tagGroup SexTeaching the Driver

Teaching the Driver


Grabbing our backpacks, my wife and I headed for the car services in Prague's central train station where our driver waited for us. He was charming and very eager to please, which was a welcome change from the dour attendants on the train. Though his English lacked some fluidity it still was very passable and soon we were talking and laughing like old friends.

During the drive to our hotel, we learned from Petr (his name) that he would be moving to Scotland in the fall for graduate school and until then he was working as a hotel driver to improve his English. Petr dropped us off in Old Town and after our thanks and goodbyes, he sped off to his next passengers.

The week in Prague flew by as it always does for us, and it was wonderful. We drank, we ate, we fucked, and we did it all with abandon. Our last night there, we stayed close to the hotel since we'd be leaving at 5 a.m. for the airport. After dinner, we walked across the Old Town Square to the fountain to find a place to sit and people watch.

To our delight, Petr, our driver from the train station, also was there but with an agitated look. We waived to him and while it took him a moment to sort us out from the hundreds of tourists he probably saw every week, he suddenly smiled and motioned for us to join him. Maybe not all Czechs quite understand the logic behind tipping but they do remember who does it well and who does not.

It turned out that he was there to meet a date but she just had called his cell phone and canceled. He said he was trying to decide what to do next or if he should just go home. My wife gave me a "can we?" look and I nodded yes. Turning to Petr, she asked him if he would join us for drinks on this our last night in Prague. "You told us in the car that you wanted to practice your English. This is a perfect opportunity!" Petr hesitated for moment but when he was sure I was in agreement he broke into a broad smile.

We walked back to the bar at our hotel, which was just a short distance. There, my wife and I peppered him with questions about living in Prague and he did the same with us about living in America. We started with wine but the three of us ended up drinking absinthe, Czech-style. Our bartender made sure no one caught on fire and we each did three healthy (assuming there is something healthy about absinthe) rounds of shots, one for each of us.

My wife asked Petr what he'll miss most when he's in Scotland and he said somewhat sadly, "Czech women."

Then Petr asked my wife what she'll miss most when she's back in America and she said playfully, "Czech men!"

By this time we had finished the third round of absinthe and the room was happily tilting about like a crazed merry-go-round. I noticed my wife frequently touching Petr as we laughed and told each other stories.

Thinking it was time to take himself home, Petr said that at least for tonight we were the perfect distraction from his unlucky love life.

My wife giggled, then assured him that he needed to be patient and that as handsome as he was, he would find the right someone. "Maybe in Scotland you'll fall in love with a fine red-headed Scots girl."

By now Petr was intoxicated by more than just liquor and said to my wife, "You have red hair," he said.

My wife giggled again and said "but I'm not Scottish, I'm Czech, at least my great grandparents were. So I guess you'll miss me!" With that comment, my wife now had Petr sputtering. She has that kind of effect on men. Her laugh, her brilliant smile, her ability to connect to a man and make him feel special have an intoxicating effect.

I said to Petr, "Have one last drink with us. This is too much fun to end just yet."

"I'm sorry but the bar is closing," apologized the bartender. "You're welcome to take drinks to your rooms," the bartender.

My wife started to say that not all of us had rooms but I stopped her short and told the bartender that will be fine.

As the three of us walked with some difficulty toward the elevator, I pulled my wife to me and kissed her deeply. She kissed me back and with an open mouth her tongue seductively lured me in. What a kiss!

We piled into the small elevator. Petr, being closest to the buttons, asked what floor. My wife reached across him, though, and as she pressed 8, she also pressed herself against Petr

"I'm not sure another drink is what my wife needs, Petr." I paused and considered what I would say next. "Petr, we would like you to join us -- in our bed."

Petr's eyes had half-closed and his breathing was shallow. "But you are married, no? How can this happen?" He made no attempt to free himself, though, from where my wife had him pinned, either, and that's when I realized my wife's hand was rubbing the front of his trousers.

"Sharing our bed is not something we've practiced before but tonight it feels right. We are very secure with each other and tonight we'd like to step outside our normal boundaries."

I hoped Petr was rewarding her by becoming hard in her hand. My wife looked at me lovingly and I gave her my broadest smile. I kissed her once more and with my hips pressed her into Petr so that she, Petr and I were almost as of one body in the corner of the elevator. "Do you like what you feel?" I murmured to her.

"With my eyes closed," she answered softly, "it could be you."

The elevator reached our floor. No one was saying much. We exited but not before my wife had wrapped her fingers in Petr's hair to pull him close to us. "Petr," I whispered, "I want you to fuck my wife in every way she desires."

My wife looked at me and said "You won't be left out."

I was the first to our door and slid the security card through the lock. The LED turned green and I swung the door open. The lights were off in the room and our first few steps were into the dark until I found the switch. When I turned around, I found my wife and Petr - a young man half our fifty years - were kissing. Now it was his turn to pin her against a wall. Her breasts were heaving and her shoes already gone.

Carefully he unbuttoned her blouse and then kissed his way down her neck, across her breasts, and with his teeth he tugged and nipped at the lace where her breasts plunged into her bra. I had moved close to them and with a practiced twist the clasp of her bra sprung apart for me and her lovely breasts presented themselves to us. Petr hesitated but not me and I lifted a nipple to my mouth. "Aren't they lovely, Petr?" I said. A broken statue of a woman would need no arms or head to be beautiful if it but had my wife's nipples.

I wasn't ready to share yet. I was consumed with kissing and sucking her nipples, and Petr respectfully sensed this. Instead, he cupped one of my wife's breasts and held it for me so that I could properly love the nipple. I trapped it ever-so-gently between my teeth and lips, and it grew like it was an erection. I rolled it around on the fat of my tongue when I felt my wife's hand on the back of my head.

She and Petr began face fucking me with her nipple. Petr held my wife's nipple tight between his fingers and pulled and stretched it so that there was plenty for my mouth to suck.

Petr moved one of his hands inside the front of my wife's pants to play with her pussy. I could tell she was enjoying this. Once she spoke, her speech sounded raspy, almost labored, as she repeated several times, half to me and half to Petr, what would become the night's mantra - "We're going to fuck each other in every way. We're going to cum. And no one should have regrets when we're done."

She broke from us to shed the last of her clothes as she ran to the bed. "Strip, dammit, strip," she demanded of us. But Petr needed no encouragement and his clothes were gone in a flash. Now all he wore was a look of anticipation and an 8-inch hard-on. I knew my wife liked what she was seeing.

He was thick and nicely cut with really large shaved balls. His cock stood out straight from his belly. I probably was more able to absorb the moment, however, and I wanted to take my time. I dropped my pants to my ankles while my hands slowly manipulated my cock inside my boxers.

I visualized how my wife soon would be wrapping her hand around Petr's cock to pull him into her mouth. Would she tease and kiss the head of his penis? Jack him up and down while she licked her way to his balls? Would he hold her head to thrust into her mouth?

My wife and I had dabbled in this before but only as a fantasy. A dildo provided the missing person but tonight no dildo was needed. The vibrator we had, however, often is an important element for our sex play. My wife's favorite is a Hitachi wand; she needs a vibrator which produces slow powerful oscillations and for her, no other vibrator is its equal. The Hitachi was with us, plugged into the voltage converter we brought with us.

I wanted to join this young man and his cock in taking my wife to a level of ecstasy that she could not have reached when we were younger. When I was in my 20's, we measured my cock one time at a genuine 9 inches and it was very thick and stayed hard. But during that phase of our life, my wife still was learning to understand her sexuality.

The sex was fantastic and frequent, but by the time my wife learned to wield her sex with complete confidence, I no longer maintained the erections we once took for granted. We exercised regularly, we still looked great and we still had great sex but old reliable was not always old reliable.

But Petr was as ready now as ever I was, maybe more ready, and my wife was radiating enough heat to melt an iceberg. I stepped out of my boxers. My wife lay back on the bed propped up on her elbows. Her thighs were spread and her pussy lips, around which I had neatly trimmed just a few days ago during a wild fuck session, were swollen.

"Petr," said my wife, "do you know what the clitoris is? Do you know how to please it with your tongue, with your fingers?" She asked me to show him. I stepped forward, my cock leading the way, swinging and bobbing as if tonight we too were young.

"Join us on the bed," I said to Petr. "You must begin by gently placing your thumbs on either side of her lips, her labia, because between them is where you'll find the clitoris, and you must make her very wet."

I licked carefully, not wanting to be the first one to touch tongue to clit and instead patiently applied myself to the outsides of her lips. I started two-thirds of the way down and worked my way up, kissing, sucking. I did a little tongue dance at the top where the lips met, ever so close to slipping my tongue into her slit. I worked my way down, too, and did slip my tongue between her lips ever so slightly, but took pains to avoid her clit.

I held the lips a bit apart and said to Petr, "She needs to be really wet. Here, you lick and suck; I'll hold her wide for you. You'll find her clitoris right here." And then for just a moment, I stroked my wife's clit powerfully, my index and middle fingers making it dance side to side as the heel of my hand clamped onto her mons for leverage.

My wife convulsed around my hand, but her clit knew that this was just a phase, kind of like batting practice, and that what it really wanted was a hard penetrating cock filling her pussy. I held her labia apart and Petr leaned in to the wonderment that is my wife's cunt, sucking her, kissing her, coaxing her clitoris to show itself and then orally loving it.

Just as Petr had held my wife's breast for me to feed upon, I held her lips apart and could feel Petr's mouth and tongue on her clit. I moved my fingers closer to her clit to make it more prominent and for a time Petr was tonguing my fingers as eagerly as he was my wife's pussy.

My wife rarely comes from oral sex and maybe she didn't then either. I never asked, but I felt her hips pumping that night into Petr's face and she held herself there for a long time. "Oh Petr, my pu-pu-pussssssy," she groaned. When Petr sat back, his face was wet and flushed.

I leaned forward and kissed my wife, then slid lower and slowly added to what Petr had started. When I finished, her pussy was dripping so that it looked like one of us had already shot our cum on her.

"A cock, I need a cock, I need two cocks," my wife insisted. She reached out to our cocks and pulled us so that we stood side-by-side at the edge of the bed. She started by alternating between sucking our cocks individually and sucking them together. She rubbed them together and murmured that they were the most beautiful cocks in the world and that she was going to see that they were treated appropriately.

She used the tip of Petr's cock like a stylus and traced it over the head of my cock, drooling spit onto us, slowly following the contours until she reached my glans. Then she leaned forward and nibbled on them together. When she paused to look up at us, her eyes were glowing and with a wicked smile she said, "Gentlemen, I'd like to see you hold each other's cock."

We were tentative at first, not quite sure how to do it but we managed. "Okay," she said, "jack each other off for ten strokes while you kiss!" Petr turned to me and I to him, our mouths open but waiting for the other to make the first move. My wife said to me, "Do you need some help? Petr kisses really well."

She got to her feet and pulled the three of us together so that we could group kiss. We started out kissing my wife at the same time and she was more than able to keep us occupied, running her fingers through our scalps as we got comfortable sharing tongues and lips. It didn't take her long, though, before she began backing away from us and we found that we still were kissing. Now it was our fingers running through each other's scalp as our mouths were locked together. I fucked Petr's mouth with my tongue while he did the same to me.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it boys? Now where we? Oh, yes, I asked you to hold each other's cock and I noticed that you seemed to do that just fine. Okay, I want you to take turns helping each other cockfuck my mouth."

Petr took mine and began feeding it inch by inch into my wife's mouth. She helped him hold my cock steady while she swallowed and sucked hard, then pirouetted her tongue under the head of my dick. "Petr," she said, "I said I wanted to be fucked in the mouth. You're just helping me give a blow job. Don't disappoint me."

Petr placed a hand on the back of her head and jammed my cock into my wife's mouth. "That's it, fuck my mouth. I want you fucking my throat just like you're going to fuck my pussy." Again and again Petr made me plunge down her throat. There was so much spit that it looked like I had cum in her mouth.

I said something like "Oh my god, this is so fucking hot." But if my cock was awash in my wife's attention, my attention also was on the cock I held.

It was like holding mine, but then it wasn't at all. It was about the same thickness as mine, which is to say it was pretty fat. I jacked it up and down the way I knew I liked it so that the foreskin would pull tight and then roll up into a collar around the cockhead. I kept the foreskin rolled up while I worked his cockhead around. I trailed the edge of my thumb along the crown and then encircled the glans. With the crook of my thumb underneath, I was able to pinch and squeeze his glans. My mind was slipping off a cliff.

My wife finally pulled away from me, a string of saliva trailing from her lower lip to the head of my dick. She looked at me and guessed correctly that I really was enjoying myself.

"Who's playing with the cocks here? Does my mouth have some competition?" she cooed, not to be outdone. She snickered and then I served Petr's cock to her. There was no hesitation on her part as Petr's cock slid all the way down her throat. She pulled free and, aiming his cock at me, said "Bet you can't do that!"

Again my wife swallowed Petr's cock. "Fuck her, Petr," I hissed, "fuck her face. Find the back of her throat." I stroked his cock for her a few more times and then worked it back into my wife's mouth. This time she gobbled it in slow motion, her throat constricting around it like a snake swallowing its prey.

She didn't stop until she bottomed out at my fingers where I held him, and then she vacuum-locked her lips around my hand. She used her throat like a pussy and how he kept from cumming was nothing short of a miracle. Her nostrils flared each time she pulled air into her lungs so that she could breath without letting this wonderful cock go.

Slowly, then, she inched his cock back out of her throat until just the head remained in her mouth and with a tilt of her head and a raised eyebrow, she directed a steady gaze at me. This was, I knew, her invitation for me to join her. I leaned forward and kissed her, our tongues dancing and darting, the head of Petr's penis hot enough between our lips to melt them into a permanent oral embrace. "Petr," she said, "I want my husband to suck your cock."

Now it was my wife's turn to guide and she directed his penis into my mouth, spit and slobber and pre-cum easing the way. I couldn't decide whether to test the waters or plunge right in, but plunge I did. Or rather, Petr plunged into me. My wife provided the impetus by slipping a finger into Petr's ass under the assumption that if I like it so much (I do), so would Petr. He did and lurched forward.

For one brief stroke, he fucked my mouth. Not too bad, I thought, and I reciprocated by pushing back the other way. My wife murmured something about hot and baby and suck him good and then she got quiet. When I looked up, she was kissing Petr while his fingers rubbed her clit.

I buried his cock in my throat, then pulled back, then buried his cock once more. I took a deep breath and I drove his cock down to the back of my throat and kept it there. Eventually his balls were on my chin. I pulled back and out and then with my tongue broad and fat I washed over both of his balls and then put his cock back down my throat again.

I began to have visions of not stopping until Petr was shooting hot jets of cum down my throat, his cock recoiling with each thick spurt to gather itself and fire again. I imagined Petr's cock convulsing, jumping, heaving, painting my throat. I had visions of cum overflowing, a waterfall of pearly sperm overwhelming my ability to contain it and then my wife coming to my rescue, licking and sucking whatever escaped my lips, and that when Petr fell back exhausted, my wife and I would share a passionate kiss with another man's cum smeared on our lips.

My wife read my mind and said, "not now and not like that. There are two cocks here, and I want one cumming in my pussy and one cumming in my ass." Then with a smirk and a wink to me she said, "Get me ready, or I might ask Petr to fuck your ass, too. Would you be willing to do that, Petr?"

"If your husband's ass is anything like his mouth, I'd stick my dick in him." I blushed a little but felt my asshole clinch and release at the thought of Petr's hard dick jackhammering into me.

Petr and I kissed again, this time without hesitation, our hard cocks jousting as our hands roamed. I hefted Petr's testicles and they felt full with cum. Petr's splendid cock was much like mine, but his testicles were larger and his scrotum hung low between his thighs. My wife saw me holding his scrotum like a heavy sack of jewels and her eyes blazed. She cooed, "You know what I want, bring him over here!"

I told Petr to straddle my wife's face. My wife loves to teabag and the way Petr's balls swung between his legs was, for her, pure heaven. As she tongued him, she guessed his testicles couldn't have been much smaller than golf balls and as she lowered the first one into her mouth, she purred. Her eyes were shut tight, her face in a state of ecstasy, her tongue and lips unconditionally engaged in loving this man as she sucked one and then the other.

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