tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTease Wins Game

Tease Wins Game


I have always been an overly sexual person, I mean I can make the ALPHABETS sexual. If I had my way I would have sex anywhere from 3 to 6 times a day, everyday and all day. IT is unfortunate though that I have yet to find a man or woman who can keep up with me, but I damn near came close once.

His name was Lawrence, he was tall, dark and handsome, just the way I love my men. Lawrence was shy, but it did not take long to get his engine going. I am pretty aggressive and usually get what I want and I WANTED him.

One Friday night I decided to put on a maroon velvet dress and no panties ( I never wear any; easy access for me and anyone else); I called him up around 7pm and asked him if he wanted to go and get a drink with some of our other mutual friends..

When I arrived to his home he was dressed to impress... I love a man who can dress and dress well, black slacks and a silk Asian print shirt. I saw the muscles in his arms and wondered if his pants held the same big package.

He invited me in and I asked him if I could use his bathroom; lucky for me his bathroom was in his bedroom.

I paced back and forth around his bathroom for a few minutes and then cracked open the door. Lawrence came into the room and asked if I was OK, I said yes and told him that I would be out in a minute... I look in the mirror and saw that he was watching me... I dropped my lipstick on the floor and bent over to pick it up; I knew he saw my bare ass. I washed my hands and when I walked out of the bathroom he had a strange look on his face. I asked him if he was OK and he just nodded.

I grabbed his hand and said I was ready to go..

We got to a club called "Fire and Ice" all our friends had already arrived and had saved us some seats. Lawrence had been quiet in the car and I knew he was thinking about my ass.

A old friend of mine named Bryan came over and asked for a dance; I smiled at Lawrence and told him that I would be right back. I love to dance; dancing is just another form of dry humping.

Bryan has always wanted to fuck me but I only allowed him the pleasure of eating my pussy; which he was OK at but I knew if he could not eat pussy well why even fuck him.

Bryan knew I never wore panties and he started caressing my ass with both hands, I looked at Lawrence and I saw a hint of jealousy there. I was loving it, I also saw a bulge start to form in his pants..so I decided to give him something to really get hard up about.

The music's rhythm was getting faster so I turned around and rammed my ass against Bryan who was oblivious to the fact that I was using him for my own gain. I felt his dick harden under my butts ministrations... Bryan pulled me closer and I felt his dick trying to penetrate me through his pants. Bryan slipped his right hand under my dress and started rubbing my clit, I was getting so wet that I kept grinding my ass into his dick and almost forgot that Lawrence was watching me.. but I was brought back to reality when a someone pulled me away from Bryan's hard dick. It was Lawrence and he looked angry. He pulled me away and placed me behind him while he said a few things to Bryan who backed away.

Lawrence turned to me and then lead me to a dark corner of the dance room where we were covered by tall plants and a column. He pushed me up against the wall and I think he called me a slut, then he kissed me hard. I felt his dick poke my stomach and I knew I had awaken the beast him in. He roughly turned me around and had my back to him, he raised my dress and started fingering my pussy right there. I was in heaven, he licked my right ear and said if I was going to get fucked tonight HE was going to be the one fucking me...

I felt his dick on my ASS; he rubbed his dick up and down my ass and then he lifted me higher and he entered me roughly, but I was wet and eager; he filled me up like no one had ever filled me. He fucked me hard with no mercy and I fucked him back with vigor. He pushed me down on all fours and started fucking me harder, like he was trying to split me open; I turned to see if anyone was watching us and Bryan was there watching in shock that I was getting fucked right there on the darkened dance floor; where anyone could turn the corner and see us..

Lawrence slammed his dick in and out of me for what seemed like an hour but it had only been about 10 minutes, he fingered my ass (Oh how I love a nasty man) he rubbed my clit and then gave me his fingers which I sucked on eagerly.

He fucked me hard, then slow and then harder. I felt his dick expand and he grunted, I knew he was going to cum so I fucked him harder and rubbed my clit; my body was ready to explode. He grunted again and slammed into me harder and faster. Lawrence moaned and I came, my body convulsed; he pulled out and I quickly turned to grab his dick and suck it; I wanted to taste my juices with his. I wanted to suck him dry. I slurped up his cum making sure I didn't spill anything; he looked at me like he could not believe I was this type of woman; little did he know.

We straightened ourselves up and I looked over at Bryan who was still stroking his dick through his pants; I felt sorry for him but I had won the prize LAWRENCE.

We said our good-byes to our friends and let's just say that I did not leave Lawrence's house for the entire weekend. He fucked me in every hole I had and well I got to fuck him in all of his as well.. But that is another story

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