tagGroup SexTearing Down the Walls

Tearing Down the Walls


"You like that don't you piggy,'' Mandy chided. She was more amused than upset despite the fact that she had just caught me in the most compromising situation imaginable. In truth, it was her fault that I was in the situation in the first place.

Before I met Mandy I was just an ordinary guy. I liked football, girl on girl porn and action movies. Mandy didn't change my likes; she added to them and expanded my horizons.

The first wall to fall was water sports. Mandy was decidedly the dominant partner in our sexual relationship. Despite being a foot shorter than me and eight years my junior she was naturally dominant in bed. Her dominance worked perfectly for us because while I am a strong willed independent person in every day life I have an affinity for being submissive in bed.

Mandy's dominance led us to the BDSM lifestyle and somehow that segued into watersports. Mandy loved humiliating me, I loved being humiliated and what better way to humiliate a person than to make them drink your piss as you stand above them and they lick your dripping wet pussy.

The second wall to fall was group sex. Yes every man fantasizes about a threesome with two beautiful women but the reality of that scenario can be intimidating to say the least. Mandy took that factor out of play by taking charge of the sexy college girl she brought home for us to share.

The pretty coed licked Mandy's delicious pussy until she came in a thunderous climax. Mandy then pushed the pretty blonde onto her back and told me to fuck her good and hard.

I climbed onto her and rubbed the head of my throbbing cock on her swollen pussy lips. The sexy coed pushed her hips up against mine and my cock sank into the warm wet envelope of her silky pussy. Our bodies thrust together and the sound of slapping flesh filled the room.

''I love you,'' I said to Mandy as I thrust my cock hard and fast into the sexy blonde coed's liquid core.

''I love you too baby,'' Mandy replied. ''Cum inside her baby. Fill her up.''

I continued to thrust my cock into her wet pussy as I felt my climax building. I past the point of no return and buried my cock into the sexy coed's cunt as I unloaded buckets of thick goo deep inside her womb.

Mandy directed me to lie on my back as the coed straddled my face. I did as I was told and held my breath as she lowered her cum filled pussy onto my face.

I had never tasted my cum and the thought of doing so disgusted me but I went along with Mandy's commands. I started to lick the sexy blonde's pussy and it was surprisingly sweet. I was trying to avoid my own seed and my stomach recoiled as a huge glob of thick good fell into my mouth. I quickly swallowed it and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't taste bad at all.

The blonde coed ground her well fucked pussy against my face as my beautiful girl friend knelt behind her and eased a big strap on dildo into her cunt.

I watched as the big plastic phallus penetrated the blonde's swollen pussy lips and sank deep inside her womb.

Mandy pulled her hips back withdrawing the realistic looking strap on until the head was all that remained inside the coed's pussy. The dildo glistened with the combination of my cum and the coed's delicious pussy juices.

''Keep licking her pussy baby. Let's make this slut cum together.''

I raised my mouth back to the cum filled pussy as Mandy fell into a steady rhythm fucking her. Each time she pulled out cum and pussy juice dripped into my mouth. I found myself enjoying the humiliation as well as the taste. I began to lick the thick juices from the plastic shaft as I continued to attack the coed's sensitive clit until she came hard. Mandy pulled the strap on from the blonde's pussy and told me to suck my juices from her girl cock.

I dutifully cleaned her strap on as she fucked my mouth with the big plastic cock. The submissive humiliation of sucking Mandy's girl cock was fantastic and a powerful aphrodisiac. My cock quickly hardened as I fellated the strap on. Mandy directed the blonde to ride my hard cock and the sexy coed climbed on board. She bounced on my stiff rod as she and Mandy kissed deeply.

The coed came hard as she rode my stiff dick. Mandy pushed her aside and straddled my dick. She still wore the strap on and from my vantage point it looked like I was fucking a hermaphrodite. Mandy's girl cock bounced in perfect time with her tits as she rode my hard cock.

The coed wanted more so she crawled on top of me and offered her dripping pussy to Mandy. Mandy rubbed the head of the dildo against the pretty blonde's pussy lips and then sank it deep inside her. Mandy continued to bounce on my cock as the coed fucked herself on the strap on.

I felt my cum boiling deep in my loins. I sucked and nibbled on the coed's perky tits as I came inside my beautiful girlfriend.

Mandy climbed off my cock and she and the coed turned around. They continued to fuck as my cum spilled from Mandy's pussy onto my face and I loved it. The blonde came and Mandy sat hard on my face and rubbed her cum filled cunt on it as I slurped and swallowed the cum until she came again.

Mandy kissed the pretty coed goodbye as she left our apartment and climbed into bed with me. We fucked twice more that night as we talked about our first threesome.

The final wall to crumble rocked my sensibilities to the core. It began with our threesome with the sexy coed. Mandy and I were lying in bed the day after the threesome and we were talking about that night's events.

''You liked licking your cum from her pussy didn't you piggy,'' she chided.

''Yes baby,'' I said meekly.

''I knew you would. Did you like sucking on my girl cock piggy?'' She continued.

''Yes ma'am, I did.''

She climbed out of bed and strapped her girl cock around her waist. The big plastic cock hung lewdly from her waist as she walked over to the bed.

''Get on your knees piggy,'' Mandy commanded.

I fell to my knees and took the dildo in my hand.

''Lick it piggy,'' she said sternly.

I brought the plastic cock to my lips and ran my tongue over its realistic veins and contours as Mandy moaned loudly. I wondered what a real cock would feel like as I lost myself in the erotic humiliating act of fellating Mandy's girl cock. My lips parted and the big dildo slid down my throat. My head bobbed over her girl cock as Mandy whispered humiliating words of encouragement.

''You like that cock in your mouth don't you piggy,'' she said softly.

''Mmmm, yes mistress,'' I moaned around the thick plastic beast.

"Where else would you like my girl cock? Piggy would you like it in your ass.''

''Oh god yes,'' I moaned as she pulled her big girl cock from my mouth. We had talked about anal play before and Mandy often fingered my asshole when she was giving me head. I enjoyed it then and the idea of her fucking my ass was so appealing to me as a submissive that I was prepared to beg.

Mandy saw the lust in my eyes and she ordered me to lie face down on the bed. She wore a huge satisfied grin as she lubed up her big girl cock and my waiting asshole.

I felt the slick head of her big strap on slide over my sensitive asshole as she prepared to fuck me.

Her hips pressed forward and the head of her cock penetrated me. I moaned at the delicious combination of pleasure and pain as her monster cock sank deep inside me. Her hips touched my ass as the entire length of her girl cock invaded my ass and I loved it.

Mandy fucked me slowly at first, allowing me to feel every inch of her cock as it slid in and out of me. My ass thrust back to meet her on every stroke.

''You like being fucked don't you piggy?'' Mandy said playfully.

''Yes ma'am I love it,'' I groaned as she continued fucking my ass.

''I bet you wish there was another girl cock for you to suck on while I fuck you don't you my sissy little piggy,'' she chided.

''Mmmm, yes mistress I would love to suck on a girl cock while you fuck my ass,'' I moaned as she increased her pace.

''Maybe we can get another girl to share and she can use a girl cock on your pretty mouth while I fuck your sissy asshole, would you like that piggy?'' Mandy asked.

''Yes mistress I would love that,'' I panted. Her big girl cock was mercilessly stroking my prostate and I could feel my climax building despite the fact that my cock had been completely ignored.

''Or maybe,'' she paused, ''maybe you would like a real cock to suck on while I fuck your sissy asshole.''

I groaned loudly as the idea hit me. Mandy wrapped her hands around my throat and squeezed as she thrust her big well lubricated girl cock into my virgin asshole hard and fast.

"Would you like that piggy,'' she grunted as sweat fell from her brow onto my back. ''Would you like to suck on a real cock?''

She sank her girl cock deep inside me and I came hard onto the warm sheets below me. ''Yes,'' I groaned. I had never had a conscious homosexual thought in my life but in the heat of the moment the idea seemed wildly appealing and deliciously humiliating.

Mandy unfastened her harness and left her big girl cock in my ass as she rolled me over and sat on my face. She ground her overheated pussy against my mouth until her body shook with wave after wave of pleasure.

We didn't talk about her last question before we went to sleep and the following day was like any other. I hoped she had forgotten about my answer or realized that I had said it because I was caught up in the moment.

Friday night as I drove home from work Mandy called me. She told me she had a surprise for me. She told me to strip naked and wait for her in the bedroom with the lights off.

I walked through the brisk dark winter evening into my condo and went straight to the bedroom. I quickly shed my clothes and lay down on the bed in the dark as I waited for my beautiful girl friend to get home.

I heard the front door open and my heart raced with anticipation. I wondered what my sexy domme girl friend had in store for me. I could hear her whispering to someone in the living room of my condo.

Mandy walked into the room and my eyes soaked in her beauty in the dim light. She was dressed in a black leather corset that accentuated her trim waist, full hips and spectacular natural 36dd tits. She walked over to the bed and tied a blindfold tightly over my eyes. Mandy kissed my lightly on the lips. Her tongue flicked into my mouth and grazed my teeth as it danced with my tongue. Our tongues slithered together in a deep sensuous kiss as Mandy slid restraints over my wrists and ankles. She secured the restraints to the bed and left me blindfolded and tied to the bed. Her mouth engulphed my cock and she sucked it until it was so hard it ached. Mandy fastened a cock ring around the base of my cock and my balls and then she left the room.

I lay bound and blind as Mandy and the mystery guest moved quietly around my condo.

I felt the bed sink as someone climbed on top of me and straddle my head. I could smell the delicious aroma of an excited wet pussy and I waited patiently as it lowered onto my face.

The taste was familiar and I knew that Mandy was pressing her wet pussy against my face. I thrust my tongue inside her wet hole and sucked her delicious juices into my mouth.

Mandy moaned as I licked her pussy and I attacked her clit bringing her to a quick powerful climax.

''Very good piggy. You always know what your mistress needs don't you.'' Mandy said softly. She climbed off the bed and I lay helplessly on the bed as she prepared for the next phase of my adventure.

I felt the familiar cold plastic head of Mandy's girl cock slide across my lips as they unfastened the restraints from my wrists.

I opened my mouth and accepted Mandy's girl cock into my mouth. She held my head steady and started fucking my mouth with her big thick strap on. I gagged as the plastic phallus slid deep down my throat.

''God you are such a hot slut piggy.'' Mandy said loudly. She pulled her girl cock from my mouth leaving it empty and wanting as she unfastened the restraints from my legs.

Mandy positioned me on my hands and knees on the bed as she slid behind me and lubed up her big hard girl cock.

I knew what was coming and I wanted it. Mandy pressed her well lubricated strap on against my asshole and I relaxed my sphincter as she pressed her hips forward. The dildo sank into my ass and I groaned with pleasure and pain. She grabbed my hips and started fucking me with nice long slow strokes.

The bed rocked as Mandy fucked my ass with deep hard stokes. I was panting and moaning like a bitch in heat when I felt something graze across my lips.

I opened my mouth wide without hesitation and a cock slid between my lips. It was warm and hard with soft skin and a slightly salty taste.

Mandy pulled my blindfold off and I looked at the tight chiseled abs of the owner of the real cock between my lips.

''Is this what you wanted piggy,'' Mandy asked.

''Mmmm, yes mistress,'' I moaned around seven inches of hard throbbing man meat. I realized that it was what I wanted. I wanted to be used as a fuck toy.

I slurped and sucked on his cock as Mandy fucked me hard and fast. The humiliation and degradation was incredible and I adored it when he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth forcing his cock down my throat.

I could taste the precum leaking from his cock as I sucked and slurped on the spongy warm flesh. His precum tasted similar to mine but it was sweeter and I wanted more. In fact I wanted his entire load. I opened my throat and bobbed my head in time to his thrusts as Mandy continued to fuck my ass.

His balls tightened and he groaned loudly as he started to cum. His thick load blasted the back of my throat and I gulped it down. His cum filled my mouth and ran down my chin as I tried in vain to swallow it all. I swallowed his thick creamy cum and sucked on his cock as it softened in my mouth.

He pulled his clean flaccid cock from my mouth and I was disappointed and empty without it.

Mandy unfastened her harness and left her girl cock stuffed up my ass as she rolled me onto my back. She took off the cock ring and straddled my dick. Her girl cock continued to slide in and out of my ass as she bounced up and down on my cock.

Mandy rode my cock until we came together and I filled her delicious pussy with thick creamy cum. She moved her pussy over my mouth and let gravity drain my seed into my waiting mouth.

I gulped my cum from her pussy and swallowed it all before she ground her pussy against my mouth until she came for a third time.

Mandy said goodbye to our mystery guest and came back to bed with me. I was covered in goo and my stomach was full of cum but I was more satisfied than I had ever been in my life.

The final wall had been torn down and I was free to do things I never imagined without self doubt or self judgment. The truth was that I had enjoyed the bisex as much as the humiliation and I wanted more.

I found Terry on line. He was bi, built and a natural Dom. We met for drinks after work one day and he instantly took control. I told him I wanted to be part of a bi gang bang and he arranged everything.

A few weeks later three well built strangers stood naked in my living room as I knelt at Terry's feet. I took his enormous 9'' cock in my hand and ran it over my lips.

''Suck it slave,'' Terry demanded and I quickly parted my lips wide. I accepted the big throbbing rod into my mouth. I slobbered saliva over his turgid cock and wrapped my hand around the shaft as my head bobbed over the spongy head. I sucked and milked his magnificent dick until he rewarded me with a thick load of delicious cream. I swallowed his entire cum shot and waited as the next guy took his place in front of me.

His cock was about 6'' long and I could easily take it down my throat. I sucked and slurped his cock as I massaged his soft shaved balls with my fingers.

The guy in front of me moaned as I opened my throat and swallowed his entire cock. My nose pressed against his pelvis and he took my head in his hands and held it tightly. Tears streamed down my face as I gagged on the warm throbbing flesh. His hips began to pump hard against me as his cock slid in and out of my throat like a slick pussy.

Harder and faster he fucked my mouth until he cried out with pleasure as he started to cum. He buried his dick down my throat and I swallowed quickly as his entire load bypassed my mouth and shot straight into my throat.

The third guy stepped in front of my waiting mouth. My jaw ached but I wanted more. His cock was about 7'' long but it was so thick I could barely fit it in my mouth. I spit on the shaft and wrapped my hand around his thick shaft. I pumped it quickly as I slurped and sucked on the giant head.

The fourth guy grabbed my hips and positioned me on all fours as I continued to suck and jerk his friends cock. He spit on my asshole and his cock and then rubbed the spongy head against my sensitive asshole. I relaxed my sphincter and accepted my place as a submissive cum slut. He sank his warm throbbing meat into me. My previously flaccid dick stiffened instantly as he penetrated me.

We fell into a steady rhythm as I sucked and jerked the guy in front of me and the guy behind me fucked me harder and faster.

I slurped the thick cock as his balls tightened and he started to cum. He pulled his dick from my mouth as blasted an enormous load of cum all over my face. I licked it from my lips and grabbed his still leaking cock as the door to my condo opened and Mandy walked in. The guy behind me thrust his cock deep inside my rectum and shot a load of thick cum up my ass.

Mandy walked over to me and looked down with an amused expression on her pretty face. She hiked her skirt up and buried her fingers inside her pussy as she watched me squirm.

''I guess the transformation is complete my little piggy. You are now a true cum slut,'' she said playfully.

''Yes mistress. Yes I am,'' I beamed.

We are married now. Mandy still brings men and women home for us to share and I occasionally do the same but it is never quite as good as when we first tore down the walls.

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