I learned all sorts of new things and Marco and Claudia taught me a whole bunch. I learned new words like buttplug, dildos and anal sex and all sorts of cool stuff.

I like growing up, you know?

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