tagGroup SexTeaching the Teacher

Teaching the Teacher


Christian sat in the back of the class, his eyes glued to the back of his teacher's skirt. She wasn't really his teacher, just a substitute. Every once in a while one of his normal teachers would be out sick, or take a personal day, and nine times out of ten he'd walk into the classroom and there would be Miss Anderson. Sometimes one of his buddies would have her in an early class, and they'd let him know at lunch what he would be looking forward to.

She was the greatest substitute teacher he'd ever had. The first class she'd taught him had been English 10. That was two years ago. Now, here he sat in his government class, listening to her ramble on about judicial powers. He could care less about what she was trying to teach them, but she looked so damn good in that outfit.

He let his eyes roam over the material covering her body. Every so often, his mind couldn't process the outfits she wore to teach. Today, well, today he was glad he was in the back of the class. He seemed to have to move around every now and then to keep the bulge in his pants from becoming too noticeable. Christian licked his lips as he scanned her body from top to bottom, and then back up.



"I said, what are the main powers of the judicial branch?"

"Oh, right... ummm... I'm not going to lie, Mizz A. I have no idea what you were talking about."

"Mmmm, that's what I figured. Well, how about I write you this slip and you can think about it this afternoon in detention?"

"Are you serious?!"

She's never given a detention to anyone! What the fuck?!

"Completely. You all seem to think that I have no power since I'm 'just a sub,' and I'm a little sick of it. I've been teaching you off and on for three years now. I think I deserve a little more respect from you than that."

Christian watched as she wrote on the detention slip. After filling out everything she ripped it off and walked back to his desk. He was hypnotized by the sway in her hips as she sauntered to him. She placed the paper on his desk.

"C'mon Mizz A, you don't have to give me this! You're the cool sub, you don't give detentions!"

"You're the second one today who hasn't been paying attention. I did the same thing to Blake in second period. You two can discuss how mean I am at lunch. But I expect to see you both back in this room after last period to take care of this."

"Back here? You're doing the detention?"

"Today I am. Now, will you please open your book to the right page and try to follow along?"

"Yes, Mizz A."

He flipped to the page she'd been going over and sulked. Detentions were so boring. At least Blake would be here with him, they were partners in crime, best friends. He pulled out his phone and sent his buddy a text.

Just got detention from Miss Anderson! WTF?! Heard you're gonna be my cellmate!

Yeah, I was too busy staring at her tits to know where we were at!

Same, only her ass was in my view! Maybe it won't be so bad... It is Mizz A after all.

Dude, Christian... brilliant idea over here... lunch, me and you, need to plan.

Christian sent back a reply and then tried to focus on what he was supposed to be learning. Two periods later he was sitting down at the table for lunch when his buddy placed his tray across from him. He told him what he had an idea for, what they could get out of it, and would it be worth it.

"You really think we can pull it off Blake?"

"If not, we can say it was her idea and get her fired."

"I don't want her to lose her job man, and I'm eighteen, so are you. It's not illegal."

"No, but it's on school grounds. Come on, don't you wanna know?"

Christian nodded his head. Because Blake was right, he did want to know.

For the rest of the day his brain filtered in and out of class. He was paying attention and then he was fantasizing. More than once he had to be stealthy and grab his crotch, keeping himself under control so that when the bell rang he wasn't standing up with a chubby.

Last period, gym, found he and Blake discussing their plan while doing chin ups. They told their teacher, Coach Wilson, that they had detention and could they shower early and get over there so they wouldn't be stuck after school any longer than necessary. He laughed and assured them they could hit the showers right then and head over.

With ten minutes before school let out, Christian and Blake stood in the hallway outside Miss Anderson's door. She had her planning period for the end of the day. So there were no students. They looked at one another, took a deep breath, and Christian nodded at Blake. They fist-bumped and he watched his friend swagger into the room.


"Hey Mizz A, Coach let me out early. Can I just sit in here until the bell rings?"

Carly looked up from her laptop and bit back a moan. Blake Hotchkins was the star quarterback, highest-scoring point guard and catcher of the baseball team. He had long blonde hair that he kept pulled back in a ponytail and 'guns' the size of her head she was sure. And he was a cocky little fucker.

"I suppose so, Mr. Hotchkins. Sometimes I don't understand how the teachers here are so lax with you all."

"Awww, come on, Mizz A. You love us! You know we're your favorite class. My brother says hi, by the way."

Billy Hotchkins. That boy was just like his younger brother... only three inches taller and brown hair on his head. Rawr.

Carly tried to dispel the images in her head but it was spring time, love was in the air, her hormones were in over-drive and Jackson was out of town until Tuesday. He was a great boyfriend, but this was a needy time for her. Damn him, and his Atlanta office.

"Your brother was a real charmer," she said with a smile, shutting up her computer and standing to fix her skirt. "I'm going to run to the vending machine and grab a bottle of water before Christian gets here. Please try and stay out of trouble for the next three minutes."

She was walking toward the door when it opened the rest of the way and Christian Lewis stood in the open doorway.

"Hey Mizz A... going somewhere?"

"Yes, I was going to grab a drink before your detention starts. If you want to take a seat with Mr. Hotchkins then I will be righ..."

"You aren't going anywhere, Miss Anderson."

Carly looked at the boy standing in front of her. He had certainly grown in the past couple years. But what was he... She took a step back as he took one toward her, and she jumped as she came in contact with a solid wall of muscle behind her. Turning her head, she caught Blake staring at her with a wolfish expression, his hands sliding up her arms until he had a good grip on her shoulders.

"You let go of me this instant, young man."

"Sorry, Mizz A, but I can't do that. You feel so soft... I think I like touching you."

"Blake, I don't know what you and Mr. Lewis think you're doing bu..."

Christian shut the door and she heard the lock click. He pulled down the privacy blind and she opened her mouth to cry out for help when Blake slapped a hand over her lips.

"No, no, no. No screaming, Miss Anderson... at least... not yet," he added with a chuckle. She jerked and tried to get away from him, but the hand still on her shoulder came down across her stomach and held her to him. She gasped as she felt something poking her in her lower back. Flicking her eyes over to Christian, she visually begged for help.

"Miss Anderson, you look scared. There's no reason to be scared. We aren't going to hurt you... unless you like that."


Christian stared at her, held tight by Blake and unable to go anywhere. Her chest was heaving from her exertions. He licked his lips and stepped in front of her. This wasn't the first time the two of them had shared a girl before. Miranda Bingham had taken on them both under the bleachers after the homecoming football game. But this... this was a woman. She knew how to please a man while being pleased. He felt his dick surge against his jeans at the thought of fucking his teacher.

"Now, Mizz A... if Blake takes his hand away from your mouth, are you going to keep quiet like a good girl?"

Her eyes blazed at him. She was so pissed right now. She mumbled something that he took to mean she would, in fact, not act nicely. He just chuckled and told his friend to keep a nice good grip on her. Then he began unbuttoning her blouse. The crisp, white shirt was tucked into a dark gray skirt that fit her curves like a second skin. She started struggling after the second button and he looked up at her.

"Miss Anderson... Calm yourself. Do we need to tie you down to the desk? I'm sure Blake could find something else to stick in your mouth to keep you quiet."

His friend chuckled and ground his hips into her. She froze immediately and made an agreeable noise as he went back to the task at hand. He had it almost undone when he pulled up and untucked the material from the skirt. When he was finished he leaned back and admired the glorious tits he was always staring at.

They were encased in a white satin and lace concoction that pushed them up and almost out of the cups. He spied the front clasp and wanted to throw a fist in the air. It was like she'd been planning this instead of them. He popped the clasp and watched as it burst open and her breasts bounced free of their material prison.

They were large, pale, and topped with rosy nipples. Huge nipples that begged for him to wrap his lips around them. He leaned forward and did just that, drawing one heavy breast into his mouth, sucking hard on the tip until he felt it tighten. He released it with a pop and watched it jiggle back into place, the tip now wrinkled and scrunched from the air hitting the saliva-covered area.

He did the same to the other one, bringing a hand up to the first one and tweaking it between his fingers roughly. She jerked and cried out behind Blake's hand. He heard his friend talking in her ear.

"You like feeling him touching you, don't you Miss A? You like when he sucks those titties of yours? I bet he'd like to taste more of you. You want him to taste more, don't you? You want to be our slut, don't you, Miss Anderson?"

She jerked in Blake's grip but his friend held her firm. Christian nipped at her skin and dropped down to his knees, licking a trail down her body as he went. She had a slightly rounded tummy, a real woman's body. Not one of the anorexic girls who felt like a skeleton when you fucked them. He fiddled with the zipper on her skirt, finally getting it down, and the material pooled at her feet. He stared, unable to do anything else.

In front of him was a teenage boy's wet dream come to life. She had on thigh highs. Attached to the stockings were the fastenings to an angelic white garter belt. A matching pair of white, lace panties covered her pussy. Her shaved pussy.

Bringing his hands up he traced over the tops of her thigh highs and then moved behind, bringing them up and cupping her ass. Nudging Blake backward some, he gripped her ass with both hands, pulling her so that he could rest his chin on her lacy mound, his palms holding tight to her cheeks.

"A thong Miss Anderson? Naughty teacher... I think she wants this Blake, what about you?"

"She looks professional until you get her in her panties. Then she looks the part of a whore. I don't know about Becky, but Lisa never wears sexy shit like this! I wou... OWW!"

Christian looked up and saw Blake shake his hand. His teacher was glaring down at him.

"Something you wanted to say Miss Anderson?"


"You boys want to have some fun? We're doing this my way then. Go over and stand by my desk."

She watched Christian eye her with doubt, but he stood and walked, awkwardly, over to her desk. She turned, grabbed Blake's arm, and pushed him in the same direction.

"You want a real woman... you've got to let her be in charge a little bit."

Carly ran a million things through her head about how this was a bad idea, how she was going to lose her job, her license, her respect... and more if anyone found out about this. But Christian's mouth felt amazing, and the length pressing against her from behind was impressive. If she did this right, maybe they would last long enough to get her off once, maybe twice.

She pulled her hair from the clip it had been in and it fell in waves halfway down her back. She gave it a little shake before looking at the two boys in front of her. Then she licked her lips and shrugged her shirt form her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor with her skirt. Blake swallowed audibly and Christian just gaped at her. With a smile she dropped down to her knees and crawled over to them, swinging her ass with each movement.

She stopped in front of them and raised both hands, keeping one on each of them, and sliding it up their leg until she could feel the bulges beneath both their jeans. She bit the inside of her cheek at the impressive packages each boy was hiding beneath the layer of denim.

"Take off your shirts, please."

They looked at one another but then whisked their t-shirts up and over their heads.

"Very good... Pants. Down. Now."

She laughed as they both stood up straight and shoved their pants to their knees. Christian automatically grabbed himself, holding his hard-on and fisting his length a few times. Blake on the other hand seemed a little unsure and his cock bobbed freely. She slid over in front of him, gobbling him up like a tasty dessert.

"Ooooohhhhh fuck! Her mouth man... Oh, Miss Anderson, you're mouth feels so good!"

She sucked on him a moment longer before releasing him with a pop and licking her lips.

"Carly... call me Carly."

"Hey, Carly, stop talking and come here and suck my dick."

She turned and looked up at Christian. He had a smirk on his face, like he was waiting for her to deny him this pleasantry. She crawled over to him and got up on her knees, licking her lips in anticipation. He stepped forward so she could taste him and as she felt the velvety head push into her mouth, she took him by surprise and swallowed his entire length.

"Oh god damn!"

His exclamation made her smile, which was difficult with her mouth so full. She was licking him like an ice cream cone when she felt someone behind her. Blake slowly pulled her panties to the side and she felt his breath wash over her puffy lips. One finger bisected her pussy and she moaned around the cock in her mouth as she rubbed herself against his finger.

"You're a bad girl, Miss Anderson. Bad girls should be punished," Blake said. She just had time to consider his words when his hand fell down over her ass cheek, making her flesh jiggle and her heart start beating triple time.

Christian's hands tunneled through her hair and held her in place as he humped her face like only an eighteen year old would. She choked and drooled as his counterpart continued to dole out her punishment. His fingers traced the hand imprints he'd left and she moaned, sticking her ass out toward the fingers.

There was a muffled curse and then she felt his tongue sliding between her folds and lapping up the juices that were practically dripping from the spanking he'd administered. He disappeared too quick for her to have a substantial orgasm and she let Christian's dick slip from her mouth and she looked back into Blake's face.

"Please make me come," she begged as she wrapped her fingers over Christian's length and stroked him, jerking him off quickly and pouting, her lower lip pushing out a little more to toy with the young man's emotions. Blake groaned but she felt fingers grab her chin, turning her to look up into the other boy's eyes.

"Tsk, tsk Carly. You shouldn't tease Blake like that. Didn't you learn from your last punishment? I think maybe I can find a different way to punish you this time. Turn around," he commanded.

Carly licked her lips and dutifully spun around, smiling when she saw that Blake now had his shorts off. She was going to motion him over when Christian told her to drop back down on her hands. She winked at Blake and slid down, smooth and fluid, like a cat. She could feel Christian move behind her and the tip of his cock slid against her pussy.


"Ready for your punishment," Christian asked as he lined himself up. Carly made some noise that he took for agreement and he gripped her hips before ramming himself balls deep. She cried out and he clenched his teeth against the feeling of perfection that was now housing his cock. It was better than that fake pussy thing that he found in his parent's room.

She was insanely tight, dripping wet, and moaning like a whore. He was in heaven. Glancing up at Blake, he threw his head in a 'come here' motion and rocked his hips a couple times.

"Blake wants something from you, Carly."

She grabbed at his friend's leg and growled, 'get on your knees,' before hurriedly swallowing Blake's entire cock. His buddy moaned and fucked at her mouth, forcing her backward and making her muscles clench around him.

"Fucking hell! You are one tight, little bitch," he groaned.

His body took on a mind of its own and tried to get a far as humanly possible into her depths, seeking something that he couldn't explain. But he wanted more of her, wanted to bury himself in her forever. A flash bulb went off in his brain and he hammered against her as he realized what he really wanted.

"God, I wanna come inside you... I wanna fill you up baby! You want that, don't you? You want me to give you all my come... oh god you feel so good!"

He heard her mumbling something around Blake's dick but whether it was agreement or not, he knew he was going to come soon. And he wasn't stopping until he was pressed against her ass and jets of come splashed against her pussy walls.

Blake moaned that he was gonna come and so he double his efforts, slipping one hand down to toy with her clit. Her slippery folds parted and he tweaked the bundle of nerves that made her full mouth squeal. Blake's fingers held her head in place and he called out her name as he let loose his release down her throat.

When he was done, Blake backed away and collapsed on the floor. Carly turned her head, and he smiled as she licked a few drops of semen from her lip before swallowing again. He pinched her button and she cried out. Then she spoke.

"I want you on top of me. I want to look up at you when you explode inside me!"

Pulling out with a pop, he waited two seconds for her to lay on her back and then he was pushing her legs apart as far as he could and slipping back inside. Pressing close, he began to fuck her again, screwing himself deep and hissing a breath out as her nails raked down his back. She was moaning his name over and over and he could feel his balls tighten up with his impending orgasm.

It hit like a freight train and he covered her body, leaning down to whisper in her ear as the lightning bolt shot through him.

"You're gonna be dripping with my come, Miss Anderson," he said before biting her neck and unleashing his load inside her. She screamed his name once more and her pussy rippled around him as she found her own release.

He stayed like he was, sprawled on top of her, for a few minutes, until he could breathe normally. When he looked up, Blake was gone already. He said as much to the woman in his arms and she chuckled. Finally lifting himself, Christian almost felt sad that he was no longer between her thighs. He watched as his spunk spilled out between her splayed legs and he had the urge to pound her again.

"Did you get what you wanted, Christian?"

"I'd like another sample, Miss A," he said bravely. She smiled at him and ran one hand down her body until she could scoop their combined fluids on two fingers. Then she brought it up to her mouth and licked those fingers clean.

"Well, maybe you should come over to my place. My shower is nice and big, and you look pretty dirty."

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